Still working on the aforementioned shit….bear with me…please…this shit ain’t easy….ok?
I am currently rereading/restudying Franz Bardon’s first work….”INITIATION INTO HERMETICS”
Look for it…it will be well worth your while if you can handle it….that is some hard shit to do and to be…trust me…..
I am here doing this
You’re there doing whatever it is that you are doing…..
And so it is
As it is……

Peace is peace
Peace is full and fulfilling and total and whole and absolute
In and of itself
As to war
War is a multilevel thing…….
At least here it is….
War is composite and ongoing
Consciousness on this planet has been hijacked
This is conscious and unconscious war

This is
Physical war
Mental war
Spiritual war
Astral war
War war
This is the for real deal when it comes to opposition to GOD and GOD’S WILL
This is it
This is the place and time where those that win
Win forever
And those that lose
Lose forever
There is no choice in that matter
It is what it is
And it is GODS WILL
So enuff said………
And we
We who are here fighting this war
Knowing and unknowing
Knowingly and unknowingly
We are dealing with it all as best we can
At best
This is a war of data, information, knowledge, consciousness
At worse it is a physical war
A war that kills wholly divine beings
Simply for the sake of doing so
It is murder
Pure, plain and simple
And it lends credulity and thought to the middle aged phrase
What if?
Sadly there are all too many that strive off of such shit
As the present situation can attest to…..
The whole thought of being a mercenary is a fucked up thing
Not to mention the ones that hire said mercenaries to do their bidding….
Strange days, strange people, strange actions and reaction
Strange causes and effects
And so it is
And we are dealing with it all as best we can….
In spite of the plethora of differing posts and opinions and suggestions as to whom and what we should believe and where we should place our faith and faiths……
I have seen the shit just grow in volume to the point where I even scream: REALLY!?

Commander cobra is asking for meditation in support of the refugees….
I, personally, would prefer a meditation to end the whole fucking crisis in the Mideast and North Africa and the world in general….
Cure the disease…do not just treat the symptoms…….but that’s me
Who gives a shit anymore what I have to say about anything?
Either way
I keep saying it….there must be a reason for all of that….i is sure there is….
And I know full well that reason
Fuck it
Let’s just keep going as I am designed to go
And do what I am designed to do
And be what I am designed to be
By THE ONE that designed me in the first place….
Good enough

I read
I read around
I have seen…..sigh and OMG…all kinds of stuff being put out there right now
There’s even one post on the net that claims that all and everything that we have been led to believe is false
All of it
The glf, ascension, new age, religion, ai, sphere alliance, ufo’s, and all and everything and all that we can count on is ourselves in all of this………even the whole cabal conspiracy thing is false and is all being put up by some…..thing that really owns all of this and just uses us as it will and there is no winning except that we can believe that we can overcome it…….maybekindasorta…I think…it’s hard to tell when I see such blatant bullshit…..
Ye…these are the times of desperation and desperate acts and actions from all sides…it seems
There is much ado about the end of this month…from the 23rd to the 28th and in-between and around….
There is much being said about * ahem * wave x….darkness forbid that any of us call it what it is….a Divine Wave of Divine Consciousness…….
There are those that say that all of that is a manipulation that ends in our further enslavement, as well
And then there’s the whole magnetic pole reversal thing
And all and everything that is being said///from me and them and us and AH and Salusa and Nidle and Wilcox and cobra…..and them and those and more….
It is all a jumble and differing experiences in THE ONE THING and all of it seems to have their own place in all of this and all of it matters in the process and what happens happens and it is what it is and can be no other way….apparently…because it is all GOD all the time and the will of The One is…above and beyond all other things and considerations…..and so it is
There are those that say that the Wave comes in parts…thirds…apparently…..
And those that are ready in the first wave will get both legs up
And we will see about the other two thirds as time goes by………
There is much talk of arrests and disclosure and a jubilee and the end of the dark ones influence among and upon us…….
And yet
This whole thing is a matter of consciousness in THE ONE
We are all GOD ON EARTH
We are all learning how to act and to play that part that we truly are in all of this
And there are those of us that accept and deny and reject and those of us that don’t really give a fuck…we just want to be happy and fulfilled……
Hey…I don’t blame any of them……..
But…it is up to you to decide who and what you are and want to be in all of this
And what to think and feel about it all and what to believe
And who to believe in
And so on and so forth
Hey…don’t count on me
I am considered an insane idiot in this thing
I drink and smoke and play shooter games and watch anime and Korean dramas with glee and understanding…..
I work below my material potential
I am unacceptable
I curse
I scream
I shout
I fuck with people
Oooohhhh…I fuck with people
It doesn’t matter that there are reasons for all of this and that
This is what I am and do and be….
There is nothing to be done about any of it
I am and do and be what I am designed to do
No matter my point of origin
I am here to fulfill being a human being becoming a finaliter becoming my God self
Being totally and absolutely and supremely and ultimately
Who and what I am and who and what I am designed to be and do
By the will of that one life that is the only life that truly exists
But that’s my take on it
You do what you want
Don’t mind me……or do
It’s all up to you
Who and what you accept yourself as being
And what you do while you are being the thing that you believe your self to be and should be doing…
That you are distracted by this world should not be an obstacle
That is why you are here
To learn in spite of all the bullshit
To evolve and grow and become who and what you are
And all that you are designed to be
Above and beyond all of the bullshit distractions of life on this planet with and in this system of things as it fails and falls apart….which is really the fun part to me…personally
Watching it all fall apart…….such an experience!!!!!!
But I digress……
We will see what we will see when we finally see it and experience it, as well
Until then
Figure it out for yourself as you see fir and experience whatever consequence comes with your final answer in this great test of life and being and existence and everything from this….thoroughly peculiar perspective and perception of it all from your own, unique, individual witnessing of it…..what you do with all of this and that that you know is your life as you want and think and feel and have decided about concerning just how you want it to be……this is it….you will receive what you receive based upon your full and complete knowledge of all and everything that you have experienced and what you paid attention to and what you expect and what you want and what you need and what you feel and all of your causes and effects and why and wherefore and when and for what……..
And we will all have to answer for all of the reasons that we let whatever affected us from the outside, to become the changes that we made and used and became on the inside…..and who and what we have become that we have made of ourselves and all of that along with our reasons for being manipulated into that by whatever others we felt that we had no choice but to submit to……..
I hope you see where this going……..i really do…….
Put this in your consideration pipe and smoke it…..chew the chaw…if you will…or not…
Go and chew somebody else’s chaw….if you will….
Bes to find your own brand to chew and chaw and smoke…. And take in and make part of you what is you….
And when the time finally comes and they ask you why and how and when and where and for what and for whom…….
Be ready
Be prepared
To answer as best you can……
Enuff said for now
This is hardly a finished paper or post
But then again
None of us are hardly finished in our journey back to God in perfection made perfect through experience in GOD and GODS experience of ITSELF in us……are we?


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2 Responses to PEACE AND WAR

  1. Elaine says:

    I Love You Kibo. I’m SOOOO tired and you my darling must be EXHAUSTED. However, we keep on keepin’ on as they say. You bring Sunshine on a Cloudy Day my friend. Thank you for all you say and do. We out here in KIBODABI land stand with you all the way. 🙂


  2. sandra says:

    Good word, processing. It sums it all up for me. When I feel that my brain has taken it all in, I look some more and more shit happens. Ok, bring it on. I AM what I AM. I say aloud every moment that my feeble brain remembers it : I will follow my path with DIVINE GUIDANCE today. Thank you Kibo.


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