This is my 333rd post on this thing….that should mean….something….smile…….

You help me go further
You help me learn!!!!

That being said……something happened at work……
One of my co-workers….nice guy….pleasant, honest…as far as I know….not much of a reader…muscular…like I wish I were [smile]…..
Anyway….we were switching rides….so I could start my shift…..and he pulled me aside and told me that he asked GOD to bless me. He said that I was a good guy and he felt that GOD ought to give me a little help….lol….he just wanted me to know that…..
I was…I dunno….in my mind we haven’t talked all that much…..i do my best to stay pleasant at work…he knows nothing about my spiritual work, as far as I know…..
I know he drove my shift a bit when I suspended for five days…without pay…heh…yeah…well…shit happens…….but I digress…
I bowed…as I like to do….i really do think that the Asian sense of respect is perfectly excellent…though I’m not the type to suicide myself for honor…..but that’s me…..
And I thanked him for caring enough about me to do so…..and he gave me a bro’ hug and told me that
He liked me and that we were friends…I just didn’t know it yet……
Yeah…the whole thing made my day…..
But I find that I have no real idea how other people see me
All I see are my faults, my shortcomings, my failures, my vulgarities…….
I think of times when people have thanked me or praised me for something or another….or have told me that I am a good person…or smart…or something….and most of the time…I don’t really get it…..
I really don’t believe that I’m stupid….but to me….smart is a very relative term…I’m pushing for ‘wise’ that’s way further down the road for me…lol….
It has been hard to put up with this whole ‘DABI’ thing…..i beg forgiveness…..it’s not that that aspect of it is too much to deal with…… much…I’m good with that….but it’s really fucking hard to concentrate on it when I have a twenty thousand dollar sword of Damocles hanging over my head wherever I go, whatever I do……..this happens every two to four years……nothing I can do about it…..and I don’t want to pass the hat around anymore….people get really tired of that act…..i can leave it on the ground and do a new act and hope and pray that it works……but the damn thing is still there, tip over my head…lol…..so yeah….i really do try not to freak out….but I feel so powerless about it all. I am only making it with the regular bills because people are helping out with that……the winter is here and the bills are higher….but you know what? That’s okay….we will make it through that……but keeping the house after July is……
And that is the part where I freak out and scream…..
Mind you, we’ve always been bailed out by GOD in others….this is the third time….we’ve received funds and cashed in pensions and sold whatever there was to sell….and we have scraped by knowing all along that GOD is the reason why….[thanks, btw, PAPA…CM……I have no words to truly express my gratitude…]
The drinking is habitual….it replaces the drugs I used to do… [I laugh at this statement…but is there really any reason to?]
Believe me, I would greatly prefer some good ganja…but I don’t get to do that right now…..sigh….in my mind, that would be better…but I would probably do both, at this point….so…all things as they are for a reason and reasons that are above my spiritual pay grade…lol…….it’s okay with me….these are the things that got me here….without them, none of you would have ever heard of me…or cared….so I can only complain so much…y’know…..?
the time will also come when that aspect of all of this for me is done and finished and over with…..I will gedt there as well..
in the meantime….as it is….let me continue down the list…
No more tobacco…I have copd…..thank God for vaping…but it’s still nicotine…so there’s that…..but the act of smoking is a powerful thing…ask the natives…..and here I am….blowing the vapors of all my intents into the greater consciousness that is GOD…….smile…..besides….the nicotine keeps me from snapping on people…….

Like I said…I only see my bad aspects…..i will shred your ass if you piss me off enough….i just try to not ever get so pissed off that I feel like snapping on someone is a natural and logical move……Stress is a motherfucker, after all….i sincerely apologize to all of the people that have experienced my lack of….composure……I won’t say that you asked for it….i only know that that is what it felt like…and for that…I apologize…please forgive me, I love you…
never meant to hurt you and feel bad that i did…really and truly….it is still a source of pain for me…..please try to understand that…..that’s about the best I can do with any and all of it….it is already done…after all….
and I am…a vociferous carnivore……that wlll take…divine help to end……an upgraded body or something….I dunno..
Here we are…now

I am wracked by pain….chronic back pains…and something is sticking out of my elbow that shouldn’t be sticking out…..lol…the braces help so that’s covered…..what passes as my doctor right now…wants me to have a colonoscopy…….i just want my copd medicine…..i used to have county care medical….the prescriptions and doctor visits were free….i had a doctor I liked but she had to move on…the one I have now…seems to be a true believer in the system…..she won’t renew my prescription until I see her….that should be an interesting conversation…I am an enemy of the corporate state, after all…I know it, they know it, you know it….this is not a good time for me to laying on a table with a camera, and who knows what else, up my ass……sorry doc……give me the breathing medicine or I go find my other doctor again…..lol….she actually liked the blog……LOL……
But now I work over 30 hours a week and so I have to pay for insurance and so I actually make less money than I did before….go figure……and here I am….now…..
But I am heartened by recent news…….
I……have been following the money…and never before have I seen so many…..’sources’ agree that now is the time for all of the money to change…be reset…even Candace said that Righter has said things….[I know not what he said…smile….being no longer a member…smile]
however…..in all this time Righter has only been contrary to all other sources of information regarding the changeover from the fiat to the REAL system of money/abundance/prosperity or whatever it is that you want to call it….the western system has been dying…literally dying….all by itself….and while it has been dying, it has been dying to hand off the ‘ball’, as it were, to the East….in hopes of continuing the game….as it were…..
It looks like this would be the time for that handoff….and apparently it is…..with some….slight ill’ ol’ hitches……or huge, devastating circumstances…..you decide…….
The game has changed….drastically…..people in positions of power in this world are fucking tired of the same old game being played the same old way…….
They want a life…a real life…and not a life that is a game.
The want a life that includes games but they no longer want a life that is a game, especially if they don’t get to choose how to play that game…..and this is the biggest mistake of the RKM…the Rothschild khazarian mafia…and their cohorts, the Vatican, the bushes, the Clintons…..the Rockefellers, the black nobles families……..the elders….the real elders, the leaders of the real clans of human beings on this planet are fucking tired of being treated as goyim, as chattel, as slaves and property……this is what happens when you try to win a game with too few pieces…a six card straight in a game of seven card stud……a chess game of mostly pawns and not enough knights, bishops or rooks…is the queen still there?
Was not she taken some time ago? Yes/no?/maybe?
It matters not……..

It may be, after all my worrying {GOD knows that I worry in spite of my SELF} the case that I don’t have to be concerned about it anymore

that actually helps……..smile…
I am now wholly convinced that this whole reset thing is near….
Just this morning Russia asked for a ‘reset’ in relations with the US…this is strange language….such a word is never used in diplomatic affairs…….
So…IMHO…..and this is just me…don’t mind me…or fuck me…if you will or won’t
bt something big and huge is coming
something that will finally change this whole, world system of things for the better……
Either way
I am standing my ground on this one
This shit is really happening……for real real…
Hopeful within or around the next two weeks….seems reasonable to me…considering….

but this is just me, after all…….
In March the six month predictive statement of the pole reversal is set to be the reality of the day…..give or take a week or two…smile…
If any of you have been paying attention to all of the many earthquakes and volcanoes that have been happening
Such a thing cannot be dismissed out of hand…
It is a possibility
The only delay in it could be achieved by the lessening in negative energies that are perpetuated by this dark system… surrendering…

i.e.…a total global reset…wouldn’t that be a dream come true?
All that stuff that has been mentioned lately…
Economic reset with a debt jubilee…
Change of governments on a global scale
Alongside the retaking of this country in which I reside
Of the constitutional government from the corporate government
That is and will be a thing to behold!!!!
Bring popcorn!!!!! Smile!
Follow good advice…..stock on short term personal monetary resources and supplies
Food, toilet paper, commodities….arms and ammunition if need be…
And if you have it…..

I can’t afford to do so…but surely you can….
just to be sure…..you never know
After all…..do you?
Will the little sick and dark fucks stand down
Or fight to the last lifeform?
Experience tells us that there are those that will fight to hell and damnation
Be prepared
They will not win
They cannot win
That is no longer their concern…trust me on that
All they want at this point
Is to do as much damage as possible
The Sampson option is out
WWIII……is out
These are no longer options
Race war is out
Class war is out
Religious war is iffy, at best….
Terrorists among refugees
And the mindset of the refugees themselves
Is no longer enough
People are waking up
People are rising up
Getting up
Acting up
Acting accordingly
And they will not stop
Governments are giving in
Cabal factions are giving in
The dark is giving in
they’re probably sick of this shit, too………perhaps…
Because they want to live
They want to continue
They want to see and feel and hear and experience
This better way
That really and truly allows them to be like GOD is
And come to understand it……
They are starting to think and feel that there is a better way
The real GOD not their god….Lucifer…who has already been uncreated…and they know it….
But to follow in the path and footsteps of Lucifer…is a heavy and deep thing to consider
Lose all and everything of you
Forever and ever…
Or change
Perfect as GOD is perfect
As was promised to all human beings……in GOD
The only way to know the perfect way is to experience the perfect and imperfect ways…
And come to your own conclusions between the two
To make up your own damn minds
This is the way
This is the choice
This is the path
You or GOD?
This is it
All of it
Your will or GODS WILL?
You may think that you are ok
That you are good
That you have always done GODS WILL
That fine
You may think that you have always been against it
You may have no clue
Never knowing GOD
Never feeling GOD
Always being lied to about the whole thing
And even when you find out the truth of the matter
It is still that very last choice…you or GOD?
Your will or GODS WILL?
which is the way
Who has the better way?
Who has the better path?
Who has the better knowledge?
Who has all?
Who has nothing?
Who is perfect?

who is imperfect?

and other questions that have been asked for thousands of years…..

This is a good time
The best time
To consider all of these questions
These…..aspects of being….
That is the Paradise mandate.
How to do that?
Perhaps the first step for all and each and every one of us
Is to recognize that only one being is perfect in all of this
And in order to be like that being
In any way, shape, fashion and form
We must first be willing to surrender to the Will of that Being
And devote ourselves to what that will has for us to be and to do
And to do with it absolute, ultimate and supreme love
For that being
And ourselves as part of that being
And that being
Being who and what we are
In ITS own vision
Of ITS own perfection
This also means
That we have to love ourselves
And that we have to love each other
Knowing all along
That we are all each other
Because we are all one in GOD
And GOD is one in all and each of us
You are also
One of those things
That makes up all things
That GOD is Source and Center of…..


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15 Responses to 333

  1. Marja says:

    I understand that the vibration frequency in a homeopathic medicine – when matched against the vibration frequency of a miasma or poison vapor – can neutralize it and totally eradicate it.

    I also believe the same can be achieved by the power of mind over matter.
    Our mind/thoughts are powerful energetic emissions that can be focused and thus transmute/transform anything they are focused on for that purpose – consciously or unconsciously – but will be more efficient when used consciously.
    A belief in the power of your mind/thoughts helps.


  2. quantum999 says:

    I would like to make things a little bit clear regarding addiction or bad habits: don’t confuse addiction with social drinking, smoking, coffee… in other words with bad habits. I used to smoke, drink coffee and red wine (man, what a life!!!), but I realized that in time I can really get hooked, so I dropped it. And I was so proud of myself, simply because I didn’t know what I know now.

    Real addiction is a CHRONIC DISEASE, and like any chronic disease, a miasm is behind the scene, in this case Syphilis miasm, the heaviest and the most destructive of all miasms. I can assure you that no amount of peanuts, sweets, cold turkey or any other trick will do it, none. And those successful examples make the poor addicted guy feel bad about himself “Why they could do it and I can’t… what’s wrong with me?”. They are very misunderstood people, sometimes seen as lazy, cranky, with no ambition, “he likes to indulge in that kind of life”…

    When someone takes a ‘successful’ treatment for addiction, what usually happens, you will see the replacement of the initial addiction with another one. You will see their alcohol habit replaced by a compulsive disorder… the person becomes a workaholic (which is very accepted by society) and everybody will consider the treatment a success. It’s just that at some point he could experience a heavy hard attack, or other mental problems.

    Unless inherited, the root of addiction are mental emotional traumas especially those from childhood. Addiction is just a way to cope, to compensate to medicate yourself for that pressure inside… that eat you alive. The guy has to do it, otherwise will explode, so much is the pressure sometimes. It’s really a tragedy.

    This is quite a big and complex subject, but what you need to know is that this is a chronic disease, and we are dealing here with one of the toughest miasm. If you want to know more about miasms, I just posted something in the Library section on the Menu Bar, as there is no post related to health. Now Dabi (man, I have to get used to this) asked me to posted here.

    Few months ago on Shellee-Kim website there was a post by Lisa Renee about miasms, and I would like to add a few points, my two cents to the subject.

    At the end of the article Lisa suggested to find a good homeopath to help you eliminate the miasms and raise your vibration, to prepare you for the next density. It sounds good… unfortunately it’s not that easy as one expects.

    First, and this is useful to know: while the differences between MDs are not much, because they follow the same standard procedures taught in medical schools, when it comes to acupuncturists the differences between them start to increase, and it goes highest when it comes to homeopaths. Why? Because homeopathy is not based on allopathic approach: for this I give you this, and for that disease I give you that remedy. The homeopath has to match your personality and the totality of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) against about 4000 remedies. It’s pretty much like finding the needle in the haystack. There are procedures that helps to narrow down the finding of the right remedy, but still…

    Many people go to see a homeopath, or go to health food stores and buy homeopathic remedies based on their research on internet. They try, it doesn’t work as expected and they end up saying… I tried homeopathy but it didn’t work for me. Wrong, homeopathy never fails, homeopaths do.

    In order to work, you need to find a very good homeopath. When you find it, keep it for you and your family for the rest of your life. And that’s exactly what the British Royal Family does since the 1840s, they have a permanent homeopath in the house. Problem is: how do you know he is very good, or if you have one in your city. So, before you go to see a homeopath, do your work.

    The homeopathic treatment has nothing to do with the increase in the body’s defence against toxins and microbes – that’s secondary. The homeopathic healing comes from creating a similar disease in the body, because two similar diseases cannot coexist in the same body, they annihilate each other. That’s how the healing is done, by creating a similar disease in you. This is why the homeopathic motto is “like cures like”.

    So, what are the miasm? On internet you will find all kind of articles, esoteric articles, or compilations they pass from one each another and you end up pretty much confused. Simply put, in the physical world there is matter and the opposite: anti-matter. In bio-systems (humans, plants, animals) we have life-force (chi, prana) and the opposite: the miasms. When miasms settle in our body, the life-force flow is obstructed and as a result the body is badly nourished, looses its vitality, atrophies and this deficient state can manifest as disease. It’s not the miasm that does the damage directly, but the blockage, the void of life-force it creates.

    Imagine a green lawn, and a big rock thrown in the middle (no sun, no rain). After a few months if you remove the stone, you will find dead, white or yellow blades of grass, but nothing green. This is what miasms do, they block the life-force. Health happens when our life-force penetrates into the void created by miasms, flowing freely through our body.

    It is paramount to understand the profound impact the miasms have on chronic diseases because they are the root of all chronic diseases… without miasms there will be no chronic diseases. Today the patients are treated for their symptoms, yet the underlying miasm is not removed and they expect cure. What medicine sees as the root of a chronic disease – say an emotional trauma – it is in fact only the trigger. Once the miasm settled in, just removing the “root” (emotional trauma) is not enough… the dinosaur is still inside, INTACT. Removing the miasms is a crucial step, everything else is just temporary, at best.

    Take cancer for example, the whole battle is how to remove the tumours, because that’s what they think cancer is all about, forgetting that cancer is a chronic disease and the tumours are just the symptoms. They discover a ‘revolutionary’ treatment for cancer (meaning to remove the tumours) and everything is fine for months even years then suddenly, to their horror, the tumours are back. If cancer-miasm is not removed the disease called cancer will create new tumours again and again.

    Even if you know people cured of an incurable disease, they are still not off the hook. Two things will happen: the disease will come back later more intense, or the initial disease is suppressed, pushed deeper into the system and will bubble up later as a different disease, more destructive than the initial one. Lava always finds another outlet. Treating ‘successfully’ a chronic disease it’s just hiding it under the rug, unless the miasm is removed. There is no other way around.

    Miasms were discovered two centuries ago by Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, and he developed the so called nosodes to treat the miasms. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made from bodily tissues and fluids taken from a patient suffering from a chronic disease. Nosodes have an impact by weakening the miasms, but they do not completely remove the miasms from the body. Removing the miasms from the body has been a homeopathic dream.

    Any genetic disorder for example could be just the miasm disturbing the genetic function. You can use the latest technique to engineer the genes, if the miasm is still active, it will keep disturbing the functioning of the genes. You can use the latest stem cells research to repair and regenerate damaged heart tissue. If syphilis miasm is still there active, it will destroy the tissue again.

    Why do you think they cannot heal addiction or alcoholism, because the root problem is syphilis miasm, and no matter what they do, nothing is going to work unless that miasm is removed. This is why the 12 Steps program, or the mother of 12 Steps program never works. Because the most destructive of all miasms, syphilis miasm, is there. The opposite, the lighter of all miasms is Psora miasm, the skinny, intelligent and sensitive guy. Always complaining, even if he has a pimple… but he buries every one.

    It’s not easy to grasp the serious impact miasms have on people health. An example will help to see what happens when the miasm is effectively removed:

    Last year I developed a remedy that can remove Syphilis miasm from the body. Chronic diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS… all have syphilis miasm as their root. So I have this old lady with a history of Alzheimer in her family (mother side), and because she started to feel the fog she asked for help.

    Remember the Greek mythology about Hades, the god of the underworld, and Charon his ferryman that took the mortals into his boat to the other side… one way only. Well, that’s exactly what happens when you start Alzheimer, once you get there in that state, it’s one way only… you never come back. Except for this old lady, who took the anti-syphilis miasm remedy. After a while I received an email from her:

    “The whole crisis lasted only two and a half days. During the crisis the mental activity diminished very much at the point where I started to forget words, starting an idea and end up with something different. Everything happened in slow motion, with a foggy brain and a feeling that I have cotton in my head. I couldn’t solve Sudoku at all, and nothing I read made any sense to me. I was very tired and sleepy and not interested in anything. I did not want to communicate with anybody.

    The symptoms increased gradually and disappeared also gradually, leaving an extraordinary state of well-being with lots of joy and enthusiasm, and a clear and rapid thinking. Well, now I know how it feels, I was there inside a person with Alzheimer, that was the feeling.”

    And this… is the first step. The next step is the removal of all mental emotional blocks – the traumas. Because if you don’t/can’t, they will activate again the miasms from the ethers, and in time they will enter the body again. As I mentioned in my short synapsis about health, removing emotional traumas is really difficult. Removing the mental blockages is even more difficult as mental vibrational level is way higher than emotional level. No wonder we have today a mental emotional pandemic.

    And there is more, the mental emotional problems are the root cause for almost 90% of all physical problems – even Center for Disease Control agree with that. Do you see the domino effect, how one serious traumatic event can trigger a cascade of health problems… and you thought life is easy on this planet.

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    • Melody says:

      Very very interesting, new to me, a big Thank You. I periodically read the Shellee-Kim Bridge Between Worlds but missed many, including this subject, good site. My very alcoholic parents, one went to the 12 step program you mentioned but in her case was a little different. Her work was more important than the bottle and when she fell, drunk, hurt herself, out of work for 1-1/2 months, she stopped. She died due to Alzheimer’s, a valedictorian who won a scholastic scholarship but was unable to use it due to the depression. I took care of her for years during this time.

      If accurate our memory is also into our DNA???? Does syphilis miasm carry into our DNA into another life, doesn’t seem that it would? Can energy healers remove the miasm? If a life is full of one thing negative after another, doesn’t that create a curing problem, like a car mechanic of doctor finding one problem but leads into another problem?


      • quantum999 says:

        Yes, our memories are loaded in DNA, our body is a memory stick. Same like our mind, most people think the mind is located in our brain, when in fact it is ‘spread’ in every cell of our body.

        Syphilis miasm or any other basic miasm can be inherited from our parents, or they can be acquired during our life. Look around at those kids with addicted/alcoholic parents and you will know, sometimes just by looking at them: rabbit-lips, strabismus, crooked teeth, asymmetry of the face…

        The shift from alcoholism with workaholism was just an example, they can replace alcohol with any other form of addiction. Usually these days they start with alcohol, and pretty soon they turn to drugs.

        It depends how powerful the energy healer is, the more powerful the healer the more effective. I have two reiki masters as patients with really serious health problems… so, it goes both ways, they heal others, and others heal them. You can’t heal everyone, and this remind me Debby case:

        Debby was in her 50s and very much into sports (skiing), and she got a concussion. It happened to have the right treatment, and she was cured. She moved on with her life, and next year she got another concussion: came, treatment, cured. Again, the other year another concussion: came, treatment, cured. Next year, again, another concussion… at that point we knew, it’s karma, the script, whatever you call it. She realized that that was her life experience… and you cannot escape your experience, the lesson you have to learn. This chain of concussion accidents, this whole scenario was on purpose, for her (and me) to get it. Clear and simple.

        Actually, after I developed the new remedies and the new approach to healing, suddenly the number of my clients went down comparing when I practiced classical homeopathy (less effective). It puzzled me in the beginning, then I knew why. The more effective the treatment, the more ‘intrusion’ in the patient karma/experience/lessons to learn.

        And that’s it, no more health posting from me on this website. This is a spiritual website and should stay that way.


  3. Marja says:

    For those who ‘chose’ to live difficult lives, and don’t know why – it may be you wanted to understand and learn compassion, kindness, forgiveness, patience, empathy and sympathy, to understand unconditional love. These qualities cannot be faked, the soul always knows.

    Here is something from PJ 27 – 9. Guilt
    “Many of you ones who NOW serve faithfully within HIS service, have manifested for yourselves very difficult circumstances in your growing years in which you had to ultimately understand, forgive and overcome in order to serve HIS WILL as willingly as you do now.
    WHY? – Mostly you ones have simply asked for difficult “testing” in order to gain the compassion and understanding of how and why your brethren have been so crippled, deceived and so lost for so long, so that you can “relate” with the circumstances of the deceived and thereby be the most effective in helping them see “THE LIGHT” of GODLY TRUTH WITHIN THEM!
    Be most grateful for the lessons offered, learned and overcome, you are spiritually MUCH stronger because of them.”


  4. Denise says:

    I hope it ok to share my story dear brother, as the human experience is filled with so many challenges and maybe it will help others.

    I know for myself being and ex-smoker how hard it is to stop….the truth being I could not stop smoking by myself. Cigarettes had become a ball and chain to me as they controlled me daily. I could not leave work without seeing how many I had left in my pack….if I needed to buy more before going home for the night. I had forgotten what life was like without them as they had become such a strong part of my life. I started to get sick with Bronchitis often and so I became disgusted with them and truly wanted to be free of them, but could not stop the addiction after many failures in attempting to stop.

    I am not sure to this day if it was my sincere intention of quitting that brought about my experience or if it was a celestial intervention that healed me. I only know that I had become angered by my weakness to quit and out of complete disgust during prayer I quite literally demanded help in conquering this battle. I asked “why God was not helping me, because I knew that he could help me”. Well in less than 2 weeks I became ill with the flu, and the smell of smoke made me even sicker. I could not smoke at all.

    During that time all cravings went away, and I recovered without any withdrawal symptoms. I feel I was definitely healed of them. A blessing to say the least! Did I create this experience or was it a miracle healing? Not sure but my husband (boyfriend at the time) had the same experience happen to him 2 weeks later, and he had not even planned on quitting…yet here he was healed also after being sick with no withdrawal symptoms either. Both of us to this day cannot stand the smell of smoke. I have come to realize that any intention we have if sincere can be manifested.

    I also ate meat for all of my life, and only stopped eating it 5 years ago. I know how hard that is too to give up. I felt like a fraud every time I ate meat, because of my love and connection to the animal kingdom….so it was time to stand in my truth…but this is just me!

    Alcohol I consumed in my 20’s and 30’s going to clubs and happy hours with my friends, later I drank only socially….wine occasionally. I know from experience though what it is like to love someone you care about who does have an alcohol problem.

    So, I have come to understand by these life experiences what it is like to smoke, eat meat, and drink alcohol….and also what it is like not to do any of them anymore. It is all good in learning the Human Experience and I am grateful for all.

    We are ALL Perfect, Whole, and Complete in our Fathers Eyes, as He IS always within us….always perfect! We can sometimes…actually often forget that we are not our imperfections….but that is not WHO we ARE!

    We are Divine Spiritual Beings of Light, experiencing duality on earth, 3D Consciousness, with all its imperfections, so that we might overcome, grow, evolve, and stretch ourselves.

    I know the worry you face also, regarding finances and monthly bills. I know our Father has a plan for you and that everything will work out.

    We too live month to month and I am learning to create and hold the intentions of abundance…..seeing and thanking with gratitude….what we need before it is even manifested. This works, as our energy from our thoughts truly makes a difference and can help move circumstances forward.

    This is my experience with these topics and I am not sharing in judgement at all, as I am truly humbled by my experiences and all I have learned through them.

    I am humbled to know you dear brother, because you have taught me many teachings and insights that have steered me in a more divine and balanced path. I bless you in all abundance in accordance with God’s will for you dear Dabi, and send only love and goodness your way always.

    If you were to consider stopping any of these habits, do 1 at a time only…and focus on only that experience.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience here. God Bless you!

    Let the changes begin for all mankind so that we can live our true potentials and bring God’s Grace and Beauty to our Beloved Gaia! Amen!


  5. Harald says:

    S 333 meets post 333 – looks like a good omen to me….


  6. Brian says:

    i was driving down the road on my lunch yesterday…pulled out right here where i work and glanced to my left….lo and behold…..in the suv on the passenger staring right at me sat a monkey…looked like a macaque…..drinking from a baby bottle…..i was like wtf?! had to do triple take….and there it sat staring at me like…so…..you never seen a monkey drinkin a bottle before…….in regards to the impending reset….lmao!!


  7. Marja says:

    My father stopped smoking by keeping peanuts in his pocket and popped in his mouth whenever he had the urge to smoke.
    He had to stop the peanuts eventually as he added weight, but the urge to smoke had gone.
    Did you try acupuncture for your pain?
    Here is something uplifting from the Creator;

    Stand Strong

    My darling and beautiful child, you must remember to believe in yourself.
    Other may attempt to tear you down, make you feel less than,
    try to change your way of thinking and/or violate your boundaries.
    It is up to you to stand strong in your truth
    and know that The Universe is beside you every step of the way. ~ Creator


  8. Melody says:

    I’ve had a colonoscopy. Important that you follow the before food instructions to get a clean view; broth soup, watermelon, etc. The blood in my stool was a big hemorrhoid blocking the hole. I basically stay away from doctors but sometimes you should, have to, but the computer is great for double checking what they say..

    I take Relacore periodically, in the diet area, works for stress, it’s a mild tranquilizer in reality. Marijuana would help you, ex relieves pain and stress, and won’t hurt you. Too much alcohol causes numerous problems, I lived with alcoholic, no love abusive parents, I’m a social drinker.

    If something keeps happening then maybe it’s a lesson as to why and you need to figure out what to do to resolve it. Personally if more than one person, not connected with each other, says the same thing, take heed. Yes I understand this is a soul lesson school and our life is already basically predetermined.

    You may be able to do a reverse mortgage, staying away from the big banks. The property tax bill, when you’re a certain age you may be able to get a discount on your taxes due to age but you have to go to the county assessor to fill out the paperwork.

    I prior sent you tricks to save money. It added up, near $150 per month, not fun but it’s survival, Little things add up. Cutting coupons then watch for the sales or buy bulk can save much. Your loving wife could do that. Coupons in the flyers, papers and much is from the computer. Your right, the winter utility bill is extremely costly, even cutting the heat down.

    Strange, I’ve been thinking of March and then you bring it up? Time will tell.

    It’s your Free Will, up to you, your life. You have so much more than a mass amount of people have.

    Only only trying to help, again. Please don’t take offense. I’m not the take over another person’s life type, not a nag. It’s just I know basically how you feel, what you’re going through, been there.


    • kibodabi says:

      it’s fine……thanks…i’ve actually cut down a lot…then and still….sigh…I know i’m blessed to have a decent life….but I’ve never been good at this….my whole life has been a spiritual search…I always feel like I have been waiting for something…so close…yet so far…now….the whole bank holiday thing gives pause for respite…if it is truly happening….how many times have we been told a thing only to see it recede further away?
      I dunno….there’s one thing that might help…we will see if I can actually do it….have considered crowdfunding…but…I dunno…I just want to relax enough to get over the spiritual hump…..I can’t sell the house as long as there is a lien on it…if I lose it I am still responsible to the bank for it and it’s considered breach of contract…..so there’s the court thing…yeah…a jubilee would be nice thing right now…but….always a but……ah well….thanks all….the Dabi thing will be taken care of their way…I am told arrangements have been made…..so all I have to do is show up…lol…the rest…still waiting…..breathe……i’m okay…it’s okay…….breathe……..thanks guys….I just needed to go over it…..it will work out if I let it……so i’m told…so i’m told….


      • Melody says:

        When you sell a house I think the liens and balance of the bill is paid during the escrow transactions. Many people are doing a refi loan with the lower interest rate but you would need to do a fixed rate loan, they like to steer you the other way, looks like low interest then they raise the interest rate and your $800 monthly payments turns into much higher, it’s a bank scam. Another scam is where they will slip in paperwork where you make the payments then they become the owners – I used to have the evidence against B of A doing this but during a prior house break in that evidence got stolen, before I moved. At the court house they may have a list of pro-bono attorneys in different fields. They give short, free legal advice without a charge, usually these are at night. The list, where I used to be from, was where you pick up and file the court paperwork but the information booth should also know for the court house near you. The state bar’s usually require each attorney to give some of this service, even though most don’t and fake out they do. Also the law schools have attorney supervised free legal services at the schools, for many, which consists of last year law students doing part of the work but being supervised, you do the paperwork via their instructions then came back and they double check the paperwork for accuracy before going to court. During my divorce, you know a little of that situation, local politics, I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy, lost all except I got all the bills and enough money for the movers. I had to use the law school service, impossible for me to pay the bills, the paperwork was accurate, my excellent credit rating was very important to me, no choice, Catch 22. Another may be a simple call to an Escrow Co. for how the paperwork is handled. Two old sayings, Sometimes people can’t see the forest through the trees (ex sometimes you get tied up with stress and questioning what’s happened that you see what’s in front of you but missing that there is a bigger picture) and If there’s a will there’s a way (determination, stubbornness, education on the subject), . You can do it. You’re smart.

        I have done this since I can remember. I would go out at night and look up in the sky, look at the stars, the (fake) Moon, sometimes see the ships, how beautiful it is, always feeling I never belonged here. That has not changed. I would watch crowds of people talking/acting, how they would handle themselves, some being one way in a crowd but another way not crowd affiliated. To go 3d >, to many times the Vives here are shitty, your words – F’d Up big time. It seems that there has never not been a war here or dog eat dog (service to me) attitude with way too many. But many are trying to fit in and programmed. Sometimes seems the animals have more common since than the so-called more educated beings. When you say you’re quest has been more into spirituality, maybe it’s similar. But you have been led into that direction. When I thought that we are part of a massive book that has no time limit, to play a part of that massive book for soul lessons, already predetermined, the end already known, we are living a Matrix, still doesn’t take away from feeling all the shit . But I have a hard time understanding the full aspects. But if you are to become a Michael Son future creator then all these issues you are going through has a future purpose, tells you also how other people are feeling, that life doesn’t always come easy, how to maturely handle yourself, where people come to you in various ways, etc.

        Said too much. Another saying, May the Force be with you. I think Marja is doing an excellent job bringing up the PJ’s comments, as though she is being guided to do this.



        • kibodabi says:

          STAY TUNED…..
          LOVE YOU ALL
          BLESS YOU ALL



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