The whole of being is consciousness
The whole of consciousness is being
And all that is….. is one
And you are part of all that is
And so am i……..
Think not that there is anything in you that is not of GOD and with GOD
Know that GOD is all that you are
Within and without
It is all GOD all the time and everywhere, after all
You and GOD are one
It is simply the thought of it as your reality that you have yet to touch upon

We live our lives dealing with the distractions of the day
Whatever they may be in GOD
And what GOD is in us
And we consider it insane to say that we are gods
But we are
And our attention is turned away from who and what we are
And as we grow and evolve
We grow and evolve in consciousness
And as we find that core of our being
And turn ourselves inside out
We see…….
And the living of it is hard
For we are assailed by manufactured distractions
They flank us
Attack us
Assail us
Lie to us
Deceive us
And still we fight to make it to the goal of our full consciousness in GOD
You are one with and within GOD
GOD is one with and within you
Think that
Know that
As often as possible
Let that thought surround your distractions
And outflank them
Let it be that constant voice within you
Listen for it
All the time and everywhere
It is there
All around you
But it is inside you
Embrace you
Embrace it back
This world is but the reflection of what we have made ourselves as a whole
It is up to us as individuals to change this world
By changing our reflection
Our reflection in that great cosmic and celestial mirror
That we see when we think about GOD
And that GOD sees while it thinks about us…each of us and all of us
And when that image is the same
When we see what GOD sees
How hard it is……..but we must do our best
Think of me what you will
But ye are gods
Be gods on earth
Be GOD on Earth
It is for you to do and to be so
In light and love
And life, eternal and infinite……
And it is the same for you
As it is for those around you
But what you do with your consciousness is up to you
Just as theirs is up to them
Want what GOD wants
True Knowledge
As GOD gives, we receive
Be open to receiving
All that GOD has for you
You and GOD are each other, after all
That is all


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9 Responses to REMINDER

  1. quantum999 says:

    Hello… Kibo… anybody there?
    What is this, protest, barricades… or it’s just ‘me time’ with lots of red wine, Anime and good old songs…

    Wait, don’t tell me you finally found those energy chambers… and you didn’t say a word? You know it’s a big line up here for those. Anyway, if you are already upstairs give us a sign, or better yet, the place where we can find those chambers.

    We hope you are ok health wise.


  2. realkimsubin says:

    sex please
    i love you


  3. quantum999 says:

    Reminder… and that’s what you do, reminding everyone who we are, from where we’re coming from and where we are going to. This is your job here on this planet… and it’s pretty up there.

    While most of us know that we are God, here is another reminder: while in principle that’s true, we are not there yet. We are like princes of royal blood, but not kings yet. That tiny unit of Infinite Mind (God) in order to become a soul, has to forget everything… and its job from there on is to re-discover who it is. Only when it reaches a very high plane of existence, the soul is in ‘I Am God’ state. Everything is/comes from God or better: who or what is not God?



  4. sandra says:

    GOD IS ALL ARE WE ARE ONE ARE WE ARE ALL IS GOD…and that is ALL there is. Bless you these days and all the days kibo.


  5. ken says:

    AMEN,,,,,happy holy days, Holidays AMEN


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