He sits up……and listens to hear…..he nods in acceptance….and rises in understanding…..he stands in confidence, and speaks:
Hear me, all ye that strive to serve the Lord thy God, Lord of lords and God of gods, Creator of creators and loving and magnificent Father of us all…and Father of our adorable Christ Michael Aton, Sovereign Lord and Creator of Nebadon, the universe wherein you and I reside…….
All of us owe a debt to our creator that we can never repay in full…our very existence…and while we can never repay this debt in full…it is up to us to decide how we feel about making the payments….
What does God need of us? Does God need money? Does God need help? Does God need anything?
God needs nothing. God already has and owns everything, for everything comes from God and God may do with it as God pleases.
So God makes, of Its own Self, mind you, God’s idea, God’s thought of Itself, as you and as each of us and everything…..what is the price of this, Is it a gift?
Let us say that life is a gift, and so we may live freely and do as we please with it and discover the costs and payment of cause and effect for ourselves…….good enough…surely you have experienced this and know whereof I speak.
Let us also……come to realize…that there is more to life than you have realized. Forgive me for putting this in the bluntest of terms…….YOU are living life on the unpaid, free package. There is a subscription package for those of you that are interested, which include many extras and premium….networks and stations and channels and packages….that are simply not available with the unpaid, free package.
Mind you, God wants everyone to enjoy life……..God is sharing of It’s self, after all….but what have you to pay with to receive such extra blessings and benefits….?
We all pay attention to the things that we love, the things that mean the most to us. God pays attention to all and each and every one of us. Is it too much for God to ask that we pay Him…..our attention?
If you cannot or will not pay attention, then how can you ever hope to see all that there is available to see? Hear all that there is to hear? Experience all that there is to experience? Learn all that there is to learn, do all that there is to do and be all that there is to be?
Let’s face it, people…the more attention you are willing to pay, the more you will have available to tune in to….but it’s up to you…….please to remember that all pirated conduits of communication and broadcasting will and are being cut off…….please be able to pay when the bill is presented……or you may lose even your free account…..perhaps not…it’s up to you to agree to the terms and conditions……or go with the competition…..but our rates are much lower, I assure you and….there are no contracts……it’s pay as you go…you know?

He sits and is smilingly still………..


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7 Responses to SOAPBOX 11

  1. Marayah says:

    That was lovely and uplifting and warming, thanks Kibo


  2. blake says:

    nicely put kibo


  3. Brian says:

    you’ll ,make a super papa, btw……8)


  4. Brian says:

    You, my friend, are…………………speechless……… out did yourself!

    my pleasure to know you.

    you said it so well that i…..uhh…….

    idk man….

    well done…


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