Ponder Ponder Soul Transponder 2


Can you praise GOD simply for being GOD…which is no simple thing on our end, yet GOD makes it all seem so simple from GODS end…

Can you thank GOD just for being GOD…considering that without GOD….well……..

Can you recognize GOD as being all that is you and everything, being within you and all around you as all things around you…literally….

Or to be redundant

Can you see GOD in you and all things?

Can you return to belonging to GOD consciously? Considering that GOD created you….even if you think it’s just a matter of being born as a coincidence….., can you offer to GOD your service in fulfilling that which you were created for……..to learn to be like GOD…..doing as GOD does, acting as GOD acts?

Can you appreciate the journey that is the learning and the doing and the being of that?

Can you trust, really have faith that it is a matter of fact that GOD actually does know best and that GODS way is perfect and you should let that manifest within you and all around you as GOD sees fit?

Can you want and need that like a drowning man needs air?

Can you witness every moment and circumstance in your existence within GOD as being just that?

Can you want to experience more of GOD in you and let GOD manifest ITSELF more in you?

Can you put GOD first and foremost above and beyond all other considerations?

Can you love yourself as GOD loves you?

Can you embrace yourself as GOD embraces you?

Can you believe in yourself as GOD believes in you?

Can you stand as light in the darkness because GOD is that light within you?

Can you let that light overflow from you to dispel the darkness around you?

Could you do it if GOD did it with you from within you?

Can you be GODS friend as GOD is your friend?

Can you love GOD as a cherished and intimate lover?

Can you love GOD as a Father…Mother…Sister…Brother?

What is GOD to you?

What are you to GOD?

Can you know that you are loved and cherished beyond your imagining?

Can you know that you are beheld and upheld…sustained and maintained?

Can you know GOD within you as knowing YOUR SELF?


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22 Responses to Ponder Ponder Soul Transponder 2

  1. theo says:

    Oh yes, that “experiencing beyond that” becomes pretty clear to me, and I see in it an absolutely FASCINATING concept, surely because our talented Kibo found the very best way to put it…

    I see out in my garden the beautiful trees, hear the birds singing and take the very first breath of this morning …
    well, the simple experience of just the second breath will greatly differ, so I will be WAY beyond the first breath of one second before:
    – my planet would have a new position in her rotation
    – my sun will send his rays of light from a new angle
    – the white fluffy clouds in my blue sky would have hovered a bit further away
    – all the stars in all cosmos will have a new look, no matter how fine
    – the wind would have swung those trees in my garden in a new position
    – the birds would have taken already the next octave into their sweet song
    – the contraction of my lungs would have already sent the oxygen from my breath
    – to my heart, whose beat would have already sent its pulse with my blood all over my physical
    – the PRANA I inhaled from the Light was already powerfully flowing through me
    – changing in a matter of seconds the swirl of my light and my colour bodies
    – so I SEE a new world…
    for my consciousness has already experienced a state BEYOND the one of one breath ago,
    by lending my mind a fresh, new approach on CREATION…
    Multiply this billions and trillions times through those Universes and those Galaxies and all beings
    using that short and simple word INFINITY…
    For so I get to “grok” the Genius of a never-ending creating-act
    eternally many- and multifold
    as the FASCINATION developing
    from every new second experienced BEYOND the old one
    yet growing and evolving and gaining and transforming
    ON THE VALUABLE, PRECIOUS BASE of the experience accumulated before…

    Deleting a hard-paid-for experience should be never an option, I find
    for just as a butterfly morphs to fly from a “chomp, chomp, chomp” caterpillar
    so ALL experience is transformed and transmuted
    into brilliant Light, Love and Truth, Peace and Knowledge, Wisdom and Freedom and Joy…



  2. quantum999 says:

    It’s kind of quiet in here… where is the voice of joy?
    Ok, this is progress, we now know that after each Cycle only the Isle of Paradise remains unchanged… forever. The new question is: what happens with all accumulated experiences from one Cycle, they are added to the previous ones in a ‘database’ or they are deleted and a new and different creation starts which provides the setting for new experiences?

    The Question guy.


    • kibodabi says:

      It is all one experience.
      Only that which has been uncreated can be considered to have been deleted.
      No delete necessary in order to start new and different creations with new experiences….knowledge begets more knowledge…..at least in manifest experience….[on some levels, all knowledge is a matter of perpetual being]….so experience ALWAYS begets more experience….I prefer ‘consciousness’ to ‘database’…but that’s just semantics, so it doesn’t have any meaning……Paradise is added unto……..more consciousness manifestations/beings have (re)joined the core and…. take/return to, their already established places…[that comfy couch you left to come all The way out here in the material realms, and do this so you could come back with gifts, souvenirs, stories, pictures, movies, stuff, EXPERIENCE]……and the only thing that would change for the Havona Worlds would be the personnel…..
      you have to be able to accept the paradox of GOD as that which always changes and changes not……. GOD being all things material and immaterial, yet unless you know that, you can look right at it and not see it…..what you know in consciousness is always growing, evolving and so it is with experience…GOD is experiencing all things, having manifested IT SELF as one thing being all things being one thing, and we are part of that experience and always will be as long as there is more experience to experience and experience is infinite and eternal and thus, so are we and we are GOD experiencing and being experienced by GOD and each other and ourselves and all things material and immaterial………..at some point in experience, you will evolve to a point where you are able to, like GOD/in GOD/as GOD, experience the whole experience, not just in part and parts, but as the whole.
      …pastpresentfutureherethereeverywherenowtheninoutthroughthroughout…in toto ad infinitum eternalis
      Right now, that’s the big goal…what is beyond that….I dunno……….does it matter? I can’t comprehend anything needing or wanting to be beyond that if there is a beyond that to be experienced……..what more could there possibly be?


  3. quantum999 says:

    “look at things on a more realistic scale is realize that cycles are relative…there are cycles on planet, around planet, in system, around system, galactic, constellation, universal, sector, superuniversal…..how many cycles do want to get into right now?”

    KIbo focus… I was talking clearly about the Big Cycle, when everything disappear and a new Big-Bang starts. I don’t know… you have this style to go sideways, in a bubbling, scattered way that confuse people at times. You need pages when one can say the same thing in one paragraph.

    Anyway, a new question came up: what if both views are true? Meaning, what if only the super-universes expand and contract, while Havona and the Isle of Paradise remain unchanged, or only the Isle of Paradise alone remain unchanged?

    If you truly have the answer go ahead, otherwise I can wait until you get the answer from upstairs. And this is my cue… I don’t want to interfere with your most important job… taking messages from upstairs.

    Wish you all the God love and blessings in your journey to become a finaliter.


    • kibodabi says:

      lol…I don’t think I go sideways, personally…I’m just looking at stuff most people think is off to the side when it’s right in front of my face….for me….
      ok…as simply as possible…..once a creation Is settled in Light and Life…say…a local universe…..then that is consolidated into ‘core central’ for lack of a better phrase……..eventually the whole superuniverse is settled in Light and Life and awaits consolidation with the rest……………and it all becomes pure consciousness energy and settles on/in Paradise [Isle]……….when all that is done……which will happen while the outer universes are forming….then those new universes will be populated with new consciousness personalities and the CYCLE will begin again………over and over…..infinite experience…………
      now……as far as the Havona worlds are concerned……they will probably be consolidated as well and then created again with the appropriate personalities [since the ones there now will have finished with that experience and move on] that have earned the right to fulfill the positions necessary to handle maintenance of the worlds of the new universes…………which will be “Father/Mother/Daughter universes…mini super universes………..several universes apiece…………should be fun……….that’s pretty much what I’ve gathered so far……..there’s more after all that is settled but I haven’t got that far yet…………..

      all of this and that exists as GODS Imagination……it is all planned out in thought and manifest in thought/emotion = consciousness……..none of it exists except that GOD thinks/feels of/for it………..the fact that GOD establishes a created personality as a permanent manifestation is a wonderful gift from ONE that owns all and shares ALL….The most selfish being in creation is also the most unselfish being in creation….lol…gotta love it……okay that’s the tangent for now….I will leave off from this to do other things…please keep it coming and maybe others will notice and pitch in…we hope….Thanks and love, light and blessings be unto you in your journey to finality as well.


  4. Brian says:

    The Lover and the Beloved–Meher Baba=Father of Compassion

    “God is Love. And Love must love. And to love there must be a
    Beloved. But since God is Existence infinite and eternal there is
    no one for Him to love but Himself. And in order to love Himself
    He must imagine Himself as the Beloved whom He as the Lover
    imagines He loves.
    Beloved and Lover implies separation. And separation creates
    longing; and longing causes search. And the wider and the more
    intense the search the greater the separation and the more
    terrible the longing.
    When longing is most intense separation is complete, and the
    purpose of separation, which was that Love might experience
    itself as Lover and Beloved, is fulfilled; and union follows. And
    when union is attained, the Lover knows that he himself was all
    along the Beloved whom he loved and desired union with; and
    that all the impossible situations that he overcame were obstacles
    which he himself had placed in the path to himself.
    To attain union is so impossibly difficult because it is impossible to
    become what you already are! Union is nothing other than
    knowledge of oneself as the Only One.”


    • kibodabi says:

      all of this is true………”I long for my beloved One as stars and clouds long for the sky, as plants long for the sun and rain and rain longs to fall upon the earth, each drop a kiss of love and the Earth longs to be loved by her children that they may all love GOD together and be Beloved…….”


  5. quantum999 says:

    “AH….but I AM the way I think I AM ”
    You are what you think you are because you forgot that you are God playing you. That’s why forgetting gives us the opportunity to feel alive and in character. This is what awakening is all about… that fragment of God that was separated from God, is awakening, and when fully awakened it realizes that He is not Kibo, but Himself, the Creator. Our awakening is not ours, it is the God fragment in us that is awakening.

    “being me in WHAT I AM…..”
    And how is that possible… again forgetting. You know that you are God ‘in theory’ so to speak, but in your daily life you still feel like you. When you become 100% awaken you become one with God which means end of separation, end of taking messages from Him, end of this is me here and that over there is you Father.

    This is the idea, the essence… of course it doesn’t mean that we have to do nothing or if something wrong happens ‘it’s God fault anyway, not me’. Actually there are mental programs at subconscious level that keep us on track.

    So, in the end God ‘reunite’ Himself with all myriad of these pieces that split from Him in the beginning and a new Cycle starts… And this is my initial question: in between cycles, do we loose our ID and become totally one with God, or we keep our ID/personality and all the experiences and we start a new cycle from there? My guess is that we loose the ID and all the experiences and a NEW soul will be created by a NEW Creator Son.


    • kibodabi says:

      you will be a creator son long before you are totally one with GOD……….and new souls are NEW souls…not recycled for new cycles…unless you’ve been uncreated beforehand……you could be devolved….like going a few grades back instead of just taking the class over at the same level but in a better environment……..your identity will still be there…but starting over again as a flower or insect or such means developing a different personality relationship with that…as your last turn didn’t seem to go all that well…apparently…so now, there you are, swaying in the breeze and evolving back up into a better personality than you ever have been…….as is usually the case…but that is for those that have earned that and not for the beloved of GOD…….who have sought for GOD and have found IT in all and everything, within and without…..

      GOD is infinite and eternal…in what you call ‘the end’ which doesn’t really exist in true reality, you are concerned about losing yourself as your self…but why would such a thing be? You think you are recycled……but look at the Havona personalities…they are forever in THE ONE and they are themselves at the same time and forever that, in the same, as the same…….
      once you reach that point where new creations are begun and you have already been consolidated in the expanding and evolving, yet always having been there…core……there will be new souls sent out to experience and you will experience them all as a whole and individually…you’ve earned that….for what purpose would you be wiped clean after all that hard work to become GODS Beloved?

      Would GOD throw you to the wayside and begin you again after having seen you all the way to your perfection? and if you are perfect in your perfection, as you will be…why should that change or need to? Why would such a creation be thrown away? Surely there is more in GOD that is here/there to create even more experience BECAUSE of your experience and the experience of all that have returned in perfection to GOD. all that will help to design the creations of future realms that will evolve unto perfection and beyond…….and so…you can never lose yourself in such a way….you will always be becoming more…but in becoming more…your self, that you hold so dearly onto now, will not seem so important…it will be there…but you will be a whole realm of experience, all of it, all at once…..you will not think/feel about yourself in the same way that you do now…that will seem all so….limiting………and should you choose to insert yourself into a realm, which aspect of your experience will you choose to do so with? this segment? that experience? this understanding or that value or concept or what mode and method of limitation will you place upon yourself that you may dwell in shared limitation with the forms of the realm that you are inserting yourself into and for what purpose? Surely all is for the will of GOD……..even as you are here now for the same!
      you can have and enjoy a life experience without becoming so attached to it that you think that this is all you should be…….wait…there is so much more to experience and you will have and keep all of it and it will all be one and the individual parts will be just that…parts of a greater whole that you are not feeling right now because you are here, doing this……..but you will be HERE, DOING THIS/THAT…soon enough and find that you are already t/here in the perception of it and the reflection of it from a place where past, present and future have no meaning….. there is simply IT and IT is all one and you are IT and IT is you and all as you are all and one and there is only THE ONE………and there are no real words for it…but I do try…….please forgive my inability to explain it well enough to suffice…….this is why I end up using so many words trying to explain what is simply….being/doing…in its purest and perfect form.


      • quantum999 says:

        “you are concerned about losing yourself as your self…”
        I am not, it was just a question that pop up in my mind, and then it was mind curiosity, so I asked.

        By “the end”, I meant the end of this present Cycle… and this brings again the question: are there Cycles or not? The following is a fragment from CwG book:

        Neale: Is the universe now expanding?
        God: At a rate of speed you cannot imagine

        N: Will it expand forever?
        God: No. There will come a time when the energies driving the expansion will dissipate, and the energies holding things together will take over – pulling everything ‘back together’ again.

        N: You mean the universe will contract?
        God: Yes. Everything will… And you will have paradise again. No matter. Pure energy. In other words – Me!

        N: That means we will no longer exist!
        God: Not in physical form. But you will always exist. You cannot not exist. You are that which IS. 

        N: What will happens after the universe ‘collapses’?
        God: The whole process will start over again! There will be another so-called Big Bang, and another universe will be born. It will expand and contract. And then it will do the same thing all over again. And again. And again. And again. Forever and ever. World without end. This is the breathing-in and breathing-out of God. 

        So there is expansion-contraction cycles… forever.

        “Why would such a Creation be thrown away?”
        The CwG fragment just explained why… that everything goes in cycles. But this is a good question, and in order to clarify this we should ask ourselves: what is the purpose of the whole Creation? And the answer is… EXPERIENCE and through all the experiences around the Creation… GOD TO KNOW HIMSELF. The main purpose of Creation is to set the stage for Experience. Experience is the only currency in this Creation… it pays for the whole show.


        • kibodabi says:

          Still…it is not thrown away…..it is kept and consolidated as perfect returned in perfection………The Paradise manifestation is where you are returning to…but…here’s the thing……you are already there…..there is no past/present/future…that is a material/linear perception….you , right now, are looking through you at what you perceive as your life now…..but the greater life of THE ONE….consolidated with trillions to the trillionth power personalities are also looking through you right now at your life and all of us/you are experiencing the whole thing…and yet it grows in experience even though that experience Is already there……sigh…….

          that whole thing about a universe being settled in light and life…is a consolidation of perfected consciousness……..and you also have to remember that Walsh could only deal with certain concepts….it speaks of the universe when we exist within a universe of universes…..superuniverse of superuniverses…megaverse?……the whole thing is designed to help in consciousness but on a level that most people are used to dealing with……….but there are others that can deal with more…I see it all the time…heck, I even see it in comic books and anime and other media and books and philosophies…..
          so I have to speak to that end of it…..like there are those that can deal with Jesus but can’t deal with Christ Michael/Esu……………

          To look at things on a more realistic scale is realize that cycles are relative…there are cycles on planet, around planet, in system, around system, galactic, constellation, universal, sector, superuniversal…..how many cycles do want to get into right now? Considering that these are simply material considerations doesn’t speak to cycles of growth and evolution in experience……..these are more like a spring than loops or circles…..it cycles but it evolves to greater consciousness in experience, thus it never touches the same starting point but parallels it or mirrors it on a higher or more expansive understanding than before…
          the problem with this planet is that such concepts have been limited in scope of experience because of things like quarantines and defaults and genetic interference and, of course, mind control and manipulation.
          New creations are forming right now in the outer realms of the universe to come…These will not be consolidated when this…..cycle of superuniverses is consolidated in Light and Life…the new creations will still be evolving in experience and after that……..SOURCE only knows………but there is enough for new everything, experience included…..so it’s all a matter of, since you’ve been there abnd done that in the last creative cycle, what part do you want to play in the next creative cycle?
          remember…these are going to be filled with the universes that you create as a finaliter…….after that, you will evolve even further….CM is evolving past Creator Son….as will you…….
          when you again find yourself…..overflowing with experience…..again on/in Paradise…seeing and knowing and experiencing all things at once……..think of infinite channels of ultimate cable that lets you be the program….and it’s always on….[smile]and you watch ALL the channels at once…perfectly…….now remember that you are your own SOURCEchannel/show/program/actor/character……and take it from there…….
          you are that thing and that will never change…but there will always be more things to love and enjoy…. and they will be like you as they already are, except in experience and here you are evolving in that experience while you are already there…. and that is not a cycle…that is an ascending spiral path…….


  6. quantum999 says:

    Well, I would like to Ponder on this:

    “There are those of you that think that I think that it is all about ME… IT IS!”


    These are two of the biggest questions: who is God, and who am I (who are we). Remember those short movies where one actor plays separate different roles: the mother, the father, the boy, the neighbour… and then he puts all together and create a movie with all characters playing together, like a real movie… when in fact there is only one actor. So it is in life, in this Creation… God plays all the characters… Guys I have news for you: Kibo is not Kibo the way he thinks he is… is God playing Kibo character, so is me, there is no me, me, but God playing me, but I think (I am convinced) is me… that is all about me. They say that forgetting is the biggest secret of all Creation… and it is, otherwise we could not play and experience the way we do .


    • kibodabi says:

      AH….but I AM the way I think I AM because I know that I AM I being me in WHAT I AM…..
      but……….try to consider that GOD created you as GOD being GOD being you…this means that the character that GOD plays as the true you is an actor…but that actor is playing a character of you, in this life and time and place and space…..as it were……….so what we are trying to do is to get more of you to realize that you are not just characters, but actors….and then to act as GOD acts………..that GOD may better act in you………
      also to consider that your actor self is a character played by GOD acting as you, in you…and like any GOOD series or show…..you would like your character actor to be able to continue and evolve and not get cancelled or have to start over in another series somewhere else……….so it is in your best interest to act well…be a GOOD actor….as it were…..and so on and so forth…….great, ain’t it?


  7. Vera says:

    What does the number 2 mean?


    • kibodabi says:

      Divine Dictation = DD = 2D
      2 = second one in however many there will be…
      the next one will be 2D3…..whenever it comes…………love and blessings to you!….kibo


    • theo says:

      hi, dear Vera,
      this would be about 2D2.
      In case you put the question for Ponder Ponder Soul Transponder 2 —
      It is because on July 23, 2012 Kibo has written another part —part 1 – same title.
      It is right here, of course, on his blog.


      • Vera says:

        Thanks, theo, I asked about Ponder ‘2’ and now I got it as part 2.
        I also wondered about 2D2, that 2 means duble D part 2, which wasn’t easy to catch up,
        rightly away. Thanks.


  8. theo says:

    the “Eternity Questionnaire”,
    before a Quantum leap and in-between.


  9. Brian says:

    Be still and know that I AM GOD


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