Group Meeting= [Warning! 9 pages]

Group meeting: 07202013-2123cst
So here we are……..back at the treehouse island HQ. Sitting on the round couch. MAMA, PAPA, SONNY, CM ATON, LORD SIRAYA……….and GRANDPA doing His Voice thing with the floating sphere……much easier vibes to take….guess it will do for confined mental/emotional/spiritual spaces [grin]……….This is the first time Grandpa’s been here as an official guest…….being always here, there and everywhere……anyway…………The big round table has a holomap of the local system and then some…..and they’re showing me things that are coming from that direction and what’s going out in response from this direction and all of this is supposed to happen soon and because it’s such a large thing, relatively speaking, there’s no room for delay……….so something’s coming…sigh…….yeah………
G: I always appreciated this place. Glad to be here as a visitor in kind.
P: He made it as his own version of the Paradise Isle. It’s very nice. Still evolving, though. Love seeing it when it’s settled.
K: Oh sure…YOU guys have already been there…I’m still working on it…for the sake of experience and all that.
M: Well, you know that We’re with you the whole time so don’t worry. It’ll be fine.
S: Yeah. It’s fine now. Great for what you’re doing in your here and now.
LS: I supposed the new universes will be filled with Paradise versions.
CM: I think it’s a great idea! When everything’s settled in Nebadon, We just might expand Salvington as the center of its own paradise isle.
[NEBADONIA arrives with Esu and Nada. Everyone shares greetings]
NB: I think that is a magnificent idea!
P: Well, now that everyone’s here, we can get this party started!
K: Let there be cake!
[Everyone laughs….but a sort of photonic cake appears in front of everyone……don’t ask…wasn’t me]
K: Thanks Grandpa………
G: I thought you might like that….a good joke…and tasty. [more laughter]
K: You guys are in a really great mood. I see something coming and what you’ve shown me looks wonderful………but it’s not very cut and dry. Still seems like the whole thing is going to be a process….of preparation?
M: Cosmic celebration cake can be cut, but should never be dry……and when THIS cake is handed out to the citizens of Urantia, they’ll finally be able to have their cake and eat it, too….so no one will ever have to hurry to get through it or linger too long trying to make it last.
K: You’re kidding me, right? That’s what you’re going with as the spiritual analogy…cake?
S and CM: And why not?
CM: There will be much to celebrate and good enough time to celebrate it!
S: It’s like being reborn…which would mean a birthday celebration. So there’s cake…and one huge candle….to light up the room.
G: All are invited. It will be…quite an experience. The world is being filled with the light of that one candle and all that sit at the table in joy and love, for the birthday girl and each other, will bathe in the power of that light. Those that recede into the darkness will find their backs up against the walls with no exit………..when the Great Light, consider it a cosmic light bulb, is switched back on, they will be revealed for what they always were…shadows. There will be nowhere for them to hide and they shall simply disappear and that will be that. There will be not even a dark corner to cower in……….and then you will be able to see what we’ve done with the place. You will be pleased beyond all imagining.
K: Two weeks, huh?
M: We would like to be done with officially getting started before the end of the month, so maybe sooner…No…seems it won’t happen like that….nothing moved up or back…pretty firm…
CM: Everything is moving into position. The further out anything is in this set of circumstances, the longer it takes to get into position. But all things are set to sync in by the time it is meant to commence…Down to the very last second and nanosecond, I daresay. We are meticulous in these matters. Even when allowing for changes, as we have in the past of experience. There are no such allowances that have been set for this. So it is what it is and will be what it must be. You will have to wait to experience it in your timeframe, so just relax and prepare yourself for a great light to manifest, like a match lighting a candle in the darkness, and take comfort in and have faith in the light that will manifest to and in all things. It truly is a remarkable event that is happening. We’re allowing ourselves the luxury of using certain….circumstances and forces and vibrations, frequencies and waves, which are happening anyway and simply increasing their value and effect on Earth Shan Gaia. She is ready to be reborn and is doing so as we speak…
M: She would be doing it anyway…
NB: But she wants to share the experience with you and so we are helping by throwing this little party for all of you.
N: Though, for some of you it might not look exactly like a party….we assure all that it is just cause for celebration.
Esu: Some had hoped that things would have happened differently…..but….here we are and after it’s all over, most will see that it all happened in the best possible way, even if they could never had imagined it.
K: So, you’re letting them get used to the idea slowly?
LS: Yes and no. what happens first has been a long time coming and will only seem to have suddenly appeared. But it will only seem that way for those that never thought about such things. Obviously not all of you agree on what is and what should be and you will need a…more authoritative voice in the matter to make you pay attention to the fact that you all are just caretakers, tenants…..and not owners. A thing can only be owned by the one that created it. You create from materials that were loaned to you for your use, even your consciousnesses come from the source and creator of them…
K: Can you, at least, consider all that a lease to own kind of thing? I know it’s a matter of exactly what to pay with…do we pay attention……pay it forward…?….Even the doing of God’s Will is subject to the perspective and perception of the individual involved and such systems of belief, whether individual or grouped, can often clash with each other….even to the worse of extremes……… what to pay with? Is love enough? There are those that feel is it even less than a secondary consideration. Obedience? According to who or whom as presented and given and translated and meditated upon and from within whom and whatever and so on and so forth………each one believing in themselves above the others. They must be right…even as they still search for what is right…no one wants to be wrong and most feel that they can ill afford to be. This thing has to give all and everyone an objective sharing of a subjective experience that gives them a chance to touch upon and hold a common thread that connects all of them in unity and familyhood under GOD in all of Its aspects and ways…………you gonna do that?
G,P,M,S: And more. But that, as well, is all part of the process. The whole population cannot just get hit at once with such a thing. They must be shown the first step and deal with and understand that before they can deal with the second step. This is the first step.
K: and just what exactly is ‘the first step’, if I may ask?
[they all look at each other and smile…and then they break out into this kinda 2001 movie theme thing – Daa-daaaaaaaaaa duh-dunnnnnnnnnnnnn …..and you haven’t lived until you can picture Esu doing the orchestra air drum thing…Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bummmmmmmmmmm…………..and then they all look at me and say in deep, dramatic voices, with Grandpa leading the way {hey, He’s got the deepest voice} YOU ARE NOT ALONE!]
K: Okay, okay….so we finally get the ET disclosure thing, right? Mass decloakings? Landings? That kind of thing, right? Real proof on the ground that we are, indeed, surrounded by millions of ships out there from the GFL? Right!? RIGHT!?
CM: Wrong. That kind of thing would only lead to mass panic and fear based and fear led people running around screaming that the sky is falling with alien invaders. The few people that will be trying to explain that it’s a rescue mission force will, mostly, get beat up and down…….called pod people, you know the drill……’ve seen the movies…..experienced the programming…….
NB: Since most of you only believe what you have accepted as material authority figures, it will be necessary to place the faltering, yet still somewhat prevailing system of authority either in front of the people, or off to the side, handcuffed or not, with the more than ready replacements that have been trained to form the new government, financial, corporate system that will help to facilitate your passage into the next phase of evolutionary spiritual/mental/emotional consciousness that you are all going to be raised to, in one form or another; to explain the reality of the situation. You have never been alone and never will be.
CM: Consider that all of this is training, among other things. That also makes it a test and no two individuals are taking the same exact test… when you take tests, we’ve noticed that you like to be told how much time is remaining. Consider this to be your….5 minute notice. We recognize the fact that there are many that did not and don’t know that they were and are being tested and are simply sleeping in the back………it would be nice if they could get , at least, one or two answers done, find a solution or three….something, before the test is officially declared done and over and finished and to please put your pencils and other implements down and pay attention to the grading process, as it will happen right in front of you so that all things are above the table, open, honest and transparent for all to see without fail.
This is what’s happening and what’s coming. No more, no less. We know that extra time has been given for the sake of getting the most out of everyone. But there is only so much that can be done without waiting forever if there are those that refuse to even try to get something right……….so consider this a final motivation to open your eyes and see what’s really right in front of you. You all begged to come here and face this challenge. More applied than were chosen. The success rate, as far as originally hoped, if not speculated, is low. Few have identified the adversary. Few have identified their method of war against you. However, this is mostly because of the influence of the Anunnaki. The adversarial race has been unable to produce anything of their own that has any real or lasting value. They have simply made use of the creations of others while using all available resources to subjugate and destroy the enemy population. This is an issue that will have to be addressed at their hearing as we decide what to do with their race consciousness. There are…..options….which could insure their survival as a better, more spiritually evolved race…but it remains to be seen if they can deal with the concept in the first place.
But that is for another day. Right now, they are all to be removed from any semblance of power, as well as those that serve them so willingly. That alone will create room for higher thought and being as their artificial ceiling, which pressured down upon all of you for so long, is removed once and for all. So….their shadow and the shadowmind that went with it, shall be removed and you all get a larger room to work in….that now opens to the rest of the house…..and all beyond it…….you will be able to visit the family again, enjoy the yard….visit the neighbors, so to speak………it is unimaginably beyond all your greatest imaginings.

[sigh….break here…….back a.s.a.p.…2335 cst]

07212013 0158cst

K: I’m back
N: [laughing} You’re back as far as you’re concerned from the viewpoint of experiencing where you are and when. Here, you never left……..I would’ve thought that you’d have figured that out by now.
K: Oh, I know alright…..I’ve experienced it before….even now I can go back to things and events that happened earlier on the line and pick up where I left off…heck, I can even be in more than one place at the same time….here…..but from where I am, being this….it’s still hard for me to experience more than one thing at the same time. I have to keep going back and forth. Very seldom can I actually hold onto both at once in experience…….
E: You’ll learn, or rather, you’ll get it back. There’s a whole list of things that you can do in original form that you can’t do while you’re experiencing material life on Gaia. Part of the contract you know.
K: Tell me about it. But I’m determined to complete the journey to being a finaliter in this form. It’s the least I can do for the poor guy and I know he can make it, especially as we become more each other…….but we’re learning.
G: So you’ve figured that part out, at least. You can’t be all here, but you are concentrating your fullest attention upon this incarnation in order to stabilize and anchor it as a permanent manifestation. Tobias will be proud and quite happy for more company.
K: Yeah….Tobias…one of the reasons I’m here, to finish that up. So are you taking the people of the blood with you or do they go with me for one last chance?
P: Both. I’ll take them in for rehab and the ones that make it for that testing period will go forward and the ones that don’t we’ll give back to you for their final exam. After that…………..
K: Still not sure that it’s the best way to go with them. Giving them exactly what they want in a contained and secure realm to study if they can find the fault of it or allow themselves to self-destruct by their own devices is……..challenging to say the least. The Techma have never been cooperative and overdosing them may just make them wholly complacent in it. But at least they will have had the opportunity to try. Have the papers been signed?
CM: Not yet. They demand to see it in print and in public. This is all that they’ll get in that direction. I’D BEST TAKE THE OFFER, BOYS.
K: It is an option and without it there would only be uncreation this much sooner. I concur. SIGN THE FUCKING PAPERS ALREADY OR WE’LL GO AHEAD ANYWAY AND THE COST WILL BE YOURS TO PAY. So say we all?
K: Well, that was a downer………anything else that’s better to talk about? This is a celebration, after all.
NB: We’re having all the fun in the world. Don’t let them bother you while you’re here. It’ll all be fine.
Esu: Have you picked out a job yet? You should be doing something other than your studies while you hang out to see how it all goes.
K: I have no clue. I’m not even sure what I’ll be capable of at that point. I figured whatever you guys want me to do, I’ll do…as you want me to do it, and leave it at that. Other than that…..ship pilot sounds like a grand time. I really want to partner up with a Ship.
M: That’s already been taken care of. You’ll be partnering up with you=know=who. [smile]
K: I heard that but didn’t realize it was official. We’ll have to wait until afterwards to start?
S: It would be best. No sense in going there beforehand….or do you just want to get back aboard a ship so much that you’re fishing for a visit?
K: I wish. A thousand requests and not one bite….sigh……..don’t get me wrong, spiritual attendance is great….but ……….hey, don’t mind me…I’m not the only worker that wants a lift…… to pick up the whole group so we can all be together.
CM: That can be and is being arranged…….but first steps first….okay?
K: Fine by me, Boss. Since all this is being written for the sake of example…anything else for all those folks that read all this stuff and who then have to figure out what to do with it? This is supposed to be a side to The Source Papers, after all.
G: We were going to talk about things on a more local level. We could do that now if you’d like, but I’d like for all to be involved in this one.
K: Sure, the more the merrier. Now………just to be clear……..All of this…and that…and whatever and else…is YOU in manifestation……why?
G: I AM. There is and need be no other reason other than being what I am. I AM WHAT I AM.
Esu: How does that apply to you being flesh and blood beings in experience? What makes this planet so special, other than the obvious known reasons of being a bestowal planet, a prison planet, a colonized planet, a planet subjected to several defaults, a seed planet and an experimental planet, as well?
N: and did YOU plan it all to be this way?
G: I created a material reflection of My Self and that is what you call the whole of creation. It is a well maintained and sustained and upheld and beheld creation of pure conscious thought WILLED by WHAT I AM.
While it is true that I know the whole of what is considered beginning and unending end, there is still the experiencing of it from within. This is where all of you come in. While I know every possibility and potential and actuality……there is still the experiencing of them all in perpetuity. I AM exploring and experiencing the full and unlimited liberty and freedom of My Will. All and everything that can and is and will be experienced by any and all things is happening within WHAT I AM. As I have created the personalities of The Paradise Trinity as images of Myself, so have I created all of you as images of Myself. To all intelligent ascending personalities everywhere: You are all, together and individually, necessary parts of WHAT I AM that make up the growing and evolving creation of Myself in manifest form. YOU are all integral parts of perfection in the process of becoming perfect and that is what you are experiencing in WHAT I AM and that is WHAT I AM experiencing in you.
You all have free will to do as you please and to experience the effects of your choices in their consequences. However all of that and the outcomes are already known and thus, are implemented as part of the fulfillment of all perfect potentials becoming perfectly actualized. It is to say that all you do is already known before you do it and all that happens is already known before any of it happens and, like individual pieces of a puzzle of near infinite size, it all comes together to create the whole picture.
There are no pieces of this puzzle that do not fit. All and everything is designed to do exactly what it is and was created to do and be…by WHAT I AM. There is only one outcome, perfection. That is the outcome of all things, yourselves included. How you get there, how long It takes, the journey itself, is all part of who and what you are and no two journeys are exactly alike, nor should they be…for I AM the One and the many, interacting and causing and affecting to create the way to perfection in WHAT I AM. I do this so that you may be as I AM, eternal and infinite creators creating eternal and infinite experience, all unto perpetuity.
Know that you are provided for according to the REAL COSMIC NEEDS OF, AND FOR, THE FULLFILLMENT OF YOUR PATH TO PERFECTION. You are all learning to be like and as WHAT I AM and you will get there. You are, in fact, designed and created to be perfect as I AM perfect and each and every one of you will arrive from the direction of an infinite number of divergent paths that converge, ultimately, in the SOURCE AS SOURCE AND CENTER AS THE PARADISE TRINITY.
That each of you will see and be and experience things that no other being anywhere has or will experience in any time or place, is a given. That you will all be able to do this together and also share your experiences with each other, thus experiencing them through each other, is a glorious miracle that I have created for the sake of all things. I resonate with My Self and so you are learning to actively do the same with each other and within yourselves. Love as I love. Share as I share. Give as I give. Everything that you are all experiencing is for the sake of demonstration. It is demonstrating what waits before you on your path. Godhood. It demonstrates an endless wealth of new ideas, values and experiences that you will create to teach and train your creations to become the new gods of even more universes to come. Christ Michael Aton has, on this small planet, created beings of such creativity that it astounds the whole of creation! The taint of the shadowmind has done nothing to deter that or ruin it. The fact remains that you have succeeded in creating whole scenarios of life of such complex depths and dynamics, that they are hard to match. It is, in fact, your great struggle against the dark that has forced you to create such outlets for your hopes, your dreams, your thoughts and emotions. Your struggles to understand the whys and wherefores of your lives have compelled you to acts of, not just deep darkness, but to exemplify the highest and most noble values of Light. Truly you are a world and people of vast contradictions and turmoil and in striving to come to terms with that, in the face of all adversity, you have allowed yourselves the luxury of believing in happy endings. So many times throughout the ages of your world, we have been witness to great acts of courage and kindness motivated by hope and hope alone…hope in something better that has to come, one day, no matter what. It is so inherent in your mass consciousness that no force could uproot you from it or deny you the satisfaction of experiencing and witnessing that hope fulfilled…..and so shall it be. Your hope is being fulfilled and you are seeing the day as the light of it travels across your shores as surely as you witness your own sun and know that even through cloudy and rainy skies and torrential storms….that sun is there and you shall see it again.

K: so all of this…that we’re doing now and going through now and being now?
G: All that is part of becoming. Know that, no matter what happens to you and with you and for you and about you and around you and through you, in these realms of experience…… are already there…you are perfect…….maybe you don’t know it yet…haven’t realized it yet…but you are there and just have to go through the time lag…………….perhaps I can tell you here and now…Congratulations! You did it! You, yourself, are perfect! Look ahead on your path and see it and know it and keep going forward. Catch up to yourself……….that’s all it is…you are waiting for you to catch up to you…the you that is, is embracing the you that is becoming……and that you is experienced….and that is what makes it a done deal.
K: Jimi Hendrix said something like that…”Are You Experienced?” very deep song once you figure it out.
CM: He figured it out…which is why they had to get rid of him. But they couldn’t get rid of the influence. He shared his experience and that’s what you must do with each other and that’s what you’re doing…..the light and the dark……….but now it’s time for the light to take the stage alone and so it is and you shall be witness to that and experience it for all that its worth and know all that it means…..
NB: So! Celebrate and have another piece of cake!
PT: Everything is moving into place.
LS: Just let it be what it is and let it happen and be with it as it happens. We know it’s been a long time and that there has been delay after delay after delay and we don’t expect anyone to take this without at least a grain of salt and some a huge grain at that. But hope is a powerful thing when it reaches its crescendo and overflows and it is overflowing like a prayer and that prayer is being heard and is being answered in fulfillment.
CM: Let that be enough for now. All involved are moving into their final places. The Michael Sons will soon hold a ritual of their own in answer to the ritual of their sisters…….wait and see………[big smile]
K: fine, fine…I am With You…….I do so hope that this is finally it…the watershed moment that we all…hope for………
G: See? But enough. Let this writing be done and let us further enjoy each other’s presence in celebration and joy!

07212013 0424 cst


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5 Responses to Group Meeting= [Warning! 9 pages]

  1. blake says:

    ha haah! good one Kibo who is pt?( sorry, its no matter. actually what confused me more {for quite a while} was papa vs grandpa. i guess papa is of the trinity and grandpa is Source) good to see you enjoying a family moment. i think it will be a grand celebration when we all have some version of that.


  2. Elaine says:

    Hey Kibo my Friend: These 3 postings were AWESOME! I got all excited like you did hoping that we’d FINALLY get the ET disclosure but I truly do understand why GFL doesn’t want to do it that way. That said, I love your answers: “I wish. A thousand requests and not one bite, etc. I’m not the only worker that wants a lift, best to pick up the whole group so we can all be together.” Kibo, I’ve been waiting for this to happen since I was 12 — that was 50 years ago.
    When you talked to Grandpa about being tired, I know exactly how you feel. Worn out, frustrated, exhausted, trying to do Grandpa’s Will and hoping I’m getting it right. But His answer made me feel so much better. We, you and I and others like us, just to KEEP ON KEEPING ON.
    Your Sister in Light and Love. Elaine


  3. shanewinter says:

    My heart sings with joy!


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