He rises to stand and speak:
Hear me you sleeping gods and godlings, ye children of the gods! Hear me, you starseeds still nestled in the dirt! You are dreaming a dream within God’s dream of you. You think your dream is your reality, but that is a lie! You are dreaming a dream that has been given to you, imposed upon you, forced upon you, by the shadowmind! You dream a nightmare and you think that you are awake…….but you are not.
Shall I call you sleeping beauty? Shall I fight the demons of your nightmare and find my way to you? Shall I kiss you with all of my love that you may awaken? Will my kiss do?
Will God’s kiss do?
Shall I perhaps then shake you? Shall I slap you until you are awake and come to your senses?
Pray thee that a kiss will do……
God dreams awake, a dream of you and that dream is your reality of truth and in truth. Wake up to the truth of your reality while God’s kiss is upon you…for then shall come the shaking……and then……shall you insist on being slapped awake? So be it, if you insist upon it……..i pray it is not so.
You are like a perfect orange, ripe and succulent…..but there is no way to perfectly peel an orange without harming it in some way….and so the orange must offer itself to its creator…and unpeel itself…revealing itself and offering itself in the fullness of its perfection…….but how can the orange do this if it is sleeping? How can the perfect flower that you are, bloom to reveal its perfection, if you are sleeping?
Awaken! Awaken O children of God on earth and live the life of God that God shares with you. Awaken and be like God who dreams awake! Awaken to the nightmare within you that you may wake up from it. Leave the shadow behind you, turn around and face the light of The Living God and see…SEE….
He sits and is still.


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5 Responses to SOAPBOX 3

  1. this spoke volumes dear Kibo, I know I get stuck on words, but I know I am awake. No more sleeping. He is within and always has been. He he, well I know the Spirit of Truth is here don’t you feel all Three? Constantly vibrating here lol
    Thankyou you Rock..!!!


  2. Marayah says:

    Wonderful words Kibo, thank you -they are just like that ripe fruit, I drink them like I’d been walking across the desert, devastated with thirst…. longing for the tiniest sip of water and then you get this flood of fresh orange juice 🙂 May we be fully awake, prepared and peeled, ready to enter the fruit bowl of unique fruit salad for the delight of our Creator!
    I think I feel more like a tangerine, peel pretty thin but quite a few seeds to remove before serving 😉


  3. Barbara says:

    Wow….what a silence!!!

    So, let me say….what about if instead of an orange, you are a ripe and succulent ananas!?
    Tha’s the fruit i’ve saw thinking of myself and….what a mess on peeling …..knight cuts and juice everywhere, and the work has to be done carefully and keeping well fixed in mind the final result (sigh!)…. a tray full of succulent and scented slices, yellow and round, to be offered to MY CREATOR PARENTS telling them: SEE what I’ve found within myself…..the Sun, the Light, the Juice of the Life……..i’ve found YOU!


    • theo says:

      wow, Barbara,
      awesome idea!
      I had to laugh, because I know you…
      While in itself
      a PINE-APPLE
      should be a pine atop an apple
      a smooth & beautiful, round, juicy, scented, perfect fruit,
      pointing UP!


  4. theo says:

    Blessed be you
    loving King of the Hill
    as your writings go close to perfection
    and I so fully rejoyce in the music of them…


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