Broadcast ch.1.Xx

I saw a phoenix in the sky…near about two weeks ago…or a week or so ago…..a very energetic cloud but unmistakable nonetheless……clear and obvious….at least, to me….so when the same energy appeared on KP’s blog…I knew what I’ve been told is coming to fruition.  The end of the old and the beginning of the new…….would’ve mentioned it sooner…but things have been what they’ve been and I don’t have one of those newfangled camera phones…my phone just makes phone calls…and gets them….that’s about it…the games suck so not worth mentioning and there’s no net or music or texting involved….kinda like the original cell phone….from star trek… know…the one where you just talk and listen……go figure………



So something’s up….that’s for sure….gotta light?



And now….back to our broadcast……….


Broadcast Channel 1.Xx



At some point you will come to the logical deduction that there is, indeed, a creator God that made everything…it will be logical to see that everything you experience is part of that same God.  Every moment of your life, everything that happens, everything that you see and hear and touch and smell and think and feel…is within that God and as you decide to make the journey within, you find that same God there, waiting for you and come to realize that everything you are is within God and God is everything you are…and then some.  It is for this reason that things are more than the sum of their parts, including you and yourselves.

Higher civilizations, numerous as the stars in the sky, are such, because they have discovered this one, uniting factor in existence which binds all things together as one.  On your planet this understanding and concept has been deliberately kept from you and not without great effort to do so.  I have studied this situation in some depth and have decided that you are to be commended for your efforts and success in overcoming such materialistic programming as well as you have.  There is an underlying feeling in the human consciousness of your planet that screams to be recognized and heard that things are not as they should be and that there is a true and living God and that the will of that God is not being done as it should be.  Know that we are here to help you correct this situation and that it is our honor and pleasure to serve The One in this matter and to be of service to you in your efforts to free yourselves of the dark system of thought that has permeated and enveloped your planet for far too long.

In these last few moments of darkness, let the everlasting light of the Living One that is within you all, be your guide and light your path to a future that you can hardly imagine in its fulfillment of light and life within the infinite and eternal love of the Creator of All things in unity of oneness of all things. We are all one in God and God is also one in all of us.  Live your lives from now on as a prayer of gratitude in recognition of that and you will see your heaven on earth that much sooner.

Soon we shall receive the blessing that we have longed for, your freedom and return to our intergalactic fold as brothers and sisters in the bond of life in The One.  We greet and embrace you in the blessings of peace and plenty in abundance of love and light in the Creator Father’s Will and the Sovereignty of Christ Michael in the universe of His own making, Nebadon.  Thank you





We have all worked very hard to get to this point and know that it is all worthwhile s it slowly dawns upon you that you are, finally free from the influence of darkness, forevermore.  This is a glorious time for us all and I would like to thank everyone from my brothers and sisters on ship, in the federation and those serving from other universes and superuniverse all the way to the Havona worlds and Paradise Itself…to the Agarthans, the Earth Elders and all of you that have worked so hard to evolve spiritually and in consciousness and in devotion and service to The One.  We all did this together and together shall we establish it forever.  This is the culmination of all of our efforts of many, many years of your time and we all expect the new, divine system to be a marvelous and wonderful thing to behold and are very happy to be a part of your happiness.  Thank you for reaching out to us as we have reached out to you.






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2 Responses to Broadcast ch.1.Xx

  1. Brian says:

    Phoenix in the sky—Nice!! As you know, for a while now, I have seen and still see (daily) manifestations in the trees, forest, woods, etc as well as the sky in the form of clouds…there are times, not always, that what I see…am shown is so vivid so real that it gives me chills and stops me in my tracks. There are many many friends out there and sometimes conversations take place, which tickle me to no end. Oh how my heart longs to be….more….of what I am….won’t be long now.

    Btw, who is KP please? I’d like to read their blog.



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