All of you are selfish

all of you

admit it

all of you are acting in what you think is your best interest

the question is

what qualifies as self interest

to you

or you

and you

and you

in the back

over there?

Even you beings

that consider yourselves


must come to realize

and admit

that it is in your own sense of self interest

to be such a selfless person

why do you do it?

For God?


God is selflessly selfish

He is magnaminous

because He knows and feels

that that is what is best for His Creation

and since HE is HIS creation…………..

which is yet another reason why HE is always in control and overcontrol…….

He selflessly  offers perfection to all of you

perhaps He selfishly wants

perfect company?

if you were truly selfish

if you were truly selfless

you would be that company

and then we could all be one

and really have some fun!

but you are slowly sinking

into the quicksand of your pretentious and material selfishness

and your ego fulfilling selflessness

instead of just being your true self

which is your Self

which is the One Self

that is all selves

and if all yourselves in Itself

realized that


yet here you are

reading what you already know

but won’t admit to…………

one day you will be free


you are free

free to know

free to realize

how much time you wasted


how selfish you are being for all the wrong reasons

and can be selfish for all the right reasons


you will lose yourself

and be selfless

knowing one self

as all selves

and your self

as well.


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1 Response to BROADCAST 1.2

  1. Crystali says:

    If you are self, selfish to gain for you, but to not want the equality of that reward for others, then you are detrimental selfish, self selfish, in pursuit of self gain of materialism and self enjoyment.

    If you are selfish in that you want to see others with equality and to share in the good things, in the enjoyments, to not keep it all to self but to share, then you are good selfish, you need to feel good inside and distribute that which was given to you out of the selfish need to please and to have that goodness all around you. To be selfish in creating an environment that makes you happy, and to share that feeling of goodness so that they share it back to you.
    So there in reality is two types of people, those that want for self and take, the takers, and there are those that want to give, they want to share what they perceive as being good for the greater good, the givers.

    It is not ironic that I have been thinking about this for a while now, I have been trying to self assess my level of selfishness and whether it is truly possible to not be selfish in some way, and you know what, it really is not possible in a lower density body, in a lower dimension to be totally free of selfishness, although be it of the give or take intention. The trick is knowing that it is true, and accepting it.
    The mind of possibilities is vast and unfathomable.

    I like to see myself of service, of the give type, I want nothing of materialism, even though I have surrounded myself with the materialism that I have accumulated for the perceived sense of comforts over my little life. I would like to see myself as being highly selfish in pursuit of our Father and his spiritual wisdom, although half the time I feel I am blocked, probably self imposed. But yes, that is selfish, it is the pursuit of something for self, something to achieve, to goal yourself to, an ambition beyond the physical world.
    I am happy to be in service and to pursue the selfishness of needing the feel good of giving, to give what I can in the best way that I can of what has been given to me, whether I do it correctly or not, I want to give.
    That type of selfishness I am happy to be immersed in, until I am perfected, then self selfishness will become selfishness to the one and to all, and then selfishness becomes selflessness.

    (I’ll pop this in my profile out of selfishness… Hehe ; ))


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