[And if you go to the AH youtube channel…please to check out the opening of the first gate and others of my doing…and also…please to review the videos of Hazel’s works…..She is a great and mighty Soul/Spirit that, if not for the ways of this world, would be much more prominent in this world than she has been allowed to be and her work would be that much more greatly appreciated
as well as my own work…..which I am reminded of in this….]

I reviewed this:

and that prompted me to go over this, as well:

I give all and any of you this because…while I am no longer a member of Abundanthope…
there are still many wonderful and beautiful people within the ranks of the membership that I left behind that are willing and ready and able to take on the mantle-ship and leadership in the time that is upon us…..
I say to them now and to all and everyone…it is time….to embrace the greater truth of GOD and to use that to replace our own, relative truths and to learn to act accordingly and to do the will of GOD as GOD has always seen fit to have us do and be, in GOD’S own Will.

I am not one to say that I have all of the answers
I have played my own little part in this production of all and everything and existence and being and life and all and everything……and for whatever value anyone has placed upon any and all of it….it is not my place to judge. I have had my supporters and opposition. I have had differences with those that I once trusted and once trusted me. I leave it to all and anyone to make up their own minds in these matters. It is not my concern after that. I am who and what I am as I have always been and am and always will be. As far as I am concerned, all of that has always and is and always will be in GOD, for GOD by GOD, through GOD and with GOD and because of GOD….and that is all I need to do what I do and be who and what I am.
agree with me or not….
I am who and what I am in and with GOD and all that good stuff…
and so and then and even still
I find that things that I have done before are more important now than when I first did them….
and so it is
and so it is
and whatever any one of you may think or feel about me
it matters not
all I ask is that you be true to yourself in GOD
and be true to GOD in yourself and yourself
and with that
you need nothing else……believe me or not
lol……that’s on you and ye ones….
right now
I am led to feel that this and these matter more than they did when first created
you can think and feel about it as you please……
what comes comes
I get it
there are those that will oppose me even in bringing this up
that’s on you
I already know
please to think twice and three times beforehand…..
no matter what
I love you
I love you all
in and with GOD
and that is all that matters
and if that is not good enough for you
that’s on you
I still love you
as GOD does
so do I strive to do
as GOD is
so do I strive to be
thanks for putting up with me for all of these years
all of you
it is greatly appreciated
and GOD Bless you all for it
from here on out
pay attention
to all and everything that you can
it will come with a sense of shock and awe
stay calm
stay within
record without
for in the ages to come
they will want to know
what was it like to be here
in this here and now
that we are experiencing
as we are changing all and everything
in the whole of creation
all from this one, little place
so small and insignificant
and yet
wholly extraordinary and amazing
and honored and glorified
in the whole of creation
and the confirmation of that fact
is within you
GOD with and within you
I am in you and with you
and you are just as amazing and extoadinary as the situation allows
so fear not
and know that I am with you
as GOD is with you
and truth will out
and the relatives shall be transformed into absolutes
and the ultimate and supreme and absolute truth
will be made known and confirmed and validated
with and to and in and for
all and every one and each of you
and so
remember the past
and the works that you have done
whatever they have been
your payment is coming
you will be rewarded for what you have paid attention to
and you will pay for the same
that is a promise by GOD
of at least that much…I can promise and assure you
we will all receive the outcome that we paid for with our attention
and so be it
and so it is
there is still time to correct
study up asap
that is all
please to know
that it might not be a matter of days
but of hours….
but know that my own …..
I am not
I have never been infallible
so please to rely on GOD with and within yourselves
and no one else
if you have gotten that far as to be able to rely on that
I do my best
and this is where I am
be where you are
do what you do
be what you are
be GOD being you
do what GOD does in and through you
that is all that matters
no matter what
no one else can give you that
no one else can tell you how to get there
that is all between you and the one
do your best
fighting to be who and what you are in GOD
in this place
that makes it such a war
so that you have to declare
that you are fighting
fighting to be who and what you are in GOD
as GOD sees fit for you to do and to be
that should not be a war
that should not be a battle
that should not be a struggle
that should not be a worry
that should not be a concern
that should be the norm!!!!!!!!!!!!1
help us all to make it so
by breaking through all of that
and agreeing that what was should no longer be
and that the Will of THE ONE
should and will rule over and in and through all and any and each and every one of us
from now on
that we shall learn and do and be the Will of GOD
that we shall fully live the life of God
with and within ourselves
as GOD and WE
as one
shall live as one
always and forever
eternal and infinite life
ascending and ascending
evolving and evolving
in all ways and circumstances and matters
physical and mental and emotional and spiritual
in all aspects of being and existence
that is my thought/feeling on the matter at hand
right here and right now
agree or not
I am who and what I am
let us all find those instances and terms that we can agree with and upon
and work together on that
and keep working between and on those things and aspects that we can workd together upon in agreement
as far as possible
until we can be truly one again
as were always meant to be

that being said……
you have read
once again too many words….smile
I will talk to much again soon
for now
let this be what it is
and do your best for you
for GOD
for us all
we are one in GOD
we are family
let us all support and love each other
in light of GOD
do your best to do and be who and what you are
no matter what
even if you oppose GOD
that is you
in GOD
apologies…sorry…..I don’t know what else to say
but don’t be uncreated by your own choice
the day will come when you will be perfect in GOD
as it was promised to all of us to do and be so
you played your part
live with it
and realize that you will be fine and continue
If only you can give yourself to the process and program and script
and give your self to GOD in love and devotion and surrender
you did your part
you did as well as you could
for the light or for the dark
you played your part
now is the time for the new thing
the next phase the new production and drama of life and being and existence and all and everything in GOD
and all that GOD is…….
breathe deep
that’s enough for me
I hope and pray that it is enough for you….


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2 Responses to REVIEW FOR THE EXAM….muhahahaha

  1. Shellee-Kim says:

    No longer do I war, battle, struggle, am worried or concerned. That is a travesty against God and ridiculous to even contemplate anymore.
    Here’s a bit of my more fruitful recent rants and contemplations:

    If God says:
    I AM His acceptance and allowance of all that He is, then I AM
    If God says:
    I AM His confidence, then I AM
    If God says:
    I AM deserving and worthy, then I AM
    If God says:
    I AM His Wholeness, then I AM
    If God says:
    I AM His living, breathing, walking, talking Love, then I AM
    If God says:
    I AM Unity – as One with Him and all my brothers and sister, then I AM

    This is for us all…know it so to be!
    We are like His sunflowers: moving our heads to catch his Light, our nourishment. Yet He is also the seed that birthed us and chose when we were to blossom into the fullness of our glory.
    Then it was He who chose when the blossoms were to fall and how the sustenance in those sunflower seeds-and in the sunflower’s final cycle- would be produced as an offering for the hunger of the many.
    May we live then as the Sunflowers we are.

    Let us grab the gift of Him within us now and never let go. It is the one and only thing that is our true shelter in the storm, our lifejacket in a stormy sea and our oasis in the desert.
    It IS our saving grace, bestowed upon us by Him.
    It is also our thirst quenched. A glorious sip of God’s liquid Light within us is worth more than a thousand feasts.
    Let us quench of our thirst and of our hunger for God now, dear friends, that we can know and live our salvation.
    For He within us has ever been our one and only salvation. The salvation of our souls.


  2. Shellee-Kim says:

    [Guess what? I just had the ‘automatic cursor’ go active here on your blog and delete lines and lines of what I’d typed – haven’t had that one for a long time]
    Thanks sooo much for this piece Kibo. It and many of your others of the past few days are in major synch with my own notes and inner and outer rants 😉
    And today I was thinking: how grateful I was to the many wondrous souls on AH for being the presences that each are on planet. For being so committed to Aton and God’s plan for Earth and for anchoring so much Light here. It was a privilege to interact with you all in my time on AH.

    4 February 2017


    by SOURCE

    Ye ones who believe that STILL it is ye that are in charge of my Creation and have full reign over this, my son Christ Michael Aton’s beleaguered planent, Urantia, continue to be sorely MISTAKEN.

    Ye have no clue of my wrath; no clue of even a smidgeon of my capabilities for you have seen nothing yet. But you are to witness much in the short time remaining to thee, where MY WILL shall be done in each and every area of Life that you have so painstakingly attempted to take control of.

    Your millennia old plans, engineered devices and structures shall fall (those that haven’t yet) in a nanosecond. Yes, pulled out from under thy grasp and held up to the world that all my children might know and see all of ye for who and what ye are.

    No amount of attempts to cover your tracks will work this time. All will fail hopelessly for ye and all ye may look forward to is My mercy …for the world will show you none.
    Nay, not even those you believed were your most ardent and loyal supporters and minions. There will be no more army of wayward agents scanning the skies and the consciousness of humankind. And no more will ye have the luxury of hiding in the places and spaces you thought were your safe escapes.

    FOR FROM ME YOU CANNOT HIDE! Did you really ever believe you could?

    Enough will be said about you and to you when the time comes. Consider each day that passes between now and then as taking ye ever more swiftly to Me, where you shall deliver and exchange your will for Mine.

    You are not the first, nor will you be the last to experience the great chasm of our separation by your willfulness and wayward choices. That said, no longer will the world be delayed for your learnings on the matter. Now you will wake up – and rather rudely – to being taught that which you have long needed.

    This is all


    And I hereby place my seal upon these words.


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