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    • kibodabi says:

      in spite of my…particular and peculiar circumstances and situation, in this and these matters….I would have to support the suggestions made in this linked post, to all and everyone that can handle it…….thanks kimsubin….LOVE YA!!!!


  1. Melody says:

    Dabi mentions both of these 2 below. This gives more meaning re the coming bank holiday and currency value reset that is soon planned for the NWO agenda. .

    Open Letter To Karen Hudes
    Posted on July 18, 2014 by David Robinson

    The following is a true copy of a Facebook Conversation which took place July 17, 2014 between Karen Hudes and Anna von Reitz. Read it and decide for yourselves what you think and make sure Karen gets a copy of the final comment that she didn’t read, because she “unfriended” Anna and took a powder.

    Karen wouldn’t listen and she wouldn’t answer, but then, she is a lawyer.

    Anna von Reitz:

    Karen, I am sure that your intentions are 100% good and that your reasoning is sound — however, the Chinese are not the only ones coming to breakfast. The American States and the American State Citizens are OWED a great deal that is not being factored in that I can see, and your contention that there is a “statute of limitations” goes down the drain when you realize that what we are dealing with is FRAUD and there is no statute of limitations on fraud.

    Karen Hudes
    Karen Hudes

    Beg your pardon? Whose side are you on? You want to hand back the world’s gold or you want it to be for the benefit of humanity?

    There was no fraud involved in the Global Debt Facility.

    The fraud is that the Banking Cabal bought up all the media and then tried to provide inferior education and dumbed everyone down to keep them stupid, so that they would make stupid comments

    Anna von Reitz
    Anna von Reitz

    No, Karen, the fraud is that the corporation doing business as the United States of America (Inc.) — a governmental services company owned and operated by the Federal Reserve — “redefined” us as foreign situs trusts owned and operated under our own Names. They grossly abused the rights of usufruct to do this and created “States” and Americans on paper that they then “Pledged” as sureties backing the debts of the already bankrupt United States of America, Inc.

    The further fraud is that FDR then signed over both the debts and the assets of the United States of America, Inc. to the IMF, which glutted itself on the lucrative service contracts via yet another governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.)

    The World Bank, IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development), and Federal Reserve were ALL creditors in the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., but the primary creditors were the hapless American people and their organic states. Although the 1934 Bankruptcy Act recognizes THEM as the Priority Creditors, the IMF never bothered to inform them or operate in an honest or appropriate fashion with regard to their material interests.

    Instead, the IMF dba the UNITED STATES, INC. and the Bankruptcy Trustee chosen by the World Bank, IBRD, and Federal Reserve — the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico — siezed upon all the assets supposedly represented by the foreign situs trusts that the FDR “administration” created and rolled them over into Roman Inferior Trusts — Cestui Qui Vie Trusts, Karen. You are a lawyer. You should be familiar with what those are? Trusts formed when a person “disappears” for a prolonged period of time and their estate is seized and probated and distributed to heirs assigned by the court?

    These Roman Inferior Trusts were all operated under our NAMES — e.g. JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC, and they were all “removed” to Puerto Rico for “safe keeping” by the Bankruptcy Trustee — thereby bringing American State assets and the private property assets of American State Citizens under Puerto Rican jurisdiction.

    All these years the IMF, an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, and its spin off governmental services corporation dba UNITED STATES, INC. has been plundering the assets of The United States Trust (1789) and a good portion of that gold that you are so generously and eagerly handing out to everyone belongs to us as well as the Chinese who are already wolfing down the Strawberries and French Toast.

    You can either investigate this for yourself — or you can tell your friends at the IBRD and the IMF that it isn’t going to wash because you already know the facts and are acting as a teflon sugar coat for them.

    But you had better stop and reconsider if you think that I am stupid, dumbed down, uninformed, or making specious comments.

    Karen Hudes
    Karen Hudes

    But the USA had nothing to do with the sequestration of the world’s gold. In retaliation the CIA overthrew Marcos and then tried to kidnap him. The only ones who are now “coming to breakfast” are the crooks — and they have been unceremoniously shown the door, and so will each and every other crook who comes knocking.

    I am no sugar coat teflon and you must be a shill for trying to undermine me. I am no longer having anything to do with you.

    Anna von Reitz
    Anna von Reitz

    Time for me to beg pardon — President Eisenhower did this, but the US had nothing to do with the sequestration? Where do you think all this massive amount of gold came from? It’s a hoard that has been amassed by plundering and murdering the people of this planet for hundreds of years. This whole truth in banking effort started with Basel I, II, and III because the US has been cooking the books for three generations! — but the US has nothing to do with this? The Chinese came to the US District Court in New York and filed suit because not only had “we” not paid them back their gold, “we” hadn’t even paid the interest on it — but the US had nothing to do with any of the gold sequestered?

    And then there is the question of where did all the gold confiscated by the Roosevelt Administration go, along with the 8000 tons that once were kept in Fort Knox? If you check out Ron Paul’s website you will see an amazing video — the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve admitted to him (finally) that the gold is gone and they don’t know where it went. All that just “evaporated” under the care of Bill Clinton? We’ve been breathing gold plated oxygen all these years and didn’t know it? Or is it closer to the truth that once the IMF dba UNITED STATES, INC. had the keys to the car, they seized and transported the gold wherever they chose to put it? Maybe the Phillippines? Maybe the Maldives?

    And what about the 5700 tons of gold that has been surreptitiously shipped to China over the course of the past twenty years, all clearly shown on the FT-900’s? And, while we are at it, where is Germany’s 3,396 tons of gold that were entrusted to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but which have suddenly vanished and can’t be repaid except in dribs and drabs over the next however many centuries? Eh? The US has nothing to do with the stockpiles of gold suddenly showing up and just as suddenly gone missing?

    It was less than three years ago that Lord Brown rocked the world by noticing that hey, these numbers don’t match…..these numbers indicate that there is a lot more gold in the world than we ever imagined…..and while he shortly thereafter ended up dead, Lord Snowden famously blustered, that there’s only “1,500 tones of gold that has ever been mined in the history of the world” — and yet, here you are, with a certificate from 1934 that this unimaginable amount of gold was sitting safe and snug in the vault of the New York Federal Reserve — but the US has nothing to do with the sequestration of the gold hoard, nor anything with the gold contained therein?

    Most of all, I want to know what happens to Mom and Pop American, whose lands and homes and businesses have been put at risk, who have been driven like cattle, enslaved, robbed, defrauded, threatened, and misrepresented by their EMPLOYEES for eighty years? When do they get their day in court and the interest and profit that is due from their risks and labors and miseries? When do they receive back the titles of their private property and the assets of their organic States free and clear of liens, encumbrances, or debts created by false beneficiaries?

    Karen, I very much respect you, but I fear that you have yourself fallen victim to the oldest Crown Temple trick in the world. You appear to be thinking and believing that the FED is bad and the IMF and IBRD and World Bank are pure. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to end the evil, then simply returning to the gold standard and announcing a Jubilee isn’t the way to do it. If you want to end it once and for all, then the evil of ALL the banks involved MUST be recognized and the Federal Reserve and the IMF must BOTH pay the piper!

    The IBRD and the World Bank were in this from the very beginning, too, and though they didn’t play the prima donna role of the BIS, they have plenty of culpability and explaining to do. They knew all this crap was going on and sat mum and let it roll — as you yourself can attest.

    Now I am going on sixty years old and I have lived a lot of places and done a lot of things at a very high level and I will tell you frankly that I don’t believe in fairy godmothers or Mystery Saviors. I believe in human beings who either try to do the right thing or do not.

    So if you don’t mind, take a look around from where you are sitting and see if you can answer some of my questions? Especially the really important ones — like when do the American States and the American State Citizens get relief? When does the IMF turn over control of our property to us? When does it release all the land and property titles it has held and bonded and invested and profited from under color of law for the past seventy years? When do Americans receive back their own ESTATES free and clear with no more funky pretensions that they “voluntarily” removed themselves to Puerto Rico and agreed to all this abuse? Gold is just gold, Karen. It was chosen as a medium of exchange because of its durability and relative uselessness. You can’t eat it, drink it, or use it for much of anything else. It’s just a symbol, not really much different or better than the paper “certificates” bankers have used to represent it in ages past. The real wealth of the world is in labor and in natural resources, and those are what have been stolen and plundered in America — eighty years of labor, eighty years of human enslavement, and the entire continent plundered for eight decades. Not to mention the value of all the American lives lost in wars for profit. Those things aren’t fungible in gold, Karen. Those things are quite different and more important in value.

    So while the IMF and the IBRD and the World Bank and everyone else involved in this hideous fraud scandal are busily making nice by distributing all this gold that Mr. Struck just happened to have sitting around in a vault doing nothing since 1934 — and nobody can explain where all the American or German gold went — you will have to pause a moment and consider that, uh, Karen — these people you are working for are telling us a fairytale. We know that. You should know that. Oh, there may be piles and piles and piles of gold — yes, that is sure enough. It was implied at the time that our grandparent’s gold was confiscated (and never repaid) by the Roosevelt Administration that the same corrupt and evil governmental “services” company would turn around one day and use the gold it stole from us to launch a brand new gold-backed currency market.

    Yes, as far back as 1934, Congressman Louis T. McFadden said as much, and here we are.

    Still no accounting for where the American gold went, then or now. No accounting for where the Chinese Nationalist gold went, then or now. No accounting for where the German gold went, then or now. Still no action to release the American ESTATES back to the Americans they belong to. Still no action to release all the color of law titles taken against our organic states.

    Karen, Karen, Karen — you are a SMART woman, a good woman. Think about what I am saying here. The important thing isn’t the gold. The important thing is the land and the people. And there isn’t a “good guy” bank or group of banks versus a “bad guy” bank or group of banks — that’s all just for show. They’ve all colluded to a greater or a lesser extent ever since World War II!!! This entire circumstance would not be possible otherwise. And any idea that people are going to just take the trinkets and blankets, and sell Manhattan, needs to be put to rest.

    Once and for all time, please, tell the rotters and plotters that the American State Citizens demand to be free again and to have their lands and homes and businesses back in their own control, and to have the profit due and owed to them, and to have their Equity Contract honored and to receive the governmental services they contracted for and paid for — and if these terms are NOT met, then there IS no deal and no amount of pretty coins scattered in the streets will make it right.

    This page is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska.


  2. Melody says:

    The reset mentioned vs the actual IMF posting, seems different. I didn’t look up on the UN site. But much about this collapse coming.

    Breaking News!!! 2010 IMF Reset Reforms now Activated (insurance)
    Published on Jan 27, 2016

    follow me on new Twitter

    Ref in video:

    IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Welcomes U.S. Congressional Approval of the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms
    Press Release No. 15/573
    December 18, 2015

    Global Currency Reset Delayed to October 2016

    From remarks under this video, suggest looking at remarks for this video: Think most know who Karen Hudes is.

    Karen Hudes 4 days ago
    The dollar is not strong. This is totally inane. twitter @:, on facebook at and many of the posts are at—updates.html . On Tuesdays at 6:00 pm EST I have a television series on DCTV, “The Network of Global Corporate Control” , which is livestreamed over the internet at archives are at Background information is at

    Fuzzy Camel 1 month ago
    IMF put out a strong warning that 2016 will usher in a wave of defaults. The emerging markets have large loans in USD, and with their currencies falling, and US rate rising, it could cause emerging markets to default. This would set up a real nightmare for the lenders.


    • kibodabi says:

      hudes…heh…well…..judge anna has done well in answering to all that and crayford has, as well….dates are always fuzzy…things are fluid and change all the time here….I have my convictions but that doesn’t mean that things are and will be the way I say or think….too many times have things been delayed and I can’t expect that to change just because I want it to……I am still hustling to figure out how to keep going while we wait….the money problems haven’t gone away and winter always makes it worse…it’s just that I feel better about it all than I ever have before….none of this is up to me….it is what it will be as it always has been……I will do what I am doing as I have always done and continue to evolve as best I can…….in spite of/or maybe even because of….myself……lol…cya!


      • Melody says:

        I remember showing somebody, ya-know, a while ago, a Karen Hudes, who is boss for The World Court, a video the person posted that showed she is Reptillian and stating I felt what she was saying was bull hockey. She was manipulating the meaning this man was disclosing in this video of what the IMF plans are for this year relating mostly to the U.S., man stating that things in the U.S. are going to be getting rougher financially for the U.S. citizens, that the revalue date was his estimate due to the events being done at the IMF. Just the fact that Karen Hudes is following this man gives a value. He does a really good job describing the financial IMF plans and how it’s operating. He’s describing the relationship to the oil being the main control reserve for the U.S., China devaluing their value so when the reset happens then it will put them into a better position considering their retail is not doing good right now, much much more, ex an alternative currency for all that can help when this crash happens. He’s estimating that during the revaluation of the currency that the U.S. dollar value will reduced 30% – 40%. Then I see how the gov agencies have been given guns and ammunition, how the lower class will not make it, how most of the elderly are dependent on Social Security and barely making it and that money and belongings is being stolen along with all the E.O.’s to seize everything.

        I realize this is part the agenda of the beings here rather than how the OITC (Crawford) and Galactics have planned, which you have knowledge about. Then I see Source having wanted to let all these issues happen, to see in general how far the dark will go, as a learning tool, to know what errors have been made here and not allow to happen in other universes (hope I have that right). Then the CM posting saying he was going to let prophecy happen because the beings here expected it. Of course prophecy is made of 3 main religions where the bibles have been changed by the dark and religion is being used as a control tool of the masses, that the main goal of the dark is to wipe out most of the humans and God’s creation, whereas was that one thing balanced out another thing, our planet was balanced where the creation worked together, no longer is, the dark are trying to make their own creation and money is used as an enslavement tool.

        I realize not all Reptillians here are dark or Luciferians. I realize you are probably of the top 5% on this world that is knowledgeable re the financial issues that is corrupting this world and this country and have tried to help. It’s one of the things i’ve loved about you, you put your actions behind your words and have fought this financial slavery, you know what’s going on but you also know a bigger picture. I like your direct approach. You are also seeing the real meaning when it has a personal financial overtone and should be seeing/feeling/relating what so many in this world are having to endure, liars and thieves are everywhere, murders, in many cases the lives destroyed, the struggles, that you are experiencing some of what I’ve had to experience and a mass amount of this world, your and ours and many schooling here. I’m also having a really ruff time, especially in winter when the utility bill near triples at the same time taxes are due, never enough money to replace what you had or for repairs, impossible to get ahead, but more fortunate than so many in our world. Robbers are everywhere and very little justice, everywhere – Now you see – but there is hope. C-Ya.

        Am going to post above a separate – Judge Anna vs Lawyer Karen Hudes letter, IMF/World Court. Tells some more of why this financial collapse your referencing and the IMF situation.

        PS -$$$ Idea, You could make/file a quick patent of the CM t-shirts designs. There are many Urantia teachers all over, They have meetings where they teach the book and go to psychic/metaphysical fairs where they sell and talk about the books. Maybe you could sell in mass the CM t-shirts via them, sell to them at a low price where they sell at their events as the retailers and also make a small profit, or where you could franchise through the Urantia group. Your wife may be able to help organize this for you since you are also working. This is also a way of spreading the galactic word.


  3. realkimsubin says:

    When Bank holiday,
    Need water, gass, candle?
    no normality supply?


  4. lefaver says:

    Thanks Kibo… KiboDabi… Dabi… Michael Dabi… Christ Michael Dabi…

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  5. barbara says:

    Amen and Hugs!!!


  6. Amy says:

    Love the evolution of your name…


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