this was a landmark moment for me…..and told me all I needed to know to do what I have to do….especially now……this is my experience with THE THING, even if no one else understands and even if I am the only one that feels as I feel and thinks as I think and does what I do and is what I am….I will always remain true to myself and my self and trust in that, in PAPA’S WILL, as it is given to me to do and be so.


I was standing on the cemetery grounds….waiting…….The Reverend that had been hired to give the eulogy and gravesite service…and such…had been delayed in traffic and would be arriving a little late…no problem. My wife’s mother was to be buried right near her mother….’Big Grandma’ as she was lovingly referred to…..This woman hated me openly for many years…..i accepted it, for I realized that it was the reaction of her own fear that I was going to take her grand-daughter…and caretaker away…….

It’s not that my wife didn’t want to get away…it just wasn’t in the deal…..and here I was…again…come back after ten years with a passion and will to hold on and stay the distance…I wasn’t going anywhere….I asked GOD to pick out my wife for me, because, I admitted, I was obviously too stupid to pick out my own women……smile….and HE put us back together….after a near ten year marriage to…

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6 Responses to today

  1. Gunther says:

    thanks for sharing dear Brother,realy love your posts and you.Specialy this great experience of you…helping me open new skies to fly as One and give me feelings of being not alone while crossing skies to new Horizons, thank you.


  2. Brian says:

    i see your falcon and raise you an eagle…


  3. Elaine says:

    I understand it perfectly Kibo. The love, the acceptance, the forgiveness, the falcon but most of all our beloved Christ Michael. Thank you for re-posting this beautiful message. Love & Hugs


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