The whole of creation is an act of will of an intelligence that is capable of such. Such a will, by definition, must be unlimited in all and every aspect of itself. Such a will must come with the appropriate consciousness…THE MIND…..to make such a thing as ALL AND EVERYTHING AS ONE THING, the reality that we refer to as ‘creation’.
Mind you, the very word ‘creation’ implies and denotes a creator……….
So exactly what is it that we are experiencing here?
What is it that we are….enduring….suffering…..having fun with……?
As I have stated many times: It’s all good in GOD because it’s all GOD all the time.
GOD IS ALL ARE WE ARE ONE ARE WE ARE ALL IS GOD….. [please to remember to write this in a circle where GOD is only written once….. God is written at the high 12 point and ONE is written on the low 6 point…..just sayin’….thank you]
So….where does that leave us…any of us and all of us, in this thing that we are trying our best [or not] to figure out…..life, the universe and everything…as it has been stated….?
Here is my take on the subject…if you will and please…to bear with me on this ….it is still hard to put the words together…..but I will do my best…….

That all and everything is a direct result…an effect of a single cause in the mind of The One that has established Itself as ITSELF/ITS SELF, that is being experienced as an infinite number of results and effects, that ….part of which…we, who are here…now… call and refer to as…our lives……
But our lives are but part and partial of THE ONE LIFE THAT IS GOD… and too many people have been manipulated into either never knowing or realizing this aspect of being, or denying it altogether…which is a shame, but there it is.
If we, as aspects, parts, imaginings, are to truly reach the fulfillment of our true potential as intelligent, free-will, ascending beings this with and within this One Life, then we are going to have to recognize the relationship that we have with IT.
IT is in us just as much as we are in IT.
This is an important point…….
Also, please to take into consideration that the whole of creation, from the largest object to the smallest, from that which is considered by us to be ‘empty space’ [how silly] to the densest of materials, still resides within the finest and most ephemeral of energies which is the first and foremost manifestation of the energies that exist within the ONE MIND……ultimatons…and it is possible that there is something finer and more ephemeral that even these…..but I have no data on that…soooo…….
That as it may….just under this condition, it is and should evident, to those that understand such things, that any and all beings and objects and all people, places and things, fall under the province of CREATOR…..SOURCE OF ALL SOURCES AND CREATOR OF ALL CREATORS…..which is referred to here as GOD.
We are all made from the very consciousness of GOD.
As such, we hold within us…….all of us…the very same qualities as our Creator. Again, I remind you that any hologram, that is broken in to any number of pieces, infinite even, all of them still hold the full image of the original hologram. If the original template of our very being is found within us, in full, then our only excuse in our not fulfilling that whole image within us as ourselves is our rejection of that fact and out denial to fulfill it to the very best of our ability to do so.
Again, I reiterate that all human beings are GOD on Earth.
And even still….even robotoids and those that are considered to be soulless vehicles of nothing more than…mindless minds…are all still made up of the same ultimatons as all things are…therefore, GOD is with and within them as well…..there is no escape from any of this…it is the true reality that we all live in.
We are GOD and GOD is who and what we are and all things are GOD and who and what all things are.
I would hope that you are asking yourself, at this point……okay…so what am I supposed to do with this?
Believe me….i have asked the same question many times….and I have learned the answer……
Acceptance is greater than understanding.
You cannot fully understand a thing until you can accept that the thing is what it is in the first place.
So it is
So shall it always be.
If you want to fully find and experience and exercise who and what you are in GOD and who and what GOD is in you
Then act like it………
Want it
Pursue it







as if there is nothing important to you than…..this:

fulfillment in and of GOD
Ask that part of GOD that is within you and with you and all around you
But most especially that which is within you
For the answers that you seek about yourself and GOD and all this….stuff that you are experiencing all around you…..
Once you have done that, choices will be made evident.
The choice concerning your attitude to and towards all of the things that are around you will be made more evident and clear.
The attitude that you should hold to and towards yourself will be made more evident and clear….
I highly suggest that you start from within and work your way out
That which is truly GOD in manifest form for the sake of experience and communication with all of ITSELF AND ITS SELF….
Does not just necessitate an acceptance of such…but a striving to understanding such as the reality of the way of life that you desire to live and to do and to be…….not just for your own sake…
For what is better for you than to live the will of the one that created you?
But also for GODS sake.
Consider the question of just why any and all of this exists?
It all exists for the sake of THE ONE that is experiencing and exploring all and everything about ITSELF for the simple sake of actually being and doing all that it can do and be.
I mean….really…wouldn’t you do and be the same if you could?
Well…..you can…and this is the way to doing and being that…..

In the center of the most hidden and quietest place within your mind resides that which is all that you truly are…….
The power that you are learning to wield is there
That being that is all and everything
That can do all and everything
That can be all and everything
It is there
In the center of your own mind
Do whatever you have to do to reach it
To communicate with it
To listen until you hear it
To seek until you find it
All within yourself and your self
It is there
I can guarantee it
Do and be whatever you have to do and be to reach it and embrace it and love IT as IT loves you.
Do whatever you have to do and be to communicate with IT as IT has always strived to communicate with you
And when you finally hear it
In the center of your being
You will know
And when you know
Really know
You have reached that place
Rejoice forever and forever
For you have arrived at that place of experience
That guarantees nothing other than success in this here and now that we are all experiencing
In getting…not just one leg over this matrix wall of separation and powerlessness that has been forced upon you to believe in….unless you fought it with all of your being…of course…..smile…
But both legs…and the rest of your bodies…spiritual, mental/astral and spiritual, over the wall of separation that keeps you from realizing and recognizing and working with and being with and becoming…finally…..GOD IN YOU AND YOU IN GOD….and all that GOD means and meant and will always and ever strive to get you to….absolute and supreme and ultimate unity……with and within and in…GOD
You have…like…forever to do so…
But really
After this bullshit that we have, and are still experiencing…in this here and now…in this place in time and space…which really means nothing…but still…here we are……

but really

I ask you

and ask yourself while you are at it…if you will…..
How long do you want to fucking take to get there?
Just asking
Don’t mind me
I’m a fucking idiot after all…as so many have agreed…..smile….
And still
I keep on trucking……..muahahahahaha
Love you all
Cya soon


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2 Responses to QM1

  1. Marja says:

    Great message Kibo, and very timely.
    I am re-reading at the moment PJ 21 – Creation, The Sacred Universe.
    In it Hatonn stresses how crucial it is that we should know and accept, in our hearts, this fact of who we are before the last days end.
    In 1990 he mentioned that it would happen in about 25 years of our time. – Here we are – 2015 – exactly 25 years later.
    It was always supposed to happen now – no real postponements or delays, just giving us time to wake up and realize, and take our positions/places in His and Papa’s Plan.

    I just have a little reservation to seeing myself as God with the big G. This to me implies that we are equals.
    I know that I am a cell in his body, sent to the physical reality to perform a certain job/jobs, but I can only see myself as the little, tiny, microscopic guy standing beside Him – a perfect copy, so there is no mistake I’m His child – but a lot of growing to do.
    When He speaks the reaction is invariably; ‘Yes Father, I’m listening’.
    This may give the impression to some that I’m separating myself from Him but it is not so.
    In PJ 34 – Phone Home ET – pg. 120, answer to question 5 – “you are a thought projection of God – but that thought gives you separation of function in your manifestation and if you do a good job He re-thinks you and if you act according to His projected laws, etc., you can become co-creator with and within that mind. If all you can do but find patience to wait upon God – the answers will flow.”

    In this physical world we are easily prone to ‘inflated ego’, which can take us the Lucifer and Caligastia way.
    No matter how high our position in the etheric world, we can fall on our faces like them.
    We are given increasing power as we go through our tests successfully but with it comes an increasing greater responsibility.
    Great vigilance must be observed/maintained at all times as the Dark brothers are prowling around to get us at the first sight of a weakness or inflated ego.

    We are told the PJs were given to us to clarify the confusion of messages and opinions that were becoming non- understandable.
    I confess I did not read them all, but enough to have noticed that every journal has pieces of the puzzles to the complete pictures of Who we are – Why we are here – What are we expected to accomplish before the end of the Cosmic Cycle – How does it fit the Plan being accomplished and What is the Plan.
    One journal does not have it all, but each journal has some pieces that add to the final picture and our role in it clearer.

    For those having difficulties in going within and communicating with the God Spark, Higher Self, Guardian Angel – there is help in PJ 34 – Phone Home ET – pg.88. Gives a nice explanation of how to do it using writing.
    Please do not use the computer for this activity, they are not safe. Use pen/pencil and paper, there is also a greater personal energetic connection in the writing.
    Write the question, wait a little and follow intuition in writing the answer – no thinking, analyzing or correcting.



  2. barbara says:

    GOD IS ALL ARE WE ARE ONE ARE WE ARE ALL IS GOD….. [please to remember to write this in a circle where GOD is only written once….. God is written at the high 12 point and ONE is written on the low 6 point…..just sayin’….thank you].

    For new readers and also as a reminder for all, here you can see the ‘image’:

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!


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