note from DABI

[We’re spending more and more time together….so this is from that]

The purpose of duality is to provide a perceptual/material cocoon for ascending, and descending, spirit personalities to struggle within and break free from and out of. Just as the butterfly must become strong enough to emerge from its transformative chamber and live and operate in a now, wider, expanded world of new experiences, so must the human being.
Where before, choices were limited to the abilities of the caterpillar that sought to survive and feed and climb high enough to begin its transformation. So too, does the human being. It is, however, a spiritual transformation. It is a transformation of mind and heart, thought and emotion.
The human struggle is a struggle to discern between opposites of light and darkness, good and evil, love and fear, selflessness and selfishness…
Every life is a series of experiences that are rooted by choices as causes of actions with learned and unlearned, or yet to be learned, effects. It is the struggle to make what is considered to be the right and proper choices based upon their discernment. All while being distracted by the material aspects of the area of operation, yet using them to act upon the choices they make. The effects of their choices, again, become events that create more choices. Hence, the never ending cycle of cause and effect.

Like butterflies, most people flitter and flutter from one beautiful flower of experience to the next. It soaks in light whenever it needs to rest and recharge the energy of its wings.
The moth must also struggle to emerge from its cocoon. But the moth is drawn to the light. It will fly closer and closer to it, be it flame or lightbulb, forsaking all else, even at the cost of its own life.
Some may feel that the moth is the more foolish of the two. They may feel that the beauty of the butterfly and the inspiration it holds makes the butterfly better in some way.
But it is the moth that is strong enough to break free from the spider’s web.



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  1. Marja says:

    PJ 47 – foreword
    “So what will get you into the Kingdom of God?
    Obviously, it shall be nothing from the realms of physical. In the physical can only come the “expression” of intent.
    It is only through the “intent” of Spirit within which shall be the measure of man–along with the actions presented as a result of that “intent”.
    God gave forth unto His Man creation the most wondrous gift all creatures–the ability to reason, think and act through his own free-will choices.
    Do you follow the rules of another Man or you follow Truth with which every individual physical hull expression is birthed just as he is birthed with the ability to breathe?

    Chap. 3

    “TRUE Christians are those who understand and adhere to CHRIST consciousness teachings of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, NOT so-called ones who label themselves “Christian” based on their “belief” in what they are told are the “teachings” of Christ as presented erroneously within your various Bibles.”


    • Brian says:

      and this:

      The Urantia Book; Paper 131, Section 8

      P1451:4, 131:8.1 The messengers of Melchizedek penetrated far into China, and the doctrine of one God became a part of the earlier teachings of several Chinese religions; the one persisting the longest and containing most of the monotheistic truth was Taoism, and Ganid collected the following from the teachings of its founder:

      P1451:5, 131:8.2 “How pure and tranquil is the Supreme One and yet how powerful and mighty, how deep and unfathomable! This God of heaven is the honored ancestor of all things. If you know the Eternal, you are enlightened and wise. If you know not the Eternal, then does ignorance manifest itself as evil, and thus do the passions of sin arise. This wondrous Being existed before the heavens and the earth were. He is truly spiritual; he stands alone and changes not. He is indeed the world’s mother, and all creation moves around him. This Great One imparts himself to men and thereby enables them to excel and to survive. Even if one has but a little knowledge, he can still walk in the ways of the Supreme; he can conform to the will of heaven.

      P1452:1, 131:8.3 “All good works of true service come from the Supreme. All things depend on the Great Source for life. The Great Supreme seeks no credit for his bestowals. He is supreme in power, yet he remains hidden from our gaze. He unceasingly transmutes his attributes while perfecting his creatures. The heavenly Reason is slow and patient in his designs but sure of his accomplishments. The Supreme overspreads the universe and sustains it all. How great and mighty are his overflowing influence and drawing power! True goodness is like water in that it blesses everything and harms nothing. And like water, true goodness seeks the lowest places, even those levels which others avoid, and that is because it is akin to the Supreme. The Supreme creates all things, in nature nourishing them and in spirit perfecting them. And it is a mystery how the Supreme fosters, protects, and perfects the creature without compelling him. He guides and directs, but without self-assertion. He ministers progression, but without domination.

      P1452:2, 131:8.4 “The wise man universalizes his heart. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Those who aspire to greatness must learn to humble themselves. In creation the Supreme became the world’s mother. To know one’s mother is to recognize one’s sonship. He is a wise man who regards all parts from the point of view of the whole. Relate yourself to every man as if you were in his place. Recompense injury with kindness. If you love people, they will draw near you — you will have no difficulty in winning them.

      P1452:3, 131:8.5 “The Great Supreme is all-pervading; he is on the left hand and on the right; he supports all creation and indwells all true beings. You cannot find the Supreme, neither can you go to a place where he is not. If a man recognizes the evil of his ways and repents of sin from the heart, then may he seek forgiveness; he may escape the penalty; he may change calamity into blessing. The Supreme is the secure refuge for all creation; he is the guardian and savior of mankind. If you seek for him daily, you shall find him. Since he can forgive sins, he is indeed most precious to all men. Always remember that God does not reward man for what he does but for what he is; therefore should you extend help to your fellows without the thought of rewards. Do good without thought of benefit to the self.

      P1452:4, 131:8.6 “They who know the laws of the Eternal are wise. Ignorance of the divine law is misery and disaster. They who know the laws of God are liberal minded. If you know the Eternal, even though your body perish, your soul shall survive in spirit service. You are truly wise when you recognize your insignificance. If you abide in the light of the Eternal, you shall enjoy the enlightenment of the Supreme. Those who dedicate their persons to the service of the Supreme are joyous in this pursuit of the Eternal. When man dies, the spirit begins to wing its long flight on the great home journey.”


  2. Marja says:


    3/11/97 ESU “JESUS” SANANDA

    Peace, Rick. Esu present in Light, in service to light the way for mankind during the hours of darkness that lay ahead.
    My voice is soft, yet you hear me clearly. I needn’t shout, although shout I will if the occasion arises whereby shouting will merit results.
    It is of utmost importance, Rick, that you spend time with me. As I told you, you cannot do it alone, you must have the assistance of Spirit unto Spirit. It is a dangerous, yet exiting, journey that lays before you. Do not fall aside over foolish errors; you are more worthy than that and God did not error in accepting your service at this time.
    There are MANY who are awaiting my messages because they are faltering, they are tired, they are frustrated, and they just want to give up. And yet even by “giving up” they find themselves back in the same stew-pot they were in before. It is called the “wheel of life”. Haven’t you experienced the wheel enough, Thomas?
    There is such splendor in the realms of Light, and yet I do not say this to have each one who reads this to want to “check out” to work in the realm of Spirit, for by doing so they automatically are returned unto the wheel of life, to again experience in the physical manifestation.
    The point is not to avoid one’s lessons but to confront them, for therein is the path of becoming One with Spirit, One with God of Light wherein there is truly freedom from the enslavement of the darkness.

    The adversarial influence is like a thick, dark cloud over your planet and you must remain, literally, in constant vigil to overcome that influence upon you.
    You each must ASK, ASK, ASK!
    We of these realms told you ones early on that, if you must clear your space a thousand times a day then do so. Make it as automatic as breathing!

    I must tell on Rick. He used to be somewhat perturbed at the idea of having to clear his space so frequently and would think loudly to himself, to us of Light: “Well can’t you guys hold the space clear longer than that?!”
    Ha! Of course you each grow up through those thoughts to realize that the clearing with Spirit begins with soul-self, in the direct connection with God-Spirit.
    Has it not often been said that the adversary will be allowed to “have a go at you of Light”–in part to test your mettle and see what you will do? This is a school, remember?
    True, you each have a purpose of one sort or another but the lessons must be learned along the way toward realization, understanding, and bringing into fruition that purpose. There are so many misperceptions about the way it is, mostly caused by your confounded religious doctrines.
    Most are simply not willing to learn, to be OPEN to new thoughts.
    A closed mind is a prison wherein the being shall remain confined until hell freezes or until there is a release of some kind that will allow for change.
    Change is the only constant in this, God’s Creation. Change is beautiful, glorious really. It is as the caterpillar to the butterfly: the caterpillar doesn’t THINK about becoming the butterfly, it just does so as a natural course of experience. And ultimately the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis to fly in the light.
    You are not unlike the caterpillar, but too many of you are becoming imprisoned in the chrysalis, and to break free you must begin to realize there is so much more to thus world, and this universe, than self.
    Let me give another personal example from Rick. Rick’s mother, Zita, is in a wheelchair these days in a nursing home. Yet, when she feels sorry for herself and is wheeled down the hallway to the outside courtyard, she passes many others who cannot even speak!
    Everything is relative in this world, and when you think you have it bad, take a careful look around you, and this applies PARTICULARLY to those in the cities, although it is true everywhere. Look and see the homeless on the streets or those living in cardboard boxes.
    Ah! But then, once you witness them, what do you do? Usually you say, “Oh, the bums”, or “Yeah, but they chose that”. Did they? There, but for the Grace of God, go thee, and “That which you do unto the least of Mine, ye have done unto Me”. Remember?
    When you can get out of the little perceptive cell of self long enough to offer those less fortunate ones a bowl of soup or a blanket then perhaps the chrysalis will have a small hole in it which will ultimately allow the butterfly to emerge. Otherwise you will remain imprisoned in your little cells called self, and you shall remain on the wheel of life, time and time and time again.
    Now, let us discuss something else. How do you pray and for what do you pray? Most pray for money and for self.

    When you pray for everyone and everything EXCEPT self, you have arrived!
    When you pray for “all my relations” as your Native American brothers teach, you are there.

    This is not to say that God does not hear your innermost desires and “wants”. He does! He is just waiting for you to realize that, as a co-creator, if you really want something, you will find a way to get up off your rear and make it so.

    You have become a fat and complacent culture, a lazy culture.
    Chopping wood and carrying water seem to be foreign concepts, particularly to you of the American side of things.
    Is it any wonder that the Master Teachers would usually start their new students either by cleaning and scrubbing toilets or by chopping wood and carrying water?
    Well, I can assure you of this: before all is said and done, most of you left alive will be very happy to be able to chop wood and carry water–and shall do so!
    Get off this “woe is me” kick of helplessness.

    You are GODLY beings! Start acting like Godly beings!
    Why do you tear apart your brothers, limb from limb, in hypocritical judgment? You each and all must learn to walk in Truth.
    If your adversary slaps you in the face, for God’s sake, do NOT turn the other cheek, but go down and report it, and then sue him! Yes, you heard me. (Now there Rick, you’ve gone and done it. We just lost half our audience. It’s alright, the half we want are still reading.)
    Until you squarely face the adversary and stand your ground, you might as well just lay down and roll over, because you are as good as dead. And I did not say to pick up a gun.
    I say pick up a pen and write a lawsuit. If you do not regain control of your legal system, you as a society are gone–dead and buried and destined for a thousand years of darkness, starting back at the cave WITHOUT tools.

    Mankind will lift itself up or mankind will go down, it is that painfully simple. Don’t you see?!
    I do not come to shower you with sweet blessings of nothingness; I come as your Lord and I come with the Hosts of God who are the most wondrous, magnificent, and STRONG Beings of Light who exist in this, the known universe, and those beyond.
    Do not brush aside the help at your disposal, for to do so is folly.
    Little self does NOT know better than God, so isn’t it better to swallow that pride and do away with ego, open your minds, LEARN, and then act in Wisdom on that knowledge?! Therein is the path of Freedom from the chrysalis. Therein the keys to the cell are given unto thee. Therein is the way off the wheel of life!
    I Am Sananda,
    I Am Captain of the Ship.
    I Come in Light,
    With a Sword,
    And Mine Enemies Had Better Be Placed on Notice:
    Your Time is at Hand.
    So be it and Selah!
    My hand rests upon my faithful crew.
    Stay within my shelter for therein is safe harbor.
    You are greatly loved.

    Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 18, 1997, Volume 16, Number 5, Pages 38-39.

    Click to access 031897.pdf

    Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


    • Brian says:

      so spot on! this has been my entire life i feel like and all of it coming to a head these last 6-8 weeks. however as a result i am stronger than i was a day ago….stronger in mind, spirit, body is taking some more time but it will come. even that is improving daily. make the change….stand in your shoes strong; unwavering conviction. and def pray for everyone other than self; all my relations.

      thanks, m


    • kibodabi says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

      on my job…on the campus…..on the midway…….
      there are homeless people that have figured out that
      living on top of the heat exhaust ducts
      is a way to make it through the winter
      I’ve seen some that have survived several winters this way…..
      there is one, however and mind you
      that had a tent
      a luxury in this case…..
      I always worried about them
      if only because I never saw them
      just the tent
      and their growing belongings
      which this one seemed to keep neater than the others
      not spread out and blown about sporadically
      like most of the others……..
      but I never saw the person…
      and I always worried about them
      for that, indeed could have been me
      and could still be me…….y’know?
      the tent disappeared about a week ago
      today…all the belongs were gone
      I inquired above
      They say he passed away…..sigh
      forgive me if I cry a bit
      and am still crying………
      we are all each other, after all………….
      I always said that if I ended up homeless
      I would just find a place to sit
      and wait
      either I would get a clear and definite answer from GOD
      about what is what
      and what to do
      and how to act and think and feel
      and the reason and purpose for it all
      and gain whatever it is that GOD would have me gain from the experience
      and move on from there
      in whatever the Will of THE ONE would be
      in the matter of the case at hand
      or I would just wait and die……sigh
      personally…I wouldn’t know what else to do…..
      perhaps it is not the best option that I could choose
      but I would be hard pressed to find the way and means to choose another
      and yet
      there he was…….
      and for whatever reason…he died… I could have died in the same situation
      and I know not the circumstances of his being and existence, his life
      but I mourn his passing
      we are all each other, after all
      the children in the mines working as slaves
      or being pimped out
      and being murdered…….
      the weary of heart and soul
      living their lives as best they can
      trusting a system they still think is for them…..
      but not as much as they thought it was…….
      and people are waking up……..
      we are struggling as a people
      on this planet
      to wake up
      to rise up
      to stand on our own spiritual, mental, emotion, physical feet
      and be free and sovereign human beings
      and still we are learning
      and so many
      too many individuals
      never make it out of their personal chrysalis
      simply because they truly believe what some aspect of this dark system of things
      has been telling them for years
      and they know not what alternative to turn to
      not the PJs
      not the UB
      not GOD with and within themselves
      they do not know how to experience any of that
      because no one has made it possible for them to do so
      in their own
      little bubble of reality
      that they were taught to depend upon
      as what really mattered in this world
      and not that fringe group of crazies
      that spout such nonsense
      as to go against the church or the temple or the religion
      or the government or the schools or the status quo
      or the jobs or the money…..
      or any other part of ‘the system’, ‘the powers that be’

      and that is changing through experience
      and more people are awake than ever before….
      and it is up to us to speak out
      loudly and clearly
      to wake up as many of the rest
      before it is too late
      to speak out
      about the real and true nature of GOD
      and the real and true nature of this system of things
      that is in its final throes of death
      no better time like the present…eh?
      we are all here to help change minds and hearts
      as consciousness
      to change the consciousness of the ones that are here
      these people
      that will ascend with Earth Shan Gaia
      this planet and its people must and will be free!
      and it will take
      it is taking as many of us as ther are and can be to do it
      each one wake one
      and so then there are two that will wake two…..
      and so it goes and let it be so
      even unto the end……..
      The struggle to strengthen our wings
      that we may escape and fly…..
      so be it
      so it is….
      the post actually was DABI
      more time spent together
      means even more time being spent together
      just about joined at the hip……
      the rest comes as it will and must come
      one unity
      in and at
      the time and place
      where it must be so in the Will of THE ONE
      and The Will of THE ONE is all that matters…..
      at least….for me…
      I took the day off…so will post early…..something…


      • Brian says:

        glad you took the day off….enjoy! i hear ya about it all and i am struggling for sure as i am being tested to the max like most. my health is not the greatest now that i have quit drinking and smoking….cold turkey… more addictions….and i have had the worst case of insomnia…..weeks of little to no sleep….but i refuse to take anything other than melatonin and some supplements…plus thrush in the mouth and it feels like in my veins and in my brain….not fun!! and w/d stuff to boot…i wanna live sober and as pure as possible…taking all i have to keep it together. but i know what you are dealing with is much more than that and like you said about esu and what he went through…..yeah who am i to gripe and complain bout anything…i’m learning as if i were a newborn and that is where i need to be; to reactivate the blueprints of the cells from that time. the imprints are there just covered up by stuff. need to be in the womb of the great mother.

        every day is a struggle especially trying to work and maintain the family. but no whining just persevere and pray and rely on god to get me through. easier said than done. it’s overwhelming some days and others it is like ok i can do this and it feels great!

        have to be ready willing and able to give it all up…..i am stronger than yesterday and stronger than the day before and although it doesnt feel like it right away i know this is true!

        on an island
        in the middle of the raging sea
        the coconut and me
        milk of desire
        head on fire
        stomach burn
        tide churns
        barnacles down
        buried in the ground
        no raft
        no shade
        yet i wade
        where it is cool
        imagine myself
        as a sparkling jewel
        emerald green
        at ease
        of the un war
        like the un cola
        effervescent and refreshing


        • Brian says:

          p.s. moving from carbon to crystalline….ascension symptoms big time!!


          • Marja says:

            To Brian – good for you, keep it up,
            I salute the strength of your mind to stop smoking and drinking.


            • Marja says:

              To KiboDabi – in reference to – ‘the post actually was DABI’ – you preach we are ‘one’ – how about accepting that Kibo is an aspect of Dabi, a label for the physical body with its senses, emotions and brain/mind that he is using to experience physicality, this life. An aspect of the one, a complete KiboDabi personality.
              That’s the way I see it.

              Here is something from Aton in PJ 7, chap. 1

              “I have had as many labels as you have groups of people–it does not mean I bear separate energies–only that man must give all things labels for he can no longer discern “pure energy” in silence.”


              • kibodabi says:

                We actually had that talk……He is DABI…I am KIBO….together…WE are KIBODABI…When this thing that is US is over and finished, as a task….[gee, 1000 years, starting when the old is gone and the new begins….wow….]…I will continue as such……and walk to finality…… I am told…….there are things to do and accomplish before that happens……getting there….getting there…


                • Brian says:

                  i hear ya! I have not had a drink since feb 7 after having drank all of my adult life…consistently…not a heavy drinker mind you just regularly especially on the weekends, and have not smoked any ganja since march 5 after having smoked for 25 yrs consistently….every day…..again not abuse but it was an escape… it was time that’s all i can say. something hit me like a freight train on march 5. knocked me on my ass like a cosmic sledgehammer upside my head!

                  casey jones better watch your speed…..

                  it’s all good though despite…actually it is much much better! definitely one of the hardest things if not the hardest i have done. about 20-25 yrs ago i also kicked two serious xanax addictions….as well as being in love with pain pills too….beat that as well….

                  in my mind, i toy with the idea of partaking again but that is quickly snuffed out as i am not willing to go back there. to be free of addictions is paramount to my mission….i nearly lost my mind and in many ways i did….ganja w/d is not good!! can seriously fuck you up…but i am still here alive and kicking…having survived the worst of it….and every day is better than the day before albeit some days are not but they are fading fast….. all of this threw me into a tailspin….and my health has suffered with several things digestively speaking and that is improving too….thank god…..candida overgrowth is a bitch!! not being able to eat what you used to eat all of your life…..well, that has kicked my ass too…..i am not complaining merely relating my experience to say it can be done for i am proof!
                  my wife still smokes cigs and ganja……so there’s that….i never did smoke tobacco though but i now super sensitivity to all things……nuts just nuts…..yeah something’s goin on for sure….my real self said yo! it’s all got to go! merger commenced weeks ago….unless you have been through it and it is on going…’s aaa……something else…

                  so i talk to much and really should take that cotton out of my ears and put it in my mouth!


              • kibodabi says:

                point taken…but I’ve never been a ‘balanced’ person…..oh I’m good with the nature balance and the body seems to be alright…for the most part…smile….and yes…i’ve always concentrated upon the spiritual part of this….but the geopoliticaleconomic part…..well……seems that wasn’t allowed….way too dark and insane to even try to be a part of it….so here I am……….but as far as the story goes….I just needed to get it off my shoulders……..but, because of that, the book takes better shape….I’ve been struggling with it….but now I see my place with this thing….so I can really get to work now………..
                it is, however…an interesting experience to see yourself in a mirror, being perfect, a pure and total reflection of THE ONE, and then to be……..this…not the body….but the personality, the consciousness…..and then to see all that become perfect again in experience………a spiritual continuity of however many material experiences….and higher experiences………..and then to step out of the mirror as that completed creation that THE ONE meant to create…..and to see others doing it…and know that still others are doing it……..
                in light of such knowledge…so much here seems greatly reduced in meaning……and yet
                every thing means everything………hmmmmmm…
                will have to sort that out……..Kibo


      • Cooy74/Clayton says:

        I find these days that I’m chanting a lot where I sleep and have lived at, whether it be my mom’s house or my grandma and grandpa’s, just clearing the energy and transmuting it to that of love. I have no ailments or addictions really, I just surrender everything to Love/God/Universe and I find the days passing smoothly for the most part. My sleeping pattern has become very relaxed, Set time I fall asleep and wake up r timed almost exactly to the minute, just easy mode when u surrender it all to love. I feel very optimistic about life and where this is all headed. I guess I feel like my very difficult tests have already passed and I’m down to keeping the energy clear day to day, when before I was having a lot of confusion, misery, suffering, etc. due to past life karma that has been pretty much worked out now. Baba is love, everything feels glorious for me within when I enquire to the voices of my mind, spirit, soul. I hope everyone that posts here can find their own place of inner calm and loving radiance. It’s pretty easy if u want it to be, just keep giving it all to God/Love/Universe and life will go smoothly, least that’s what I experience.


      • Taylor M. says:

        “Strengthen our wings that we may escape and fly.” I think your words target me where I need them most. I particularly like this phrase. Thanks Kibo for all your compassion behind the words.


  3. Marja says:

    Thank you, I liked your butterfly piece.


  4. Brian says:

    did i ever post this? ahh well…write this a while ago…

    little moth
    little moth
    of the
    soft cloth
    do you miss your
    your wings
    are designed
    whose paint
    made you faint
    made you land
    a respite
    in hand
    on foot
    we supported
    one another
    it was time
    to instill
    your will
    into mine
    right on time
    i asked for it
    after all
    welcomed you
    in my stall
    made me think
    made me blink
    inside a wink
    made me feel
    so small
    larger than life
    in a tiny encounter
    in a puff
    of smoke
    you were gone
    do you miss your family
    little moth
    of the
    soft cloth


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