He continues to sit and thinks out loud to his Self…….

Oh Lord My God, Eli, Eli…from who all blessings flow……..i speak and am heard and not heard.  I stand and am seen and not seen……..i do what you have given me to do and I am grateful for the doing of it.

I tell them what they want to hear and what they do not want to hear.  I interfere with their lives.  I am in the way of their good times and moments of pleasure.  I am in the way of their partying, their entertainment and their cherished relationships.  They have been taught to think of you as one that judges them against all that they think is good, at least…good for them, because deep inside, they know that they do not know what is good for them.  They know only what makes them feel good….and am I not the same way?  Am I not as they are?  Was I not as they are now and how they have been?  Have I not walked the same paths and danced the same dances and have I not thrown myself into the same pleasures for the sake of those pleasures?

And …did I not, at some point, come to be bored with the whole thing?  The sameness and the endlessness of it all?  Did I not come to want more, to be more, to do more?  Was not all of that just a part of the journey of discovering YOU?

Have we not always danced this dance together, my God?  Have we not always enjoyed each other and our time and company together?  Even in my darkest moments and circumstances, have you not been the great and shining light of my salvation?  Have you not walked happily with me upon and along this path, holding my hand joyfully and showing me all and everything within my sight?  Have you not been my glorious companion and very best of tour guides on this journey?

How can I show them the joy that is to be had in YOU?  How can I show them the glory that awaits them if they would just arrive to the place where that joy awaits?

How can I possibly explain to them the ecstasy of eternal and infinite life, light, love, freedom and liberty…in THEE?

How can I explain to them that what they think is free will is not free will?  That what they think is liberty is not liberty?  That what they think is freedom is not freedom?  But they and we and all of us are so close…so very close….how can I help them to take that one, last long and dangerous, crucial step…over the chasm of their perception?

Only then will they see that what they thought was jumping over an ocean was hopping across a stream……..but their minds are muddled and cloudy with the lesser pleasures of life and they know not how to derive the needed spiritual clarity that can be found in those same pleasures….they do not see that perception in consciousness is everything… can I show them the truth and is it my place to do so?

You cannot break the shell for the chick nor can you tear the cocoon for the emerging butterfly, for then they will be weak and never survive the world that awaits them………

How can I show them the glory that awaits them and let them be ready and prepared for it…anticipating it with great pleasure, knowing the godhood that is to come, the true freedom and liberty which is their divine right to earn their return to………..without tearing or breaking the means of their entry into that reality that has been promised to them at the beginning of all creation?

Father, I beg of Thee, help me give to all of these, Thy family in Thyself, only Thy truth and Thy words and Thy Will and not my own.  This I have begged of Thee from time immemorial and still beg of Thee today, in this incarnation in this place at this time……….Please accept my prayer and supplication.  As You have inclined Your ear to me, so shall I call all the days of my existence.  Thy will be done in all things, especially who and what I am.  Selah


He continues to sit and be still in thought, breathing in and breathing out the Life of God that is All Things……..


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5 Responses to SOAPBOX 12

  1. Brian says:

    Sadly….very sadly…you can’t….not any more than I can…

    It is not up to you…it will always be up to the individual…you know this…

    until they reach that point…they have to decide for themselves; has to be experienced by each and every one
    for this is the way of The One

    but still…if only…this would have been a non issue long ago…

    i’d lay down my life to make this a reality…
    that’s how important it is

    still they slumber….


    • Thankyou Kibo, my heart feels your grief, I just hope I am not still slumbering. Sometimes I feel like i am still not aware of somethings yet, but like my Higherself had me do… Progress has been achieved and that is what matters. I get all these concepts, but need to learn to differniate between them. I am so grateful how far I have come thus far.


    • Mario Carter says:

      Well spoken Brian, and I feel as strongly about this topic as you do.


  2. brianna says:

    Oh. This one is my favorite, Kibo. *bows in gratitude*


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