Ahoye!  God is with you!

Remember that…….

This is not actually the post.  The post is five pages long and I know how tired some of you are, so it went up on the front of AH and you can read it there.  It helps also that there are other things to read at AH that will help you to get a better grasp on the handle of this thing, so please read it there…..


so…that takes care of that…..NOW………

if you have not read this, you should…..how can you read here and not read Les Visible?  I understand if you read there and don’t read here….but…….this one fits in perfectly with the post that wasn’t posted so in this post I am recommending the post to which a link is about to be provided……


There!  That wasn’t so hard was it?  Feel better?  I hope so……..

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Who are you going to give thanks to, this year?  What are you giving thanks for…and why?

Personally, I have come to be thankful for all of it….the good the bad the beautiful and the ugly…….

I am thankful to God for being God and His making it possible for me to be a part of all of it and that and so on and so forth………..but that’s me…..actually, I do my best to show that gratitude and appreciation every moment of every day…while I am, so many times, on my knees begging to know more, be more, learn His truth and be more of His light and love as He loves and to serve and be a friend and a lover and good son and a better experience for Him….face I, you can never do enough out of love for the one who created you with but part of a thought, but in His love makes you feel that you are a whole thought all by yourself….lovely…….i do the best I can and actually hope to do my best, my very best, one day, real soon…for now I have to deal with begging forgiveness for being so weak and needy and poor and stupid and for my sins and inequities and transgressions and mistakes and stupidity…whatever they may be, known and unknown….in my hard headed stubbornness to let go of certain things in this….experience…

I used to say that I would say, when I got to that big tribunal in the sky, that I did the best that I could do with what I had….but lately, I’ve come to realize that things have changed and there’s just some shit that I really like to do and am loathe to let go of….and I’m sure that there’s a price to be paid for that…..but as I take another puff of the tobacco and sip another sip of whatever alcoholic beverage I have when time affords and there is nothing else in the way…no messages, no work, no expectations, no chores….whatever…..playing a nice shooter game to get it out of my system [BEGONE! EVIL ZIONIST NEOCON KHAZAR THUG!!!!MUAHAHAHA!!!!! naaah, actually, it’s not that intense….but fun to think about, I guess…sigh…where’s the love? Where’s the love…….God loved the devil but the devil had to die….’nuff said]

So once again, on a day that just happens to be Thanksgiving, I am going to get on my knees and thank God for putting up with me as well as He has and for taking such good care of me, in spite of myself and ask for help to do better and be more and do more and go higher and further with each passing moment…and thank Him for His love and for the love of family and friends and so many of you out there that are good friends like family and for your love and support and for being able to love all of you and support you in whatever way I can……….THANKS PAPA!  THANKS BOSS! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!

We each and all have our lives and our ways of thanks giving and, some of us dig a little deeper to give more and find more to be thankful for, if for nothing else other than a sense of progress….

Do what you gotta do to be you and be true to you and know thy self and be thy self…whatever that may be.  You are God being God in you.  You are living the life of God for the sake of experience.

*chuckle* otherwise, of what use are you?*

We are all here for God’s sake, and because He is the wonderful and adorable, loving and magnanimous Guy that He is, He is here for all our sakes as well….be thankful for that and that He thinks of any of us, at all…it is a blessing, regardless of the circumstances…considering the alternative…but if you were not here and never had been and never will be because He never did or does or will think of you….well… then this would all be useless conversation wouldn’t it?

So smile and enjoy and be thankful that you are here to be thankful.

In light and love and life and joy and knowledge and awareness and being……..we are all here together and with each other as HE is with us and we, with Him

Thank God and us all for that, we who have seen enough and have experienced enough to realize and know…….


So much to be thankful for

So little time……..

God bless us all, everyone

Happy Thanksgiving!



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6 Responses to HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

  1. Brian says:

    No one is without Christianity, if we agree on what we mean by that word. It is every individual’s individual code of behavior by means of which he makes himself a better human being than his nature wants to be, if he followed his nature only. Whatever its symbol — cross or crescent or whatever — that symbol is man’s reminder of his duty inside the human race. Its various allegories are the charts against which he measures himself and learns to know what he is. It cannot teach a man to be good as the textbook teaches him mathematics. It shows him how to discover himself, evolve for himself a moral codes and standard within his capacities and aspirations, by giving him a matchless example of suffering and sacrifice and the promise of hope.

    WILLIAM FAULKNER, The Paris Review, spring 1956


  2. Elaine says:

    God Bless You Dear Sweet Kibo and a Happy Thanksgiving to you this day. Even though it is not our Thanksgiving here in Canada, it’s Giving Thanks every day everywhere! I am so grateful I found AH and YOU and so many, many others that help bring the reminders of how much God loves us. I am SO GRATEFUL that things are changing on this planet for the better even though at times it doesn’t look that way. My soul is weary actually exhausted and there are days I just want to check out, but I keep on keeping on because I am here for a reason. Love to you this day. 🙂


    • kibodabi says:



  3. blake says:

    Kibo God bless you to and know that we are thankful, for there is No one else who has delivered the powerful and loving message of God and his merry crew as You have. You have gifted us with this conduit to Love and Truth as has no other. So we love God thru you… (Fa real big man, do not deny yourself this truth) Your last message was so big, so eloquent, so important in the lands that kill God, and suffocate in their own foolishness. These all important truths cannot speak to us in our vast ignorance, psychic and otherwise save thru eloquent voices pitched to a tenor that we can perceive in our half blind wanderings. Only few have reached the darkened earthling mind. Yours is a great and powerful lighttlhouse beam, and I thank God and you for that. Please know that you have done this and far greater, and will do worlds without end. Blessing us, pleasing papa, and gilding and golding thy holy self thru righteous action. God bless us all in thankfulness this day, and let the holy words and the magical felt realities of divinity sink deep into these deeply darkened inky, iniquitous unquiet lands of restless suffering. halleleluya for this !$$@% is over and naught but gifts begin to sprout their greeny buds above the stinking swamplands of yore. And one of these godly gifts (of knowing love) was to hear the Word, thru you, your word, given thru you, from him, that we might Know who I AM
    I give my thanks this day for life, for love, for God, for the feathered tribe, for magic, for FEELING, for happiness, for exstatic wonder and heavenly experience. For the sweet and tender revelations that cannot be straitjacketed in black and white symbology , for butterflies, and dragons, and the caresses of heavenly Divine loving realization, sweet song of knowing god/love again THANK YOU (god) for reminding us of what awaits. We wait with abundanthope having smelled a smallest wiff of Your sweet promise. Let us come to know YOU better, and thank you for we know we will.


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