Funeral Day Post

Sigh………ok…I’m good………….
Let’s get back to it…..shall we?
The funeral was today. I stayed for the whole nine yards…..
Without going into details…….
He was also my brother-in-law from my first marriage……
In spite of the outcome of my first marriage…they have always treated me kindly
And they did so today and I am grateful for their continued love…….
Heck….one of my nephews even reads my blog…..
and called me KiboDabi, no less….
I cry tears of joy over that alone……
They are a great family and I do love them……..SMILE

I talked to my mentor, brother, friend….since his passing…..
And was told to just relax and keep my mouth shut unless called upon to say something
And let it be what it is
And I did
You know
I go off on tangents and stuff
And just plunge in deep at first splash……
So I was just there for love and support
And it’s okay……
We miss him
We all miss him
He was my lighthouse in a stormy sea
And now I must swim on my own
But he taught me the strokes
And where the shore is
So I will be okay………
I have reached
At least
A point where we can still talk…thank GOD
And so we have
And we are
And it’s good…..
I’m okay
And I am grateful to GOD for all of this
To be with these loved ones
That I have not seen in so many years
And to still be able to share love with them
And to be able to support them
And to have my own sorrow
Accepted alongside their own
That means more than the world to me
So I’m good
You can’t have too much love, after all…can you?
You can’t… there it is…..
He is an Archangel that shared a life with us
And now he has returned to give report.
A table has been prepared for him
And he has brought to that table
More than the table can hold…..
He left a blazing torch behind…
The example that he set for all that he knew and loved
And all that knew him and loved him
Even i
I shall take of that flame
And add it to my own
And so shall others
As GOD has given it to them to do and to be so
So that the world will be further brightened by our own, increased flames of light and life and love….
As he showed us in and with his own life
So shall I do and be
And my light shall increase
And as he has been there for us
So shall we be there for each other
As he did all he could to help all he could
So should we
So should we……..
I am grateful to GOD and CHRIST
For the love I share with these people
My family
My friends
My loved and beloved ones
To see them still smile at seeing my face
After all these years
Makes me want to shed tears of joy
I am truly blessed to be here with these people
And share the connection that I share with them
All and any blessings that I can bestow upon them….i have and i am giving……
Thank you all for your love…I love you too……
He is not gone
He is only out of sight
The voice is still here
The embrace is still here
Such power…now unhindered
Now unleashed
Unshackled from the limitations of the flesh…….
I shudder with glee at the thought of it…………
GODS Plan continues in our experience of it
That this one is now working hard on the other side of this thing
Can only mean that there is a lot of stuff that is happening and going to happen
Whatever plans you have
Give way to GODS Plan
That is all for this post
I have fallen behind in my work
So I shall work harder from now on…
More is coming
Now and later and always……even unto the end of this thing
And even beyond
But that is another phase that I am preparing for……
I will be ready for when it happens
Make sure you are, as well……


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