is this thing on?


i’m here

i am here




new laptop….thanks to the kind people at AHS


and a special thanks to Neb……….


i spoke too soon….



they found another tax bill ….lovely

i think it’s called a shit tax…or a more shit tax or something…..[smile, here]

so….raising another 3k-4k for that one

but the main one was paid for….so thanks for that

and thanks to the German forum for all their love and support

it means a lot

and to the …..regular? forum

and people who read here and wanted to help


i regret being such a burden to you in all of this

and am striving to be more worthy of your support

know that i am grateful

to have done anything in the way of service

that has been helpful to any of you



anyone that bought one oneof the energetic t-shirt designs

please let me know how they are working out……thanks


i love my new part time job

it is the american deam

overly long hours

overly pitiful pay


i have a lovely bus named Belle

great kids

a nice route

a great bus aide

and lots of energetic experiences and conversations…..

God provides for all things needed by Him in us

so i’m just flowing with it



i am going to begin a new blog phase


channel one

my schedule sucks

just enough time to eat and sleep


probably this weekend

and every weekend untill the 3DD hoits

and yes…it’s still on…so don’t touch that dial

i am going over details as to what will be what and meant to be what

for the channel one project

will probably start off on this blog

and see where it goes

so grab a snack

for the commercial break

and be here when the show begins


and no

it is not programming………wuahahahah

or is that muahahaha

take your pick……all hallows eve is coming….or is it?


nothing left on the other side to enter


nothing negative anyway


where’d it all go…?

it’s all here

in us

we’re holding it in

and letting it out

surely you’ve noticed

all the negative people

doing negaive things

and light

becoming brighter?


we’ll see……..something soon

keep a light going………really…….where?


the light within will shine without

and that will be the only light that shines………….

see you this weekend……kibo[buy a t-shirt….please]Dabi


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1 Response to testing….1..2..3….

  1. theo says:

    Glad to see you down here.
    Yet we need you more up there.
    You have our LOVE.
    We hold Gaia in LOVE.
    Tell Him His WILL is our Will.


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