Kibo Psalms: Psalm Alpha

[*note:  everyone should write their own psalms to God.  As the Ascending Children of Faith of The One…it behooves us to sing of our love of Him/Her/It…………If you think that you are unworthy of giving your praise to God, think again.  If you love God…say so…with great joy!]

but the choice is yours…..i offer to all the invitation to praise God as you see fit…just put it in the comments section for others to also read and enjoy…believe me, in your sincere love, He helped you write it and knows what it says and blessing abound for the faith children of the realms of time and space that love the God of gods as themselves and each other…and this is just another way to get closer to that and be that…


without further ado

is the first of many psalms that i will write and hope that you will join me to do the same……[at some point over the weekend, i will open a thread on glp to do this, please also duplicate your [salms on there as well…i will offer the link as soon as i set it up….thank you all and bless you always in all good things = kibo]



How may I speak of the Glory of The God of Gods?  How may I do justice to the majestic countenance of the Creator of All Things in One Thought?  How can I show enough love and devotion to The One Original Source and Center of all things, that loves all things as Itself and Itself as all things?  The Source Creator that has devoted Itself to The One Infinite and Eternal Thought that is All Things in Creation as The Life of The One and The One Life of All?

Give ye Glory to God in The Highest!  Prostrate ye thy very souls in obedience to His Will.  We, who are but thoughts within the ultimate, absolute, supreme thought, owe all things to Him, to Her, to It, that was and is and is to come; that which was and is and evermore shall be, I AM THAT I AM.

Give to The God of gods all of thy love, thy light, thy heart and mind, thy soul and strength.  Ye are of the Will of The One.  Surrounded by The Will of The One and The Will of The One is the thorough and complete make-up of all that ye are, have been and will be.

Give thy praise and glory and honor to The One that offers perfection of being to all that love Him before all things and as all things being one.  Know ye the Creator within and without.  Know ye the Source and Center of thy being.  Know ye the Lord God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and the earth and universe upon universes within universes.  Know ye that ye are His reflection in The Great Mirror of Divine Personality and as He is in Thee and Ye in He, love Him as yourselves and each other.

We are the sons of God that are overcoming on the great spiral path of life, eternal and infinite.  Know ye that the sons of God, those that are like unto God, The Michael Sons of the endless universes of the realms of time and space, await thy conquering of the flesh of shadow that ye may don the flesh of light everlasting.

Love the Lord Thy God Almighty with all that you are and love Him as yourselves and each other, as one in Him.  Know the Glory of His loving embrace as a lover to their perfect love.  Be unto each other as God is to you.  Be in love and light.  Be one.


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13 Responses to Kibo Psalms: Psalm Alpha

  1. Brian says:

    Although not my words….they ring loudly in the hearts and minds of Men…

    From the UB:

    P1449:2, 131:4.7

    “God is our Father, the earth our mother, and the universe our birthplace. Without God the soul is a prisoner; to know God releases the soul. By meditation on God, by union with him, there comes deliverance from the illusions of evil and ultimate salvation from all material fetters. When man shall roll up space as a piece of leather, then will come the end of evil because man has found God. O God, save us from the threefold ruin of hell — lust, wrath, and avarice! O soul, gird yourself for the spirit struggle of immortality! When the end of mortal life comes, hesitate not to forsake this body for a more fit and beautiful form and to awake in the realms of the Supreme and
    Immortal, where there is no fear, sorrow, hunger, thirst, or death. To know God is to cut the cords of death. The God-knowing soul rises in the universe like the cream appears on top of the milk. We worship God, the all-worker, the Great Soul, who is ever seated in the heart of his creatures. And they who know that God is enthroned in the human heart are destined to become like him — immortal. Evil must be left behind in this world, but virtue follows the soul to heaven.


  2. Source comes in with the wind
    with the tingles tremors and bliss,
    vibrations so meaningful, but
    no words that english language
    can decifer his magnificance.

    He is the air I breathe
    He is my breath.
    I love him/her and it gets me
    choked up inside everytime.

    He always comes on the wings of your heart.
    With so much emotion, feeling and emphasis of
    his divine love and acceptance of you.

    He comes to greet you while you have a thought of him.
    Your thought of him will make your arms flutter.
    God is Love.
    I am in Love with everything Source is.
    To be alive to just experience HIm/Her
    is worth every minuete of every growth and pain
    I experienced to come to that awareness of him.

    I am just tickled to even be critiqued by Father,
    for he loves us to tell us the truth. If he goes to the extent
    of adivising his children how awesome he is, then let me
    enjoy every moment I get to experience him in body.
    I find it a privledge to even get to hear his advice from
    his gifted children.

    I love you Papa Source, Christ Michael Aton.
    I am your most avid pupil and your heart felt
    cheerleader, there is a reason you put me in the
    heart of the heartland, and Kibo too. We are all where we need
    to be. Thankyou for me freedom and letting go was in my heart.
    I love YOu.Thankyou,
    Your Loving daugher,,,


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  4. Denise says:

    I Know Thee

    My Lighted One
    My Essence
    and My Truth

    I Know Thee

    My Heart Embraces
    the Lighted flame
    as it Ignites Fully
    All I Am

    I Know Thee

    Thank You
    Thank You

    For All you
    have given me
    My Heart is so Full

    I Know Thee

    Forever I AM to Be
    All of Thee in Me
    An Eternal Gladness
    Forever More will Be

    For I Know Thee


  5. Barbara says:

    Go within = go Home = feel The Home.

    Does not exists a without, only THE WITHIN, within GOD, because all what is manifested is HIS UNIQUE THOUGHT, projected/sent in manifestation as the images of a movie are projected on the screen by a ray of light. But, the images are not real.
    Everything REALLY lies, TRULY, within THE GOD’S MIND.
    And THERE, ALL IS.
    All HIS CREATION never left/went away from HIS CENTER.
    And THERE, all is TRUTH, PERFECTION, BEAUTY, LOVE, without begenning-without end.
    A cosmic GOD’S smile.

    (whishing to share these morning thoughts, i did my best to write them in english).

    Loving you ALL, GOD’s blessings to YOU ALL, NOW and for the ETERNITY.


  6. Barbara says:

    Padre, come ogni sera Ti ringrazio per avermi creata, ma stasera, vincendo tutte le mie resistenze, lo faccio scrivendoti con la certezza nel cuore che tu stai osservandomi, ascoltandomi, incoraggiandomi. Ti ringrazio anche per tutto l’Amore, la pazienza, la comprensione, la compassione che instancabilmente mi hai donato, come solo Tu puoi donare. Ti ringrazio per tutte le esperienze che mi hai donato perché mi hanno fatto diventare ciò che oggi sono. Ti ringrazio per tutte le cose materiali che sempre Tu mi hai donato. Io so, nel profondo del mio cuore, che provengono da Te. Io so che tutto ciò che esiste è da Te creato e che a Te solo appartiene. Io so che tutto di me Ti appartiene. Non sento la tua voce nella mia mente o con le mie orecchie, ma riconosco la Tua presenza nella forza, nella bellezza e nella perfezione della natura e del creato tutto; nella fede e nella fiducia che solo i bambini ancora piccoli sanno manifestare.
    Tu mi hai creata, ed io, tutto ciò che sento vero in me è di essere Tua figlia e a Te tendo le mie mani, a Te offro le mie debolezze, le mie paure, i miei smarrimenti; a Te offro anche la forza, il coraggio, la fede e la fiducia che tante volte sono sorte e ancora sorgono inaspettate dal profondo del mio essere.
    E poiché IO SONO una TUA scintilla, un TUO frammento, un TUO pensiero………IO SONO TUA, sono in TE e TU in me. E quando mi soffermo su questo, tutto si calma, e la gioia commovente fino alle lacrime prevale su tutto.

    GRAZIE !

    Possa IO, con il Tuo aiuto, compiere la TUA Volontà al meglio della mia coscienza e della mia consapevolezza.

    ps: sorry friends as i wrote in italian, my mothertongue. i did so as my english is at very basic level…..the alternative was to not write. I thank you all for your beautiful-bright-inspired words.


  7. Elaine says:

    Hey Brian: You talk about your music. I love to dance. I am not professional but when I get on a dance floor it’s like the world disappears. I’m not a wordy person, I feel and very deeply. :)))


  8. Brian says:

    Thank you for doing this. It is much needed. Perfect timing. This is dedicated to the One I Love.

    As i Look around…to the Heavens… the Terrestrial
    at my skin
    at that within
    To what do I owe this honor?

    Of being?

    Sharing in the grandeur is hard for me
    not foreign but difficult

    When was it decided that a thought of me needed to be?
    Thank you, Father, for turning your attention, at just the right time, to me.

    I am forever grateful for You
    being me, for Me being in and through, Only You.

    Help me to be…to see..all that is within
    when there was no reason except
    Your Perfect Plan.

    So much do we take for granted
    that I can feel the tears of the loss
    of realizing, were it not for Your Attention
    nothing would be.

    You are so much more than I could ever imagine.

    Words are insufficient for you to understand
    but I will, so help me You, find a way to give back so much more than you
    gave to me….One day….it shall be done!
    Believe it!

    And that is my final answer!


  9. Elaine says:

    Welcome back Kibo. Every time I try to do what you are suggesting above, tears well up within my eyes, my mind becomes blank, my heart aches, I become homesick and all I can do is just feel Papa Sources GREAT LOVE. It’s like I become tonguetied, thoughts disappear and all I can do is ADORE and just BE within that adoration. Even now I am at a loss for words to even describe what I’m trying to describe.


    • kibodabi says:

      that is a psalm in and of itself…what you just wrote……..see? you just give of yourself in all honesty and sincerity…out of that great love you’re feeling….and write it down….i get all teary eyed myself and i cried when they came to me and told me to do this….it should be great…………i’m loving it…loving you…loving you all..loving it all……..thanks for being here and sharing….all of you..God bless all of you! > Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 13:28:29


      • theo says:

        Oh, of course!!! is that a psalm in itself…and what for one!
        The deepest and child-like-innocent I’ve ever heard.
        With all the joy and love and passion and gratefulness, the one in my heart
        still looks like a beginner work…if I may…
        But I will still put it down…as pure as the perfect tone will…


    • Brian says:

      It’s the words….they get in the way. Feel….your way….feel what you feel….but not in words….you are a beautiful creature…be that…feel that….exist as that.


      • Brian says:

        Where I come from….like a fragrance which excites, ignites, and inspires, we serve. We speak with words very little because it is not necessary. I feel like you also come from a similar place. Just know that you are not alone. Music is one of the few ways I’ve found here that helps me remember. Although words in a song serve a purpose, its the melody and feeling of the instruments that convey the meaning….the inspiration that moves us brightly to do His Will.

        Do you feel “The Wave/The Face of God that is now upon us again? As I type these words its’ warm glow is all around….its’s breath….its’ rhythm…i feel it….it is home.

        Listen, feel, and sense that which is calling you.


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