Determination of the state of the mass consciousness on Urantia

Determination of the state of the mass consciousness on Urantia
It was determined that the patient was suffering from a mental parasite and that the damned thing had succeeded in taking over 90% of the synaptic pathways of the patient, thus rendering the patient into a deep state of sleepwalking which was controlled by the parasite itself. The fact that, through constant treatment, we were able to regain only another 10% of the patients consciousness, spoke to the insidious nature of the parasite.
The nature of the parasite, which we have named shadowmind, is that it seeks to live on its host, sucking the life and consciousness out of it, as it were, until the host becomes an empty shell, at which point the shell itself is operated to the point of infecting another lifeform, where the whole process starts over again. With each infection, the shadowmind parasite learns new strategies and techniques of control which it uses on the next, unsuspecting host.
Patient, at present, is completely unaware that it is infected and thinks that nothing is wrong, yet continues to show erratic and psychotic behavior bordering on the violently insane. Yet the patient feels that such behavior is completely normal and within the bounds of morality and ethics. We feel that the values of the parasite have replaced the moral compass of the patient to the point where all physical senses, as well as emotions, are overwhelmingly controlled by the parasite, with the exception of the uninfected 20%, which seems to have migrated all electrical activity to the area surrounding the pineal gland. It is this area that concerns us at present, as the shadowmind, in response to our ongoing and increasingly higher levels of treatment, has turned its attention to conquering this last holdout of the true consciousness of the patient. We have tried, on numerous occasions to explain and illustrate to the patient that it is suffering from this terrible creature, but patient refuses to acknowledge or accept our proof, stating that we must be mistaken and that such a condition is impossible. We feel that the parasite has lived off of the patient for such an extended period of time that the patient now feels that the illusions created by the parasite to trick their senses into doing the parasites will, is the normal state of life.
Efforts to waken the patient from their sleeping state have, by the numbers stated above, met with extremely limited success. We have, however, gained more ground in the emotional area and have seen quotients concerning Love, increase to the point where it seems to have caused some consternation on the part of the parasite. This has caused it to attack the mind on two fronts at once, seeking to reach those mechanisms that connect to the energetic heart of the patient, but has met little success in that effort. This gives us hope for light at the end of the tunnel. Patient was never completely connected to its energetic heart and the shadowmind was only able to compromise and control those neurons that had never made the connection. However, the uninfected neurons that have set up refuge in the fortified synapses surrounding the pineal gland have been able to endure the parasites assaults, offer effective defensive measures and have even succeeded in offensive efforts based upon use of resources and strength of energies based in the energetic heart that has been out of reach of the parasite. This lighted neural network has been able to protect itself, the pineal gland and the energetic heart, as well as be sustained by them to do so to the point where it seems that they are gaining ground on their adversary.
Still, it is an intolerable situation that must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible in order to gain the best possible outcome and benefit to the patient. Consciousness must be reworked to remove the parasite, rehabilitate the infected neurons that can be reeducated and allow the uninfected cells to regenerate and reclaim the consciousness based upon a new and better, higher design that will, in the future, be impervious to such attacks and invasions by any such predator species.
Since we would like to save the patient without invasive procedures, it has been decided to shock the patient by shocking the parasite into submission so that it can be removed from the mind. While we would prefer that the patient was more aware of the reality of their situation and realized that measures are necessary to remove the parasite, at this stage, rather than lose the patient entirely, we are willing to remove the parasite through transpositioning it from within the mind and placing it in a sealed environment until it is firmly determined whether or not, as a lifeform, it can evolve into a moral creature and thus, contribute to the ascension process as an evolving participant, rather than an obstacle. Negotiations will have to be held in respect to the history of the shadowmind parasite and if it feels that it is capable of evolving into an ascending lifeform in service to the will of The Father and Christ Michael Aton in Nebadon, or whether it will have to be delegated to another universe for rehabilitation. Everything possible will be done to give it the best opportunity to evolve in light and love as a collective lifeform and also as individual parts of that lifeform, but they cannot and will not be allowed to infect patient any longer.

There are some considerations that must be addressed in this operation. There is, at least, the fact that there are cells, synapses and neurons, that have willingly attached and adhered themselves to the shadowmind as servant minions. It has been decided that they will simply have to suffer the same fate as the parasite itself, rather than try to determine the placement of each one during the operation. Such efforts and measures can be taken at a later time as they are held in abeyance with the shadowmind in its sealed environment.
As far as those that have been infected, yet do not realize that they have been infected, we find that these ones hold differing amounts or shades of shadow. In order to better facilitate the future the of the new consciousness that will be given to rise in the place of the old, we have decided that it is best to include only those parts that have been able to keep a majority of positive charge through their neural pathway and outgoing synaptic transmissions. An ability to discharge perceived negative charges that are received within the neural network and succeed in transmitting only positive, or majority positive charge is considered desirable, both in the short run and the long run. We feel that the effect of the more resistant to shadow neurons will help the others to adjust to their new consciousness reality to the point where they will be able to develop and evolve on equal levels and contribute to the growth of the whole into the coming stages of light and life that lay ahead.
There is also, of course, the matter of consciousness agents that have been inserted over time to help us in our determinations and planning, as well as actions taken against the parasite. Loss of these ones to the parasite has been nominal, yet each loss has been painful to endure. There are many that will desire to be returned to their original consciousness pool and they, of course, have the right to do so. There are also some that will prefer to continue with the new consciousness that is about to be set into its new template stage of evolution. Those that have succumbed to the shadowmind will be given the best and most nurturing trauma therapy that is available and then allowed to stay or go as they desire.
The matter of the robotic entities will be determined by the data that has been accumulated showing those that have evolved beyond their programming enough to be aware that they desire to be what they presently are not…ensouled beings. These ones will be placed on the path of ascension. There rest will have to be defined as constructs of shadow programming and reduced to pre-evolutionary consciousness status. Any that can work their way up to the next stage are welcome to do so since such status will automatically purged them of all experienced, shadow programming.
The planetary consciousness Gaia will continue to host the new consciousness pool in order to help guide and nurture the new and emerging unified field of consciousness that will one day settle itself in light and life with the rest of Nebadon. She, and they, will also be host to the many universal beings that shall come to visit, study, trade and work together to determine the future of what was once a central field of operation for Lucifer in his rebellion against Michael of Nebadon and The Paradise Trinity of The Paradise Father, the system of Satania in Nebadon in Orvonton.
Final preparations have already been made, tested and all is ready to proceed as soon as word is given by Source Creator to do so. We are assured that the patient will not just survive, but prosper and grow and evolve beyond all former expectations. The dark parasite shalt be fully and finally dealt with to the satisfaction of all and the time will arrive when all on Urantia will be able to declare



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7 Responses to Determination of the state of the mass consciousness on Urantia

  1. Brian says:

    Thought this was and is fitting for us here on a non-evolved world….for now.
    Food for thought. We all need to remember the following passages in preparation for what’s to come.

    (614.3) 54:1.8 There is no error greater than that species of self-deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties. The golden rule of human fairness cries out against all such fraud, unfairness, selfishness, and unrighteousness. Only true and genuine liberty is compatible with the reign of love and the ministry of mercy.

    (614.4) 54:1.9 How dare the self-willed creature encroach upon the rights of his fellows in the name of personal liberty when the Supreme Rulers of the universe stand back in merciful respect for these prerogatives of will and potentials of personality! No being, in the exercise of his supposed personal liberty, has a right to deprive any other being of those privileges of existence conferred by the Creators and duly respected by all their loyal associates, subordinates, and subjects.

    (614.5) 54:1.10 Evolutionary man may have to contend for his material liberties with tyrants and oppressors on a world of sin and iniquity or during the early times of a primitive evolving sphere,
    but not so on the morontia worlds or on the spirit spheres. War is the heritage of early evolutionary man, but on worlds of normal advancing civilization physical combat as a technique of adjusting racial misunderstandings has long since fallen into disrepute.


    • Brian says:

      And this… it over and over again…

      (614.8) 54:2.3 Lucifer’s folly was the attempt to do the nondoable, to short-circuit time in an experiential universe. Lucifer’s crime was the attempted creative disenfranchisement of every personality in Satania, the unrecognized abridgment of the creature’s personal participation — freewill participation — in the long evolutionary struggle to attain the status of light and life both individually and collectively. In so doing this onetime Sovereign of your system set the temporal purpose of his own will directly athwart the eternal purpose of God’s will as it is revealed in the bestowal of free will upon all personal creatures. The Lucifer rebellion thus threatened the maximum possible infringement of the freewill choice of the ascenders and servers of the system of Satania — a threat forevermore to deprive every one of these beings of the thrilling experience of contributing something personal and unique to the slowly erecting monument to experiential wisdom which will sometime exist as the perfected system of Satania. Thus does the Lucifer manifesto, masquerading in the habiliments of liberty, stand forth in the clear light of reason as a monumental threat to consummate the theft of personal liberty and to do it on a scale that has been approached only twice in all the history of Nebadon.


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  3. Brian says:

    Thanks for the confirmation. I recently was shown this parasite in a dream. Now it makes total sense. In the dream, sitting in a aquarium type enclosure, was a rather empty hollowed out….what appeared to be, head. The strangest thing–inside it I saw dark moldy looking cobwebs and then some empty little shells within the larger ‘mind’. In the sand, I saw this parasitic worm scurrying about. I sort of knew the meaning then but now I have confirmation–thanks again.

    The uncomfortable part (understatement) is that I suffer infection from this vile creature! And I dare say that the majority of us do as well.

    God help us.


  4. Barbara says:

    This is the FATHER’s LOVE for His children.
    Only the FATHER/CMAton and their SONS can express such a LOVE:

    “Negotiations will have to be held in respect to the history of the shadowmind parasite and if it feels that it is capable of evolving into an ascending lifeform in service to the will of The Father and Christ Michael Aton in Nebadon, or whether it will have to be delegated to another universe for rehabilitation. Everything possible will be done to give it the best opportunity to evolve in light and love as a collective lifeform and also as individual parts of that lifeform, but they cannot and will not be allowed to infect patient any longer”.

    And these are the FATHER’s Words signing, sealing and surrounding YOUR words, work and earthly Life:

    “Such is the power of the one who stands with you now
    In the guise of KiboDabi
    Michael Ben Elohim
    Who is like God
    Of The Most Highs…..
    This is who stands with you now
    In your struggle against the darkness…….
    Not for his own sake
    But for MY Sake
    Does He let this be revealed
    That he may grow in experience
    Despite all opposition………………”



  5. Josee says:

    Whow – what a great epic declaration. I adore THE ONE


  6. theo says:

    Awesome. Be you blessed again and again and again and again and again…
    So painful to read…
    A HUGE BIG HUG to my Father too.


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