I’m late…I know….but those two SOURCE messages left me totally exhausted…..and there’s another one coming after this…but for now………
You may or may not noticed that certain parties on the net are calling for servers to report for duty……I’ve been hearing the same thing……THEY want everybody at their station, their desk, their mark on stage………whatever your job is, report, show up, find your place and take the task you’re being given and give it all you’ve got………….now is the time…once again………..
You may or may not have noticed that many parties are expecting something big to occur this month….THEY’ve been hinting at this slowly for quite awhile and now…once again, THEY’ve come to me with that ‘two weeks’ thing that I hate so much because a lot can happen in two weeks that can turn two weeks into two months or even two years……..darn that human free will initiative thing……always messing with the energy vibrations and mucking up the waves………..sigh………….
So, right now, it seems that those that do all they can to muck up before they get f* up [yes, I’m trying to be nice…….so sue me] have had less and less to work with in that direction and now find themselves with barely any energy, strength, resources….whatever it used to take, they ain’t got it no more…….waves are coming in with no ripples from the middle to stop them…..resistance is thin where it counts………..
Yes, planes are crashing and exploding, trains are crashing and exploding, inner cities, states, nations, are crashing and exploding, and now they’re trying to blow up the US justice system…among other things….meanwhile, their finances are imploding and their influence is on the event horizon of a cosmic, divine black hole of immense proportions….and it’s sucking up everything dark and spitting it out only God knows where……..and He does….i ain’t askin’. That’s not my job………I’m over here, doing this……….

You may or may not have noticed that the sorting period is over…….cheers and curses abound!
Consider a table full of……..tokens…..like poker chips, I guess………ranging from pure white light to pure dark black………and varying shades of gray in between…….now there are billions of these things and some of them are counterfeit, so you have to take that into consideration, as well………….
You have to sort these things out one by one and determine what groups they go with and where those groups are to go……..and then….THEN….once they’re all sorted
You separate!
Ah! Well! There you go then!
You may or may not have noticed that things are being separated…………not just us from each other, but ourselves from the things that we are so attached to that they get in the way of us letting go of all and everything here in order to hold onto what is being offered to us and being placed in our hands…..you’re going to need two empty hands for this one, because it’s heavy……………yes, I said that…….

This doesn’t mean that you have to throw things and people away…but you have to be able to deal with the prospect of being without these things and people and objects and possessions and circumstances……
I guess the question becomes, in the end….just what are you willing to give to God and give up for God?
Operative word here: WILLING
Family, friends, house, car, job, addictions, worries [yes, worries]
Your relationships
Your ideas and plans
Your beliefs and reasoning and reasonings
Your sanity and insanity
Money and possessions
Cell phone………..
All of that has no meaning in what you are about to experience
Whenever it actually happens so that we can finally experience it
And all you have to do
Is realize….consider and know within your self
That you can actually do without any and/or all of these things
If need be
Because all that matters
Is the Will of The One
Within you and without you
And you are that Life
And IT’S Life, is you
And you have to give it up for that
Because if you want it all
You have to be able to deal with having nothing
If you want to be everything
You have to be able to deal with being nothing
If it comes to that……which it may or may not do or be
Never say never and all that
You have to be willing to accept not having
Just as well as you accept having
For all you have
Was given to you
And is no more than a loan
And when THEY come to you
And tell you to take what they are offering
How will you hold it
When your hands are already full?
So come
Alone and in love
Don’t be afeared
Or hesitant
Have no regrets or remorse or guilt
We have done as we have done and do what we do
We are what we are
And we are doing our best
All of us
We fulfill our design specifications in operation
And are now receiving reworking, refitting…..upgrades………
And yes…some will get junked…..but they are obsolete models
And that energy is better used for other things elsewhere…
So you see?
It all works out………
It helps to show up
Be at your job….signed in, clock punched, at the ready………
But THEY will come to you….if you insist……it’s all good…….
Don’t concern yourself too much with exactly what’s going to happen
Let it happen
And happen with it
Some think it’s all about the money
New finances and funding
Government, cabal arrests…
stuff they can see and touch….
They’re attached to that
God’s Will is God’s Will
Let It be what It is and be with That and do That………
Let go of everything else
Even yourself, if you have to……
You are
After all
God living God’s Life as who and what you are
As are we all
As is it all
All we are and think we know
All we have and don’t have
Do and don’t do
Comes from that
And being within it
And it being within us
As us…….
There’s only one of us here
Time to recognize who that one is………..and hold onto that
And that alone.


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4 Responses to 07152013

  1. Thankyou Kibo, I started reading your messages again started with the first one called Ask. I wish I could just sit down with you in your tree house and just talk. like you do with everyone. I think we would in enjoy our celestial talk. But looking back how thick the fog was, and alot I had to come to terms with. But I thankyou for who you are, and Love you like a brother. You may not know it but I have always rooted for you, but think alot has been missunderstood, no one can grasp anything until it takes hold within, Its hard, to say I am there, but until I experience it within, all the talk was there and the feeling but the awareness of what I already knew, I was waiting for the Dawning of The Day for it to happen. The Dawning that I AM. I look back and think how lost I could have been. But I am found and that is all that matters. I am back in the saddle. Headed for the Light.

    Love your sister Monika


  2. Brian says:

    That, Marayah, touched me deeply. Thank you for that.
    You are just fine, you know that 😉 It is ok. trust me we have a lot to be thankful for…all of it…give thanks always, right…when you really stop to think it is all for Papa’s benefit….easy logic to follow…

    btw, i go through, as i’m sure we all do in some uniquely invigorating fashion…it is the conversation you’re having that matters…with yourself;)

    Christ Bless you, my friend….much love


  3. Marayah says:

    BLESS YOU BEN ELOHIM and as usual your words make hearts tremble in expectant JOY and excitement! Well, it seems that this seperation thing manifests all the time in our daily life.. keep trying to empty those two hands while surroundings keep trying to load over new stuff which on my part is unwanted, useless and the kinda BS I make every efford to get rid of. Anyone recognizinig that sort of thing? How do you deal with it? I love those around me and they get upset when their offers are turned down. Like wanna watch this movie -NO, dumb 3D Hollywood brainwash stuff, hate the vibes of it.. care for a glass of wine -NO, makes me feel poisoned.. should we buy this and that on the sales -NO honey, instead sell or give away some of the old stuff we dont need anyway… wanna come with me on my conference trip? -NAE, selling what you sell is bad for the environment blablah, and I wanna stay at home and be ready to set to work in case the Celestials say NOW. Just wanna share OUR JOY and anticipation with those loved ones and they get pissed off with you and your AH studies and all… and even though you know it will benefit them too later on, sigh…
    So THANKS to KIBO and ALL OF YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS who fill up every corner of you with LIGHT and keep in touch on the net also in ONENESS. LOVE to YOU/US ALL in THE WILL of THE ONE 🙂


  4. theo says:

    be you blessed again and again, my so loved and so precious brother…


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