I know that most of you want to hear ‘the news’.
You want to hear about the Galactic Federation of Light or ‘The Alliance’, or the bases and colonies that seem to be all over this solar system….
You want channeled messages, cosmic and celestial insights into those unseen and unknown and unexperienced realms that you dream about when you dare to dream. You want angels and archangels and ascended masters and fairies and unicorns and gryphons and Michael Sons and Melchizedeks and Agarthans and whatever and whoever else turns your fancy.
You want to be spoken to sweetly and told how wonderful and beautiful you are and how mighty and powerful you really are and could be and would be if you would just allow yourselves to be…..
You want to ascend and you want to know if it’s a group thing and does just being here count and get you through the gate and is it a given thing already planned for and accepted or are you really going to have to work for it……….?
You want to know what to do with your pituitary gland and whether or not freeing yourself from your chakras is a good or bad thing………
You want to know about the money…your money….the money you have been told belongs to you….you want the reset, you want to be free…free from debt, free from mind control and consciousness manipulation and you, all of you……
Well….okay…not all of you…..some of you are there already….some of you are on your way and getting there….GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!
And the one thing that seems to be missing from all of this is the reason for all of this and the cause of all of this and the answer to all of this and the purpose for all of this and question of all of this and the answer to all of this
YES, I SAID GOD….LIVE WITH IT…..no…really…live with it….you already are…learn to discern this before you do anything else……..it matters, it counts, it helps…….
And I have nothing better to do with my time……thank you very much……
I have been used and misused and abused and reused and refused in my rantings and ravings that have all led up to this point and thing……let me continue to point to the thing
And if there is anything else that matters in and at any given moment in time and space and place…let me iterate and reiterate that GOD is the only reason that anything matters at all……
And GOD has been grossly misunderstood….and used and misused and abused and reused and refused…….simply because there are those among you that would rather do what you want to do and be what you want to be and damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead…….and so you have the world experience that you are all having…
Albeit all of you are having it differently on your own individual levels and places and parts of experience…….
and so it is….
And there is a reason for all of it and reasons that are beyond you or me and you and me and all of us or all of us…..and still we go on as we are…without fully understanding what it’s all about and why…..
Surely some of you know that you are GOD in experience of being who and what you are….yes? no?
If there are any of you out there that have reached that zero-point of consciousness where all is one and one is all and can see the full being of the thing that we are dealing with that we refer to as GOD….then I commend you all that have done so….i have recently arrived myself…..thank you. Great to be here….
I’M LOVING IT!!!! To coin a phrase……….so all is well with me, being who and what I am, in WHAT I AM, being WHAT I AM……and…well…you know……heheheheheh……
But I digress…..
How can I explain to you that everything is on track and that everything is on schedule?
How can I explain to you that the full end was fully known from before the full beginning?
How can I explain to you the mind of a being that is all and everything being all and everything simply because that’s what’s on ITS mind?
How can I explain to you the experience of connecting with such a thing as this is and establishing communication with IT?
How can I explain to you that there is, indeed and actually, only one thing that truly exists?
That there is only this one thing that is responsible for all and everything everywhere?
It is not just you, mind you…..it is not just us….here on this planet….in this solar system….in this galaxy…in this universe…..
It is all of the universes in all of the superuniverses.
It is all of the levels and planes of a multilayered reality that is beyond comprehension for all who have not experienced it…….mind you, I can only talk about what I have experienced…I have seen and I have heard…but being there is something else and there are too many levels and planes and densities and dimensions that I have yet to visit enough to comprehend. Oh, I have had glimpses, experiences, effects, dreams, visions….but too much is out of the realm of my being in experience in the realm proper….
I am still learning….all I can do is share what I can and hope that others will be able to make use of it in their own journey back to the place of their origin, overflowing with that experience that seems to be so….favorable, pleasurable, flavorable and fulfilling, to THE ONE that seeks to experience ITSELF as all and everything, not just in state of origin, but in state of fulfillment of experience of all and everything that IT truly is……..you tell me…just how the fuck am I supposed to explain all of that while the experience of it/IT by any individual is so much, such an individual thing that it defies any human reason to expect that any group can speak to it truthfully until the mass consciousness of the local population reaches that wonderful 100th monkey point of individual expression of GOD with and within the individuals that have sought and are seeking and in seeking, have found, and in finding….have understood and comprehended and grokked…..enough to incorporate the whole thing into itself enough to give a decent understanding of any of it to anyone or anything else that is also seeking…..either individually or as a group…..but none of that can happen until enough….individual individuals, can lay the groundwork….hoe the row in that field…as it were….and it is a long hard row to hoe… y’knowhatimean?
Such an undertaking can only be graced and sanctioned by GOD.
Such a group can only be sanctioned and graced by GOD.
Such an individual that has been sanctioned and graced by GOD to do such a thing must be willing to give all and everything to be worthy of it….such a thing has to be a matter of absolute, supreme, ultimate…faith and trust and love and devotion and surrender….to the will of The One and to The Will of The One only and only The Will of The One.
That is not something that anyone can attain to, in and of their own accord. It doesn’t matter the effort you put into it because that effort is considered effort only by the one that is putting in all that effort.
GOD may have a different slant on the matter. Perfection is not an easy thing to reach…especially here.
We are imperfect beings and we do imperfect things….and yet………and yet we strive to be perfect….
Whether we know it or not and/or like it or not…we strive towards that perfection that has been promised to us in the Paradise Mandate: BE YE PERFECT EVEN AS I, YOUR FATHER IN THE HEAVENS, AM PERFECT!
That is the goal of all things and all things will get there….if they are willing to make the journey…..
The race goes neither to the strong nor the swift, but to those that can endure.
Those who count on their strength to overcome all obstacles are ill-informed for they mistakenly believe that their strength is theirs…all strength belongs to GOD.
Those that depend upon the power that they feel that they have are wrong…all power belongs to GOD.
All influence belongs to GOD.
All knowledge belongs to GOD
All will belongs to GOD.
All thought belongs to GOD.
All feeling belongs to GOD.
All expression belongs to GOD.
All experience belongs to GOD
For all of it is for God and is in GOD and is with GOD
And yet, all things, all of these and all of this, is within GOD.
Nothing exists without GOD.
Without GOD, nothing can exist, nothing is……without GOD, there is nothing.
All that we are…all that we do….all that we think and all that we feel
Are for a reason and reasons that are beyond us and it is all found in GOD.
The whole of creation is GOD and is GOD expressing who and what GOD is
For GODS sake
And in GODS sake is found our sake……..
Ponder these words as best you can
It is more than enough for now
More will come in GODS WILL
As best I can
As best I can
Think and feel about me as you will
I am only doing my thing
My thing is talking about GOD
Exploring GOD
Wanting GOD
Loving GOD
Serving GOD
Being with GOD
Being within GOD
Doing GODS WILL is all that matters
To me
Whatever matters to you is yours in GOD to decide……
I love you all
No matter what
Dark or light
I love you all
The end was known before the beginning
I am blessed to know my place in all of this
And to be able to act accordingly

I will say this as often as I can to you all
Ok….He was born in August…..
But this is the time of celebration of that……


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25 Responses to A LONG HARD ROW TO HOE……

  1. Marja says:

    Dear Melody,
    As I understand you are trying to find the truth all over the net. I used to do the same, but now settled for what was pointed to me as being of greatest importance – the knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Balance of God/Aton and The Creation – which can be found in PJs 27 and 47. All PJs are important, as we have the time to absorb them.
    I settled on the Urantia Book and the PJs, mainly, because my inner ‘knowing’ tells me the truth is there.
    Truth can be found in many places, if the person has the discernment and the time to hunt for it.
    I wish you, and everybody reading – HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


  2. ken says:

    Merry, very merry and really a totaly merriest of merry CHRISTMAS to ALL on planet earth , and all of GODS creation , Blessing to ALL,,,,,, LOVE ,LIGHT and truth AMEN amen


  3. Marja says:

    To Melody,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. We all seem to have walked a very convoluted path to reach where we are.
    It is true that we have no right to interfere with anybodies free will – each must make their own choices and take their own decisions which way to proceed in acquiring experience, knowledge and wisdom.
    Knowledge is Power – yes, but the right kind of KNOWLEDGE.
    Here are some words of Sananda Esu, from the PJ47 – ‘Pre-Flight Instructions’ chapter 13 – on the subject of ‘Ignorance’.
    ‘YOU all share the pool of mass consciousness upon this plane, you contribute to the DIS-ease as well as to the LIGHT … IT IS YOUR CHOICE. You can remain IGNORANT and IRRESPONSIBLE, but you will still suffer the consequences of your ill-thinking and acting behavior. You see, you contribute to the unbalance either directly and knowingly if you align yourself with the destructive adversary, or you contribute to the unbalance indirectly through your ignorance of spiritual and global Truth. It is most especially your ignorance of the consequences of your unbalanced ‘thinking’ and doing, and of the Cosmic Laws which has nearly devastated your planet and your species.’

    If you want to know more about how the dark ones think, and manipulate the masses? The 4 volumes of the PJ ‘BIRTHING THE PHOENIX’, # 222 – 223 – 224 – 225 – are packed with information.
    Enjoy what time is left – and use it wisely.


    • Melody says:


      When it says: “You see, you contribute to the unbalance either directly and knowingly if you align yourself with the destructive adversary, or you contribute to the unbalance indirectly”, To me this meaning is as a news person distributing misinformation or a social worker knowingly taking a child from a good parent where children for profit is now happening or a person obeying an order they know is wrong but doing it to keep their job or a Pastor preaching but also doing what the gov. wants him to do to keep his non profit 501C tax exempt status under the new laws, etc.

      In my mind I’m not aligning with the dark, the opposite. I’m trying to do what I feel CM and Source want me to do with the very very little conversation I’ve had with them, But I’m also burnt out. I’ve seen people spending years trying to help and stop and disclose some of the various issues. My understanding is the time line was extended for 25 years by the Galactics because peoples eyes needed to be opened to the truth around them, which has now happened and is still happening.

      The PJ’s, the prior Dove Reports, Fourwinds10, A/H,, Kibo, others, higher realm connected all doing what they are guided to do, giving many a learning tool in various ways; reading, video, tv, radio, conferences…, . It’s like building a house, each one has their specialty, and takes all to finish the product, and even then errors sometimes have to be corrected, and each doing the specialty they were guided to do. Your specialty appears is higher knowledge of spirituality and obvious being a loving and caring soul. By the way I saved the Christ Way link you gave, I use these type of links to also read off and on.

      I understand now that appears we are playing a part in a book which spirit has verified. I’ve been able to make a small difference. I’ve been wanting to give up, the shit doesn’t stop, and spirit reminded me of the accomplishments I have been able to make. It’s surprising on some of these issues that sometimes the answers are given to you, which includes the PJ’s. I’m totally fed up seeing the big picture, including that life in Nebadon is a pre-planned game of dark vs light, for us to make a choice, that the middle road is supposed to be the best. Kibo said the Orion Lord has changed sides to the light is a major re this game, along with most of the Annunaki having also gone to the light. But we need help from above which looks like it’s come/coming. Also I was keeping a compass out to watch the magnetic shift change and am aware/read of the prior written Ashtar evacuation plan and what Esu had prior stated what to expect and still reading the newest which includes stasis.

      I remember one of Kibo’s post where Source is saying he can’t interfere when Free Will is an issue. Then another from Source where he was saying he was not sorry with all that’s happened because the end result is still the same of coming back to Source, climbing the ascension ladder, yet I’ve also read that many are quitting the game and electing uncreation, that CM never thought this evil would extend the way it has.

      You have done a LOT of reading the PJ material, obvious to improve and make yourself more knowledgeable and to follow the laws of God. I’ve only off and on read/skimmed and have told many about the books, where to read them. I need to read more. The one of CM analyzing the falsity of the King James version of the Book of Revelations cracked me up the way he was presenting the material, obvious the God’s have a sense of humor, that’s the last one I recent read. I have Birthing The Phoenix, all volumes. It is part of the group that the people distributing these books recommended. I’ll try to review them but it’s over 800 pages. What takes some people a day to read a book takes me a month, and there is a few things i have to do and one is time consuming, must be done, no real choice.

      Thank you for being kind and loving and caring and wanting to help. I am taking what you are saying to the heart. Happy Holidays.


  4. Melody says:

    This is beautiful.

    December 21, 2015 by bosscook

    Walmart is a Holy Land

    “May I buy your groceries?”

    Rather than buy ourselves and our young adult children gifts this Christmas, we decided to walk the walk. You know. That walk where you stop indulging yourself with increasingly frivolous items and actually reach out to help others not as fortunate.

    We bought several…



  5. Marja says:

    To Melody,
    In general I am very careful where I go and what I read to avoid polluting my mind and spirit and compromise my vibrations and light – my focus is mostly on acquiring the necessary knowledge to ‘make the grade’ and graduate to a higher dimension.

    We are told to read and increase our knowledge, awareness and discernment , to measure against the Laws of Balance of God/Creation, to know and understand the Truth.

    I went to the site you provided and noticed that he is a Mason, supposedly defected, and it makes me wonder how he is still alive to be talking about his experiences, unless he is still ‘in service’.

    Coming from the serpent’s mouth [the dark], here are some excerpts from PJ224 – Birthing the Phoenix – chapter 7.
    ‘Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. Gentile-Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects.’
    ‘Persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear.’

    ‘The art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage.’
    ‘In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the GOYIM lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind….’

    I see the flat Earth theory in this light, just as a distraction from pursuing more important subjects.
    Personally I don’t follow this subject so am not sure what they mean by ‘flat’.
    My personal experience of traveling by boat and plane, east and west that we always reached the country as described on the maps.
    Maps drawn with the idea that the Earth is a sphere, besides we have all those pictures from space showing the Earth as a sphere.


    • Melody says:

      Margeh: I haven’t reviewed the flat Earth Material, yes Earth is a sphere. I think it has something to do that we are in a Matrix, we’re electrical, this is a hologram??? In the past researching, then knowing and then reporting, with help, some of these hidden corruption negative issues literally saved my life, a let’s get along, easy going party person, made into a target for fun and games and theft. .I don’t want to detail but my personal experience was sometimes you have to bring the issues out in the open. So when I see this Leo going public about his past, prior in hiding, his assets removed, saying he’s tired of the Illuminati Satanic issues, seeing and hearing interviews he has made, and also knowing of other similar circumstances, my feelings is give the person a chance but always put up a discernment and caution wall. There was a scholar that disclosed the CIA had put into action a New Age game of just give out love and everything will be OK, that they were trying to control many of the masses this way. He said is was similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in rounding the people up where he used a bible verse which is also close to being done again (changing the 501C rules for churches to be controlled). So with me now, my thoughts is Knowledge is Power. But it also does not give me the right to interfere with anybody elses free will. But when referring to the PJ’s, Urantia Book, and the many other spiritual teachings, then that is a guide that is needed. As prior said, I was and am extremely happy that Leo verified, to the public, the same knowledge that I had received, that we are now to experience the coming back of Jesus, not positive but I think the soul of Esu/Sananda. It’s suppose to take around 10 years for completion. Then there is an area already designed that is said to be used for a teachings of another way of life, under the control of our galactic friends. If all this is accurate, I am ecstatic, we may be witnesses to seeing Heaven on Earth in the very beginning stages. Of course I am also trying to keep knowledge of the Earth changes and other issues.

      This is a paragraph off of the site Eve had set-up prior for CM and this is CM speaking:
      “It saddens me if you ones feel forsaken by your creator, and I heartfelt apologize for the many hardships and load I managed to put upon your heart and on your shoulders. I just hope you are going to understand, folks. You have suffered all kind of mental crucifixions – even by your loved ones, near ones, your earthly family members. You have been blamed for being the faithful ones who bestowaled themselves to help clearing the mess, … in a way of some kind of longterm crucifixion. You may feel forsaken, but you are not. I wish all of you to know that you who help to carry my load shall be the first ones. You helped me make it through the night of rebellion, and now, another kind of night will fall to raise the new dawn and to proclaim the return to home. Now, let’s sit in silence for a while.”

      This paragraph has personal connotations with me, the way my life has been, learning the various ordeals that CM has had to go through, some of what his dreams were and that his dreams has been put on hold and how he has had to deal with it. I also see what the dark has and is doing, even trying to remove God and Jesus from the Earth equation in numerous ways, how Satan’s army is now in full swing, certain beings wanting to take over creation as their own and remove HU-Mans not only from this universe but from others. This Leo has disclosed publically how they are handling this Satan’s army and some of the under the table dealings that matches other learnings I have received, one being the Reptoids here are still upset with what happened by accident with Tiamat which I found out by going to a Galactic History class, how the circumstances fell in for me to go to it. Then the Hopi meeting I also fell into being able to go to where they were trying to heal Gaia/Shan during this meeting and use the crystal skulls, that I was able to touch and learn about, to bring peace and joining back on Earth. Then Kibo prior stating Source was wanting certain people to work directly under him. Then a surprise, a contact(s) I had saying the same and a similar, not once but 3 times , 2 different subjects. I have also gone through much much loss, surprised to find CM also has, then even being told by CM that so has Kibo whereas instead of becoming a creator he decided instead, for a period of time, to serve, CM’s words being that he has taken much loss. Kibo personally knows I have had this contact from CM but he doesn’t know all the words said.

      Everything seems to be connected. I have also learned that as above, so below, saying, that also the higher realm also has situations that are similar to Earth, I have much to learn. I’m not happy with certain issues that I have been denied that most take for natural. I try to think the things that have happened to me and what it has led to.

      To End, here is another from the same CM site.:
      “Eve, Christ Michael is convinced to save his creation, he will not bow under evil. It’s true, none of you who now have discovered the truth really were in joy to become incarnate and bestowal yourselves straight on a planet which was a mess, but when CM explained his plan to you, you agreed to do this job.

      It might sound paradox, but knowing the truth you seemed to be more safe being incarnate than remaining „UP“. CM returned to this planet in 1954 and now look how soon your incarnations were „triggered“! While you grew up and were still asleep, CM tried several other things to make a difference, but all his plans were crossed by intrigues, mainly from „own“ rows, and truely the worst weapon against him was the encouraging of what you call „New Age Movement“, supported especially by the order of Melchisedeks. It has paralyzed myriads of capable starseeds into corners of inactivity, while they had done better studying the PJ’s. CM said:



  6. Marja says:

    To Melody,
    I went to the link you gave, interesting, I saved the link.
    As to the Journals, I print some, like the 27 and 47, that are more spiritual teachings and the ones that have lots of political matter I learned should not be totally ignored as sometimes they may contain ‘a weaved in’ sentence that explains something that puzzled me before, so these are for speed reading and taking notes. As a matter of fact I take notes, by hand, in a copybook, of all that has special meaning for me for – quick memory refreshing and future use.

    To Denise,
    I read ‘The Impersonal Life’ some time ago and was not satisfied with it. We are warned about the contradictions in it like somebody is trying to sooth perception with ‘It’s alright, it is normal, don’t pay attention to it.’

    Well, I did pay attention, and felt there is something very subtle, elusive and slippery in the construction of his sentences.

    On page 12 he says ‘all ideas and all desires come thus from me…..therefore all desires are good.’ – does that mean that if we want to strangle the neighbor because he is noisy, it is good?
    I noticed that he likes to say – ‘Put/throw all responsibility upon me.’

    Page 42 – ‘you will permit Me to inspire your words and to empower your acts, and YOU WILL NOT BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR EFFECTS upon others or upon yourself, PUTTING ALL RESPONSIBILITY UPON ME.’

    In PJ 34 – Phone Home E.T. – chapter 11 – ‘What if nudges come and you assume you are told something from your subconscious. You will balance it against the LAWS and check as to whether or not it deviates. If it deviates one iota, it lies. It will, if in truth, as a voice of God NEVER LIE although it may well test you and yes, you CAN reason – REASON IS YOUR GIFT – A REASONING CAPABILITY AND FREE-WILL CHOICE.’

    PJ27 – Law # 4 – ‘….in your thoughts, words or deeds, you must take full responsibility for your own errors or transgressions against self or others.’

    These are my opinions – you are free to make your own. – Personally I prefer ‘CHRIST RETURNS – SPEAKS HIS TRUTH ‘


    • Melody says:


      I have saved the site you gave, thank you again. Why didn’t I take that speed reading class – Dahhhh. I’m so bad I have to stop many videos to read the comments on the screen yet I used to get very high grades in English a century ago. I think I’ve been told prior about this site but first time I clicked onto it. Seems impossible to keep up with alllllllllll I want to know and read lately, some is saying time is speeding up. I keep being guided to these issues but I need 100 hour days.

      My understanding is Esu/Jesus is now here but a delay on the major announcement. I’m totally jazzed. All communications will disclose his coming back. Appears certain leaders have been informed but not all wanting to cooperate. I’m not part of the Section 8 First Contact group. I was concentrating more on the NWO issues, thinking I could make a difference, and now wish I had gone further into reading more of the spiritualism. CM/Aton had prior stated the movie, The Matrix, should be a documentary. Another is, The end is known before the beginning. I’ve been led to these issues.

      Also AFTER finding about Esu/Jesus is now here on Earth, a higher Illuminati in Italy, Leo Zagami, went public on CoasttoCoastam radio last week verifying the same via a different host who is coming up with some really informed speakers. He’s writing books disclosing the Illuminati, what most people don’t know, saying he’s tired of the Satanism and appears at much loss. He was next in charge to be the top Illuminati boss in Italy, not sure if just his lodge or for all the lodges there, only that he was the top King Pin. So when somebody like this verifies the same, WOW, totally jazzed.

      Also do you have an opinion or knowledge on the flat Earth theory? I have a couple of videos saved to watch on the subject and haven’t researched yet.. Some of these learning videos are getting extremely (too) long. .


  7. Elaine says:

    The only goal for me is to hear these 10 words said to me when I stand before our Creator: “This is my daughter in whom I AM well pleased!” ❤


  8. Marja says:

    It is difficult for us to grasp the concept of God – our relationship to the Great Power.
    The concept of the twin energies projected by ‘It’ to do ‘Its’ bidding.
    Chapter 11 in PJ 34 – Phone home E.T. – “You are a thought projection of God – but that thought gives you separation of function in your manifestation and if you do a good job He rethinks you and if you act according to His projected laws, etc., you can become co-creator within the One mind. Find patience to wait upon God – the answers will flow.
    If you break the laws of God and Creation – you are not doing God’s Will.”

    Chapter 1 in PJ 47 – Pre-flight Instructions – “You will be testing yourselves as you unfold – or lessons will be repeated until understanding is reached and released.
    The testing represents the challenge of God for – Knowing, Accepting and Adhering to the Laws of Balance of God and The Creation,
    And Through Recognition of Truth and Understanding your Personal Responsibility.
    Ask the Father/God/Aton within you for illumination and clarification about any given circumstance – you will receive instruction and understanding. It takes Desire – Devotion – Discipline.”

    To understand God one needs to make an effort to understand how He functions, how He creates. The PJs are full of explanations.
    But basically I find the explanation Sananda Esu in chapter 2 – The Creation – very helpful.
    “The Creation represents fulfilled and yet unfulfilled Creative Potential. Creation is the Totality of All That Is; which in your human perspective is ALL THAT HAS BEEN and ALL THAT IS TO BE. Now keep in mind, the Laws of Balance, of Nature, of God and of The Creation are The Same Universal Laws of Order and Logic.
    So how is the Creative Potential realized and fulfilled? Through the Great Spiritually Perfected Being, God/Aton, who is the Great Mind and Intelligence which brings The Potential of that which represents The Creation into coalescence of matter, such as planets, stars, animals, plants and minerals.
    GOD/ATON is as much PART of The Creation as WE EACH are a PART of God/Aton. Hence the truth…..WE ARE ALL ONE.”

    From PJ 27 – Phoenix Operator Manual – “`Understanding The Laws of God and The Creation – also called The Laws of Balance.
    1 – The highest command of the Law of The Creation – Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of Creation.
    This means to seek and demand the TRUTH be shown to you so that you must develop that ability to discern and judge all information, actions and behavior with self and others which go against the laws of balance given forth by God and The Creation.
    This also means that when information is put before your attention, you must ask the Father within you to show you whether or not it is true and ask the Father to give you the verification you need for understanding the Truth in all information and situations put before you.
    This means you must have the courage and the determination to conquer the fear, apathy and ignorance within your altered ego to ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!
    2 – The highest command of the Law of God is; – You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for He is the “King of Wisdom”.

    Chapter 8 – PJ 47 – Pre-flight Instructions – “That which you need is always given. Then of course you must maintain the Trust and FAITH IN GOD WITHIN YOU to unfold all for you in perfection and so too to give you the strengths and tools you need to fulfill HIS WILL WITHIN THE DIVINE PLAN”.

    In conclusion I recommend everybody to read the Journals – especially the PJs 27 and 47 – the most important books you will read in your life.


    • brian says:

      very nice references! thank you, marja!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Denise says:

      Thank you Marja and Kibo! Here is a link I would like to share on our I AM Presence, beautifully written! Let our Divinity rise and shine!

      Click to access impersonallife.pdf


      • kibodabi says:

        I downloaded it and am reading it by and by…..I think I read it before…..but it still feels….timeless…if you catch my drift….anyway….thanks…I should get around to putting a copy up in the books section…been meaning to add some for some time….now is a good time…smile…GOD BLESS….AND THANKS, BTW…WILL SEND AN ECARD SOON…(8>D)


    • Melody says:

      Marja, I had prior copied PJ 27 to fully read but it disappeared, it’s the one I want to fully read, have read part of it, want to own it. It takes much time to stay informed and you have to know the sources and still discretion and further research is needed. Thank You for all the time and effort you have spent to bring this material out.

      Ascending the Ascension Pyramid



    • quantum999 says:

      “… – especially the PJs 27 and 47 – the most important books you will read in your life.”

      You should be careful with such kind of statements… it sounds like all the other spiritual books written on this planet are secondary. This might upset those masters upstairs, which can easily get into “Wait a minute, what’s wrong with my books?”. And we don’t want to upset them, do we? 🙂

      I think what you meant is that PJs are important readings, and PJ 27, 47 are the most important readings for You. Bottomline, all the roads (spiritual books) go to Rome (GOD).


  9. Melody says:

    Kibo: I would love some teaching about other types of galactic history or universe layout or job description detail of the galactics/higher realm or what other planets are like and the beings on them or time travel findings and can we pass or void those times lines, what the ships are like, black goo or smart dust, A/I for off world, time lines, what other off world beings and planets look like, much much much, etc. I have read some of what Corey, rep for the Blue Avians has said which is interesting. What about the giants that are being awakened here. What is higher dimension like for as far as you’ve been able to experience, Patrick says there is no evil in 5th dimension. What about the flat Earth theory that’s being pushed. What is the protocol for meeting off worlders and what are the different type personalities for the different species. I’m bringing this up here because you have mentioned what’s this and that about in this posting and I think it would be fun to learn on these type of issues, if it’s OK. It would be fun. But also you may be extremely busy and unable to or want to at this time so if not, maybe another time.


    • kibodabi says:

      all that is nice and fun….but that’s not my job right now…..I find it more important to figure out and work with the Divine within you…..there are plenty of places you can go to discern your way through all of that…stuff…and I read about it, as well…so don’t get me wrong……..it’s nice…fun….somewhat informative…depending….but if we can’t realize our true selves, know our true selves and be our true selves……..then it won’t matter about all of that……for me…all that is secondary to job one…..doing the work within……..all the rest of that stuff will fit in better once you realize that……just sayin’….


  10. sandra says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU KIBO AND YOUR FAMILY. your words, as usual, resonate. HIS WILL BE DONE. Love, Sandra


  11. Melody says:

    I would like to Strongly Say Something. I agree that Christmas Day has been assigned to celebrate the birth of Jesus/Esu (i.e. CM/Sananda coming to give much needed spiritual teachings) and believe the way our society has been set-up that at least it gives us this chance on a worldly basis, even though this is not his real birth date, but a celebration for him/them coming to try to help and direct us and give us higher teachings. I can’t remember the name given for CM time here on Earth as in The Urantia Book, the assignment..

    But also the dark set this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day up on this day because it is also a satanic ritual period, from Dec 22 to New Years, along with a time the dark like to create chaos around the world with what tools the dark can exhibit. What they do to these babies and children before killing them, the torture these souls endure, eating parts of them and drinking their blood, is a nightmare, it is beyond belief. It is a subject rarely talked about. They put these babies through as much pain their evil minds can think of first because these Sickoes also feed off of the energy and believes it gives them special powers. This is also a time that defenseless and loving animals are sacrificed. Their ‘satanic calendar’ gives the dates and is on the internet. I don’t give a rats ass, excuse my language, that some of these are a soul contract, I believe bull. I believe much of this can be curtailed/stopped.

    Please, Please Please pray that all powers be sent to stop these horrible rituals. Open peoples minds so they can be on guard to help stop them. This happened last year when a ritual child kidnapping was stopped in a store. In Denver, CO, is a place the elite (hate that word because in my mind they are the lowest of scum) meet for this event. Please help against this evil.

    From my heart and soul.


    • kibodabi says:

      as it stands…the power of thought and intention must stand with the majority in these matters……let LIGHT OF GOD increase through us!!!!!!


      • Melody says:

        Even if people would make a copy of the satanic calendar and maybe pull up some info on this subject and give it to the public service people in their area (PD, Deputy Sheriffs, City Council, Commissioners, Governors, teachers, post onto public boards), even if only a few children/babies is saved, could cause a roller coaster affect. I realize this is a negative subject but this is children being killed, this is evil. Source and CM has both said they need more peoples eyes opened up and that they need help. So why not start with a subject that is pure anit-God. These are defenseless children and babies. Maybe the soul lesson is not them being killed but the others stepping up and helping them. As you say Kibo, “let LIGHT OF GOD increase through us!!!!!”, the light will win (but the shit is getting to be too much so it’s time to flush).

        Here is a good video on the subject.

        The Bushes Attended My Father’s Satanic Sacrifices! Anthony Lavey


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