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One of the goats had wandered off and away, no doubt looking to explore the greater world. The good shepherd looked at the sheepdog and smiled and the sheepdog understood and immediately set off in search of the wayward one. He soon found him about a mile away traveling towards the dense forest ahead, sticking its nose into this and that as if it was searching for something.
The sheepdog smiled and snuck up behind him stealthily until it he was right behind him. The preoccupied goat was so intent on whatever his purpose was that he had no notice of any of it.
“BOOYAH!!!!” Barked the sheepdog. The poor goat must have jumped at least three feet up in the air! He turned around to face his erstwhile attacker and fight for his life when he recognized his tormentor.
“Oh, it’s you. Why did you scare me like that? I was busy on my quest. That really wasn’t very nice to do that.”
“It is because you were so intent on what you were doing that I was able to do that in the first place. You really should keep a feeling for what is happening around you. If I had really been a wolf, you’d be lunch already.” The sheepdog snickered.
“Ha ha.” Replied the goat. “But this is a very important quest that I am on. I truly believe that GOD gave it to me so I must do all that I can to fulfill it.”
“Oh? And just what is this great, GOD given quest?”
“I must find the unicorn!” He exclaimed proudly.
“Why? Oh…well…um……you see….I want to be a unicorn!!”
“Really? Why?”
“Because GOD told me that I could. GOD said that if I really, really wanted to, I could! So I decided that I really, really wanted to and so I am searching for a unicorn to ask them how I can be a unicorn too!” He smiled with a great satisfaction born of a purpose that the sheepdog recognized immediately as a creature that had actually been told by GOD that such and such a thing was so.
The sheepdog sighed a sigh of sighs and said to the goat: “Well, come on then. I know a unicorn that lives in these parts and I will lead you to them so you can get your answer…if there is one.”
The goat was ecstatic with glee! “Really!? You’d do that for me!?”
“Well…yeah. We’re all family after all. You, me, them, the good shepherd. All of us are family. We have to take care of each other and support each other, right? So come on. The path leads this way.”
So off they went and as they went the goat experienced the sounds and sights and wonders of the life of the forest. Squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits ran to and fro, carefully, in search of food. Falcons and hawks circled overhead looking for gaps in the canopy through which to spot and dive down through….the crows scattered from their perches in the high trees, cawing as they took flight. The deer sharpened their antlers on the logs and branches of fallen trees. Bears lumbered on and through the bush as wolves howled in the near distance.
Everywhere were new experiences that the goat had never imagined and as it imagined the nature and the meaning of them he either walked in awe or trepidation according to the feelings that all the sounds and sights invoked in him.
After a while they came to a small clearing, a glade where a river lingered in a small lake at the bottom of a waterfall.
“Wait here.” Said the sheepdog to the goat. The unicorn of this forest lives behind this waterfall. I shall go in and explain to him your quest for we are good friends and I am sure he won’t mind seeing you and doing what he can to help you out.”
“Oh!” Said the goat excitedly. “Please tell me what to expect when he comes out so that I won’t be too overwhelmed. I want to be as calm as possible so that he accepts me because he sees that I am not scared of him because of his mighty countenance.”
The sheepdog laughed the laugh that dogs laugh.
“HAH!!!! Mighty countenance!? HA! He is a bright and shining horse with a horn of light that others think is golden because they cannot comprehend the light. He is a natural and friendly creature and is a GOD has made him. No more and no less. He is a solitary creature because others seek out his horn for various reasons because they don’t understand what it is. Most think that it is gold. Mostly men…and so they covet it and seek to slay him for it or imprison and enslave him for show for profit…sigh…it’s sad, really, but such is the way of this world of fools and men and angels.
But and still, he is a good and mighty steed. Worthy to take GOD ITSELF into battle, so I’m sure he will be nice enough to tell you the truth of the matter as to how you can become a unicorn.”
The goat stopped in his tracks. “Steed? Like in horse. Oh nonononono, that’s not what I wanted. That’s not what I was told at all!”
“Huh? Then what?”

I was told the unicorn is a goat like I am a goat, but with the horn of GOD on its head. I want the horn of GOD. But I am not a horse. I can never be a horse. So what good would it do me to talk with a horse, even if it is a unicorn? Oh nonono, I have to keep searching to find the goat unicorn. Then all of my questions will be answered.”
The goat turned to the right and to the left unsure of which way to go and trying to decide in the dense foliage where it could go. He turned to the sheepdog and bowed.
“Thank you for all of your help up to this point. It is greatly appreciated. Really. But I fear that there has been a misunderstanding. I was told that I could be a unicorn. But I was never told that I could be a horse…unicorn or no. Please forgive me for moving on, but this was obviously a mistake but I am sure that you led me to a place that I couldn’t get to alone that ill better serve to help me find my destination and goal and so I thank you for that. GOD bless you, sheepdog, but I will try my best to find my way from here.”
And the goat turned to go through the forest once again….
“WAIT!!!!!” Screamed the sheepdog, barking loudly. “Let me go through the waterfall and speak with the unicorn and apprise him of the situation. I am sure that he can, at least direct you to where you can find the goat unicorn and he may even be able to call him here to speak with you. So please just wait here while I go in and see what can be done to make your journey as easy on you a possible….ok?”
“Okay.” Replied the goat, as he reclined upon the soft grass at the edge of the river/pond. “Please do not take too very long to come out. I will think that you are never coming back and then I shall wonder what it is that I am supposed to do.”
“This won’t take long, but please to have as much patience as you possibly can. The unicorn is a singular creature that seldom appears to or speaks to others because it doesn’t want to be misunderstood and too many have done just that….so he is very hesitant to reveal himself to anyone new nowadays…but we are old friends so he might hear me out but it will take time so please….wait as long as you can and then longer still. I beg of thee to give it as much time as you can possibly and impossibly stand. Okay?”
“I shall do so because you are good sheepdog of the good shepherd and I trust you. So I shall do as you ask. Please hurry as much as you can and I shall wait as long as I can and let us both hope and pray for the best possible outcome in GOD’S Will.”
“SOBEIT.” Said the sheepdog.
“SOBEIT.” Said the goat.
And so the sheepdog walked the path to and through the waterfall and met with the unicorn within.

The unicorn was within its domain, watching the galactic broadcasts, gaming, and munching with some visiting angels when he saw the sheepdog walking through the water/door.
“Scout!!!! Dude!!! Long time no see! What’s up, dog? Want some pizza? It’s still hot. You know Ochs, Phil, and Phlegm.”
[Angels:] “Sheepoooog! What’s up?”
[Sheepdog:] “Everything is everything! What’s the thing, dudes!?”
[All and everyone:] “ALL AND EVERYTHING!!!!”
Much laughter ensues and then dies down….the sheepdog reclines upon a pillow and faces the others.
“Fellow dudes of the celestial host. I have a goat waiting outside that wants to be a unicorn because our Father told him that he could be. I believe him and he has come in search of the Capricornus unicorn and not the equestrian model because…well…he’s a freakin’ goat, alright? So it makes sense, ok? So the question here and now is what are we going to do about it?…and don’t tell me to give him the fuckin’ brochure because….1] he can’t read….and 2] OUR FATHER SENT HIM!!!!! So you’re going to have to help him out personally. You know the rules………..if I may ask you to…y’know….go there….consider it a personal favor to me…he’s a good goat. This will save him….please…..the Good Shepherd Himself sent me to beseech thee to fulfill The Father’s Will in this thing and that’s why I’m here. Otherwise I would’ve just dragged his ass back to the flock…y’knowhatimean?”
There was a moment or twelve of silence while the three angels connected to their individual archangels in charge and those same did the same and the unicorn got in contact with SOURCE OF ALL SOURCES through its Christ connection….thirty second later the whole cave lit up and the answer was given.
The unicorn paused the screen and rose itself up. He extended his wings….and the light dimmed….
“FINE!!!! “ The unicorn yelled. “You never let the little fellow fly! It’s a freakin’ shame, I tell ya…but ah well. SOBEIT! The Will of THE ONE is the Will of THE ONE.”
There was a blinding flash of Light and when it was over, there stood, in the midst of the cave, a goat unicorn, shining as bright as the sun……..
Well, they waited a few moments for the brightness to dim and calm down to acceptable levels of experience and then the sheepdog and the unicorn walked out the waterfall/door and met with the anxiously anticipating goat……..
Mind you the goat was ecstatic.
The sheep dog laid off to the side so the two could have a private conversation.
The unicorn sat himself in front of the goat. The goat sat accordingly and began to give sublimations and submissions when the unicorn cut him short.
“Yeah yeah….i really don’t believe in all of that stuff.
After all, there is no want or need for any of us to want or ask for any of us to bend down to or supplicate themselves or give our energy or power or understanding or heart or mind or consciousness to anything other than THE ONE and as THE ONE has given ITSELF to all and any of us through ITS Christ Michael Aton, the creator of this, our universe of Nebadon, in which we all live and breather and exist in THE ONE…….you must first be able to recognize me as a fellow creature alongside of you and thus, a fellow traveler on the great spiral path of life, infinite and eternal, that leads back to our beginning in perfection, in and with GOD, THE ONE.
All that reach that point of placement and being and existence
All that have fulfilled and completed the great journey of return to GOD
Perfect beings without experience
Being made perfect perfection in and with experience
To return to GOD
Overflowing with experience
To be perfect perfection having been made perfect through that experience
In and with GOD
These shall all be the first wave of the new creator Gods of the future realms of creation!
And so
Here you are
Little one
As GOD has given it to you
To do so and be so
And you have been told that you can be a unicorn
Even though you are a goat
Now look at me
However you perceive me to be
And in whatever comprehension you may have of me
Tell me
Do you still think and feel
That you can be as I am?”
The goat looked at the unicorn
At his shining, glowing, bright, white coat
The bright, multicolored fire of his eyes
The pressure of his spirit that he could not see
But felt that he could
For it was that great
He looked at the horn
And he noticed something strange
It wasn’t gold
He looked at the forehead of the unicorn
And he noticed
That there was not a horn of gold
It wasn’t something that was…material
Not as far as he could tell
It was something else
It was there
But it was something different
Much different from the image that he had of it in his mind
For he realized at that point
That it was the horn that he wanted
That horn of gold
That he had always heard about
Had been told about by so many, so often
But now
Now that he was actually seeing it for real
He saw that the horn wasn’t made of gold
But was something else
And as he looked at it
He saw something in it
Something that stirred his mind
Something that stirred his heart
Something that stirred his soul
And he screamed
He screamed a scream that could only come from his soul
That spirit part of him that had struggled for so long to be heard
Above and beyond the din
Above and beyond the distractions of day-to-day life
With all of its worries and concerns and joys and sorrows
The good
The bad
The beautiful
The ugly
All of it
All that life was
In the realm that he existed in
That he had being in
He realized
There was something behind it
Something within it
Something above and beyond it
Something underneath it
That he could never quite figure out
But now
Here and now
With this horn
Staring him in the face
Confronting him
By being and not being
What he thought it was
And yet
Being above and beyond whatever he could think or felt it was or is
He was interrupted
And that interruption confused him
And that confusion upset him
And that upsetting conflicted him
And that conflict
Within his mind
Within his heart
Within the perception of his consciousness
Struggled as hard as he could to do so
To see
To hear
To think
To feel
To grok
And as he did so
The unicorn waited…….patiently, knowingly, lovingly…..
The unicorn observed his struggle and waited for the inevitable question that must come from all of those that seek to break such a hold
Finally the question arose from deep within the mind of the goat
Like a bubble of air rising from the bottom of the deep ocean it came
Rising slowly
Rising to in inevitably break surface
That surface of meaning
Of value
Of comprehension
And that experience
That thinking/feeling/confused
State of being and doing
Held him
Against that experience of breaking surface
It stopped him from going any further
It pushed against him
As if it didn’t want him to go any further
It didn’t want him to break through
He pushed back
He struggled against it
And when the war of wills
Between his lower nature and understanding
His physical/material nature of understanding
His higher nature of understanding
His spiritual consciousness nature of understanding
Broke though that final barrier
That wall
That surface
The gasp of air that came through his vocal cords spoke only two words:

The unicorn sighed and breathed a sigh of relief
And thankful prayer to THE ONE
“Far too few reach this point of questioning and so you are to be commended for doing and being so and such as you are in this preset moment. Know that you are experiencing that which was considered beyond your own mind of experience and beyond what you though that you were able to experience and yet, here you are
And so I shall answer you as GOD has seen fit for me to do and be so.
It is not necessary for you to understand all and everything about me at this point in your experience.
It is enough for you to know that I AM.
That is more than enough for now. The rest you will know through your own experience of being ho and what I am for all is one and one is all in the total thought and dream of things
That we all call creation and reality.
For now, know this much….. the horn you thought was gold is not the horn you thought it was. This much you have surmised; otherwise I would not be giving you this explanation.
Life and being and existence is a matter of consciousness and all and everything, bar none, in the whole of creation is simply the thought of THE ONE in ITS consciousness…..and thought ITS consciousness hold more than any of us within ITS consciousness may ever be able to comprehend, IT has given it to all and any and each of us…..
All things
Every grain of sand
Every blade of grass
Every flower
Every tree and rock
All elemental creatures
All creatures
No matter the way, shape, fashion, form
All is one
And so all return
For all is part and parcel
Of the thought of the living God of all Gods
Creator of all Creators
Source of all Sources
And you
You are part of any and all of that
Are GOD being who and what you are
This horn that you perceive
And yet
Perceive not
Is a connection
A connection formed deep within my consciousness
My mind and heart
Its root is the seed
The fragment of GOD
That is within all and any of GOD’S
Freewill, intelligent, ascending Creatures
In the duality realms of the perception of time and space
For truly none of these exist
Except that GOD has made it so
So that we can experience GOD
In all and every form and way and shape and fashion and style
The creation of creations
Universes of universes
That is all one universe
One creation
This is GOD
And if ye seek GOD
Where shall ye seek?
GOD is all around you
But there are found the many that GOD is also
Each given to their own purpose
As GOD has seen fit to have them do and be
In the one thought of all things
That is the dream of GOD
That GOD dreams awake
And God has given it to you to hear them
As ye see fit for you to do so and be so
And if you have done so
If you have been so
Then you will discover that seed
That seed of GOD that is within you
In all and every and each and any form that you can possibly be and become
That seed is within you
And to sprout that seed
You must hydrate it
Nourish it
Give it good and proper ground
Safe ground
Pure ground
Holy Ground
And that is what ye must make of yourself
For this horn is simply an extension of what is within the consciousness
Of the creature that desires to have it
This horn sprouts from the GOD fragment within
That holy seed of GOD that rests within the mind
For the mind is the fertile ground in which this seed awaits to sprout
Given proper nourishment
And your thoughts are the air it breathes
And your love
Your heart
The love
The holy love
GOD’S Love
Within your heart
Is the water that sustains it
And upholds it
And maintains it
Along with your thoughts loving thoughts
Lighted thoughts
For as GOD is light and love
So must you be
With all of your mind and heart and body and strength
Your soul and spirit
Ye are the soil
Y are the fruit
Ye are the harvest
GOD gives you
In mind and heart and soul and spirit
All that you need to overcome
The vicissitudes of this heavy world
So that you may do your part in making it lighter
This dark world
That ye may do your part in making it lighter
It is within you
To grow your horn
As GOD sees fit
And so
You can do nothing good without GOD
And all evil that you do
Is done in GOD
That GOD may give examples
Of the folly of such
In the realm of experience
That exist wholly in GOD
That men may see and hear and think and feel
And experience
The folly of their own way and ways
As opposed to the way of GOD
And time has proven the veracity and logic and reality of this
That if any would reach their perfection in GOD
To be gods
In and with GOD
in and of their own rights
Then they must pass the test
They must pass through Christ
Christ Michael Aton
creator of this
His universe of Nebadon
They must reach GOD
And be found worthy
And not wanting
Not as they see fit
But as GOD sees fit
And this is the reality of realities
In which we have and hold our existence and being
And what we do with it
Is up to us in experience
But is
As all things are
It is up to GOD
In purpose and meaning and outcome
For all things are GOD
For all things belong to GOD
Because there is nothing but GOD
GOD is all there is
GOD is the one life
GOD is the one being
GOD is the one will
GOD is the all
GOD is the one
And so now
If you know this
For I have told you so
So now….
How do you see and perceive my horn?”

The goat stared at the unicorn for a long while
And then declared:
“So you and I are the same?
All things have within them the same thing?
You and I are the same
And even more so because I look like you
And that gives me hope in this which you call my experience in GOD
For I could have been anything
But I am this
And I am this for a reason
And I begged GOD to tell me the reason
Why I was and am what I am
Even though I didn’t understand it
I wanted to be more
And when I thought of more
I thought of the unicorn
And I set my heart and mind on that
And because I did so
I became this
And here I am
With you
Learning this
And I know
Because I have learned this
That it is indeed possible
For me to be as you are
And even to be as the horse unicorn is
And even more
As long as God lets me do and be so
As long as God lets me do and be so
Then I can
I an
Because if this is all GOD
Then I am GOD being who and what I am
And so
Nothing is impossible for the GOD in who and what I am
Except that I do not know
And because I do not know
I limit myself
To what I think/feel that I am
Instead of what GOD thinks/feels that I am
So all I have to do is feed the seed inside of me
With light in/of GOD
With love in/of GOD
And point it at all and everything and everyone around me
And it will grow
And extend through my physical self
As GOD sees fit
For all to see
And that will form my horn?”

“Yup” Smiled the unicorn………..

The rest is history……..
The angels still talk about it……
And many others, as well
Such a moment in the annals of being and existence
The halls of time and space!

This story is done
Sleep well..


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