rooftop / read me first

Read me first……..

I was up until 5 am doing the last post for the rooftop set and I’ve had 3 hours sleep and I’m vibrating with energy and I hate that because I know I’ll be wasted later and I’ll have to go to work…sigh……
I owe great and sincere apologies to the people that helped me out this past month…I never seem to get thank you emails out in a timely manner and I always feel guilty about that. I wouldn’t still be here with a place to work called home if it weren’t for you people so please forgive me…I know I’m a bad dog [sheepishly innocent grin here]] and I’ll get them out soon…..i think I still haven’t gotten over the sense of being a burden on people so it’s still hard for me and I apologize for that, as well………
But the whole month of july has been a mess and things are happening faster and faster and keeping up, even in thought is becoming stranger and stranger and my mind is in so many places at once……..sigh…and I still have to get the next video done and that’s been driving me crazy…..nevermind…yes, I know…..
So many people have been staying here for the past several weeks that it’s hard to balance all the energies……which is another thing…’s hard to work with energies when they’re constantly changing….and I need all the balance I can get [smile]
What’s coming is coming and so much depends upon our own energies and most of us are having our energies manipulated in some form or fashion…to go with the intended flow of dark aspirations…’s hard to keep your head above water……
And it’s scary
It’s scary for everyone right now….
Everything is subject to huge and instant change and fast change and slow change at the same time…potentials are off the charts…..
It’s scary for the dark, who are watching it all slip away and are pondering the consequences….
It is scary for the sleeping that have no clue of the reality behind the veil and the movie in front of their faces is scary as hell and just won’t let up……..
It is scary for the lightworkers [employees of Divine Light] who are working to get final victory to take hold and stick…
And even then…..there is ascendancy and adjudication and the world and age and circumstances to come are all unknowns…..
Oh it’s great and nice to talk about how wonderful it will be…but do we really know where we’re going or are we just reading the travel brochures? We know it’s better, but it better because it comes without all the things we are used to in this life so far and even with all the bad stuff gone, there is stuff we liked and stuff we didn’t mind and stuff we enjoyed that may not or will not be there…..and those we loved must go and do and be what they must go and do and be and none of us can change another’s placement in all of this and there will be gain and loss everywhere……..
Can we see this through?
It takes a great deal of faith and trust in the Divine to truly want what IT has to offer, without hesitation or reservation, not to mention regret….it’s a brave new world and will truly be the land of the free and the home of the brave……do we qualify?
This is a journey to a place where only the bo-de-o doe can go y’know…..or so said an old rap I used to listen to before that all went bad…….
I pray more can step up to the challenge and win, but don‘t we all win in the end of the new beginning?
We will all go to the place and circumstances best suited for us and we will all know how and where and why, when the time comes for all that to happens……
Be strong
Be loving
Be of open mind and heart
Be of good and great spirit
Be calm
Be in light
Be with GOD
Be your self
And whatever happens
Fear not for GOD is with you
All of you
Holding you in love’s embrace
Behold and be held by GOD
And let go of the rest….
What serves you in GOD will stay
And what doesn’t… don’t need anyway
Accept the change and the outcome in grace….i could go on and on and on with the pep talk
Just….you can do this this
We can do this
We’re doing it
You’re doing it
Keep doing it………..


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3 Responses to rooftop / read me first

  1. kob3145 says:

    I feel that many something is coming up.
    Thanks Dear Kibo^^


  2. sandra says:

    Thank you usual you have the words that I was thinking, yes, a little fear but in His Hands we are comforted.


  3. Mariza says:

    Obrigada, Kibo.
    Deus te abençoe.


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