TARGETED: 00000 000 0 00

The MASTER had come to check on one of His houses on one of HIS grounds, a school for arts and crafts. He opened the front gate and stepped within the boundary and found a very small retinue awaiting His arrival.
“Is this all there is?” He inquired.
“We were sent to welcome you, trusting with good faith the word of your imminent arrival. We believed the word that was delivered by your messengers and so we waited here these many days that we may send ahead to those within word of your presence.” They replied as they bowed before Him.
“Is not one of my sons a student here? Where is he?”
“He is on the porch. He has knocked at the door, but they will not let him enter.”
The son was indeed on the porch. He had grown tired of knocking in vain and proclaimed loudly that The MASTER was arriving and that it was time to clean house. He told them to open all of the doors and windows. He told them to sweep out the dust and dirt and the cobwebs and patch up and seal any and all cracks in the foundation.
He told them to change all of the old light bulbs to new ones and to leave all of them on. He told them to clear out the basement of all dark bugs and parasites and pests and rodents and snakes and vermin and to scrub the whole house clean from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, corner to corner. He told them to wash the windows and wash them again in order to bring in more light. He told them to empty the closets and throw out the old to make way for the new. He told them to discard of their artifacts and resign them to the rubbish bin in order to make space and place for new and better ones.

He told them to paint and repair the house and the fixtures and the wiring and the roof and to add skylights to the roof, as well, to bring in even more light. He told them to police the grounds for cleanliness, to cut the grass and trim the hedges and weed and water the grounds and gardens and refresh the foliage.

He told them to shower and shave, bathe and groom themselves. He told them to clean and press and prepare to dress in their robes of light and the accoutrements of their ranks and orders, so that they may stand ready in front of their MASTER’S house to properly greet HIM when he arrived at their door.
By his count, he had told them thirty-three times. He was a third of the way through telling them once again when he heard the sound of the trumpets that heralded his Father’s present arrival. So he took a seat on the porch, poured a drink and waited………

end of part 1………….


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