I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER. I WANT YOU TO CONSIDER HOW SUCH THINGS AND MEMORIES OF EVENTS COULD REACH THE REALM IN WHICH WE BOTH ARE IN IN THIS HERE AND NOW. This realm in which you reside in and this realm in which I, even I am here with you to help you to experience the fulfillment of my mission here, which involves you.
Okay, I see it…..I am watching the movie and hear you telling me that this is a memory of what once was, and that even though the full memory is not complete………it is enough to reckon theory by as being real and valid, even though here, it is considered a fictional work….
{We are speaking of the movie ‘AVATAR’ and I am being led to believe that it is a memory within the Techma mind/consciousness, of their first foray into the sector of the universe…galaxy in which the people of the w ay lived.
The planet in the movie was before my…DABI’S bestowal, but that bestowal was connected to the events there. This was the first planet in that sector that the Techma had encountered and while the results were pretty much the same as in the movie, it only caused them to pull back and reconsider their efforts and that led them to decide to concentrate on creating better body/shells…and hence their final form. The wanted vehicles of expression that were impervious to harm for they felt that none of them should ever, ever die and that the life of one of them was worth more that the lives of an entire planet of peoples….no matter their connection to their creator God….in this case: Christ Michael DABI…..
Things were much the same as you have seen if you have seen the movie……and the peoples were pretty much the same in configuration……all of this is and has been for a reason and reasons that are all in THE WILL OF THE ONE and so I AM just coming into recognition of it ……
And so and then
When the Techma were ready again to foray into that sector, the devastated that planet and its peoples and the entire system and were about to move on to the next system…..when it was decided that DABI would have and hold His bestowal mission in the intended system…and…well…the rest is history…..
That being said……
The ones that were held in abeyance and then sent here for adjudication, testing……all that has finally been resolved and those that I can keep and take back…or send back, as it were…..are few……less than 1%…but that will have to do under the circumstances…it is enough to be cause for celebration upon their return…one…yes, only one would be enough to celebrate…because that’s how we roll……..smile…we mourn the loss of the majority, but also and at the same time, it is realized that that is and was their choice in the matter and that all and every opportunity to be and do better was given to them and so….so be it……
It is left up to ye ones that are of here and came here to deal explicitly with this to have and to hold and do and be so as per your own individual contracts in your own particular cases and matters
All I can tell you at this point is that the outcome is already a done deal and that this planet and its peoples will be free even unto ascension in the matter at hand
And that is due to the efforts of the ever awakening many that it is so…..
As for those that are still asleep….the alarm clock rings even now and the ever increasing volume is to your advantage and any that choose the snooze button, in this case…well…they may well sleep longer than they wanted and wake up to find themselves something quite different than they were…….but and still I guarantee all of you that such a thing cannot and shall not and will not be done without your full awareness an participation in the matter and you will definitely know
Beyond the shadow of any doubt
Who and what you really are and why you end up where you end up and as what and whom and so on and so forth…
It shall be so for each and every and all and every one of you
Bar none
So please to do your best to figure out who and what you really are and who and what you want to be and live up to that as best you
The ones granted to the darkness shall surely go there
And the ones granted to the light shall surely find more of it
In the end it is up to you and ye ones where each of you shall go as individuals
It matter not what was sent against you to torture and manipulate and control you
It matters what you thought about it
And felt about it
And decided to act upon to do something about it
Either give in
Or give up
Or struggle against
Or fight against…..
Either to surrender and be overcome by the dark
Or be and do the same by the light
This is what you’ve been given to pay attention to
And if you feel that the manipulative programming of your environment played a deciding part
Then please to speak your peace on the matter
And give all and every indication and evident proof of any and/or every matter
Where you feel that any and every means that was used against you was too much for you to handle
And thus you fell to this perdition of consciousness that you presently find yourself in
And hope to rise out of
Only because you recognize that there is something better to climb out of it for and to…..
And what exactly is it that you are climbing up and out towards and to?
You will have to answer that as well
In your own words and understanding
I, personally pray you have a firm grasp of the subject and matter at hand
Too many still don’t seem to get it
You stand in a place with another…
And then they are gone…or you are…..
All in the sudden blink of the proverbial, experiential eye
It is as simple as that
What comes comes
The wave of LOVE from SOURCE comes
And you will feel it
And your reaction to that is up to you
Not everyone will agree
I assure you
And even then
There are those that are undecided
The rebellious are easy to send to their just asked for and earned through their attention reward….
The ones of the light are the same, as well
But ye ones that are still sleeping
Just waking up too little
Too late
Finding yourselves in a room of questions that you know not how to answer
And fearing the outcome because you know not what you do
Or are doing
Neither know not who and what you are
Nor the worth of it
Or the worth of what it can be
Ye are the most lost
And so time will be taken with you
But still
It is up to you
The outcome
Learn fast
Be a quick study
[the Love and Light of THE ONE that is with and within and all around
all of us all the time and everywhere….just sayin’]
Through that to all that
That is your goal
Embrace it as far as possible
Hug it like a lovely stranger that you just met that you are in love with and want to make all love to and with
Even though you don’t know them at all
And come to know them in the wanting of it
And you’re doing whatever it takes to make that happen
Think about that analogy while you try to figure out what I’m talking about
Because you truly think that things are going to go in a completely different direction
That’s on you
Just like this is on me
We will see
We will see
So let’s see
Shall we?


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1 Response to 02182017

  1. Clayton says:

    Kibo… I’d like to offer a message of hope and love to you for all that you have experienced and lived, along with all the other truth tellers on this planet. I have lived a very unique life with some very unique experiences and due to this I may be able to help humanity greatly at some point down the road or very soon by simply doing what your doing, telling us the stories we came hear to experience and live and be as god/goddess through the human form, I have crawled out of some truly dark holes of my own making, I have begged to be uncreated and yet here I still am because of Christ Michaels unbelievable patience and mercy. I truly think that when the darkest of the dark get a real taste of me and what I have experienced they will fall to there knees and worship Christ Michael with all the love in their hearts. I know this is quite a bold statement… but you’d just havta live my life to truly get why I can make such a bold claim. I truly was a closest Christ as Commander Lady Athena on the BBS radio network would word it… but I am doing my best to come out of the closest and play the role asked of me by Source. I might be able to make even bolder statements yet as I truly step into my godhood as you are doing as Christ Michael Dabi. I could call myself Christ Clayton or Christ Cooy becoming what he is meant to become and fulfilling his promise to humanity and all those that have played roles in humanity’s past to help them get to this point and enter a golden age of remarkable beauty and love. I feel 100% confident that all will make it and even if they don’t make it this go… theres always the next… and the next, I will always offer my redemption and love to my fallen brothers for I have truly lived the story of redemption, I will try to share more with you as time passes, I’d like to share something with you all that I posted on my personal thread on the AH forum for anyone who hasn’t seen it and is a reader of Kibos. the story I am telling is truly coming together and making sense to me with Esu’s clarity he shared with me in a dream. So heres the link: http://www.abundanthope.net/talkitup/showthread.php?1959-Clayton-s-story&p=59424#post59424

    I’ll leave you with this message… I truly love you and Candace and it hurts me to see you fight, I hope you forgive one anther and find the compromise that love offers… for love truly is the answer to all questions and problems from my perspective… if humanity chooses God’s love we are invincible… but then again haven’t we always been that?


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