pre-update #1


Well….let’s play catch-up, shall we?
Little Lucy is in tears……no doubt about it….desperation tantrums are being thrown out in every direction…….It’s hard to figure out to get people to believe you when they know that you lie all the time. The ability to admit that you lie but still feel like you’re lying when you say you’re lying is a difficult skill set and it layers itself upon itself over and over until all possible appearance of any truth that might have fallen from the mouth like unintentional drool is hardly noticed by the one speaking in the language of the abominable…..but can certainly be noticed and analyzed by those wary and aware ones that have spent a good part of their time studying the characteristics and tendencies and propensities of such as swell the ranks of the synagogue of satan………and every correct analysis is simply cause for more tears and tantrums………at some point the beast has to be put out of his misery……the only question there is how to treat something inhuman….humanely…..and yes…you should……
In the meantime…the gang…. [chuckle] those reckless and willing and mostly brainless morons, I mean…minions that do the bidding of Little Lucy as long as their pockets are lined with more than just their hands while they hold their private parts in ecstasy……[because it’s more fun that way……even mental masturbation needs help when the mental part is lacking…..y’know?]….they are in near total disarray bordering on total and tumbling to that border of insanity that makes them game in the great open season of The Great Divine Hunt.
THE GREAT DIVINE HUNT… a motherfucker…[yes…I said motherfucker…live with it….] It’s target is the great mother whore of all evil on this planet….and it is closing in….it will fuck her up and over until there is nothing left but a quivering mass of repentance……..any parts of that bubbling crude that are still resistant can be easily burned away…..the end remains that remain…having been exposed to the mundane and menial act, will then find itself glowing in the aftermath of true understanding of the true situation and meaning and devices and mechanisms and process(es) that made it all possible and probable and inevitable and come to realize and recognize and…accept…..that all things in creation are an act of love because creation is an act of love and only love can rule and only love can reign and only love is supreme and only love is enduring and only love is perpetual and only love is eternal and infinite and only love sustains and love exists in light and light rules and reigns and is supreme and is perpetually endures as eternity and infinity and sustains all that exists……..and thus the dark and ugly beast that, left to its own means and mind and devices and way and ways, would have died in the ignorance of its own darkness, is transformed into a creature of redemption in Divine Light and Love…ready to go forth into the greater creation as part and parcel of GODS WILL IN ITS VISION OF ITSELF IN PERFECTION OF BEING AND DOING IN WHICH ALL OF US ARE CREATED AND DESIGNED TO DO AND BE AS GOD IS….
And this is all of us learning through doing and being how to do and be so…through experienced for the sake of demonstration for the sake of the creations that we will establish in GOD, for GOD, by GOD, through GOD and only because we have reached that point in consciousness that allows us to recognize that we are GOD, being us and all things, everywhere….
And that we will be all of that, as well….as soon as we can learn how……..and then… and do… it has been given us to do in GOD, for GOD, by GOD, through GOD
Because of GOD
Even uncreated ones will find that they have been recycled into newer and better things…..except for that part where, because they have been recycled, there is nothing of the old them left to consider it….hopefully they shall rejoice in their new…original situation in the fullness of the new beginning that it offers…….there will be no reason for any of them not to…that being the case…moot point, I reckon…
And those of any of us that found that we deserved to start over as such things as grains of sand, or flowers, or blades of grass, or worms, or insects, or whatever way or shape or fashion or form would be best suited to our continued being in GOD…..should be wholly grateful that, at some point…we will get there…whole and more than whole….to be as GOD is and do as GOD does……and that, eventually…all of it will be recalled and made clear….there will be no question or questions after that…..nothing left to do but to rejoice in it……as it was and is and will be…….
Such is the Love and the Light and the Way of GOD in who and what GOD is and has always been and always will be
Hurry and go to the next post!!!!!!
Fun…… this not?
I hope so
If this is not fun for you
To follow all of this and gleefully go to the next clue in this great scavenger hunt for
I apologize…but there’s nothing more that I can do
Not about any of it
And little more that I can do for you otherwise
If you are not there yet
Keep travelling
Keep going
Do your best
And one day you will understand these words better
And they will be waiting for you…..
Until then
As they say in Korea….[smile]
As for the rest in the meantime
The next post is waiting…..
It isn’t going anywhere
And will be there at your pleasure
I aim to please as well as I can, after all………..all cussing aside…..heheheh……


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5 Responses to pre-update #1

    • kibodabi says:

      i’m just yelling……to people….


      • Candace says:

        It is the yelling that does not work with the dark. Nor does it work with the lighted It is just you yelling and not the inner you doing the divine teaching.


        • kibodabi says:

          Look…I appreciate what you’re trying to do…I get it…but you expect too much too soon….please to let this be what it is and become what it will be in its own time and place and pace. I have always written to whatever I am going through and that won’t change…that’s why I have the blog…it isn’t always going to be teaching, inner or outer…….what will be will be and my place in it will also be what it was always meant to be….there seems to be no escaping that…so I just keep walking to it like I’m supposed to………so just let me get there as PAPA sees fit to get me there…….that’s the best I can offer…..
          I get that I can’t please most people with what I write on this thing, I can live with that…..what I’ve written so far is more than enough for people to use and go far beyond what is offered on this blog, as it is supposed to be…….so there isn’t much more to say about any of it anymore anyway… far as I’m concerned……
          Please just to let me be who and what I am so that I can better be who and what I will be in this thing. As it is, this may all be a moot point very soon since, one way or the other, I will have to make choices that I had hoped to avoid……..ah well……so be it……


  1. ken says:

    AMEN ,,,moving right along AMEN,,, keepa ona trucking AMEN


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