In chess… the more moves you can think ahead, the better your strategy and chances of winning….

In checkers….it is important to seize any and every opportunity to take advantage of your opponent…

Seize the moment and pray that you haven’t been set up for a double or triple jump, in return……


In chess, as you think ahead in moves, you also have to consider the options, choice and probable moves of your opponent, and plan ahead accordingly for all of that, as well…….

In checkers…if you see it coming, you look for an alternative and if there is one…..maybe you will look again to see if there is more to it…but usually, you just take it and see where it leads and waiting to plot your next move based upon what your opponent does next……

In chess, if there is a timer, as in regulation play, you know that you must have a set agenda of attack and defense to begin with, as well as a thorough knowledge of alternatives and responses to the methods used by your opponent.  You must know the history of the game and be able to move and countermove, based upon the acknowledged outcomes of past experiences with a mind and eye open to new moves made in spontaneous moments of inspiration…if you opponent is so gifted….and if you are so gifted, alone or as well…….play your best, but do so conservatively, so as not to tip off your opponent until the moment arises that , when doing so, it will already be too late for your opponent to do anything about it but lose as graciously as possible….or not….

In checkers, you must make it fully and completely, all the way across the board, to the last row of your opponents side, in order for the victorious piece to be made into a king…which may then travel the whole board, at will, in a straight line and conquer all in its path, as best it can…….

In chess, any pawn, that of the lowest designation on the board, that arrives at the end of the board on the opponents side, is thereby remade into and empowered as a queen, and may travel the board at will, in a straight line, taking whatever pieces it may find in its path, as best it can……

In checkers….kings can jump and double jump and triple jump and so on and so forth, at will and as best they can, according to the rules

In chess, the queen must remain in the place where the opposing piece was taken,,,,,,

In both games….support is crucial for success……

In checkers…the owner of the last piece that is left on the board, wins…..

In chess,…winning fully depends upon the cornering and obvious take down of the opposing king…no matter how many pieces are on the board and no matter which piece, no matter how low or high in stature or rank, is the one that will finally take the king down…..there is that which is known as stalemate, where the king has nowhere that it can move without being taken and conquered in defeat….

At that point the game is concede and the cornered king surrenders and the game is won anyway…..

In checkers…all that matters is who owns the last piece standing on the board…….

Someone is playing checkers while their opponent is playing chess………and vice versa……

The loser…….wants to switch games…but is losing there, as well……..

They then decide to play both games at once….but now the original loser of one game is losing at two games…….

The loser now wants to call a three sided game with all of the pawns in the middle

But it is revealed to them that that game has already been  and is being played…..and that they, themselves are already a piece on that board….and that they are on the losing side……

So be it and so it is….


Such tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth

Did they not read the rules beforehand?

Or did they just wing it

This is what you get when the assist takes over because their master quit in the middle of the game and declared it already lost….and surrendered

And the assistant refused to bow down and took on the game for themselves

But this is a much too complicated game for the likes of them

And so they lose at every turn

And now

Here we are

Checkmate with a bunch of checker pieces and the last piece on the losing side has nowhere to go but off the board


The board is nailed down…no thrashing it up and off the table here…..

That’s a waaay old trick…by the way…….

So is the dog in the sleeve…..or is that a snake?

Doesn’t matter….the other dog will bite whatever comes out…..

Good dog, winner!   Who’s a good boy?  You are!  Yes you are!

Who loves you?  Daddy does, that’s who!!!!

Oh you’re such a good boy!!!

You just bit the crap out of that snake, didn’t you?

Yes you did!

How’s about a tummy rub?

And a nice, big, juicy, meaty bone?

Oh yeah…… here you go boy!  Chow down!

You deserve it!

Don’t worry about the other sleeve…

We’ve got something up our own sleeve for that…..heheheheheh


All’s fair in love and war…right?

Well…this is both……..

Figure it out….

Enuff said for now

There are other games being played that are waaay higher than ye ones down here can even think about……so no worries there

Your worries here…however….are just about over one way of the other……

Who and what you bet on is up to each and every one of you….as you choose….

Your will, their will or GODS WILL






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3 Responses to CONNECT FOUR

  1. sandra says:

    Watching a game of chess can be exciting (not a big fan of sports, though). Thanks for the wonderful highlights, dear one.How stupid are the losers to think they can win against CMAton? I placed ALL my bets (not money, PRAYERS) on the winning team. Go, LOVE, Go!


  2. Blake says:

    thanks Qibo,
    i believe that you mentioned that the oft referenced third hand of the chess game was somehow including the undecided people in the game between , as we call it, good and evil..? the sleeple hardly seem like part of the game..? perhaps as an unconscious game force?…
    boy did i love chess and even checkers, made city (chess)champion…
    you might want to edit this: In checkers, any pawn, … you meant “In chess, any pawn, etc.
    i Do find the unwillingness to see reason when you have no fate but uncreation or … well survival .. perlexingly foolish. i mean one would think that quite a few would choose survival at the last moment… there is much i don’t really understand.


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