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  1. Melody says:

    I found a month old posting today from the new Eve blog site from Christ Michael Aton and Esu. They are wanting the PJ and Urantia material spread, warning about the RFID chip, etc.

    22nd March 2016

    Recognize the wolf in sheep’s coat!

    CM through Eve, 22nd March 2016

    CM, would you mind?
    Salu Eve, would YOU mind?
    Now, CM, who asks whom? I just had the feeling you might have something to say…

    But you also wished for it, right?


    Your wish is my command, so to say.

    Well, I’m not that kind of early bird scriber as Dharma was in the last chapter I started … 6.45 a.m., my, my.

    Dharmas duties beyond being a scribe were different from yours. I’d never order you not to take you time for a coffee or so…

    CM, you’re the perfect Gentleman.

    Always depends on my partner of conversation, right.

    Now, what are you going to make out of this conversation?

    Ahhh, first I choose to refer to what I’m NOT goint to make out of it – and this is: NOT ANOTHER EASTER MESSAGE ON CRUCIFIXION. I really think we have produced enough of that sort during the years of our common work.

    I’m aware what you guys want to hear – a detailed plan with dates and backstage information, but also in this respect good old Big Cheese has to disappoint you. It has not prooved to be too helpful doing that… the dark element is utmost creative, especially when standing back against the wall with no escape at hand. I would say in addition you have been presented enough tools to make an adequate analysis of what’s going on. Your backstage networks are still online, so you got pretty good chances for staying up to date. You know about our possibilities and from time to time we leave you little signs of our presence – as bringers of hope and way showers to a new dawn. Ye ones who are in trust and truth are forming the ground crew, so be it.
    Not getting it is epidemic

    After all these years it’s still amazing to me how a certain brand of „not getting it“ is epidemic on your plane. What else could we have given to you as a cure? You expect us to make a good show, to read the news to you and then you go back to your shopping channels and sports. What are YOU doing to support me, to ACTIVELY support me? Are you getting creative, are you getting hands on activism for truth, are you telling your buddies about the UB and the PJ’s? You should know the answer well, well.
    The cat’s in the bag

    And again I have stepped into an uncomfortable area, straight into your comfort zone, your border collie is barking loudly, the bag is being closed right now, and you are still holding your longterm naps upon the fence? As I recently said to Eve, I say to you now: The cat’s in the bag. Or: How many grandmothers and lil red ridinghoods does this world offer to the wolf? Are you relying on me to out in the role of the hunter coming to open the wolf’s belly in order to free what’s inside? Yes, I’m well capable to do that, but what strongly needed therapy would I have to offer to the victims of drugs of all sorts, having lost important parts of their brain somewhere along the road, before they ended up to be the food for the wolf? (or as well the „fool“ for the wolf)
    Just consumers?

    I’m prepared to leave it up to you to find the answer. Perhaps you are going to ponder a bit, while doing this homework amidst your preps for Easter Holiday. Amidst those of you who are going to consume this script – listen – I say „consume“, not „read“ – are numerous ones who are not yet in a „hands on“ mentality. They will – as I foresee – smoothly switch over to the next new age stuff of „Glory and Hallelujah“ – to be lost for another while with no concept, no plan.
    The Phoenix Journals

    Folks it has been MORE THAN 20 YEARS since we started to transmit the Phoenix Journals. They have been fighted like hell by the dark element among you, then you decided it would be too dangerous for you to deal with the stuff, you rested again and the precious material was meant to be forgotten in the „cellars“ of the net. It’s still there, it’s NOT rotton, but it’s still a challenge to read. Some of the couraged ones having carried this torch have passed meanwhile, and not all of them have found another one who would have been prepared to carry on the flame.

    YES, I DO UNDERSTAND that all of this stuff about what’s going on in your world, all this satanism and murder and betrayal seems to be too hard to stand for you. So be it. In consequence you are heading to be slaughtered – happily? – with covered eyes. Just go on trying to „meditate the Antichrist away“, you are giving him a good entertainment. All this new age stuff is nothing else than a product from his plant.

    Back to the PJ’s – I recently turned to Eve, making another try for having the PJ’s translated into German. And I’m most happy that I seem to have been able to „ignite the spark into a flame“. Well, Eve&Co tried to activate some people of whom is known that they have the capability to do that properly, translating the material. Now, guess how it went. One person chose to feel better going on working in daily stuff of a „brand“, while the other one insisted on having the solitary right to translate ALL PJ’s personally???? GET IT?

    Excuse me, please. Our team with several people needed more than a decade to transmit all journals – and you are going to insist on a one person translator marathon – that’s pretty impressing, I must say. I suppose, you are planning to have an extremely long life to do them all on your own – totally in disregard of the fact that „commander Hatonn, space cadett and Big Cheese of Nebadon would be in need of them a little bit earlier – now, far away from „your wish is my command“ – as Esu recently commented: This claim about solitary rights to translate non-copyright material – smells just like staking the claim of a digger for gold. Finally, if the calculous turns out to be wrong – you can at least say: Well, I have not found any gold, but succeeded in staking a claim. Besides, perhaps you did not „get“ that it was not Eve’s project but mine!

    Now, take a breath, there are paths to be opened and there are further tasks to be faced.
    Planetary overpressure

    Meanwhile your engines are far in the range of overpressure. It seems, not too long any more until the engine will be torn in bits and pieces. You will have to see it, to watch with open eyes to keep it in mind for all ages. Don’t say you have not seen it coming. Where is your discernment?

    The according tool of handling discernment would be: If you see something/somebody looking like a sheep, just keep watching for the loose end of a ziper hanging out among the sheep coat.

    I’m trying to be nice, beloveds, for Easter Holiday is approaching. But heed my words, for I’m not speaking to you in these kind of metaphores just to entertain you. There might come a day where many of you will wish they had given a dime on these images of zippers in a sheep coat.
    Know thy enemy

    I appreciate Eve’s summary on the danger coming out from the hidden „Ur-Lodges“ (Freemasons etc.) Haven’t you ever asked yourselves how these entities always managed acting out in global orchestration to cause havoc and chaos at all ends?

    To overcome your counterplayer you must take an effort to understand his organization. The whistleblowers of the present times are currently earning a lot of boni. Fortunately more and more game players realize they are burning their feet, for they have placed themselves upon a ground which is now enflamed. This encourages sudden turns towards the light of truth. This will generate further model roles to those still resistant. Many among the ones changing directions might face the loss of their life, being „suicided“ or planely murdered by the hardcores. But their turn to the light will be precious to them as they reach the higher realms.

    There is no such thing to fear like on the physical death. The vast thing close to it – in this sense – is turning away from God straight in the arms of Antichrist.
    Beyond your horizon

    I’m a bit in sadness about that so many of you have not understood what BEYOND was about. But it was literally too far beyond your horizon, what Eve and her 007 team revealed. – One day you are going to understand. Coming down to this planet to live a life dedicated to the light you must be clever and smart enough to develop detective skills. You must never cease to ask questions, or you will end up tranquilized in a herd of sheeple, with a chip.

    For this is the next task they try to implement – once there was a time where chips were in the bag and the cat around looking for mice. Now, the cat’s in the bag and the cat chipped – while mice are dancing on the surface of a globe which they have been systematically hollowing out from everything of divine value. Ahh, just another metaphore.
    The road towards change

    Now I have given you a hard time with preachuring and spelling the beans to you, sometimes I just have to be straight, simply. I’m really curious about what you are going to do about the RFID chips. Are you going to allow the change from a human being into a cyborg without any resistance?

    Heed my words: GOD is going to support those making the first step into freedom. I know about the difficulty of your situation. And I sincerely ask you to turn away from dealing with all these end times prophecies rather than concentrating upon what can be done to turn the tide. The human mind in divine connection is an incredible well of creativity. If all of you returned to the roots as ONE, who could hold you up? There are not enough prisons to jail in 7 Billions.
    Back to the roots

    How about you the farmers? Planting stuff to burn as fuel, or corn for alternative heating? Will you go on spoiling the ground with „Round-up“ (Glyphosat) which is later contained in wheat and cotton – or for the sake of not producing food at all but plants to burn? What are you going to eat if the EU or your State break down? You have contributed to the contamination of GODs soil, to the toxic food you are feeding to your kids. Just for the few rotton paychecks you get from the overlords, you have foresaken your future.
    Thank you, lodges

    And in Europe, currently, people are becoming misused as weapons against their human bro’s. Send a letter of thanks to the lodges, it’s their plan of destruction. Is there anything of enough value to you, to make you stand up against the orchestrated demise the dark elements have decided to be yours?

    Ahhh, I could go on pages and pages… emotion powers action – and …. are you ready to go?
    A grim sense of humor

    It’s hard not to loose humor in these situations of seriousness. But humor is still alive. Eve, allow me to tell one episode from your daily life (ok, go ahead). You know, outside at the wall of Eve’s barn, they keep an eye-protecting mask of black metal, a face shield, such kind of that you would watch a solar eclipse through it. One fine day Eve took a silver pen and wrote upon the metal as follows: „TAKEN FROM DARTH VADER“.

    We were really highly amused about this idea, literally suggesting/telling to have torn the mask off from the face of the dark element. So be it.
    Be brave

    Now, what else would I offer you? Hope, lot’s of hope, beloveds. After all this speaking straight to you I want to point out that this straightness is nothing else than what I call „tough love“. I’m very concerned about you and your world. In fact, it’s OUR WORLD, commonly, yours and mine and the one of Papa Source. Be brave in these end times, for the riders of armageddon have been released from their hidden places …. and let’s see if all of the sudden their horses might be lame and their daily weapons not working. God help these ones who are so mentally disabeled by the promises of the Antichrist, while you in divine cooperation shall be blessed beyond your imagination. So, time will turn out what we are going to do for each other.

    Salu and signed by Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, aka your Big Cheese.

    (Eve: now, here comes the biggest PS one has ever seen on a Big Cheese, it’s so big that I think it deserves an own title)
    About shapes and the age of pics

    PS: Something funny to finish: last night I caught Eve looking through her binder on the PC where she keeps a collection of „Jesus“ pictures. She is not content with the picture of Esu given in the PJ’s. In this respect she already turned to him, telling him that he was looking like a „milksop“.
    Picture of ESU/Jesus in Phoenix Journal

    Picture of ESU/Jesus in Phoenix Journal 02

    Well, there were others who doubted that this photo was real and no fake, and I confirm: It IS real. Esu tried to explain to Eve that photos carry a message as well as the „spirit of time“. Same, if you look úp the photos of the satanist Helena Blavatski with the 3 men in the background behind her wheelchair, who are claimed to be ascended masters – one could as well feel like „giggling“.

    I understand that Eve is looking for other photos/paintings, which come along with more closeness to her inner picture of „Jesus Immanuel“ or the „presence of CM.“ In my case there is an additional difficulty: It’s about the body I’m using for this mission – quite bright colour, 3m tall and no hair. Ooops. Eve is not a fan of „no hair“, so she prefers my etheric image/presence, to feel more comfortable. Of course she also thinks about how she might reduce the distance between the readers and US the celestial ones. Her task is to bring us straight to the doors and hearts of the people, (even before doomsday, grin).

    You earthly residents are sometimes sooo – amazingly glued to given images -…. lucky are the ones advanced enough to „see me“ within their own heart.

    Back to topic – Eve has taken a few nice images into consideration – I think, 2 are paintings and one is a screenshot from a movie, showing an actor (long hair of course, my, my, Eve..!) But Eve insisted that it’s not about the long hair, but about CHARISMA, and the SMILE…. ahh, here we go! Who could ever stand against such a reason!
    ESU aka Gerard Butler

    (Screenshot Gerard Butler Youtube Video “The nearness of you”)

    Besides, Eve has also available a picture of the imprint from the „sheet of Turin“ which she did not choose. She thinks, the head was too slim and she associated it with the hindered development of the skull in it’s growth, when – in your society – babies are being forced to take „Fluor“. And she was jokingly asking if I had been taken that stuff back then (smile). No, Eve, sorry having to disappoint you… I have NOT.
    CM, this is already too long for a P.S.

    Then name it Part II. (laughs).

    I honour your efforts in expressing my presence… which takes me to another series of pictures, showing „Jesus laughing“. It’s a completely strange thing that there are those among you who seriously discuss about „if Jesus smiled when he was here“. (Not even to talk about laughing…). As if it somehow was not progressive to laugh. As if all good and divine guys would have to look like the statues of the Easter Islands (EVE, why do you laugh?!)

    Boy oh boy, you are a really brainwashed species – or then, these among you who cry out loud when I use some strong words… but ok, as you learned from the PJ’s, these ones are as well in our realms. Well, life is life and it takes what it takes to live it. Among all the sorrow and pain concerning the things going on with you, a joke – right time right place – can be a life boat to the soul.

    Now Eve thinks: This time CM must have „the flow“. – unstoppable. Well, the window of opportunity was just too fine. Besides, my break comes to an end and I have to return to my duties of fleet, with our multiple tasks of planetary affairs, but the dark elements are just realizing that their playground is about to close it’s doors to them.

    Thanks Eve, once more, for your patience,

    salutation to all of you beloved readers.

    Yours, CM

    Here is another one – the talk with Esu on the PJ 02
    PJ02 Talk

    7th March 2016

    Now, Esu, may I exchange some thoughts on the PJ02?

    Certainly, Eve.

    All in all, I’m not too enthusiastic about it. And I remember again why I was so resistant when Henning asked me to translate it. It’s not just the speech, it’s the content. I mean, there’s some real bullshit passages inside, at least difficult to understand for newcomers. I don’t see much difference to the Bible Style. And again…. it starts with your picture.

    (Esu smiles.) You’re still not over it?

    No. I still think you are looking like a New Age milksop. Mind would imagine the rest of you pyknic, about 1,65 m tall and shoe size 36.

    That’s funny. And I like your straightness. Now, old photos are never like new photos, right. If you look at your black and white photos of your grand grand parents, you’ll find them different that the photos you make use of today. There’s a message transported, spirit of time, so to say, and there’s a shape of belief with the people watching the photos. When my photo was taken, more than half a century ago, the things were less open than they are today. And the belief system of the photographer expected me to look in a certain way, otherwise he would not have believed in my identity.

    Esu, we could take a new photo. Just come down and I’ll take one.

    I knew you’d suggest that. I’d look pretty „normal“ then and nobody would believe you it was really me.

    Perhaps we could take one with both of us, where everybody can see how tall you really are?

    Not too recommendable for your personal security. Still NOT.

    Then, make a selfie aboard and mail it to me.

    EVE! Should I say: CM, just wait, I’m gonna be a bit late today, just have to take a selfie for Eve?

    You think he will not understand? You could take a photo of both of you – even better!

    I see we don’t come to an agreement right now. What else does bother you on the PJ02?

    At first, that heritage thing going back to Adam, stating different things than the UB does. The UB seems to me much more trustworthy.

    At first, Eve, you must be aware that giving the Pjs we had to match certain rules given by the overlords, cooperating with the Melchisedeks. We were NOT to mention the UB, as well as too detailed explanations would have been under censorship, too. The heritage of Joseph originated in one of Adams efforts to maximize his life plasma on earth, after the fall of the first garden of Eden. It was not the line coming out of Laotta, but it’s mentionned that there were plenty of other earthly women selected by Eve for becoming vessels for the life plasma of Adam.

    Then, Esu, the time statements do not match the UB.

    The statements about time lines have become „changed“ by our rulers. They have inserted several ridiculous „New Age“ passages, e.g. the one of the three gates and the „residence of God“. They claimed „God“ would be minor to his creation but what they mean is: CM Aton as an offspring of the Eternal Father and Creator of all that is, – our „GOD“ of this local universe, has a lower position.

    And you and Judas Iskarioth did not have means to clarify?

    We were under observation.. you know.

    I see. And how about the drastic punishments for separations / divorce of marriages due to cheating, and the statements that the physical act of love was just for reproduction? I mean, I seem to know pretty well that there is something else about the act.

    The general readers would not have any means of comprehending these mysteries. These were originally tought to the initiants of the mystery schools and not to the ordinary people. Giving these explanations to people not prepared for it will lead exactly to what happens now in your world. Downgrading the mystery into a physical act, teaching „techniques“ like tantra, kamasutra, etc.

    I get it. Then, some other things also remained still veiled. E.g. the identity of the „woman with the precious water“ and her connection to you.

    It was fixed, from the very beginning of the PJ teachings – that certain subjects had to stay out. Same as in the UB.

    I see.

    Eve, let’s make a break here, you need to relax.

    This is to be continued! You bet!


  2. Melody says:

    Dabi, Question??? You say, “WE WILL SEE HOW THEY FARE IN THEIR NEW ENVIRONMENT………A PLAYGROUND OF SORTS, CREATED JUST FOR THEM…… ” Does this have to do with them being put onto a VOID planet of no life except to fight it out for themselves or have they been put onto another 3d type world. Since CM involved, sounds like it would be within Nebadon.


  3. Marja says:



    “This law was given forth by God so that the free-will and soul-evolution of each fragment would not be infringed upon without permission from GOD WITHIN, especially by the adversaries of God with more awareness of their power. This is each fragment’s GOD-GIVEN protection so that there is justness in their individual process of God potential unfoldment toward THE ONE.
    Also, it prevents even your benevolent brothers from interfering or assisting, without PERMISSION, from THE HOLY FATHER.”
    “Remember though, that the “Lighted” Hosts of God may assist you and give instructions and TRUTH through the maze of lies and deception, BUT they cannot DO IT FOR YOU!! You each must reclaim your own power of the DIVINE ONE within you. NONE can do it for another.
    So it is wise to pay close attention to your instructions for conscious immortality! You will either serve GOD or you will serve your “altered” ego-self. It is up to YOU.”


    • Melody says:

      Unfortunately most on Earth don’t follow this rule, liars and thieves everywhere, even including the good guys, ex, real names and real addresses hidden. Continuous lies equals a person that can’t be trusted, ex most politicians.

      This is a second and brand new Hidden Hand disclosure, which contradicts this PJ law, in their belief, thinking doing the opposite is serving God, but their God is Lucifer. This relates to and from whom is (was) secretly running this world and off world. They actually believe they are serving mankind, that they are the good guys serving a higher goodness. Yet another saying this is part of the Polarity Integration Game that was created by high galactic committee, from the beginning of our time on earth. Why can’t they see that Lucifer is under CM/Aton who is under Source and they are following a lower level being that was kicked out from the higher dimensional realm, yet they think we are the dumb ones. Their tool has been hiding, which includes high technology they have used against us. Ascension will give them the answer.

      Their belief is a total contradiction to this PJ law.
      Hidden Hand Dialogue reveals Extraterrestrial factor in Illuminati control of Earth
      Written by Dr Michael Salla on April 3, 2016. Posted in exopolitics research

      “While this admission would lead to fundamentalist Christians describing the Family as devil worshippers, and extraterrestrials as demons, the Hidden Hand is suggesting that Lucifer is performing a form of spiritual service. Importantly, as I discuss later, the Family and its Luciferian power structure, is also a problem for extraterrestrial civilizations. This is how the Hidden Hand justifies why The Family engages in behaviors that many describe as evil:

      ‘[W]e need a very high percentage of Negative Polarity, if we are to achieve a Negative Harvest. In other words, we have to be Self-Service-Centred to an extreme degree, in order to become Negatively Harvested. This is why we work so hard to be as Negatively Polarized as we possibly can be.’

      Put simply, this means that the more highly negative or “evil” the Family is in maintaining its control over the rest of humanity, the more likely that the Family can achieve its ultimate goal. While this appears paradoxical, the Hidden Hand elaborates a complex philosophy as to why this is so.

      ‘Understand, that we HAVE to be Negative. That’s what we were sent here to be. It is our contract, and it has always been to help you, by providing the “Catalyst” I spoke of earlier’ “


      • kibodabi says:

        [I will probably make a post out this later this week…grin…i’ll let you guys read it first…..]

        You have to understand……this is a realm of duality. On higher levels, purely spiritual levels, these things are not judged…They are necessary to the mechanism of evolving, material/physical life in the created realms of time/space. Light vs. Dark….Love vs. Fear…and so on and so forth…There are angelic realms and demonic realms and hierarchies for both…and they all….ALL OF THEM, bow down in obedience to THE ONE CREATOR OF CREATORS AND SOURCE OF SOURCES……
        That these people are contracted to be as negative as possible in order to provide the opposition to positive acts/thoughts/feelings/consciousness….is a necessity, especially here….where things are ramped up to the point of……I have no words for it. Truly there is no place like this…..the evolution rate spiritually is faster than anywhere else…..and this duality is why…..
        What they don’t talk about, however is the effect of their cause…….all things are subject to karma, no exemptions. There must be balance and karma is automatic….there is no escape from it. As far as I can tell, very few of them know what comes for them after all of this. It is a fact that they cannot win. This game is rigged to support and favor the house and CM ATON owns the house and PAPA/PARADISE TRINITY owns the realm the house exists in…..The Light is waaaay stronger than the Dark, but the Dark is relentless.
        As I stated before, this is a proving ground and we are proof that demonstrates The Father’s Will through His Christ Michael Aton et al…….all involved….from here to Paradise…..yes, it’s that big a deal….
        It has been said that many people prefer the devil because the devil pays up front……God pays after the work is done…….people tend to want what they want when they want it…..it’s all part of the test……
        But the devil works you like a slave and if you don’t produce…well….there are ways to get whatever is owed…..no matter what…..
        God works with you…by your side….teaching and showing you along the way how to do it all for yourself.
        It’s a huge difference in approach…..
        Don’t get me wrong, I know Lucifer is uncreated…that’s not the point……anymore…..
        There is still the duality of force and power that is in play in this game.
        There is Christ and there is anti-Christ……and everything that goes with that……
        These people believe in what they are doing and have an overarching unified front…..
        The forces of light, in humanity, is greatly fractured…separate foxholes all under attack without any real communication with each other and a great lack of trust in each other and fighting their own battles because everyone wants to think that they are the only ones that are right about what’s going on and no one can see the whole field….just their own battles….
        If humanity doesn’t start to rise up and stand up and speak up and act up……
        If humanity doesn’t find some way to stand their ground, refusing to lose anymore and start gaining the ground that is meant for them……..
        You can’t just wait for God and GOD to do it for you…..
        We are GOD on earth…..you…YOU…ALL OF YOU…ARE GOD ON EARTH…
        Something is coming that will take care of all that……or so I am told…..
        When it happens, all will know…..it will not be too late…..that is a promise
        But you will feel like it is already done and that the adversary is overwhelming you
        Mind you….this would be impossible if humanity could provide a united front of their own…….just to stand for GOD, LOVE AND LIGHT….would be enough if you forget all the petty opinions that keep us apart….just accept that much for what it is and the rest will follow…..
        Ah well……
        There most of us are….being overwhelmed by the dark……screaming for air support or yelling ‘broken arrow’ into shorted out communication devices…..perhaps a few are still working…..sigh…
        Such a thing would not and could not be possible for the adversary unless the adversary had succeeded in separating us from each other to the point where we were subject to such lies and manipulations as scattered individuals that we became easy pickings for wolves in sheep’s clothing…..
        What if sheep could fight back? What if they escaped? What if they found their shepherd? What if a pack of sheepdogs threw down on the wolves and kicked their asses? What if all of that happened at once?
        Anyway………what if GOD sent a wave and a pulse that would clear everybody’s mind/heart/soul/spirit, so that the truth became so overly and blatantly obvious that there was no doubt about what and who the problem was/is and the best possible way to fix it and the means to make all of that happen?
        Sound like a plan?
        Yeah….i like it too……..it will come like the calvary…….no spaceships or space family…they already know and have already been through it…now it’s our turn……this is on us……
        They will swoop in afterwards….muahahahaha…..smile….

        If you can, get a leg up and over whatever is blocking you as soon as possible……consider this to be something that moves you several steps ahead on the board than where you were before it happened…the further up you are, the further you will get…….
        So yeah….i’m working my ass off here to do my job…..each of you has your own job to do….get to it to do it…whatever it is….find out asap if you don’t know already…..if you think you know and you’re wrong…well…..you still get pushed up but not from where you thought you were…but that’s okay…you were doing your best….right? Effort counts big time in this thing, remember that….
        The dark ones have their own reward[s] coming for their part…..it’s okay…contracted, remember? Perhaps their next round will involve something way nice and filled with light that will help so many others it can’t but help to balance the scales…….that’s if they take the job, of course…..some may be unemployed for a while until they figure it out……some will still have to be isolated and run through some paces to get them to see the light…but hey…they asked for that as well…….

        People operate on what they think/feel about what they are experiencing and everyone is experiencing something different to them even if everyone is witness to the same exact thing….angles of perception….go figure…..…this establishes the causes that they create through their own consciousness…and remember…our consciousness is part and parcel of GOD’S Consciousness……so yes…it is all under control……but we have to learn what it is and what it means to be GOD….and this is how we get there…this how we asked to do it when we signed up for this battleplanetprisoninsineasylumholographicmoviesetstorygame………this is GOD creating perfection in and of and as ITSELF….in experience and demonstration of experience…we get to ride along…remember the reward for enduring to perfection………you are perfect as the Father in The Heavens is perfect…….
        Quite a paycheck if you ask me…….
        So get paid by the dark now and deal with that work later….and good luck with that…
        Or do the work now, for and with and in GOD and get your payment when you’ve done enough to have earned it……
        [and yes….there is a company expense account…thank GOD!]
        {is that deducted from my pay? hmmm…I need to work overtime…lol}
        I just want to do the work as best I can and get there……
        I do the work
        The work is within
        I share all of this in some insane attempt to be helpful…to have some public record so that others can do whatever they can with any of it in order to find something, anything that might be helpful to them……
        I am grateful if I have helped anyone…..so thank you.
        It is not my job or place to try to convince anyone that I am right or wrong or anything other than who and what I am, whatever that may be at any given time or place in space……I am a traveler on a journey of discovery……the real and only frontier there is……GOD…..
        Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter……I love you all…GOD BLESS YOU ALL…ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE……IN ALL THINGS….AMEN.

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        • Melody says:

          I have read this probably 4 times and feel it is well written. I much prefer this type of writing style. I am really behind in everything right now, life. In all honesty I wish some of your other postings were shorter.

          I’m aware of duality, clones/robotoids here as part to learn our lessons, karma, that we are here to learn pre-arranged soul lessons. But I don’t know the extinct this goes. I’m also wondering if many of us are catalysts at times. With the Earth changes coming it may be a good idea to print out the PJ material.

          Also understand that when you are living a situation constantly, nothing has worked to stop the problem but not all avenues exhausted, and the situation is destroying other avenues you want for your life, that you are receiving enormous loss, that keeping a positive that it will stop, visualizing a better result, but not seeing it, this is what many are going through now.

          Every day you are given the opportunity to heal yourself, to let go of the past and the things that have kept you chained down. It has always been my wish that you fly free. Why not start today? ~ Creator

          When you are walking through dark times with your arms outstretched and feeling your way to the next moment, it is important to remember that you have the ability to change the environment at any time. I am always beside you every step of the way and I create with you. It is solely up to you to choose darkness or light….all I am waiting for is a word from you. ~ Creator

          I choose the light. Why would I become what I despise.

          You have been concerned about the roof (get some tar for a temp fix is what I was told), the finances (many have helped you in numerous ways), the job (which you are fortunate to have), the property taxes (outlets have been given). These are some of your living experiences right now. You have been given some ups and downs, all becoming a learning experience, especially on empathy and what is true and dealing with people. This blog has become another family for you. From since I’ve known you, ups and downs, you still have had the goal of loving and belng loyal to God(s) and trying to help people. You have gotten angry and upset and foul mouth and fought back at times a different way than I would, but still the underlying person has always been wanting to be a good person inside that can help others. Communication skills seems to go up and down, many times I wish more explanatory or direct, as you have here, my opinion. With these issues, imagine that many are going through much worse, many have little or no outlets the way the world is right now. What may seem minimal to one person is major to another. But in all honesty, I’ll probably get shot on this one, seems too many things to happen are getting worse or taking to long. I want to see the arrival and disclosure of the messiah happen but the false God is next.

          For the last month I keep having past visions of my life of things I have done wrong or affected another and what has been done to me. It’s as though I’m having a life disclosure experience that you would expect to have with Source between bodies. Is there energies coming in right now that is causing this or is it just me?

          You are implying a major event to be happening soon.
          “Something is coming that will take care of all that……or so I am told…..
          When it happens, all will know…..it will not be too late…..that is a promise
          But you will feel like it is already done and that the adversary is overwhelming you”

          There is numerous, mucho numerous, that is at the cross roads right now. I have read a recent G/F Ashtar posting. Are you able to be a little more descriptive?.

          The truth of what is going on in our world right now is becoming more and more known. Many do not want to believe it, close their eyes, but with many now it should have become a conversation piece. I partially read where Trump is mentioned in the bible, surprised me, but for a positive. He’s not my style where I think he needs more tact but his loud mouth is really getting much of the truth out to the people. There is so many nations that have been experiencing dirty politics and the people are rising to the the occasion now. But the dark are still ahead in hidden technology and their think tanks have reviewed the various roads to the direction they want. But they have their patterns.

          Myself I am making effort, actually arguing with myself, up and down. It’s hard when the shit doesn’t stop and the loss is continuous and heart breaking, your plans and what you want in life destroyed by others. (Bought an affordable movie camera to hide, instructions not read yet.) I can’t forget things (hey, women usually don’t forget) but I can try to understand them and in many cases understand becomes to forgive but in certain cases I need relief, yet I understand we are playing a pre-planned game of life that we’ve agreed upon. What’s the wording about person vs his actions.? Your concerned of loosing your home, your job and things tight financially, yet you have been protected and helped on this subject. (Many times I’ve been helped also.) If you were in the streets you would not be able to do the job assigned to you. For you when a door closes then another door seems to open. You know in your heart what the truth is. Yet you are partially experiencing what many people are going through right now. Said that 1 out of 3 people now don’t make enough money for rent, food and bills. Also that taxes are higher than same, not sure how that one figures, only read the title on that one. I have read and read and read what you said here. Source doesn’t converse with me, he tells me quick and short, and that’s only been recent. Or was it Source rather than CM who contacted me 25 years ago, I now believe it was CM but first thought it was God, first time a bright light went as beam of light through house window, where there was no Sun due to too close to next house garage wall, directed onto 2 bibles on night stand where I was comparing the Christian and the Jewish bible during a horrible divorce, trying to learn the difference of the 2 faiths. . Voice and very bright light woke me up, said You will loose everything then you will have me. I later lost near everything, around 98%. CM seems to have a very distinct and direct voice of medium tone, a voice you remember. Source’s voice seems to be soft and near a whisper. Is this how you hear them????? Love CM’s humor. But during a certain giving up situation Source told me recent that the purpose was to serve him. Then the 11:11 angels messages said and I wrote it down, “My gift to you is for you to be of service to me – Christ Michael.” You learned this prior.

          I’m really tired, now morning and I haven’t had the last 4 meals. Need to eat then sleep, one of my no no’s I always seem to do, food makes me tired, rather just have a snack lately. Maybe a snack, maybe a partial bowl of organic cereal, will eat later.

          Night night.



      • Marja says:

        To Melody
        There is a saying that I once read; “Two men looking through the bars,
        One sees the mud, the other the stars.”

        You ask can’t they see God and the hierarchies?
        No they can’t. They are ruled by fear and their physical senses – what they cannot see/feel with their senses, does not exist for them
        It is all a matter of focus.
        Lucifer, the father of the doctrine they follow, in spite of all his brilliant intelligence has not reached the point of ascending to the ‘Invisible’ Central Universe – it was ‘invisible’ therefore it did not exist, and any Laws decreed by it were to be ignored.
        How many people do you know that know anything beyond a nebulous God somewhere up there, and few want to know more. The dark followers of Lucifer make sure they will not want to know more, keep them ignorant and in fear – their focus on money and how to keep free at any cost.
        Paper 53 – 3. ‘The Lucifer Manifesto’, and – 4. ‘Outbreak of the Rebellion’, give an idea of his beliefs – among others the ‘majority rule’ that gave birth to modern democracy.
        We are told that we must come to ‘knowing and understanding’ who we are and who is God.
        The first pre-requisite is ; know and obey the Laws of God and Creation. – The second; the intent and determination to KNOW.
        In my opinion, the two roads in life are parallel to each other – just differ in outlook.
        One advocates total freedom and to remove, eliminate the result of any mistakes and don’t take responsibility for them.
        The other teaches how to live in balance and not to make mistakes, and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
        Which is considered by some people uncomfortable – so they take the easy road.

        Here is something by Esu from one of the latest PJs published by ‘4 winds”, Bellringer, that were not published before.
        “ You of mine I ask to stay in constant contact, for the instructions shall be rapid and many and I need alert workers. Thank you. Keep your focus clear and attentive, please, for the communications shall become most critical indeed….Look to thine Service and cling with all your strength unto the Light of God and The Creation for therein is literally eternal salvation.”


        • Melody says:


          I used to have a documentary about Enron, disclosing how the President and his management of the company operated. Enron was a prior major fraud, been a long time ago since I saw the video, think it had to do with energy. The President was a daredevil, always taking numerous types of sports risks, pushing and pushing his management employees in numerous ways. He ran the company with little or no fear and appeared no remorse for what he was putting his employees in. This, to me, is like the too big to fail Reptillians/followers that have put their people into the top positions. My understanding is they run as a hive mind. In my personal opinion they are like spoiled children from rich and influential families who always get their way, the school bully, who feels no remorse because they know they can get away with what they do and will push the limit. They care little about others. I was told they are abused as children to open up the 3rd eye, to open their psychic abilities, and are taught to do the same with their children. Also they are not trustful and told they are lonely at the top.

          I looked today at the new Eve site and noticed a month old message from both CM/Aton and Esu. It appears they are both using her for some public reporting. Part fits your shoes perfectly: From: NOT ANOTHER EASTER MESSAGE, 22nd March 2016
          is where they want the PJ and UB material disclosed to the people but also showing some discrepancies between the 2. Will do a copy and paste of the full on this posting. If you look at Eve’s old site it will ref the new site. I get worried that if I post it then the site will have problems. I’m still having computer problems and found a permanent hacker attached that I don’t know how to remove.


  4. Dirk says:

    Hey Kibo,

    I admire that you do your thing your way and make no excuses for it.

    I would like to repeat what I have said before. Candace acts that she is the only one that knows everything about everyone and all should follow her lead. I bet she may be the one in the end who will be in for a big nasty surprise.

    IT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS WHAT YOU WRITE ON YOUR BLOG and if she does not like it then she can stay away as she has threatened before.

    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Candace says:

    Kibo. This is Candace and Dabi came to me again 2 days ago after the then recent posts with errors and asked me since you do not listen to him to close this blog and take the rest you have been requested to take by several of us now. Stand down Kibo now before you continue in your error and rest and heal so that your circuits with Dabi can continue to be constructed for when you do stand AS HIM in your role on this world. Dabi never did create the Techma Kibo.. that was a huge error in your writing amongst others since those time. You must stop. Take care and in love and respect.. Candace


    • kibodabi says:

      you said you would not return…hmmm….why so upset? i have no faith or trust in you anymore..GOD knows I tried to hold on to it…..it is fine if you disagree…no one is infallible here…this is the path I have to travel…it no longer has anything to do with you and as far as Dabi is concerned from that side of things….I hear differently…..not that it matters……and why so desperate to have me stop blogging? if I am wrong, it will be proven…just as if I am right…that will also be proven….I am simply being who and what I am in GOD and that is that…I have the right to disagree with you when I see reason to and I have the right to walk my path without undue interference …… I am fine to let you be and leave you alone…I request the same in return…surely there are others that you could bother……I have found that you have no clue about any of this so your word holds no meaning in this matter….as far as I am concerned….I will just have to ignore you from now on, it seems…so be it…….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amy says:

        Oh myyyyyy….the panic in Candace’s ‘voice’ is so clear to everyone truly ‘listening’… the demand for control…. I was never personally a fan of hers, but wowwwwww… perhaps she knows not what she does? But perhaps she does! I have a definite feeling that if anyone really has ‘come’ to her, it was most certainly NOT CM Aton. His voice is easy to hear… and that is not it. We are all here, choosing, deciphering, etc. – the point is for people to have those choices…not to cut them off! I suppose Candace would like to be the only one running in an election?? Just to make sure that everyone makes the ‘right’ choice?? There is nothing true coming from her anymore.. and no light. I would say it’s sad to watch, but all in all, I think it makes for an interesting show/experience. Wonderful Dabi, you know my love and admiration for you… I don’t see that changing…. many support you and hear the truth and beauty in what you hear and what you choose to say… smile… your being is so real.. in a ‘world’ full of deceit, so human in character, flaws and all (chuckle).. that is what makes you all the more magnificent! I’m sure you already know this, but just keep doing what you’re doing… it’s perfect the way it is.. do not be bullied by false entities full of ego… they are of little or no importance, except perhaps in the balancing act of ‘good and evil,’ ‘light and dark,’ – I suppose there is a need for polarity – hence realkimsubin – interesting! But your service is so greatly appreciated by each and every one of us who you are helping (pushing?) up this hill, so to speak… (or driving on the bus ha). We need you as part of our ONE! Love, Light and Gratitude, friend!!


    • peter says:

      I participate abundanthope and read your article.
      But nothing happened. Candace, You are swindler and weird. Why are you fake peoples? Many peoples suffer damage. You are not differ much from corrupt politics.

      Liked by 1 person

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