Natural Law (Part 1): A Reformed Satanist Illuminates Our Natural Power To Create
08/20/2018 By Stillness in the Storm
(Richard Enos) If I could recommend only one Youtube video for truth-seekers in the CE community, it would undoubtedly be Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar. It is a passionate, harsh and highly enlightening seminar in which reformed Satanist Mark Passio does an excellent job explaining and demystifying the fundamental grounds for the rights of all sentient beings in the universe: Natural Law. I don’t necessarily agree with all the minutiae of what he says, and you may not either. You may even be put off by his harsh, direct presentation style. However, I believe that his overall perspective and lucid articulation does the best job I’ve ever seen of encapsulating this very complex subject.
Source – Collective Evolution—

by Richard Enos, July 29th, 2018
I will be writing a series of articles on Natural Law because I believe it is important for us as truth-seekers to know our natural and inalienable rights as human beings. We need to understand the reasons we don’t exercise these rights, and why we have unknowingly given our freedom away to powers that would pose as our ‘legitimate’ authority. Subsequent articles on the ‘Sovereign Citizens Movement’, ‘Challenging the Corporatocracy’ and others will be grounded on the base understanding established here.
The question of how we escape from the enslavement and create a new order based on our personal sovereignty is predicated first on actually distinguishing truth from fiction, and gaining clarity about our inbred rights and obligations as sentient beings in this universe. I will do my best to summarize some of the key concepts about Natural Law in the article here, but again I would urge you to take the time to enjoy the entire presentation given in the video below in order to gain the fullest understanding possible.
Human Nature
As a context, Passio gives us something to think about by saying the ‘nature’ of being human is that we are programmable. He takes great pains to explain that he doesn’t think that we are computers, but rather are like computers insofar as the tremendous impact of our outer environment on our behavior, including our early childhood (‘file formatting’), culture (‘operating system’) and inherited beliefs (‘software’).
Human nature is neither inherently good, nor inherently evil. Instead, we should consider the environment in which human beings exist, which influences behavior to a great extent, thus creating the current human condition.
It is the state of our minds, founded on our knowledge and our belief systems, that leads to how we behave in the world and results in the world being in the condition it’s in. And Passio does not mince words in describing the degenerate and underwhelming state of the world today. As a former Satanist, he sees very clearly how the world is racked in fear and suffering, sponsored by extreme, out-of-balance thought patterns.
He says that if we truly want to create a better world for ourselves, we first need to be willing to learn ‘how to learn,’ and then how to recognize and embrace truth by rejecting all the false programming we have been fed. He believes our knowledge, understanding, and execution (‘wisdom’) of Natural Law is central to this.
Natural Law
Mark Passio’s working definition of Natural Law is ‘Universal, non-man-made conditions that govern the consequences of behavior; a body of natural spiritual laws that act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.’ Because Natural Law governs consciousness within the physical universe, it is beyond the realm of the powers of our beliefs, intentions, and personal consciousness. Natural Law is eternal, unchangeable, and independent of our beliefs, hopes, or preferences. Reminiscent of Jean-Paul Sartre’s notion that ‘we are free to do anything except deny our freedom,’ Passio is hinting that ‘Natural Law allows us the freedom to create anything in this universe except for a universe in which we cannot create.’
Passio makes the point that human beings all have free will, at all times and in all places. This implies that we are always responsible for our actions, since we have the freedom to choose and behave in the way of our choosing. That which governs human behavior and its consequences in our universe actually exists within the synergy of two things: a ‘deterministic’ component (the immutable principles of Natural Law) and a ‘random’ component (Human free will).
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The Hermetic Principles
Passio states that there are 8 principles that ‘constitute a Master Key through which Universal Wisdom (including the Knowledge and the Requirements to obtaining what we desire) is unveiled.’ The first 7 of these principles are famously known as the ‘Hermetic Principles,’ while the 8th is what Passio terms the ‘lost Principle’ which actually binds the other 7 principles together to really give us access to the wisdom to create the kind of world we truly want. These principles can be somewhat complex and are worth the time and effort you make to study and understand them.
Mentalism: Thoughts lead to the manifestation of things and events. Thoughts create our state of existence and the quality of our experience here on Earth.
Correspondence: The microcosm and the macrocosm are reflections of each other. The universe is holographic, and is self-similar across all scales.
Vibration: The universe and everything that comprises it is pure vibratory energy. Matter is not ‘solid,’ it is merely energy in a particular state of vibration.
Polarity: In the universe there is duality, everything has its opposite. However at a higher level, ‘opposites’ are revealed as identical in nature but different in degree.
Rhythm: All things rise and fall, and the pendulum swing in one direction eventually becomes the pendulum swing in the other direction. Rhythm compensates.
Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect, and every action has its consequences. There are many planes of causation, but effects will always be brought to bear.
Gender: All things have masculine and feminine principles which make them whole. Gender manifests on all planes.
Each one of these principles is worthy of an article in itself and a lengthy discussion, but I will leave you to check out the video at about the 3-hour mark for the way Passio explains each of these principles in greater depth. Together, these principles help us understand our capacity to create our world exactly how we want: by making changes in the mental plane (the plane of cause) we can then change the physical plane (the plane of effect) and thus change the state of our world. In order to do this, however, we need to understand the 8th principle and how it binds the other seven together.
The Lost Principle
For Passio, the 8th principle is called the lost or hidden principle because it is not widely known or available in the literature, in comparison to the 7 Hermetic principles. But it is absolutely essential, because it encapsulates the other seven principles in the way that a seed casing encapsulates the wondrous creative power of the seed. The picture below, which is actually a pendant that Passio wears on the chain around his neck in the presentation, is called the seed of life. The 7 intertwined circles represent the 7 hermetic principles, and often with images of the seed of life we only get the 7 circles. However, this pendant includes a circle that wraps around the other 7 circles, representing the 8th principle.

Passio explains that the 8th principle is Care. By care he means what we focus on or put our attention on, what we value as important, what we give our energy to, what we care about. This underlies the biggest secret in the capacity of human beings to manifest through intention, which is one reason that Passio’s presentation is subtitled ‘The Real Law of Attraction.’ It is through care, which has components of thought, emotion, and will, that the creative power of the human mind is unleashed to generate the manifested world consciously rather than unconsciously as we have done throughout our history up to now.
Awakening To Our Tremendous Power
The notion that we, as human individuals, are collectively responsible for the manifestation of the current human condition may be hard to believe and even harder to acknowledge for some of us. But Passio tells us from his own experience that this occult (hidden) knowledge is used by Satanists and other powerful secret groups to ensure that we continue to create the type of world that suits them and their agenda. Passio talks about the tremendous amount of work he had to do looking inside himself and challenging his own beliefs and values in order to reach a fuller understanding of what is really going on in our world. His aim now is to be a ‘de-occultist’, to take this hidden knowledge and present it in a way that it can be understood and proliferated. No matter what you think of his gruff style of presenting, it becomes clear after a while that Passio really does care about the state of the world and has a deep sense of moral responsibility to help make it better.
In part 2, we will look more closely at his discussion of Natural Law and how we can begin to apply its principles.

About The Author:
My Master’s thesis on “The Anatomy of Self-Overcoming in Nietzsche” was only the beginning of my journey of exploration into consciousness. I have since lived and taught in Korea, studied yoga in India, written a book entitled “Parables for the New Conversation”, built a film and theater production company (, and started a family. While I endeavor to foster positive change in the world through my works, I hold fast to CE’s maxim ‘Change starts within’. I am humbled and grateful to have joined the CE team as of April 2018 as a contributing writer. You can reach me at



Natural Law (Part 2): Spending Our Spiritual Currency Wisely
08/22/2018 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment
(Richard Enos) In Part 1, we discussed how we collectively manifest our world into being, subject to the 8 principles of Natural Law. In his Natural Law Seminar, Mark Passio explains how the 8th principle, Care, is so essential to the process of collectively bringing the world we actually want into being.
Related Natural Law (Part 1): A Reformed Satanist Illuminates Our Natural Power To Create
Source – Collective Evolution
by Richard Enos,
Care — that’s what generates our experience in the aggregate. Most people don’t care about what’s happening. Therefore, it is an impossibility for us, in the aggregate, to change the direction of energy, to change the direction of consciousness, and ultimately to get what we say we want. That’s how the real law of attraction works. Alright? Here’s how it actually operates.
(reading slide) What we care about on a day-to-day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions.
(to audience) What did I say we need to develop? The heart, mind, guts, right? Heart, mind, guts, in that order. (Pointing to heart) Care comes first, you gotta care enough (pointing to forehead) to know, to develop the knowledge, okay? Then (pointing to stomach) you gotta act on it, and put it into practice, apply it. So that’s the order, heart, mind, guts. Care, knowledge, action. Those are the steps, okay? And all three of those have to be in place. All three. That’s what unity consciousness is. It’s unifying thoughts, emotions, and actions. What we think, how we feel, are how we act, are one and the same. There’s no contradiction. That’s unity consciousness.
(reading slide) Therefore, Care can be seen as the ultimate Generator of the quality of our experience here on the Earth. Hence it has been called the Generative principle.
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Spiritual Currency
Our capacity to bring forth the kind of world that we want is predicated on how we use our two spiritual currencies: time and attention. These of course are driven by the generative principle of Care in terms of what we feel is worthy of our time and attention.
There are two spiritual currencies: time and attention. This analogy can be seen very readily in the sayings “Spending Time” and “Paying Attention.” Whatever information or endeavors we put our time or attention toward, we end up getting something in return for that investment. This return could come in the form of knowledge, understanding, skills, expertise, and empowerment, if we invest our Spiritual Currencies wisely.
Therefore we should seek to improve the quality of our attention by placing it upon information that is capable of improving both ourselves and the human condition as a whole. Such an effort would also constitute a valuable investment of our Time. We should ask ourselves, “What am I spending my time on?”, “What am I paying attention to?”, and most importantly “What kind of quality am I getting in return for these investments of my Spiritual Currency?”
These are clearly the critical questions we must be asking ourselves at this time of opportunity for us to take control of our world. When people say that they would like to change the world but don’t know what they can do, THIS is what you can do. You can ask these questions. They reflect the meaning of Collective Evolution’s motto ‘Change Starts Within.’
So we are not just helpless individuals at the effect of unstoppable evil forces. We are powerful as individuals, and even more powerful when we align ourselves as a collective. We have free will. But we have to take back control over our time and attention. The small but powerful elite that runs the world cannot force us to do their bidding. Rather, what they have done is taken control of our time and attention. One of the main ways this is done is by using the tool of ego gratification.
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Ego Gratification
Instant ego gratification is being promoted everywhere, in all manner of ways, to keep us focused on unimportant things so that we can’t actually reach for our power. We give away our health by consenting to pollution that we are told is a necessary part of a thriving economy, bad foods that give us instant pleasure but take away our energy, dangerous medications that give us instant relief but lead to greater illness and addiction. We consent to give up our rights because we allow ourselves to feel afraid and want to be protected. And we are obviously familiar with how mainstream media and social media are constructed to provide instant ego gratification that can consume all of our time and attention.
When we buy into these practices, the small ruling elite wins. They are only a fraction of a percent of our population but they are expert in getting us to use our time and attention unwisely and engage in practices and addictions that render us impotent.
Being Part Of The Solution
In order to alleviate this, in order to become a force in our awakening and a conscious driver in our collective evolution, those two important questions are worth repeating here: “What am I spending my time on? What am I paying attention to?”
It is not enough to simply say we ascribe to or believe in certain spiritual principles. These beliefs need to become our wisdom, which means we fully embody them and act upon them consistently in our lives. The most immediate choice available to us is to decide that we will stop giving our time and attention to those things that do not have the value to elevate our lives, and start giving most or all of our time and attention to those things that bring us adequate returns like ‘knowledge, understanding, skills, expertise, and empowerment.’ This then becomes the foundation for helping our human collective bring about the world we all want.
In Part 3, we will get to the core of Mark Passio’s elucidation of Natural Law.
About The Author
Richard Enos
My Master’s thesis on “The Anatomy of Self-Overcoming in Nietzsche” was only the beginning of my journey of exploration into consciousness. I have since lived and taught in Korea, studied yoga in India, written a book entitled “Parables for the New Conversation”, built a film and theater production company (, and started a family. While I endeavor to foster positive change in the world through my works, I hold fast to CE’s maxim ‘Change starts within’. I am humbled and grateful to have joined the CE team as of April 2018 as a contributing writer. You can reach me at






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