There is nothing more important than GOD. GOD is the goal, the beginning and goal of all things that seek to have no end. God is all and everything being all and everything and GOD is one….all at and in the same time and space. Whatever experiences one has in what one perceives to be one’s life….all that happens on The Path are only the experiences that lead up to that moment of complete union…..
Consider The Christ….the one most refer to as Jesus Christ, the most beloved and reviled personality ever on this planet…….surely the most misunderstood. If you have read The Urantia Book, then you know that it was a double incarnation, a bestowal mission of the Creator of this local universe, Michael Aton and one Esu Immanuel, named Joshua, known later as Yeshua or Yeheshua……the human part of this double mission is known in some circles now as Esu Immanuel Sananda or Kumara…but never as Christ Esu……that part seems to be reserved for the Michael Son of this equation, Aton.
I know that Christ is a title, a mantle, a position, an office. This denotes, not just certain responsibilities, but a certain…..understanding made manifest, in action, in experience. No human has made it to that level as of yet, not on this planet anyway. It is one thing to hold a unified consciousness with GOD, in mind…it is another thing to hold GODS LOVE in unison with it……
Christ is something that is bestowed, not so much attained to. It is given, by grace of GOD. We do our best to make it to this level or that, to this or that place or benchmark or landmark in our experience with the Divine……we do our best, or not. We have to be honest with ourselves and be and remain true to ourselves and our experience in GOD as GOD has given it to us to do and to be so. What works for one may not work for another. To use the methods of the orient when one is a product of the occident is simply to end up with no results in the matter at all.
We are who and what we are and we are all here to do what we are all here to do. The whole of creation is an act of consciousness instigated by a being that is beyond all imagination and comprehension. We work our way up the through the realms of such and eventually learn that what we are being given is for us and, sometimes, for us alone…..what we can share with others we share. To share more…what cannot be accepted by others only leads to….misunderstandings and conflicts….you learn what is for all and for others and for some and what is only for you in GOD. You learn to act accordingly. You learn that it all comes together in the end but that end is waaaay beyond your sight and so you trust in GOD
to see you through it and to each and every one and all through it all in order to achieve the actualization of all that potential that is the fulfillment of the vision of THE CREATOR OF CREATORS. All things happen for a reason. There are no mistakes or accidents except that we take them as such….and so it goes…….
It is one thing to connect with your higher self…no problem…easy enough…but to be the thing is something that, at least for me, I find is something that has to be given by grace from The Father….and I have accepted that….and so I keep my mind and heart on The Father.
I explore and search out The Father in all things and times and circumstances and situations and reasons and possibilities and actualizations and actions and thoughts and feelings and causes and effects and in being and doing……for it is, actually, all GOD all the time and everywhere….what else is there?
There are those that tell me that I have to connect to my Michael self….but I see that they do not understand…it is not up to me…it is up to PAPA when and where and how anything happens…that is my situation and I desire only what my Father desires in and for and through me……..the Son sees what The Father is doing and seeks to do the same…..and so I am and do this…..however it may seem and appear to others, this is the way that has been given to me and this is the way that I embrace….for me, there is no other way than The Fathers Will….and so the time and place and way and when and how and where and all and any of it is not up to me or anyone or anything else but The Father…..i would think that more people would be able to realize that and consider it and see it and let it be what it is……but sadly….no.
There is nothing I can do about that except to remind them that this me and my path in GOD and not theirs…..the whole of creation and all and everything in it is doing exactly what it is designed to do….you and I and us and them are no different and all will be what it must be in PAPA’S WILL for that is the way of all things. The Creator Sons perfect their universes for the sake of The Father and not themselves….remember that, for you shall also create your own universes and thus, will become Christs in your own right…being as The Father is and doing as The Father does…for that is what Christ and being Christ is….it is a sign of sovereignty on levels far beyond our levels here…but we are all on our way to that, so please to take heart in that…..thank you very much…the day will come….the day will come….
In the meantime, love one another as The Father loves you.
Love GOD as yourself and yourself as GOD, for that is who and what you are…if you can grok the thing….and this is your path to doing that and being that…’s okay to be wrong about stuff….that’s why we are here…to experience right and wrong and the whole spectrum of duality in experience so that we may learn to discern the truth of unity and the value of a whole and unified Being that is all and everything being all and everything experiencing ITSELF as all and everything being and doing all and everything….and that all and everything includes us…you and me and us and them….and i…I am honored to be considered a necessary part of all and everything in order for perfection to be perfect…..and I want to do and be all and everything that I can to help make that happen….you do what you want….this is me being me doing what I do…….smile
Tomorrow is the first day of the new year…another year…..i will post that night the whole, new year thought/feeling/hopes/prayers/dreams thing…for now….look at what you pay attention to…the thoughts/feelings that have made you who and what you are…the experiences and circumstances and reasons why you think/feel the way you do and what you attend to and concentrate on and ask why and how and want whatever it is that you want out of this and expect the answer to be commensurate to that….this is the life you have made for yourself…in spite of all the things that you say made you this…..there was room……..and yet……
We are all here to do what we are all here to do and we are all being what we are designed to do and we are what GOD is in each and all of us….at any given moment any one of us could change, things could change for all and any of us, anytime, anyplace…..we are the ones that are experiencing this….we are the ones experiencing all this cause and effect and choices and decisions…and even though GOD is the one that is doing it all through all as one… is up to us all to feel the full effect of it all. We can no longer afford to be ignorant characters…we must be knowing actors in our own rights……. The only free choice we have is that……to know or not to know…….how are we going to do that? Our journey in GOD will be the same, no matter what…how we get there is the already written journey…but the doing and being of it is all ours to experience….Shall we go to our perfection kicking and screaming in resistance and rebellion? Should we go in joy and excitement and thanksgiving and praise to and for THE ONE?
It is all up to you……devotion…surrender……to whatever you decide to serve at this time and place……or fear and hatred and rebellion……or just not caring at all and sticking your head in the sand….
You can believe others or believe the GOD in you that is you…but that takes work to connect to….do the work…the work is within you……
You will do and are doing what you are designed to do….how much you know and what you feel or think about it……though already known… still up to you…any moment now…you could find yourself on a fast track to paradise or perdition…..the high ones may fall and the low ones can rise…..this is the Life of GOD….enjoy…Happy New Year…btw….lol….love you all…cya soon….[-I-]


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3 Responses to LAST DAY OF 2015

  1. barbara says:

    Thank You!

    GODly New Year to You Kibo and to your family too!

    GODly New Year to all of us!

    “There cannot be a new year, if there also isn’t a new me, or a new us.”
    By Thich Nhat Hanh


  2. ken says:

    AMEN,,,,,,,,, AMEN and amen


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