THERE WI LL BE A PARTY/RECEPTION FOR THE ADJUDICATION TEAM AT THE TREEHOUSE ISLAND FOR A WEEK…BEGINNING THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH AND ENDING THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH……[Technically speaking it will be the beginning of Thursday, November 7th to the end of Thursday November 14th…….however time is not really a factor in and of itself…….oh nevermind…….]



[Note: I will be there…but please note that this was not my idea and when they first said they wanted a party at the treehouse, I was against it on the grounds that we were still in this shit…………but with the arrival of the Adjudication delegation……things have changed….besides……they said they could have it without me if I insisted……….so………they have the whole island for a week and they’re running the show……… maybe i’ll just relax…mingle a little…..and mostly hang out at the spa……don’t waste your time looking for me….there are many and much more important personalities that you really should spend time with and getting to know…….you’ll love it….trust me……..go…have a good time………..and cake……there will be cake………just sayin’…….love and light to all……cya around…..kibo]


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  1. Ken says:

    Hello,, All. WE have been reading about change and moving forward as a planet of peoples.THIS thing has been upon us and then upon us again . Our hopes go UP and then seem dashed. WE regroup. Take some more hits, Take a look around and NOTHING visually has CHANGED. WE look up in the sky and still the attacks continue . To say this is a SAD situation is to be tame. I would love to be more celebratory and with the recent messages that would seem to be the case. The holidays approach, people want to gather and celebrate , Thanksgiving, Christmas( birth of Christ )not buying a bunch of STUFF nobody really needs,,,,, and to end this long rough year. PARTY,,,,,, An early Party would be great maybe this week ,next week too would be fine .I will try to get into the PARTY mode. The A-Team is here, sounds like a good enough reason to ME YOU, WE, US, ALL for ONE . ONE for ALL. AMEN,,, God bless ALL


  2. Brian says:

    count me in. its been a rough rough 2 months…

    ill prolly come spinnin in like im from tasmania….

    oh well what can i aint ez….


  3. Sandra Vazquez says:

    Thanks for the invite, Kibo and Everyone! We could all use a celebration right about now. In Live and Light, I hope to “see” you there.


  4. Mariza says:

    Obrigada! Obrigada a todos!
    Estou emocionada!


  5. Barbara says:

    Please…., what does it mean “able to attend in love and light” ?
    What will you, who are already ready, do to “attend”? How long will you be/stay there?

    I suppose that, as i’m asking these questions, i’m not able to attend.
    …and sorry for poor english….

    With gratitude to all of you!


    • kibodabi says:

      actually…..if you can concentrate on it enough…energies are readily available, moreso than ever….if you can imagine it as actually being and let it take on a life of its own….then you’re there…….it’s like energetic, lucid daydreaming….and then…..if you intend it as spiritual will, you can show up in your dreams and make sure you ask to remember it all………..but that’s how you get there…….it takes a bit of trust and faith in yourself as a spiritual being, but that’s what it’s all about nowadays…..promoting and primarily being a spiritual being that just happens to be experiencing a material incarnation …the love and light thing is a matter of your orientation as a personality/being….dark ones don’t have much of either, if any…sooooo….but if they really want life in love and light and can make that change within themselves enough to register as such…there’s no reason they can’t get in…as long as they can keep it up they can stay and mingle…once their levels fall…so will they…down and out…..we who are up and in…like you, should have no problem there!

      remember the exercises I put out around the time this blog first started and I was giving advice on how to do ‘the work’? That’s all the foundational part of it……..just as you create your spiritual workspace, you can used that same energy of knowing that you are on eiwth all things to travel to other places of perception in all things as one.
      so just sit back and relax and imagine and fantasize about it and let it be as real as you can and you will find that it works well enough, not just to get you there, but to enjoy communication with others that are there, as well…however you perceive it is fine…just make it something you are comfortable with and can enjoy and flow with and let it take you into the more expanded experience of it, rather than trying to control it…….just like as if you were going next door to a physical party and meeting and talking with friends and meeting new people and having a wonderful time……….

      I hope that helps…this is one of the reasons that they gave everyone a week to get into it. the party itself is really only, like, a few hours of perception….but time having no meaning on energetic levels…it doesn’t matter….you can do it all at once or do it in bits and pieces. I tend to go in and out..heck..i can go back to events that were held months and years ago and still pick up where I left off…it’s all still going on and it’s all going on at once so there’s no reason to push it and fret that you’re missing something or worry that you’re not there….you’re there if you can believe to the point of trusting that you are there that will help you know that you are there………’re there as long as you wholly intend to be there…you’re there… just let it be what it is and don’t be concerned with what you think others are experiencing…each one will have a different experience with it all and everyone……….so just be you and be there in heart, mind and soul and spirit…’d be surprised what you can do if you just let yourself do it…..imagine any way of getting there that makes you feel like….yeah, this is it….and go with it….trust me…all this stuff works if you let it…have faith in you…heaven knows that God has faith in you…..just as you have faith in God, let that be also your faith in yourself… are each other, after all……smile.


    • Mariza says:

      Oi bárbara!
      Minha situação é igual a tua…
      Também não sou capaz de participar… pensei em orar e meditar…
      Um abraço,


  6. Elaine says:

    I got my dancing shoes on!! Woooo Hoooo! I can hardly wait to see my family and friends — I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!


  7. Mariza says:

    Até a volta, Kibo!
    Aproveite, você merece!
    Felicidades a todos! Viva!!!


  8. James K. says:

    Kibo, I’ll bring the coffee and chocolate cake!


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