We are always asking people to become more involved in this experience and process and, at times, great discussions are held in the comment sections…please feel free to have a looksee and add your own selves to the conversation…

We all teach/learn with and from each other, so it would be very wonderful if you would find and post in the replies, your own questions and answers to the questions and answers that you find…philosophies, thoughts, concepts, critiques and criticisms…we want it all…what you think/feel has great value and could really help! You should really add your own voice to all of this and I would appreciate it, as well as others, if you seriously did so with thought and purpose…….SO STEP UP TO THE MIC AND SAY SOMETHING!

if we can get enough people to do this, we can make a separate
page out of it and have a kind of mini=forum and see if we can make that work out to the best for all involved.


KIBO[c’mon and put some cents/sense in the pot]DABI


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  1. kibodabi says:

    okay…..I need to post this as I stand corrected…..actually i’m laying down in bed right now[grin]….but I am told by Candace that I misunderstand the density/dimension relationship thing and I have to defer to Candace when it comes to stuff like this because I am still learning and there’s a reason she’s my immediate supervisor in this thing……..and it actually does make greater sense this way…
    without further ado:

    “Kibo you are teaching densities and dimensions BACKWARDS… dimensions are levels of consciousness within DENSITIES… I have been clear on this several times even with our readers.

    WE are forever a 2nd Density evolutionary Planet. We cannot be a architectural sphere. ever… the 7 mansions worlds are all 3D. Jerusem and other system capitals are 4D,, constellations are 5D and Salvington university 6D of Nebadon 6D and I assume this applies generally to all Local Universe headquarters groupings.

    All Densities, which related to matter and vibration are , starting at 3D and above are architectural spheres having more refined elements and energy systems . We are an evolutionary planet and cannot attain this.. as to the planet… We can rise only in dimensional consciousness, not Density but obviously the matter of earth does become less Dense, but it doesn’t change ever to a 3D architectural world…which as 200 elements. The central universe has 1000 elements.. if you can modify your posts on your blog you need to change this portion or re write an reply. I assume you can modify your posts there but I don’t know how these work. If not make a correction. If somebody else posted that, forgive me , being the middle of the night and a strange return from above.

    We are going to be consistent on this and this was CM’s personal teaching to me several years ago. its 1 am in the morning and I was awakened yet again at 11:11. its often that or 3:33. I have to be in bed lately at 9 pm sharp… ”

    one has to make sure that one is doing the best one can and when one is mistaken…one must accordingly and correct one’s self….so that such stuff doesn’t build up…….that stuff can be really hard to remove once it dries. lol…….
    we do our best to stay on top of things and constantly go over it all on a regular basis just to make sure……..this is why I crave input so much……..teach/learn/teach/learn/teach/learn, repeat…….thanks!


  2. Candace says:

    NOT an alien sticking his head out…..


  3. Melody says:

    YEA – Check this out, flying high and caught, caught, caught in the act, ie our galactic friends got caught.

    Melody reports gold found in 2 neighbors house water lines in Montana and reports prior reading another report of gold found in chemtrail analysis. Then the yadi yadi.

    Kibo says to Melody: “i know nothing of Gold in chemtrails…” Yadi, Yadi. Then Kibo says, “….so i’ll have to wait of the reports for the gold particles in air and water……..and the perceived damge that they deem should be done by it……..I dunno……should be interesting…….”

    Melody says, hey may be just Montana. More yadi yadi.

    Check this out, a Galactic, probably G/F in this case, holding an object, it’s head (or suit) and object seen above the space craft, Yep over Montana. Now we know those ships have a hatch on top. The Galactic Friend, holding the object, scooping air or some type of equipment or instrument doing an analysis. Man below follows the UFO filming and it stays in the air for quite a while, over Trout Creek. Does this mean the G/F was checkin out Montana’s air for gold in the chemtrails? Now how Frickin Cool is that, where’s that smiling Happy Face icon.

    Alien Head Sticking Out Of UFO On Google Earth Map, Photos And Video
    Friday, June 13, 2014 22:29

    Scott Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily, says, “I got a report from a guy in Newfoundland and he found a UFO on Google Earth in the Trout Creek, Montana area. I investigated it and took a few screenshots which revealed something that was not first apparent…there is an alien head sticking out from the UFO! Look carefully at the shading and curvature around the head and you will know its real.”

    UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.


    • kibodabi says:

      good enough…still have to check out the video[s]…but good enough….
      but it raises more questions than answers……..
      and for me
      I have to ask
      just who is putting the gold in the air and water?
      does it help or damage?
      I know that there have been ‘sources’ that have stated that the GFL
      is counter seeding against the chemtrails and that their chemtrail capabilities have been severely curtailed….yet it seems to be still continuing
      if that video of the plane still spraying as it lands
      is any indication……….

      so who is doing what with what and for what?
      I simply don’t have enough data to make an informed decision on it.
      if I am of the mind to think/feel that the GFL is the gold inclusion party in order to activate certain DNA strands and sequences………it will only sound like so much gobbledygook until there is something more concrete to go on.
      If it is the cabal[s]….for what purpose? The aluminum and other toxic metals aren’t enough?
      it is apparent that gold has not been included until recently and to have enough to spray just around Montana would take quite a bit…which is valuable…..and the cabal[s] need all the gold they can get their hands on just to pay to keep their bullshit up
      so their wasting such resources to do this doesn’t make much sense to me…personally…but that’s me…
      with all the ways they employ to murder the general population, they add a badly needed, dwindling resource [dwindling for them]
      it is a possibility that it could be the GFL…since they can synthesize/replicate all the gold they need and want for whatever purposes…….
      until I have something more concrete to go on…the best I can do is speculate in good faith.


      • Melody says:

        July 9, 2013
        Chemtrails: Aluminum or Monatomic Gold? 3
        Chemtrail, Global Warming

        Monoatomic gold as medicine-header


        ORMEs, an acronym for “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements” are “monatomic elements”, also called “ORMUS elements” or “m-state elements, are atoms which comprise a substance in which its atoms are not bound to each other (called a monatomic state). They constitute a newly discovered form of “exotic” matter with entirely different physical properties from normal elements. They are thought to produce incredible physical and mental health benefits when ingested and are already on the consumer product market. Monatomic gold is believed to have been eaten by the ancient Egyptians and was depicted to be a food of the gods which would assist the Egyptians in unlocking their innate mental and spiritual abilities. The discovery of monatomic elements has so far received little mainstream attention, but is expected to become an important subject in the future. Some have even said that this discovery may constitute the uncovering of the esoteric “Philosopher’s Stone” of enlightenment. (source)



        Comment 7/12/2013: On 7/9/2013, AP financial news on ALCOA suggested the demand for aluminum has fallen regardless the impression that chemtrails and chem-dumps continue unabated: This is consistent with the story that covert geoengineerng, military and NATO operations are moving away from aluminum as a primary ingredient in aerosols dumps and chemtrails. — HWS

        By Rich Buckley

        Response to the post “The Secret Space War – Beyond Black National Security”

        Rich Buckley MugThe Air Force Owning the Weather in 2025 (Chemtrails) is reported to be making a huge strategic change in the chemicals being dropped on us from Aluminium based aerosols to mono-atomic gold (aka monatomic). Briefly, what this massive geoengineering experimental weapons science project is about to create has far greater consequences than even the Air Force may realize. I’m suddenly enthused.

        David Hudson, a little farmer out west tumbled on monatomic gold processed on his farm, when trying to figure out how to enhance his soil productivity, about 20 years ago. Monatomic Gold properties are most unusual. The difficulty of working with monatomic gold is to properly identify the powdery white substance to begin with. It’s spectral analysis (according to Hudson) reads like silicate aluminum and silicate aluminum ingested by humans in the quantities needed for the gold to reach a state of super conducting, flux-flow coherence, would be fatal.

        The Air Force for the past two decades has been dumping toxic hydrolized aluminum oxide into our atmosphere in a complex science-art of weather manipulation and advanced weapons systems (Chemtrails and HAARP) and are now changing to dumping gold in its monatomic state. I have no idea what wisdom prompts the powers that be to move into dumping monatomic gold but the results could be profound evolution of the human specie.

        David Hudson has been outside the US and field testing his theories in South East Asia for the past 12 years. Most importantly monatomic gold is a super conductor at room temperature, i.e., it super conducts at body temperature. Other than possibly silver, which Hudson has not analysed, monatomic gold ingested by humans, according to David’s field research, eventually reaches critical mass in the human body at which time the individual atoms of gold suddenly, all at once, all align themselves into a super conducting coherence pattern throughout the human body including our brain and begins to flux flow in a Meisner Field. Once this state of coherence is reached in the human body, according the Hudson, we are physically transformed.

        What this means is that each human reaching critical mass should no longer require food, not because we are dead, but because we are super-conducting and charging our bio-electric network and nervous system needs directly from the Earth’s natural power grid. The consequences range far beyond a foodless state of being.

        Dave Hudson’s theory from his field research is simple: when the monatomic gold commences superconducting, the gold mass itself is directly existing in two planes, our physical 3-dimensional plane of space-time that we experience in normal awake-state life, and simultaneously in a higher dimensional plane of time-space, or the Akashic plane. You won’t believe the range of effects David reports from his field investigative research.

        Access to the Akashic plane is beyond description. Some adepts who have reported entering the Akashic in deep meditation say all knowledge is available to the seeker for its mere asking. Think the question and the answer is already there in your mind. The closest most of us get to this state is perhaps in deep sleep, and then we usually do not realize anything unusual has occurred unless we happen to study lucid dreaming.

        In our culture we would call this state of flux flow coherence-experience as “speaking directly to God,” and not hallucinating. In other ancient cultures predating even the Hammurabi Code, going back to the earliest records found in Egyptian tombs, monatomic gold is inscribed in hieroglyphics translated as “Manna”, “Food of the Gods”,”What Then Is It?” “Semen of the Father in Heaven”, “Golden Tear From The Eye of Horus”, “That Which Issues >From The Mouth of The Creator,” as a various ancient text clinical descriptions of its hydrolyzed form — a white liquid substance, not gold in color.

        Here’s the catch. It not only makes angels but devils as well. According to David’s theories (see his linked video) when entering this new state of coherence, we create life spans of 900+- years like those reported in our Biblical texts before The Flood. It’s a state modern researchers call “living off the grid.” It’s reported in more than one video by researchers as going on all over the world in test labs for confirmation. While all this may sound good, the downside according to Hudson is we create demons as well as angels in the process. What a story Hudson tells!

        Many months ago, when I jokingly posted the random comment online, something like “Gee, if we have to be sprayed with chemicals why not make it monatomic gold?” It was intended to be a joke based on a summary of most of my recreational scientific and non-scientific reading materials over the past few years of private reading. I received a most unusual and cold feeling email from an anonymous inquirer wanting to know (demanding really) where that idea came from and why? I never answered him then, but perhaps this blog does provide the answer.

        *** continue


  4. Melody says:


    Will only partially be able to respond on your answer, then later alligator.

    RE the gold found in the water and prior in the chemtrails:

    Gold in some internal health products you buy at health food stores. Also research on the subject. Gold in medicine —

    Montana, where the gold was found in the water, may also be a key. Memory serving, a while back Blackwater tried to seize a town and prison there. Not positive but think Blackwater is now owned by Monsanto, didn’t/wasn’t able to read the recent article. For fact, years ago, told the guillotines were stored in Montana before being distributed. Also some mind control technology I think told it was there, been awhile.

    DHS in Kalispell, Montana
    Weapons of Mass Destruction-Rapid Response teams on the ground
    June 9, 2014 by James White NorthWest Liberty News
    Living within the sparsely populated Flathead Valley, one would think us immune from DHS intervention. However, with Kalispell, Montana being one of the hubs of the Liberty Movement, it comes as no surprise that DHS has set-up shop here. See Video

    I think underground NORAD goes to Montana, CO being a biggy.

    Russian troops reported there but near everywhere in the U.S. Said on Internet Russia to own Montana planned.

    If gold in chemtrails there, does not mean it’s in all chemtraiils. If mostly there then why would be the question, mostly open land.

    Computer keeps crashing or freezing, will continue later.


  5. Melody says:

    Theo: Never, Why in the world would you say something like that? I am the opposite.


  6. Melody says:

    I prior mentioned read one time, one example, analysis showed gold being put in the chemtrails which goes into ground and water and how the Annunaki put gold in the atmospherer to block the radiation coming onto their planet. Interesting how Montana residents have just found gold in their water from their faucet. They don’t know where the gold is coming from except it’s in their water from the water lines. But another neighbor is having the same.

    Montana residents finding gold in their tap water OR
    Whitehall residents: Gold in drinking water JEFFERSON COUNTY

    J. Starr, protecting cabal, was not usually negative. Reading only 1 does not give a full picture. She was pushing DNA change, 2 strands to 12 – a hint, but so are others. There was a black opps I partially read, unfortunately removed, where a scientist was going into experimenting with increasing DNA much beyond the 12 strands to see the increase of abilities the extra strands provided. About 3 times I was suspicions on what she said and passed it to somebody I know going publicly against the NWO, a P light worker, what the cabal may have in the planning. The other contacted me back saying he felt the same about 1 of them with an appreciated thank you.

    Many times messages also in cartoons, as in this recent The Simpsons, but write-up also links Operation Blackjack cartoon video which I found to be excellent considering much in the video is happening now and the video was made in 2010. Words were switched, ex Union of North America in the cartoon video meant North American Union.
    The Simpsons Predicts 6-22-14 Nuclear Terror Attacks The 2010 video states where the nuclear attacks are planned and matches nukes having prior disappeared and military brass fired by Obama.

    You also state Lucifer is uncreated which I’ve heard same from another. Yet now, per CM/Aton , at Christ-Michael site where he and Sananda and Eve disclose some history, under Beyond, rather than being uncreated, saying Lucifer was hidden, how, and has just been released. Below at site is also another writing from Lucifer.
























    I remember asking about this subject prior to a certain person, if what is being reported is false. Appears also the Akashic Records have been manipulated per this write-up. Maybe the little space friends told my sister friend accurately, that the heavens is having a trouble with dark also that is being removed and put onto this prison planet. Considering the numerous disinfo, 911, Sandy Hook, the list is enormous, it’s hard to believe anymore, all the lies and manipulations and the way some people are improperly treated, even when they do their best to be of goodness and trying to help the other, to be honest, who in turn treat them like shit, with falsehood and no concern for what the other is going through, high in Ego, and when relates to themselves personally becomes a service to me, a F-U, I want what I can take and little in return, I don’t give a shit if you have problems or about you, you’re only meat. Obvious people don’t know the truth and workings that’s in front of their eyes and can’t see Beyond, wow, this came from the Beyond section, near the bottom, and above is from CM/Aton’s reportings. They destroy other peoples workings, their efforts to help. CM/Aton has gone through much, I can relate. Stated he even made a contract with committee for them to temp. take over his universal decisions and they took advantage. I’m aware you don’t break contracts, if possible. I’ve even had another try to manipulate and create a breaking of a contract with an attempt to pass the buck back to me. I’m sure glad I haven’t been a one to break a CM contract, not perfect but definitely tried, but sometimes others take advantage when given this type of power, which again created another delay, held CM from his plans for his creation. Many people may be able to relate because some have gone through similar. He has even been continuously robbed and what he wanted in his life was removed or stolen or destroyed from him by others, that were taking advantage of him, but he followed the rules. I’m saying he has been lied to, lied about, abandoned, robbed, his dreams taken away from him, facts changed. As Jesus, his writings have also been destroyed or changed. I can strongly relate to this, hope others eventually can to. He’s asking for support and has been abandoned or manipulated by beings of both higher dimension and ground crew, because this world seems to be full of ego and don’t see beyond their crap hole, has become more of what they can get for themselves and have become Hardened. Reading Beyond, appears the higher realms is also having some problems. As above, so below.


    • theo says:

      Melody the shill ?


      • kibodabi says:

        no…..she is a sincere seeker of truth…..KAT/Kathryn was a shill……a fun one, but a shill nonetheless…
        Melody is bringing to the table her experiences as I asked people to do so that we can compare notes and explore things and find pathways deeper into the truth in the places of it that calls to us and claims us as its own……….so many pieces making a whole puzzle picture…….we need to be able to discuss this stuff without getting skittish…… no need to be defensive. People have to make up their own minds as to what to partake of on the table, along with what they bring to it……so that we can all partake and see what tastes good to us……….
        please relax and let us kick back and go over things the way we’re supposed to…as friends and family….all going to the same place with our own, individual maps on how to get there……..and so we discuss the scenery along the way……….(:D)


    • kibodabi says:

      ok…where are we?………oh! Alright…………

      I am genuinely surprised to hear about the gold…other than the fact that the dark seem so desperate to get as much as they can in order to pay for keeping up appearances….but on the other hand…it still doesn’t make sense in the thought that consumption of very minute parts of gold could [could..i’m not %100 certain right now] be beneficial to the human system.
      let me explain……
      There is a sort of non-substance, called ‘white gold’…no not the metal ring type of gold, but the residue that is left over when you burn off gold……it seems that as you melt gold and increase the temperature[?] it turns into different substances that can be sloughed off….rhodium being among them…but at the end of the process there is a substance that doesn’t show up on the spectrometer…yet there it is………it cools/dries into a powdery substance, hence the term….but ingestion of this matter is said to really give a bang to the consciousness……zapping through the barriers of inexperience to deliver the being to abilities that are considered psychic…bigtime……..I had the instructions on my old computer but I still have to salvage the hard drive to get to it…one day…..
      it stands to reason that the same qualities are found in gold proper……like taking minute particle samples of poisons makes you immune to them……..
      I can’t speak for the validity of the circumstance or theory as it were…but the evidence I saw seemed solid enough and there were people that claimed [that’s CLAIMED] to have produced some or were selling generic knock-offs…… that might be worth researching………and then there’s the question of just how much gold per parts is involved and how much can accumulate in any filtering process, if such things are thought of…………this isn’t like aluminum or fluoride…….silver, gold…some precious metals have uses that extend beyond their perceived, commercial or financial value…this is the stuff of alchemy…’as above, so below’ and all that……the transformation of metals is analogous to the transformation of the human being/soul/body/mind/heart……..and there might just be a bigger reason that perceived value in monetary terms when it come to the fact that gold is the metal of choice as a goal….so i’ll have to wait of the reports for the gold particles in air and water……..and the perceived damge that they deem should be done by it……..I dunno……should be interesting…….

      as far as j.starr is concerned… like I said…I literally got sick…on more than just a physical level…so I never went back…….once burned, twice shy, I guess…but that’s me……what you’ve described is nothing new but that whole ‘council of nine/niburu’ thing is dark alphabet soup shit, as far as I can tell and inho………….

      Eve…..sigh…..I love Eve and I like here, too…but I am opposed to what she is doing and saying and personally feel that she sold out…for personal and monetary reasons, and also out of her own ambition to take over after Candace, which was thwarted when Candace decided to stay and see it through….I don’t think she could’ve handled it anyway…Leo, sure, but not Eve……..but hey….que sera, sera and all that…it serves a purpose and people have to make up their own damn minds in this swirling toilet bowl of conflicting info and channelings and experts and so on and so forth….I personally feel that ‘s it’s just another attempt to keep Lucifer in play and turn him into the good guy, for future reference. Remember the NWO/kabbalistic worship of Lucifer as the lightbringer who freed humanity from darkness and ignorance….yes they believe that…just like they believe that the jews are god’s chosen people so it’s okay if they kill the rest of us…because it’s consistent with bible history even though Christ’s teachings were against the Pharisees as children of Lucifer…so the old testament/torah thing should have no attachment or bearing on the new testament except that the Pharisees and Sanhedrin occupied the growing new Christian religion and took it where they wanted it to go……….which is where we are with it today…THAT is what Eve is serving right now……and those 94, incongruent, meaningless and incomprehensible theses that they wrote up and utter nonsensical hodgepodges taken from other sources and claimed as their own even without their own understanding of any of the schools of thought that that they so disrespectfully ripped off……….[and this is where Joan Rivers walks into the room and yells: Don’t get me started…..I should stop now before I really get started…lol…remember those old warner brother cartoons with the wolf and the sheepdog who were friends…off the clock? like I said…I love and like Eve…I really do……but I am opposed to what she stands for and as long as she takes her stand where she does…I guess we’ll have to be frenemies…or something like that……sigh]

      now…where am I? ah!
      The Akashic records cannot be is the echo of the ever evolving present and concerns all things and is an imprint in the very consciousness of GOD…….that cannot be changed…how could they do such a thing anyway? IT WRITES ITSELF! IT IS THE WITNESS TO LIFE AS LIFE IS THE WITNESS TO GOD…IT IS THE LIFE OF GOD THAT IS WRITTEN AND BEING WRITTEN….WHOSE WRITING TOOL CAN FUCK WITH THAT?

      okay………..the biggie………the situation with negative energy is that it has taken on a life of it’s own…it is the shadow of the Divine Mind…….the shadowmind…….it is all the negative thought/emotion that has ever been. As things are settled in light and light, it diminishes into nothingness…transformed, as it were…that is all you can do with it….you can’t kill the damn thing and there’s plenty of food for it in many places……’s been a problem for some time and is being dealt with in the best possible way…..this is a huge source of negative energy for the thing and when this war is over it will have lost a considerable amount of support….another reason why this is so complicated and important………
      also…yes this is a prison planet and there are many here tat are not from here…even in the universal sense of the term…there are some that are from other places due to extenuating circumstances…..they are also here………..they are very advanced darklings which is why there is such a need for very advanced consciousness beings of light…which is why one had to have quite the resume just to show up to this fight…………this universe is going to be settled in light and life……this planet must and will ascend! It will never, under any circumstances, be allowed to remain a planet of darkness and death.

      Each time a universe is settled in light and life, the shadowmind retreats to find new ground…..there is always new ground……but it is a finite number of universes and this is the last superuniverse of the first time/space realm…….the questions become….what is the value of the shadowmind in perpetuating the light/dark duality?….is such a duality truly needed? Can such a dark consciousness be transformed into light through it’s own free will or should such a thing be forced by circumstances[?]ie… it is increasingly starved to ‘death’, will it reach a point of transformative awareness that will alow it also to seek life in light…or will it remain in its dark negativity until it fades away as all around it is transformed to light? Is such a thing truly possible in that it could absolutely and completely, totally fade away in nothingness and would it assimilated and, thus, changed or would it, again, be ALL gone?

      I’m sure you’ve heard of that dark being in the gamma ray cloud that all the high dark ones claim to worship[?] and be in contact with and taking orders from………..that is a manifest aspect of it….. and this planet is the jewel in the crown…….so yeah….this is heavy duty spiritual warfare and then some……..loss of this plate would greatly diminish the energy and influence of the shadowmind in this universe……….the new universe of the new realm will have to figure out if such a thing will exist where they will be on their own…this one shouldn’t be and will not be allowed to transition there…so this is a huge, deciding battle in this effort to not just contain it, but transform it so that it need not be destroyed…such is the Love of GOD. HOSANNA HALLELUJAH!

      The simpsons also had a clip that revealed the 9/11 event before that happened……remember the rules…the dark must give and leave clues…if the goy eloi are too stupid to figure it out, they deserve the consequences………..hey, that’s their justification……’we gave them every chance to figure it out and do something…but they didn’t…so fuck ’em’…I believe is the line……….which is why we should all do something……..thinking and feeling light and love and positive and faith and trust and belief and knowledge of and in and for unity in GOD is always helpful..and the least we can do…add that to be more active and proactive and interactive in liberating ourselves in cooperation with Divine Will within us and all around us……..prayer helps….most definitely……but GOD does actually help those who help themselves……it doesn’t say that GOD just lets them help themselves…GOD helps them to do so.
      hell…it’s bad enough with all the people here who lie to themselves…………GOD’s there, too….lol..

      so all of this is under control and we’ll see what our collective and individual thought/emotional energy brings us……….I pray for the best possible outcome…….it may all be in the script but we’re still the ones creating this crap and keeping it up…… a bad dream you can’t wake up from…or don’t want to……so here we are trying to wake people up…..while they smile in their sleep…..hey, better to wake up by us than to have to wake up to IT…………talk about waking up with the sun in your face…and your eyes………yeah!

      that’s all for now……keep it coming…I need this…and thanks!
      GOD Bless you in all things all the time!


  7. Melody says:

    Kibodabi: Question and finishing the prior.

    Question: What do the Annunaki look like? There are various pictures of the past, including the old Egyptian writings, to name a few.

    The gold in the chemtrails I read from a RMN posting years ago where said 1 was analyzed. My thoughts was was when said humans made for mining the gold to take to their planet to block the Sun radiation, the time of Anu and Enki, etc. Also when a big rush for Cash for Gold which I also questioned who was behind it and the real reason why, but never pursued the answer.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Jelaila Starr of the Niburian Council would be giving out disinfo and as you identified with Tiamat. The Polarity Integration she identified she stated came from the Council of 9 Game Directors, 12D, which she stated Sananda and Lucifer was part of, before the Galactic War. Then a Council of 12 Game Overseers. The history of the universe and Earth information she provided she states comes from Anu. Her mate and walk-in she states is Devin, part of the Council of 9. I believe there is truth to much of what she is saying mixed with what the dark Reptoids want you to believe. When she was saying to feel sorry for the top Illuminati they are lonely at the top, all I could think of was the mass murders of the babies and children they have done and they need to be responsible for their own actions but I only mentioned the babies and not in detail. She then tried a scare tactic against me where her eyes turned mostly black and the black running as oil on water. I just stared at her back saying in my mind to her, you are Reptillian, and describing to her what I was seeing in her eyes, which she didn’t expect. But I also think I could have handled myself better, I was exhausted when I went, little sleep for a few days. This meeting I drove to was in Colorado Springs and was stated they were trying to ground the area against the Earth changes, can’t remember if it was via the laylines or vortex, think would have to be via the laylines. Going was beneficial. One thing mentioned was that the Reptillians have a much longer life span than humans and with high technology. I believe on the Reptillian subject you have both light and dark. The Dulce Base battle is a good example. If accurate I also remember reading that the Draco Lords had been removed.

    This leads to another question. Is it accurate that the Reptillians change to look human via the drinking of the human blood? Or is it via machinery/technology they have? How do they do it?

    Now leads to another question. They hide their looks from humans on Gaia. Why? When did it start? I understand the reasoning for now, secret gov. and wanting world control with humans as food and slaves, transhumanism, they don’t want to be identified for what they really are, that their God is Lucifer, guessing 4th Dimensional beings–(?), but when did this hiding begin and why? Their tunnels under Los Angeles was identified in the 1900’s. Older archeological pictures shows them. I understand their cities are below ground and can understand them wanting to be above with the Sun and the Stars. I just wish we could all live together in peace, but too much prejudice and greed and not wanting to know and understand the other side without ego, lack of real communication , which also includes race, color, nationality and beliefs, etc. Seems like there has always been some type of war or disinfo, black budget project. The corruption is now filtered down to the lower level of humans. If accurate, my understanding is that they have blown up/destroyed 2 other planets. I understand this negative energy can now be registered with equipment, which spiked right before 911, and appears to be as food for the them, as though they crave this negative energy. Is this accurate, that this energy is as a food for them and if accurate, why?

    And this was going to be only 1 or 2 questions. Another Oops. Thank you again.


    • kibodabi says:

      reptilians come in varied types, sizes, wings, no wings, humanoid with snakeskin….tail, no tail, glistening or not…..they are actually beautiful…they’re another people that took the lucifer doctrine as far as they could without destroying themselves…they want to evolve beyond 5th density and THEY SIGNED AS CONTRACT AND KEPT TO IT! The came to light when the Treaty of Ancharra was signed back in the ’90’s….right before all that really weird stuff started to happen with our gov’t false flag ops being so freakin’ sloppy… those people that tried forever to build pyramids like the ones in Giza but failed miserably……….they just didn’t have the brains for the operation and that’s really killing them and that only makes them more pissed off…that slowly dawning realization that this whole thing is actually their own fault and may, just maybe they should’ve listen when the Anunnaki switched sides and told them to surrender and do the same….it’s over…….ah well….
      ahem…where was I?

      if you could shapeshift, wouldn’t you appear as something a little more pleasing to your minions than a fearsome, flesh eating reptilian? Save that for when you have to bother to remind them who’s boss and reassert and reiterate your control and dominion….[suhsuhsuhsorsorsorry boss…it will never ha…NO BOSS! NOO!AUUUUGGHH!….or something like that, I imagine……hey, they might have just discussed it over tea..’why thank you! I think I will have another lump, please!]
      blood is not required…more fun, but not required….however you get your DNA is up to you…pay the bill for that later, however, when it’s put on the table………..hear that George? Frank? The rest of you?

      it was easier in the old days when the humans were young and dumber than shit…….as they evolved and the tech evolved and their reality viewpoint evolved…..well…couldn’t just walk around like they used to, could they?
      yes…Earth is a remnant of the Sumerian creation epic for better details on all that galactic war damage in the local system stuff…I really appreciate Sitchin for the work he did on all this…as far as I can tell, personally, I suspect that those human/reptilian shapeshities thatwe still have at present to deal with, are the last remnants of the igigi, the younger generation of godling Anunnaki, many of which were human hybrids – as the so-called sons of god saw that the earth women were fair and mated with them [ I’m sure quite a few females found a hunk or two for themselves, carefully…it was more dangerous and damaging for a female to be so indiscreet, while for a male…not so much apparently, see where we get this stuff from?]
      also…note that Krishna had a nice little thermonuclear war going, too……godlings and wannabes…whattaya gonna do, eh?

      yes {yes Virginia…I mean, Melody (;>D) there are entities that feed on energy….negative and positive, depending….you are what you eat, after all and sometimes you do shit just because you can……it’s a consciousness level thing…you’ll get to the point where you feed off of Divine energy, Light, Love…positive stuff……..or not…for some of you out there…good luck with that….pay that bill in cash, no credit this time around… have to keep in mind that the way you are is the way you are………why is a meat eater a meat eater as opposed to a vegetarian…as opposed to a vegan, as opposed to those that have learned to just suck up the light….as…. ?

      okaaaay…what else?
      omg….j starr…….pugh……I watched less than five minutes of one of her videos and got sick…really…it was so nauseating and negative I had to close the page…never went back to watch another…..they just sat there in the fb folder…I think I finally got rid of them all. there is no niburian council or council of nibiru…….it’s a war planet, now retired and based upon by the GFL, last I was told……….
      I dunno..feel sorry for them…..lonely…lonely? buying company and sex isn’t enough? murder isn’t fun anymore? black masses are hohum?….gee, how sad and sorry for you…….maybe surrendering to the proper authorities that you haven’t paid off or own would be a nice change of pace….something like……I dunno..letting the world and its peoples live in peace, love, joy, freedom, prosperity, knowledge, truth, equity/fairness/justice…..y’know…stuff like that….it could be that thing that you always wanted to try but never had the courage to do…or maybe just a hobby…something….how sad you are on that bed full of FRNs…..tossing and turning… talks doesn’t it? won’t shut the fuck up now will they?
      never listening always talking……feed me dummy….feed me dummy….feed me dummy…..poor you…oh look! a fireplace! doesn’t that just give you nice ideas with a warm feeling in the cold cold world?
      no? don’t want to burn them away? well fine…fuck it…be lonely you little shit……don’t say I never tired to help.


      I need to go to bed now
      I see where this is going if I let it……lol

      blessings to all and to all a good night


    • Candace says:

      The anunnaki have large skulls do the fact they tend to live several hundred thousand years.. and the brain grows as it is stuffed so does the head must also enlarge. I am undergoing this myself now,,, head has been growing for I guess maybe 4 years now… I don’t keep a date book on this stuff. The babies are born with normal sized heads generally by natural birth… I have an image on Talk It Up in the Enlil thread I think it is. Enlil has a head just like the skull I have posted there.


  8. Melody says:


    I did a copy and paste to send to a friend our correspondence (her eyes are open) and Yahoo reformatted after I sent it. I then put it on my Microsoft Word from the site via copy and paste, formatted correctly, and then copy and paste Word back to Yahoo (Yahoo unformatted), and it reformatted showing what you may not want? Similar next to each name, ie link info then afterwards is the name.

    Melody says

    I went to the link and appears it’s the identifying image (and their internet address) of the person posting and follows each person’s posting, ie appears this avatar image which is a person’s link address can trace to all of the person’s postings on any WordPress blog. Prior I’ve had a hacker delete my WordPress links where I no longer rec. that material, maybe this is how they did the tracing. Since this is mine I changed a few of the numbers to not identify me, each will have their own.

    Yahoo Sucks now, slowly getting away from Yahoo. Oops, did I just break the new anti free speech/hate crime rules/laws…Oh Well.


  9. Melody says:


    Your latest response to my questions I realize was very time consuming and from the heart and factual. Extremely thank you with all my heart.

    I need to keep this one short but I want to clear a couple of things and then continue later on comments and questions. I am very short on time right now. I tried to find the CM/Aton posting I was referring to where he said people needed to move away from the coastal area and gave the distance needed. Sananda has prior said similar. I spent a little time looking through the A/H postings but was having a hard time finding the CM messages, part I think because I’m doing it wrong. Was also part of the New Earth maps. Here is a copy and paste from New Earth on the subject.

    9 August 2011 – Christ Michael Aton – End Times Update – Jess Anthony
    The most dangerous physical disruption areas are the ones you have been watching on the Pacific Rim. However, the possibility still does exist for movement in other areas. The New Madrid zone [leading up to the Great Lakes region] is risky, particularly since it is connected at a deep level to the Gulf of Mexico, which continues to have stress even though no one talks about it anymore. There is also the potential for a major upheaval in the Canary Islands that could send an enormous tsunami to the East Coast. The stresses on Japan and the California and Oregon coastline still seem the most dangerous, however.

    I hope you realize that we are monitoring each area constantly, and are ready to spring into action if something happens in any spot. All the imbalances are attached in ways that are related to the tectonic plate movements. A release of pressure in one area causes additional movement in another. These quakes will be unlike anything you have experienced before; the amount of movement the plates have to undergo to find a new balance, particularly in the light of the increased vibrational frequency that is being introduced, is unlike anything previously experienced. Earth is shifting its Polar Axis and reversing its Polar magnetic polarity-charges to operate more in alignment with the new level of energy vibration. This means the water placement has to shift and new land masses from under the oceans will be moved into position as new continents.

    Man has long built on the coasts, and this shift of Earth’s alignment will have a devastating effect on existing population centers. Many inhabitants will leave and much established landscape and infrastructure of architecture and civilized communities will be destroyed. This is inevitable given the reshaping that must take place for Gaia to continue her Ascension.

    I no longer live near the Coast but have friends that do. I believe I was guided to where I live now. I’ve periodically given them information hoping they are able to move but most can’t or won’t for various reasons. One friend has been able to recent. I realize their soul contract may say this is part of what they are to experience along with fleet rescue plans and that things change. The Madrid fault is also mentioned which includes in the Phoenix Journals. Also the radiation off the West Coast is another cause for moving. Many are. I realize there is technology that can clean up this radiation. Somewhere I read that Gaia cleanses through the sea water over the land. But when I said the days of Noah I was thinking on corruption rather than the water issue and was not clear, oops.

    The LA Sinkhole is releasing methane along with numerous other areas. Fish are dying I’m thinking ‘partially’ due to methane from the undersea volcanoes going off but for numerous other reasons, which includes our coral being destroyed that provides oxygen, the killing of the dolphins and whales that read keeps the ocean currents, etc. My personal thoughts was the increased movement of the lava could seep up into these empty chambers created by the removal of oil and increase the release of methane. Here is another methane posting.

    29 October 2010 – Christ Michael on the coming “Stasis Period” * – Candace
    There will be really widespread destruction. Now, depending on the extent of the widespread destruction, we may choose to simply keep the Planet in an ongoing “Stasis” and do without any pre-announcements for the “Major Stasis” at all. There is a big “depends” going on here. Some of the expected plate movements may also release massive amounts of methane and other chemicals of various sorts in other parts of the world. There are three undersea volcanoes we are watching and also there are a couple more on the surface that are ready to erupt. The Icelandic volcanoes are showing increased underground movement, as well at the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Mt. Helena and Mt. Rainier at this time. There is a volcano that erupted also today in Kamchatka, Russia.

    St. Helens volcano may be happening now:
    Magma rising in Washington state’s Mount St. Helens volcano: USGS
    May 24, 2014

    Kibo – You are much Much more aware that I am. The only thing I don’t agree with is that I don’t trust some of the dark saying they have changed their ways. My thoughts is always be cautious and time will tell.

    I need to take care of a situation right now. Thank you sooooooooo much again.



    • Candace says:

      Yep Melody, our search engine sucks… Use Google and search www. from there… better but not perfect. I chose to not sort on the front site by name of entitiy but by name of telepath… and several of us have worked with the same entities If I had to do it over, I would still do it this way because we are a global team and these are our telepaths and thus the structure must go this way.


      • Melody says:


        Hard to know on the telepaths, which one to look up for certain messages, I tried by subject various but usually failed to find. Using your name has helped on some. I used to have most of CM/Aton’s and Esu/Sananda’s postings saved on word but lost them when I lost my hard drive. I’ll try Google but I usually use Startpage or IxQuick as a search engine due to internet security and Google likes to be a peeping Tom. Also read Paypal used to get peoples bank account info and other criteria.

        For the record. I have had a few contacts with CM/Aton on a personal level and everything he said to me has come true so far, whether I liked it or not. His voice is distinctive, soft male voice, direct, kind, you don’t forget the voice, can say in a short few minutes what would take much much longer saying verbally, knew the future with me. During hard times for me, two times he used other people to get the message to me, now you could possibly say 3. The first time a very bright light, a directed beam, shining through window on 2 bibles next to bed stand, that woke me up, then his voice. I was in tears for what he said, took a few years for completion, but all happened, issues that would not happen to other people. Later I was told I would see a miracle and I did, in a way saved my life. A psychic friend died, met Sananda, came back to life, now she does what she can to help people, and is concerned right now about the Yellowstone super volcano. THESE BEINGS ARE REAL.

        Thanks, Melody

        ” Everything changed January third, 1987 (year of the Harmonic Convergence). Almost 8 months pregnant with her second child, she knew she was going to die. And she did. She walked into a light like the Sun and found Sananda waiting for her. Sananda gave her a choice – she could stay in the Light or return to the Earth. If she stayed, he warned, her child may not survive.

        Crystal’s soul returned to her flesh in a moment, just as her unborn child went into cardiac arrest. The child’s spirit was strong and Brett did not die that day. His mother was reborn.”


  10. Denise says:

    I seem to have days that I can cope well with it all, and days that I seem very fragile. As much as the earth needs healing, we humans also need to work and heal ourselves. To go within and work through our issues is a priority. Strengthening our core and connection with Papa, and than sharing as much as possible all aspects of truth with others.
    Meditation helps and visualization of the earth pristine and healed. All people in unity and in Peace of mind, heart and spirit. When I visualize this I feel at home and this is something I can create and control also. With so much out of our control it seems hopeless, but we are the beacons of light for others and we are here for these times especially.

    There is still immense beauty on earth and brilliant loving people do exist……….and so I try to focus on this aspect……but there are times I admit it is a reach for me. I am finding the energy to be much stronger also and that it can affect all aspects of one’s mood, so for myself positive thinking is a must… anything negative just intensifies and can quickly spiral into to sadness & depression.

    Being positive and mindful of all thoughts is a powerful tool! I can see how my day manifests just by being happy and positive in all I do. I try to raise the vibration of my space with outside and inside plants, color, music, animals, and art. Also trying to go green as much as possible. I believe we all come here to find self mastery, which is than expressed through words, actions and thoughts. If each person worked on themselves around the world we would be living in paradise now! We are the change we want to see….just my thoughts!
    Blessings to all in lighted love, Denise


  11. Melody says:

    Thank you Kibodabi for opening up this forum for questions. It appears that if you do not know the answer you have the resources to find out. Lets see, which of my 500 questions should I start with.

    I have a very close soul sister (our lives and experiences have a massive amount of similarities, are very parallel, is where the soul sister name we give ourselves came from). Even though she is not much biblical versed she is highly spiritual in nature. Since young she would draw the Grays bodies but doesn’t remember ever meeting any of them and did not believe in ET’s. Even though she 2X saw Galactic ships, 1X seeing the beings, drawing water from a lake, she still didn’t want to believe. But this has changed. She has also had numerous contract with the spirit world since young.

    She opened up an original All Faith Reading Room, Satanism not allowed. It’s a relaxed Hippy style where many of the items in the store are original, a place for the children to have a place to do their graffiti and homework, a place to read. She collects artifacts from various religions for display. She gives out free Christian Bibles even though she is very limited on funds. She has been recent honored by the Budha group near by. In another part of the large building she has rented to a church. Even though she doesn’t speak Spanish she is constantly seeing healing miracles from the Pastor during the services along with other fetes that most cannot do . He is also traveling in his work to do various healings and getting rid of demons attached to people.

    Between time she had a surprise, small beings and orbs decided to stay inside and outside. She is now a believer. They have been slowly communicating with her and very playful and loving. She has been taking pictures of them for display and other people are now starting to come with their cameras yet she will not advertise the place. Unfortunately the black helicopters are also flying over now and other problems. She says to see them publically is more via the camera pictures rather than via the eye, normally, where she has sent me some pictures.

    They have told her there is a problem in Heaven where dark entities have infiltrated and when found out they are removed and put onto Earth. These are her words. Yet another says that evil cannot exist in 5d or beyond because of their lower vibrations. Other is where 4d has been recent cleared of the dark that was interfering with direct messages from the higher realms, ie you thought you were receiving higher ascended messages but was really the CIA. These contradict each other.

    There is also a warning of Heat from them. She put radiation to the picture but when I asked they never said radiation, yet she could be right. My thoughts are the chemtrails blocking the Sun, clouds being seeded in our ionosphere or space above also to block the sun, and whereas global warming is being promoted and extreme weather modification in various ways. There is now record highs or record lows, mass flooding, and a major amount of methane being released. I’m aware of the chemtrail and HAARP conspiracy truth and that weather has become a war weaponS in various ways. I’m also aware of the magnetic then later full polar shift expected to come.

    These beings also know me. Appears there has been a to be reason our catalyst lives have been the way they have been, if what she was told is accurate, This spiritual subject has happened before with us.

    Are you aware of any of these higher galactic realm interferences and to what degree of harm, what Type of Interference, are they doing and trying to instill on Earth and mankind, the details on this subject? Are you aware of the Heat details our space friends are warning? On the latter I believe I have the answer but may be different than I am thinking of.


    • kibodabi says:

      I am aware of the weather warfare aspect of all of this. This has been going on for years and the USA has been slowly prepped for a food/water shortage. This is known in some circles and those that are experiencing it are still questioning if it is God, nature or man or any combination thereof, that is responsible for our predicament.

      Killing the Gulf of Mexico changed the world ocean movement and weather patterns, radiation has been seeping into and through the ground and waters since they began experimenting with the damn bombs….Fukishima has served as icing on that cake. Along with the dead spots in the oceans, droughts, cold snaps, etc…… harvests are getting thinner and thinner and feed for animals is becoming scarce. All this to create famine and panic because of rising prices and also to force use of GMO products.

      It has been a brutal HAARP winter and I’m sure that, unless something is done to contain these dark idiots, a grueling summer is also planned……..if they are able to turn up the heat enough and turn out more tornadoes in the process, they’ll be able to create a viable scenario for the shutdown of the grid, blaming it on God and nature………..that’s the plan anyway……..if they can figure out a way to blame Iran or Russia, they will…they need a war to justify grabbing resources in the places they don’t already control…the pattern is well known…….
      As far as 3d4d5d……..plese to remember that the lines between densities……which are layers within each dimension…we are in 3rd dimension, moving up from 3rd density through 4th density, to fifth density…those lines are not as sharp as some would like to think…like gray areas between black and white……….the problem though is the consciousness on this planet fluctuates like one of those games where you roll the dice to take seven steps forward, but land on a square that says take two steps back…negative energy is generated FROM here and used against us by those that know how and have the resources to put it into effect…..

      clearing a density is not totally cut and dry…….a near infinite plane of being in consciousness….okay…so you say you cleared them out…good….where do they go?

      they can’t go to 5th density and you don’t want them loose in 3rd density…..again… for most of them…
      so you create a space for them all to themselves and hold them there….but it’s a place of consciousness being on that density plane…and if one can raise its consciousness enough to reject the space and move toward…lighter ground…it will….if they keep going in that direction, then fine…but if they freak out and/or flipflop or revert…….well……you have to put them back in their pen……it’s not a problem except that there are those of us here in the flesh that welcome such consciousness entities and are all too willing to work with them to create…mischief……so they seek them out……..and use them….which is a cause of a lot of reverting, btw………the CIA is huge with paid shills acting as experts and channelers and inside reporters…..and the like…it’s hard to say what’s what and who’s working for who or what……by their works you should see them for what they are……but a lot of this is just words and manipulated values, so it’s hard to see the work of it…….another reason I try to stick to the bottom line in all of this….find GOD within, relate, walk talk, have a relationship…love each other as each other and learn from your creator what your creator wants and then do that……sincere effort is always rewarded with some form of success that encourages more effort……and THEN come tests to pass to get you to the next step and then the next and then…hey…you’re easing down the road with a cool rhythm…and background music……gotta have background music…

      anyway…..I digress…..

      the problem is mostly from Earthside and that is what needs to be dealt with…the beast within…the wolves in sheep clothing…………I can tell you that there are no more archons…all the fallen have been dealt with one way or another and those that are free are the ones that returned to Light……The Anunnaki have come to the Light and are working with CM and the GFL to set things straight….not one of them is turning back, at this point…though some are assigned the task of working with their former minions in order to steer them in certain directions or gather intel or observe and report…..and such…I doubt if there are any greys around that want to risk defying the GFL at this point…I believe they’re taking a wait and see attitude in hopes that the end result of all of this will also help them as they were told it could if they were willing to make the necessary changes to their own system of things. Since they basically worked for the Anunnaki in the first place while they were here, it stands to reason that they feel a little lost in the process right now and are also looking for a leg up and a better way to do things that is aligned with the rest of the universe, or risk extinction or devolution….or worse…

      They would like to see their former charges taken care of to the point where they are not lost and uncreated and I agree with that……but the shadowminded are stubborn. Perhaps they have been taught too well, but they were like this before all this happened and they’re doing it all over again and they won’t get the chance to go as far as they did the first time…they need to give up on that…it won’t happen and they risk total uncreation in striving to do so. so individuals are being given a chance to choose and many are gravitating to the Light………and many are in a gray area which is encouraging under the circumstances….so dealing with the core darkness is the primary consideration and they are being dealt with as we speak.

      This is why it is necessary to get the uninformed and unknowing and sleeping ones to wake up, read the writing on the wall and learn from it…you have to fight consciousness with consciousness and the more minds/hearts that stand with GOD and for GOD and by GOD can conquer through GOD acting through them from within and without………if you want a taxi, you have to hail it and let it know you want it…..same with a bus……….you have to flag it down even though it’s looking for riders, it won’t stop to pick you up unless you let it know you want to ride it…don’t just take it for granted that you’re at a bus stop…some stops serve several buses…which one do you want?….if that makes any sense to anyone……GOD moves through creation, being creation, and looks to everything to see what wants to move with IT……what we’re asking people to do is raise their hands, wave, whistle, jump up and down, dance, yell, scream, carry a sign, blow a horn…anything you can do to get ITS attention so you can get on board…..if that makes sense to any of you, as well……….just sayin’, and I hope this off the path reply actually answered something of what you asked [sheepish grin here] all good blessings to you…kibo


      • theo says:

        thank you so much! a really good down-to-earth explanation –


      • Brian says:

        Makes complete sense! Very good…just talking to someone today about getting on that train….and that I am Casey Jones…..and you know that notion just crossed my mind….:)


      • Melody says:

        Kibo – Thank you soooooo much for your detailed response.

        My heat thoughts are also the increased fireballs which can create a fire on the ground, the intentional destruction of our forests that gives oxygen, that we are going towards the central sun, the solar flares possibly increasing yet the disc over the sun for protection, if the chemtrails were stopped would Gaia heat up more where one report I read showed gold found in the chemtrails and the dark is collecting and stealing valued gold, yet little space for the heat to escape in space. I’ve read that our galactic friends are able to keep enough oxygen in the air to sustain life and have seen pictures of the sylphs eating the chemtrails along with orgonite can also help. Then the super volcano at Yosemite becoming more active. Add the nuclear sites intentionally leaking, the volcanoes going off which includes the ocean and prior found plans to put radiation waste inside the volcanoes and the radiation waste being put into the chemtails, I’m guessing also in the fracking which much is suspicious where the fracking is taking place. George Green, in a Project Camelot interview, disclosed plans on nuking above the equator to kill the populace off. Yet our Galactic friends have been able to stop a massive amount of nuclear attempts which my understanding also harms other planets and the human soul. Then the lava flowing underneath increasing and with the numerous sink holes and empty tunnels underneath, this would be a place for the lava to eventually go with explosive methane also in the picture. CM/Aton had prior mentioned that if we stay on this orb it will be deadly and painful but quick. My thoughts were also when Gaia needs to heal herself, then a bible verse (yes realize the bible has been changed) saying first by water then by fire. Putting a few of the pieces together, this was an addition to my thoughts on the heat comment besides what you have very accurately and well laid out written and have also connected some pieces I hadn’t thought of. This is not deterring from the fact that the sea water is rising, land masses in the ocean are also risings, and we are near the days of Noah. Don’t mean to sound Doomsday, just stating some present facts.

        Before I moved, the state I was from, some of us started to get together discussing the court, county and state corruption. We would find one direction they would go would be the same direction used for other subjects and they would share their ways of being crooks also with other counties. Considering many judges involved, the judges and crooked attorneys also learned from the crooks they were overseeing in court. To give an example, fill out the paperwork, then be told service not available, service is really available and paid via grant money, they keep the grant money that’s supposed to go to the people but provides a little of the service to look good, one of many ways for theft. But what was very difficult was to try to think the way the crooks do so you would know what direction to look or how the evidence pieces fit together. There would be hours talking to people doing the research and talking to the victims. Most but not all of the people doing the research were also victims or somebody they knew were victims so they were able to understand the emotional state, the ups and downs and healing time needed, the inability most of the time to get justice, repeating the word Justice, sorry but this word Justice is really needed, I don’t mean revenge, and this is worldly. Then it was discovered that these issues related to the NWO, that much of what was happening local was part of the darks universal plan.

        I’m fairly friendly and able many times to get people into conversations, even standing in line at a store. A simple sentence can open up if a person is familiar with any part of our worldly affairs. Then a seed can be planted. One seed can lead to another seed, ex it’s really cloudy, I saw them chemtrailing, I wonder what all chemicals they were putting in the air today, the aluminum in the chemtrails is causing a lot of cancer, now the aluminum is in our food and skin care… Many are wanting to know, especially when they think it’s going to Affect Them. I have numerous written down words for them to look up on the Internet if I found they had an any interest, also some internet sites, and all have been happy, but you have to feel the person to know if to go that direction. What I have found is that the younger are very aware. This could be from high school, college, into the 30’s. This age usually still runs around in a group and knows friends outside of the group plus many or their parents have discussed some of the subject material with them, part of the parental protection program. Then you also have the cabal blowing it, ex Obamacare, kill off the elderly. This then leads to other seeds, ex the medications that are killing off the people. It becomes a chain reaction. As Hilliary Clinton said, they are loosing the information war. The problem is them trying to control the communication, which much is the Internet, and knowing their plans. I’m hoping avenues have been taken for this failure. A power grid failure could also cause this. They are trying to block certain sites so an Int’l open and possibly free internet link is needed that is not able to be blocked. I don’t know what avenue could deter this situation. They are also murdering inventors and scientists and much is watched via the copyright and patent recordings. It’s another chain reaction.

        Report Says 50% of People are Conspiracy Theorists: You’re Probably One of Them

        I feel the G/F and others is monitoring the various communications and see the worldly situation where most of us see only what’s near us. Also that energies is being sent to Gaia to help on the situation. Yet it goes back to trying to think like a crook scenario where a common or spiritual person has a hard time grasping all the ways of a liar and a crook and a murderer without remorse, how they are diehards meaning they may temporarily stop but only to grasp the next move. But when this Prison Planet is to such an extreme of what I would term evil, and it’s been happening for such a long extent of time, the spoiled child always getting his way, I am hoping the G/F is still not trusting of the Archons or the Greys or dark Reptoids and others. There is too much trickery and lies, the service to me attitude where they always want their way, and will say or do anything because in the back of their mind another direction is planned or will come.

        I was informed of The Polarity Integration Game in a Galactic History meeting , the game stated
        devised by committee, a choice to choose between light and dark, and the winner get’s the planet, is what I was told from the spokes person of the Niburian Council. The Luciferians get high technology and the HU-Mans get emotion. In the meeting she shuddered at the mention of the G/F and my opinion for other reasons is she’s dark and protecting the cabal. But there has been another’s reporting that they not only want to kill off the humans on this planet that aren’t used for transhumanism and food, but also all humans in this universe and others. In the meeting she mentioned there was an upset that when Tiamat (now Earth and the astral belt) was blown up via scaler weapons, by accident, via humans, that this put some of their people (Reptoids) into, getting tired, forgot the name but basically in limbo, astral field, that they have never forgiven the humans for what was done to their people, ie they are holding a grudge. So they not only have a grudge with high intelligence and high technology, they have taken in all of the traits of one saying one thing and doing the opposite and only thinking of themselves, that spoiled child who really only compromises or gives for himself, blame the other person and not look at your own actions nor care, no ethics in their mind to stop their goal, not wanting to know the whole picture, lack of empathy or respect, no real remorse unless it affects them. Add this to the high spirituality of the G/F and others, again it goes back to being difficult to think like a crook, always wanting for them to stop their wrongs, but the spoiled child who only stops his wrongs for the sake of himself, until he is able to experience some of this anguish. As you said, they stopped and turned to the light, but not because it’s the right thing to do, but because they don’t want the wheel of uncreation, etc. In my mind I still don’t trust the ones that say now we have turned to the light, now we have found God, because too many of them I believe it’s that stall, that get a second breath, until a move can be planned, that their God is Lucifer, etc. I realize this does not mean for all, that there are exceptions. Yet in the higher realm said there is no right or wrong, only it is, and all will eventually find the upward path. But I do feel that their experiencing what it’s like, having empathy/understanding of the other side, not even really caring what has happened to the other, being hardened, not even wanting to listen because it may bug them and they really don’t care, go away I don’t give a damn attitude, no real communication, you’re only meat, this is service to self and this is what needs to be totally watched. Them saying they have turned to the light, with years of programming of the opposite, I’m hoping the G/F is keeping a very close watch and not being overly trusting. Saying history has a habit of repeating itself.

        This situation has created loss of faith in God for way too many. It has slowed or near stopped evolution/ascension for many. If accurate, it was not expected so many would turn to the dark. I don’t understand why it was allowed to get so far when it was so harmful in so many ways? Too many people have suffered for too long and so has Gaia, so have the animals, so have the plants, all dimensions on this planet have suffered. This law of free will here was not used for the original purpose in my thinking, the playing field, the board game, was played with and seems the rule/idea of the game play was changed from the original idea because of the change of the humans eliminating their abilities for fair play. I realize we are living a matrix, that this is all a game, that it really isn’t real, but it is real when it affects our souls learning ability and advancement to achieve what others achieve in a much shorter time.

        I realize CM/Aton was delayed in the direction he originally wanted this planet and that much of his dreams have been interfered with. Since CM set this planet up as a free will planet, along with the Polarity Integration Game, isn’t there a 2012 time limit to this game, not sure, or the time limit contract was set-up for part of the players helping the dark. But this game was interfered with from the beginning. Were the humans encased into bodies with the brain to create the fear, hate, negative factors, by Anu, when the Annunaki wanted the humans to mine the gold? Then also wasn’t the DNA changed from 12 strands to 2 strands to stop the human abilities? Didn’t this stop the ability of the original Polarity Integration Game, devised by committee, to have the ability to even be played as originally planned? Didn’t this create a change in the rules of the game that has created the situation we are now facing here on Earth? I don’t understand why there wasn’t help at that time? Why has Gaia had to suffer to the extent she has? Won’t these negative feelings and memories of what has happened to so many people, that has delayed their advancement into the spiritual upward dimensional path, even to the point that their souls were blocked from advancing to the higher realm via technology, even where the God connection was cut off, I don’t understand why it was allowed to go to this extent? Or is it that I am confused in some of the facts creating a wrong opinion and summary?

        There are many available blogs and sites also where what is discovered can be disclosed but as you say, the trolls are everywhere who want to destroy the light workers. Too many of these blogs and forums you don’t really have the freedom you need or want to exercise your abilities and accomplish the goal of informing in all the directions needed. I do believe that sometimes the comments are good but at other times it’s harmful. But the cabal and trolls are also blowing it because many of them have a pattern, oh oh so friendly, I can be your savior or I am the one that really knows. I have taught a few people how to recognize a shape shifting Reptoid, then caution is needed, but also to be careful because not all are dark. Letting some know of the darks procedures, how they operate, and to avoid contact or their traps, prepare in advance, is many times needed. But then some others will say you’re thinking 3D not realizing that sometimes just the imagination you are prepared or have some safety in your mind will let you go beyond, not paralyze the person, which the dark has done.

        I understand we are here for soul lessons but the extent/detail of the preplanned lessons is another subject I would like to later ask with more detail.

        Also your explanation on density is new to me and has opened up another question but I need to make as a new comment later. I am aware that God learns through us, that he is learning experiences from all, knowledge from all, and that we, most (Earth made clones do not have the soul connection nor A/I, etc,) are part of God, and that he has a Divine Plan. I would like to detail soon another question on this subject but very behind on some things I’ve put off for a long time.

        Again thank you for opening up this question, answer, comment, suggestion, so on blog. I realize I’m rattling on part of this, also tired. Too late, now early am, to correct, so here it is. Hope you don’t mind.


        • kibodabi says:

          God is with you!
          let’s see….hmmmmmm….
          i know nothing of Gold in chemtrails…and it makes no sense to me since they have to make the stuff for it [if they can still do it…i’m not sure. I’m pretty sure it’s been cut down…]but why would they put it in there and then go through all of the trouble to waste it on that when tin and aluminum and other metals do just as well for less cost?
          heat is escaping just fine where and when it needs to and there is oxygen a plenty, as fas as being able to breathe is concerned…..pollution and such aside… is not as drastic a situation to have to say that the GF is sutaining life on the planet by pumping out oxygen……i know there is work on clearing some of the air pollution and such…..but the statement seems misleaing to me, as is the matter of sylphs eating the chentrails…..but i have no experience with that one whatsoever…it doesn’t sound to me like something they would do and also there are better ways to do it…counter agents and catalysts to neutralize and change them to something more beneficial……but that’s me……..orgonite is good for many things so i can say who is using it for what depending on the topic….always good to have around though…..

          nuke waste in the volcanoes is a viable plan so i wouldn’t out it past them even thought this is the first i have heard about…pray such a thing is cut off at the source of it before it happens…
          i don’t really trust project camelot so i’ll leave that alone…..
          methane is natural so if it goes and blows it doesn’t have to be intentional, although it could be directed through tunnels…but it’s not as easy as it sounds and i doubt its a plan or priority at this time………personally…….
          CM said WHAT would be deadly and painful? staying here will be deadly and painful? More deadly and painful than usual? WHY? What makes you say that or think so….? With all of the positive things and scenarios that have been offered as alternatives of choice in consciousness….if we can just bring ourselves to choose them and focus on manifesting them in light and love instead of encouraging doomsday….i mean, all this negative crap is worth noting but you create what you put your energy into……what you feed into grows to eat you if you let it………..
          i doubt the days of Noah are retuning….even with quakes and landslides there will be no worldwide flood…nor fire…outside of all out nuclear war……we can’t let that happen, now can we?
          lol…but you do sound doomsday and i would have to study these facts to agree with them….right now…i ain’t feelin’ it……
          yes…they do that….it’s a strange and wicked system that creates such bedfellows…..

          1 tells 2 tells 4……….you are doing good work and GOD Bless you for it…….system poisoning is worldwide knowledge is key to defense and prevention…so thank you for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

          there are moves being planned and made concerning the power grid and moves to stop all that and we’ll have to see how it goes……….it could be a good or bad thing depending…….

          yes…they are killing progressive technologists and scientists and engineers that are not will to play their game………
          more people are becoming more aware but few are on the same page and can agree on what to focus on and how to affect postive change and what does change, in this sense, really mean….
          This is why I insist that only in GOD can the answer be found and implemented. Only in partnership with GOD can this be taken care of permanently. Man made solutions will prove to be inadequate…….
          you have to be able to think like a crook to handle a crook but you also have to be able to think like a saint to handle a saint and this is what most people don’t consider. Few realize the value of being able to comprehend the mind of the adversary, but the adversary strives on knowing your mind……that is an advantage that they should no longer have. Understan your enenmy and understand yourself. The adversary knows that it is against GOD and humanity….. too many of us don’t know who and what we are in order to get ourselves together and stand firm on that ground that we stake our claim to humanity and being with GOD………so you see where that can be a problem…..
          spoiled children must eventually be spanked……….
          There are no more archons………all fallen angelics have been redeemed or uncreated. The greys are in a sort of holding pattern trying keep out of it all until it’s over and even they are hoping that the result will afford them the opportu nity to solve their situation with the help of the lighted civilizations. The Anunnaki surrendered over a decade ago and all are working with the Light and the GF to accelerate the victory of light. All negative problems and situations and personalities in this affair originate from Earth Shan Gaia. The problem is among us and you need look no where else but the evil among us in the dark cabals in order to identify the source of the lies and deceits and trickery. They don’t wnat you to spend time thinking about their defeat frst and foremost. They want you to waste energy on old gnostic concepts that sound good to throw out but have no meaning in the here and now…..The want you to blame their former masters and not them…and when you point them out and tell them you know it’s them……they immediately point at each other and blame anyone but themselves……and it’s all of them…..zionist, vatican, banksters, rothschildrockefellerbushclintonobamaromneyneonazimafiapolicepoliticianciafbinsajewishchristianmuslimscientologyotofreemasonnatouncorporatehollywoodmilitaryamapharmaceuticalanddidmissanyonejustthrowtheminwiththeinternettrollsandshillsandfakersandtakersandconmenandtrustinGODinyourselfanddealwiththerestaccordingly
          As far as the P.I.G. is concerned….forgive me if i discount anything calling itself the nibiruancouncil as a joke and that such a circumstance could never exist in a universe where there is a loving and merciful and just creator. All that, as far as i’m concerned is a load of…..well anyway ………but it is well know that they want to kill off the population and keep those that have been culled to remain servile, and to transform themselves into living androids that will live forever and then go out and conquer creation………yes, they are that arrogant and stupid to think that they can conquer GOD……
          blown up by accident my foot…it was intentional and they know it. They declared war and they got it……all sides won and lost battles. All sides lost lives and all sides had psychic and astral tragedies to deal with and they delivered their fair share of it all as well as others and they know it. Playing the ohpoorme imavictim routine is nothing but false crocodile tears…..they got what they wanted…a finite contract to colonize the planet and they surrendered when their time was due. NOW WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR VERY HUMAN SERVANTS WHO DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP AND SURRENDER THEIR SO CALLED POWER OVER US AND THEY WILL HOLD ONTO IT AS LONG AS WE LET THEM AND THEY ARE HERE WITH US……NOT IN THE SKY OR THE ASTRAL PLANE…THEY ARE HERE KICKING US IN THE ASS WHILE WE LOOK UP AND AROUND AND OVER AT AT ANYTHING BUT THEM……..LOOK AT THEM AND LET THEM KNOW YOU SEE THEM AND TELL THEM THAT YOU’RE NOT PUTTING UP WITH IT ANYMORE AND THEN STOP PUTTING UP WITH IT.
          Lucifer is gone/uncreated.
          The Anunnaki have learned and want to ascend. they are also tired of their limitations and understand that there is only one way to break through that spiritual ceiling…in light and love and service to GOD. They want it bad…they want it that badly…so badly that are more than willing to do the work and change in order to do it right….and if anyone understands the shaodwmind on this planet and how to deal with it effectively, it’s them…they taugh the little suckers and they know more than the tricks they taught them…so rejoice and be glad that s, they kept a very close watch and have established their sincerity…….even Anu is cooperating, as well as Enki and Enlil and Ninurta and many others…you’d be surprisedat the value of such a aliiance as this…remember the prodigal son………..and if nothing else…do you think God can be fooled?
          We made this game what it is and have played by the rules we agreed upon and accepted…..yes it’s a false matrix and a sham and a scam……but it is also the most advanced classroom ever and anywhere… newbies here……this is all honors advanced level work and those that make the grade here and graduated to the next level will really have done something! After all this is done and people have been sent to where they can best progress and continue their journey….no matter whether you graduated, had to take the class over in another classroom, got sent back a grade or three…’s a valuable experience to be here and has great meaning and…yes…it all looks great on your cosmic resume just to say you qualified to be here……. and for your information……the opportunity to advance here is far greater and faster than most other places…i daresay more than pretty much anywhere else, right now………THAT’s how much stuff we have to put up with here and THAT is how great the reward is for doing it with the goal in mind and completing your spiritual agenda successfully………and lemme tellya, the success rate here has been …………..low…but rising….lately……….not great…but better…more are aware and working dillegently to progress in spiritual awareness and understanding of divinity within them…….but it’s slow…the number of souls prepared to or having given themselves to GOD in service completely……well……….good workers are hard to find…..
          this place isn’t for wussies or punks or the curious or tourists or wannabes……this is the experiential, experimental, seed planet, prison planet, colonized and quarantined, creator son bestowal planet, next to be an ascended, universal, galactic hub planet………..
          so do your best and liberate yourself so that others around you can see it and find the means to do it for themselves. you can help others but you can’t do it for them. This is all between you and GOD as individuals……..groups won’t mean didlysquat…….if you were a minion of a dark group but as an idividual strived to find your way, somehow, to more light, greater light, real ligt, divine light…the record will show that…………if you were part of a lighted group, but, inside…wanted to do and be what you saw the dark doing and being and tried to find a way to get there without giving yourself away until you could make your move…by betrayal or otherwise………..hey…THEY know…………..

          the pig game thing………..forget it…..the whole choice in freewill thing is a universal condition…and so is experiencing the effects of such wills……………we have caused what we have caused based ,on the causes and effects that are responsible for us being here all the way back to the Prime Cause of All Causes that is SOURCE OS SOURCES……… can say what you want about anything but nothing can exist without GODS Will to to support it. This whole thing is part of an infinite and eternal experience of infinite and eternal experiences…it is all designed and created to be perfect and guarantees the best possible outcome for the sake of us manifested ascending creatures to reach and obtain the stage of perfection in finality.
          Gaia volunteered for this as well and the only reason they didn’t let us self destruct twenty years ago, as we would have, had CM and the GF not acted……was because the planet insisted that it ascend with us intact for the ride. so thank her for that, btw, They acted because of GAIA and not because of us……………her reward in all of this is huge…HUGE.. and she’ll get it as sure as GOD is she will receive as promised… so shall we…if we do the work to earn it…..that’s a choice, too………..

          you’re fine…….you’re putting it all together a reconciling it to your own individual journey and continue to advance step by step with a leap and a bound here and there…and maybe a dance step or two or three……i think………as far as the rest….yeah……..i hear ya……we’ll get to all that as time goes by so let’s keep this going and you can go over this reply and dabate at will to determine what we can agree upon and what we can agree to disagree upon…..and still we are both progressing on the paths that GOD placed us upon…….
          and thanks very much!
          all good blessing to you all the time………..kibo


  12. Ken says:

    Good day! ponder ponder,, step UP to the mic. OK , As we travel through this period of WTF### . We all know or should have a pretty good idea of what the present FACTS are. WE have multible wars, war on ALL life on EARTH.WE had the GOM event ./ extinction (Does anyone remember this or even care in the least) We see that the Pacific( big blue awsome) ocean is dying a slow death,suffering of sea life per Fukishima disaster / extinction.ALL this and much more being done for our demise. WE are all on this journey and trying to move forward. Stay positive, connected, prepared, motivated(whats the point, everything in 3d has gone to hell in a hand basket). How long can this??? . Why bother with that???? Maybe i will do ????? Soon???? Soon??? Soon???? Endure be patient, learn, experience. Speak UP speak out .No one seems to care, Look UP WTF is that line(s) for. God help US. Fall back into the same old same old HOHUM. Look ahead things WILL, are changing even if it just seems like FOREVER. ………………


    • theo says:

      Can’t you see, brother, at the end of your speech you feel already better?
      And we with you…


    • kibodabi says:

      that is what you are looking at….yep… there anything behind all that worth seeing? why do you think/feel such a circumstance exists? what can be done? who do you see as doing what about what? what would you like to see happen and how and why? These are the questions i’m asking you guys to ponder and answer….what are YOUR solution suggestions? what do you want to do about all this? what are your options/action potentials/possible causes and effects to create through thought/feeling/action?
      just askin’….don’t mind me………carry on……


    • Brian says:

      i feel your pain, Ken!! I don’t have answers….it is all too much….just gotta make sure you are good w/Papa and more importantly that Papa is good w/you….which is a given….one foot at a time…most things are for the purpose of demonstration, if that is any consolation…the intensity is approaching the red line….i feel like…..She can’t take much more….I fully expect at any given moment……oh my solution…..would have been to press the delete button long ago….


  13. theo says:

    Oh, hi…. i was making that comment # 20 on “Ponder Ponder…” actually as a confirmation that I find your “comments…” idea wonderful!
    You made this proposal already for a while, i remember, but we were all too busy at work, I guess. Anyhow, no matter how world evolves, i see great worth in this open dialogue with you, as the questions are so interesting and your answers a real treasure of knowledge.

    May you be blessed too for your beautiful work.


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