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Feb. 23, 2015

12/31/98 KORTON

Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in the Light of God of Light to continue my discussion of that which can help you better understand–and thus overcome–the enemy in your midst.

I ended the previous discussion [in last week’s issue of CONTACT] pointing out some specific examples of how the Khazarian-Zionist-Bolshevik so-called “elite” controllers utilize the media to program and condition you ones for their heinous plans of world domination through what you call the New World Order.

The media is utilized mainly to allow you to accept the power structure the dark forces have already in place. An example of this is such as the Royal Family of England. By always presenting a pious face and “just” actions (in public, of course) the so-called commoners feel obligated to follow and take orders from the polished nobility. And the film Elizabeth reminds all of you that the Bolshevik-run British-Israel monarchy (known as “The Firm” in MI-6 and the “Order of the Garter” in other inner circles) is best suited for the job of governing the masses.

This is especially true IF an earthshaking event happens to come along and disrupt your daily lives of boredom and ignorance in a society you believe is under the people’s control. And that brings us to disaster movies.

The common theme in these disaster films is always the mention of Martial Law immediately coming into effect at the outset of the featured dilemma. By doing this, the masses become accustomed to hearing the words. Thus, when more laws, with ever increasing encroachments upon your basic human rights, as guaranteed you by the Constitution are added almost weekly (most without you ever knowing about them), you accept this ever tightening noose as your government doing what is necessary to protect its citizens. The best war to wage against a people is one where the people are unaware they are being attacked!


Can you fight such a battle against an adversary who completely dedicates his existence to your demise? Ask your Native American brothers. They have withstood great and overwhelming opposition and persist to this day against enormous negative pressures. These people are your key to reclaiming your upward path out of the pit of darkness. There is also an opportunity for YOU (I speak of Whites, Blacks, and any others who took up arms against these goodly aboriginals) to right a wrong that was perpetrated against the Native Americans when they welcomed the “invaders” to THEIR paradise that you now call YOUR home.

The Native Americans have won a great victory with the casino legislation that allows them to remain sovereign on what’s left of their lands (reservations–land you did not want to live on) AS A NATION within a nation. This demonstrates how you still have power despite the efforts of the Khazar-Jew and Roman-Italian mobsters who would reinstate the rule of a Caesar or Khazar Kagan. Their power IS, at present, all-encompassing–as your Bible told you it would be in these “Ending Times”.

However, God is the well from which ALL draw their power. So it is helpful to keep that in mind and consider that there are more Godly recipients of His Grace than there are evil ones looking to trick and manipulate for greed and gain. So it stands to reason how you do indeed have the advantage–WHEN YOU KNOW THESE THINGS AND ACT WITH WISDOM.

When you ones unite as the Native American original residents and custodians of America have proven they can do–EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE FEW IN NUMBER–you can slay the beast that threatens to devour your people and your lands.

The “nation” of Islam can do exactly the same as the Native Americans did with regard to declaring themselves SOVEREIGN. The State Department has to recognize sovereign claims within their territory because your Constitution is still OFFICIALLY recognized. However, you must use the tools of international corporations and self-governing statehoods precisely the way the Israeli Khazars have done in Palestine.

Are they the only ones to use corporations in this manner? No. Go back in time to the infamous Khazarian exploitation machine called The British East India Company.

That monster was the first corporation to fully utilize this method of doing business. However, instead of using it to safeguard the sovereignty of the company and its shareholders and partners (as it was outwardly designed to protect its share-holders from lawsuits and provide some measure of privacy), it became the “protection” for the biggest drug empire your world has ever seen.

Opium from the British East India Company has destroyed entire countries and rendered many peoples and their cultures devastated to the point where they still have not yet recovered. The fortune of the British Crown was founded upon plunder gathered from all over the world, but its great unfathomable wealth came from the drug trade.

(As an aside here, it would be wise to keep this exploitation situation in mind, especially as concerns what the Khazarians did to China through the British East India Company, when considering the determination behind the present gathering of forces from China and Russia against this dark parasitic cancer upon your world. Let us just say that there is good reason certain ones have had enough of the cancerous blight!)

Your adversary uses these “legal” corporate instruments to do evil. However, by their own use of these things in the world of international commerce, the loopholes they operate within MUST also apply to other sovereign nations who wish to live and function within and under the apron of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Do you see how the game is played?

This is what the Master Teacher meant by “being as wise as the serpent, yet as peaceful as the dove”. We too have game pieces that match those which the deceivers use. However, ours are for the benefit of you-the-people and not for a few self-styled, self-appointed “chosen” so-called “elite” of their puppets.

Shelters Across America, Inc. is the name of a corporation that allows for the building of survival-fallout shelters for the sovereign nations that operate within the territorial united States. But since your secret rulers do not wish for THE PEOPLE of the united States to survive even strains (man-created) of the flu–much less fallout from a few atomic bombs (by errant cruise missiles, let us say), then it is up to the sovereign nations to protect their people, regardless of what the Bolsheviks who have taken over in Washington may wish.

Your non-news outlets fail to mention the fact that the sovereign “state of Israel” has armed itself to the teeth against so-called Arab enemies, nor do these same media puppets ever mention the elaborate shelter systems in Israel to protect their people against chemical, biological, and nuclear attack.

Once you have safety shelters–whether they are simple, with only the bare necessities, or elaborate domed living and working spaces, with underground gardens for food, etc.–nuclear war becomes a less effective tool for annihilation strategies.

So, when incredible opposition to building safety shelters in the U.S. comes, and all sorts of reasons are presented why you cannot have them (and you evaporate the excuses as fast as the Khazarian lawyers present them to the judge), inevitably “national security” arguments are invoked; this allows them to win ANY argument and not even give you an excuse as to why you lose out.

Anything having to do with “intelligence” comes under a whole different set of rules about which “civilians” are not informed. This is how the Bolshevik-Zionists have gotten as far as they have in your government. By using intelligence agencies and “national security” excuses, your country has been delivered into the hands of the dark deceivers. You lost a war and you didn’t even know who the enemy was.

Now you are being readied for execution through a Global Tribunal that makes decisions behind closed doors regarding your fate. And yet you do not have the security clearance to attend in your defense! My, what a tangled mess your enemy has created to “have it all”.
{Please to be informed about the TPP………just sayin’….[kibo note}
However, with every one of the adversary’s legal (but still unlawful) schemes, THERE WILL BE LOOPHOLES–backdoors he uses, lest his plans fall short of their intended goals within your civilization and culture.

The idea of testing through an adversarial element, in principle, is not such a bad concept, for originally this is why evil was introduced to your Earth in the first place. To where did you think God-Aton banished the Bad Boy’s flock? He certainly wouldn’t allow them free reign of the cosmos, now would He? This is just like Britain originally did with Australia–flooding that island with criminals. The Earth domain was the prison for those who chose not to follow the Universal Laws of God and The Creation.

Why would God allow evil to be housed in the same domain as His Lighted Creations? Again, for the testing and growth available through the adversarial teachers associated with schoolroom Earth.

This is what EVOLUTION is: the opportunity for growth into goodness or wholeness. And MAN, as a whole, is the perfect reflection of God, no more and no less. It is this physical shell, which is subject to evil manipulation and SENSED negative tendencies, that gets you into so much trouble. When you allow the Spirit-Mind to control the body–and not be controlled by the ego-mind–you will then be ready to come back into the ONE (or at least be on the right path) and you will not longer be tempted by the dark ones.

And then there are no more “victims” to be had on this schoolroom, due to your growth; the dark ones too will have to reexamine their purpose, and may well see the nurturing nature of that One who created them, and wish for something “better”. Though their “better” may still be many levels below more evolved beings, in the ending of the Great Universal Cycle, when all things come back into the One, ALL will be worthy of God’s acceptance into His “mansion”.

In the meantime, there are many different mansions because you are all at different levels of growth and it is HOW you handle your lessons of opposition–especially those from your fellow “students” or adversaries–which determines which level you go to next.

That is why you must learn all you can about what is being done to you, so that you can plan and act accordingly, and make the most of your present experience. The “game” is won through knowledge and effort, and not just through good intentions.

Thus, in order to circumnavigate the intricate maze of legal loopholes utilized by your secret rulers and treasons lawmakers, you will have to function according to the rules of the game. The laws of the land are just as important (to you) as are the Laws of God and the Laws of The Creation.

Your society must have order if you are to learn how to function in the Higher Order of God’s Rhythmic and Balanced Celestial Realms. You do not, for instance, go from preschool to a prestigious university, skipping the grades in between; and neither do you skip lessons on how to confront an adversary who strategically tries to destroy you.

The need to operate your personal and business affairs so as to be security proof is of paramount importance. The “Esquires” (the British-Israel term for “lawyers”) will try every trick they can conjure up to prevent you from having the opportunity to protect yourselves. I assure you, provisions are being drafted as these words are being typed to explain why it is not in the best interest of the people to have affordable shelters.

(And remember something about the cunning and power of these “Esquires” that has enormous impact already upon your government and which has been covered many times in these pages: They are the ones who removed from public circulation your original Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and replaced it with the present one. The original provision essentially bars lawyers and attorneys from HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE. Could you just imagine a Congress, for instance, which was free from lawyers, where legislation was constructed in a common-sense mode by hard-working people drawn from PRODUCTIVE walks of life?! Yes, your United States Congress is a far cry from that ideal at this dark time! The truth behind all those lawyer jokes should make you all quite uneasy.)

Shelters Across America, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is the dba (doing business as) or trade name for Space Command Intelligence Corporation. This allows sovereign nations and individual Americans–doing business with a corporation that is providing shelters for its people–to do so behind the same blanket of “national security” that the Khazarian-Jewish Mossad uses. Should one group of “chosen ones” have exclusive rights to survival over another? Do you Christians not deserve the same privileges and special treatment afforded to so-called “Jewish” America, especially when it is you who foot the bill?

Do we have to play these games with the adversary? No, but if you wish to be prepared for what is planned, it is important to become familiar with the plans of those who are your sworn and PROVEN enemy. I will let you be the judge of HOW WELL you should play the game.

In my next lecture I shall present a 2000-year-old plan which is the “protocol” for the Khazarian “foot soldiers”. This treatise by an Asian (remember the Khazar tribes are of Nordic, Turk and MONGOL heritage) warlord is the secret “bible” for the Global Intelligence groups.

Korton to standby. Salu.


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, 1999, Volume 23, Number 7, Pages 17-18.

Click to access 010599.pdf

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


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  1. Blake says:

    thanks Kibo, Korton,
    … great reminder of well the evil state of planet sheeple. sorry not to see this on certain other sites that carry your stuff. we are all so clueless… anyhow just thought i would post a quick shot of what they say on the net about TPP transpacific partnership (Orwell anyone?… not my partners thanks anyway)

    Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages and Higher Drug Prices

    Have you heard? The TPP is a massive, controversial “free trade” agreement currently being pushed by big corporations and negotiated behind closed doors by officials from the United States and 11 other countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.
    The TPP would expand the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) “trade” pact model that has spurred massive U.S. trade deficits and job loss, downward pressure on wages, unprecedented levels of inequality and new floods of agricultural imports. The TPP not only replicates, but expands NAFTA’s special protections for firms that offshore U.S. jobs. And U.S. TPP negotiators literally used the 2011 Korea FTA – under which exports have fallen and trade deficits have surged – as the template for the TPP.
    In one fell swoop, this secretive deal could:

    offshore American jobs and increase income inequality,
    jack up the cost of medicines,
    sneak in SOPA-like threats to Internet freedom,
    and empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards.
    expose the U.S. to unsafe food and products,
    roll back Wall Street reforms,
    ban Buy American policies needed to create green jobs,

    Although it is called a “free trade” agreement, the TPP is not mainly about trade. Of TPP’s 29 draft chapters, only five deal with traditional trade issues. One chapter would provide incentives to offshore jobs to low-wage countries. Many would impose limits on government policies that we rely on in our daily lives for safe food, a clean environment, and more. Our domestic federal, state and local policies would be required to comply with TPP rules.

    The TPP would even elevate individual foreign firms to equal status with sovereign nations, empowering them to privately enforce new rights and privileges, provided by the pact, by dragging governments to foreign tribunals to challenge public interest policies that they claim frustrate their expectations. The tribunals would be authorized to order taxpayer compensation to the foreign corporations for the “expected future profits” they surmise would be inhibited by the challenged policies.

    We only know about the TPP’s threats thanks to leaks – the public is not allowed to see the draft TPP text. Even members of Congress, after being denied the text for years, are now only provided limited access. Meanwhile, more than 500 official corporate “trade advisors” have special access. The TPP has been under negotiation for six years, and the Obama administration wants to sign the deal this year. Opposition to the TPP is growing at home and in many of the other countries involved.


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