cue FX aaaaand ACTION!!!!

I know, I know…..i don’t come here as often as I used to.  Part of that is because of the material day job…I’m just exhausted….but most of it is because I don’t want to put anything up here that isn’t about business……doing the real job and all that.  There are people out there that, for some strange reason, support me in all of this and I don’t want to get anything wrong……..this has all got to be about more than what I think and feel about things, it has to be able to hold something more enduring than just one insane idiots opinion [smile] based upon whatever strange experiences he has been through for the sake of demonstration… I said, we all go through our shit  that is tailor made for each of us according to the great grand holographic blueprint of creation…..and the script that goes with this great grand production……so there you have the set, all built and still building……but this lot seems to be scheduled for demolition and rebuilding….it’s better that it sounds…and no, we’re not going to go BOOM or anything like that…lol…as far as I know, anyway….though I think there’s going to be a lot of reality bubbles that will go ‘POP!’…but that could include me, as well…….no one of us being perfect…..wait and see, wait and see…….what will be, between me and Thee…..heehee………


So this production is still going on while the set seems to be changing around us…neat, huh?  I know we’re all tired…I know I Am…….but the Director of Directors/Producer of Producers/Owner of Owners/CEO of CEOs and Boss of All Bosses…who built this business and owns everything… seen and unseen, everywhere…………….and His Son, Aton, who’s running the local lot production that includes this set…which is just a small part of the lot….but what a production!…and the show must go on because there’s no business like show business and they’re going to show us the business for real real….we just have to get to that part of the script….apparently…..

That’s the thing about multidimensional, multidensity holoproductions, they seem so….open-ended in their possibilities but, if you’ve seen the script…the directors script, that is, you’d see that everything is all nice and neat in one big package……….but our script and our own, individual scripts are just this little part of it all and all those endless possibilities are already opened to close on the written and determined ending of the new beginning…….the show must go on…and on…and on…and on…ad infinitum everlasting forever and ever hallelujah……and all that [cue chorus]………and there you have it….playback crystals and soundtracks available for free in the gift shop…please have your ID available…..members only, y’know…..cast and crew that have received the light orientation meeting and have signed contracts for attendance are eligible…..all others must pay the standard price…although there are discounts for those that have signed up and have been accepted for the next orientation program for new contracts on another lot……have fun and good luck…all others will have to check their accounts to see if they have enough to pay the full price…..good luck with that, as well……if you are found to be morally and ethically bankrupt…well…please go with the security detail as you exit the premises….the Capo De Tutti Capo would like to have…some words with you…………

What did you expect?  Such bad acting only gets you wooden nickels………can’t buy shit with that……

But I digress…….maybe not…but moving on………..

All of this is for a reason and reasons that are above and beyond us and below and within and all around us, as well……and yet we all play our parts as parts of the whole while being whole parts ourselves……hey, just think of what you would be like if EVERY little neuron and synapse in your brain was firing at full throttle…wouldn’t that be a rush!

Well…in our little iota of the Great Cosmic Creator Mind, we’re driving like a little old lady down the highway in a storm at night with one headlight and one wiper……..and 20% of the engine plugs and pistons working………..don’t get me wrong, for a species that has been manipulated into using no more than 3 to 5% of our brains, with rare exceptions, 20% would be a great improvement.  But to have only 20% of the mass consciousness of the species in good working order, running on light…..well…draw your own opinion if you like but don’t come to any conclusions just yet….leave that for the Scriptwriter….and have faith in The Neverending Story of Stories in The CREATION of Creations, The Universe of universes.

So in the end, I guess it all depends on whether you think/feel that God likes happy endings or not….or care…….

I just want to play my part well enough to be considered a good actor that did his job well and followed the script as best he possibly could and only wanted to please The Boss [brown nosing lil piece of work, ain’t i?] yeah, I’m a real apple polisher, lol!  Never mind all the bitching and moaning I’ve done…publicly and privately…it’s all for a reason and reasons that are above and beyond us and below and within and all around us, as well… and that’s what this thing is and that is why hard choices have to be made by all, whether they know it or not…

Do as you will or do as God wills?

Your way or God’s way?

God’s way or the highway?

High way or the low way?

Within or without?

Above or below?

Light or dark?

Love or fear?

You get it.  And I’ve said it over and over,  over the years and months and weeks and days and I’ll keep saying it if it takes more days or weeks or months or years until this thing is done and we can get on with the next thing [ OH PLEASE LET IT BE TODAY!!!!!]

Be that as it may…I’m just a village idiot that spouts off at the mouth online…and in person…but most of you aren’t here to endure that part of it…hey…at least I’m consistent…

I am what I am and I am myself/self and I know myselfself and I trust myself and I am true to myself/self and I love myself and that self as one self and we are each other and the journey is long and incredible but the company is even more incredible…… I leave it up to PAPA and The Boss to explain it to me…a lot…because there’s sooooooo much that I don’t understand that I so dearly want to understand…but everything in its own time and place for the sake of experience and demonstration all for and to and through and with and in THE GLORY OF THE ONE………..

Somewhere is a message for any and each of you that read these words….all will get what they can and for each it is different………I hope this has helped for something that was written because something meaningful has to written here, once in awhile………BE BLESSED IN THE ONE AND HIS CHRIST MICHAEL ATON













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3 Responses to cue FX aaaaand ACTION!!!!

  1. Brian says:

    From the UB:

    P2054:3, 193:2.2 “Peace be upon you. You rejoice to know that the Son of Man has risen from the dead because you thereby know that you and your brethren shall also survive mortal death. But such survival is dependent on your having been previously born of the spirit of truth-seeking and God-finding. The bread of life and the water thereof are given only to those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness — for God. The fact that the dead rise is not the gospel of the kingdom. These great truths and these universe facts are all related to this gospel in that they are a part of the result of believing the good news and are embraced in the subsequent experience of those who, by faith, become, in deed and in truth, the everlasting sons of the eternal God. My Father sent me into the world to proclaim this salvation of sonship to all men. And so send I you abroad to preach this salvation of sonship. Salvation is the free gift of God, but those who are born of the spirit will immediately begin to show forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service to their fellow creatures. And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. If professed believers bear not these fruits of the divine spirit in their lives, they are dead; the Spirit of Truth is not in them; they are useless branches on the living vine, and they soon will be taken away. My Father requires of the children of faith that they bear much spirit fruit. If, therefore, you are not fruitful, he will dig about your roots and cut away your unfruitful branches. Increasingly, must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the kingdom of God. You may enter the kingdom as a child, but the Father requires that you grow up, by grace, to the full stature of spiritual adulthood. And when you go abroad to tell all nations the good news of this gospel, I will go before you, and my Spirit of Truth shall abide in your hearts. My peace I leave with you.”


  2. Brian says:

    You all right Kibo…Dabi! And yes we have your back….always and forever. You’re a straight shooter. We like that about you. It is so refreshing the way in which you keep it real. Chip off the Heavenly Block, as it were.

    It is Papa’s way…our backs are always covered…in the end. Well, in the beginning and middle too although many times during it does not seem or feel like it. Nonetheless, it is so.

    So keep on humble servant and be glad that you are the way you are. I know I am glad that you are who and what you are! You’re a blessing from above….no doubt about it.

    We are all blessings from above…


  3. theo says:

    Oh, sweet brother, again so beautiful…..


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