the sameness of perpetual change…….

When i was first placed upon the path
i was told that i would have to search for myself
find my self
get to know my self
love my self
be friends with my self
trust my self
and be myself
i was told that i would have to turn myself/self
inside out
i have done this……

i am not saying that this is what you have to do
this is what i was told to do
it may or may not work for you
you are who and what you are
and i am who and what i am
and yet
we are each other
so it may or may not help…….

there is a ring
that is not a ring, but a sphere
which is a shpere
which is not a sphere but a ring
and they are each other
and they are one
and they turn upon each other
within each other
becoming each other
inside out
outside in
folding and turning within upon themselves in each other
over and over
in a perpetual state of change
yet ever remaining the same
and yet………………

it is quite an energetic experience
if you ever want to try it………’s up to you

i am going to go relax
and experience what happens next and love it
because what is
and it is The Father’s Will
otherwise it would not be
and i see what is
everything is everything
and experience it turning within and upon itself
and here i am
and here you are
and we are all a part of it
and we are it
and it is what it is
as are we……………..


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4 Responses to the sameness of perpetual change…….

  1. Brian says:

    “And one peculiar point I see,
    As one of many ones of me.
    As truth is gathered, I rearrange,
    Inside out, outside in, inside out, outside in,
    Perpetual change.”


  2. David rainbow lightworker always says:

    Kibo brother l look forward to meeting after 3dd your i pod was excellent funny but serious, what has happened here will not repeat itself ever and will we and all will experience something that has happened ever been tried before. The planning for this is beyond words unique. you have always spoke from the heart be yourself one as one is one. Im listening to pink Floyd ttyping this very relaxed having read and felt cm’ s final message the waiting is over know we the one take over about time lol the big cheese is in charge the work starts.

    I am that i am


  3. theo says:

    Kibo, my love,
    again you managed
    to so gracefully dance and turn around
    on your so pure white and beautiful
    Allow me, marvellous master
    to gently touch you with a butterfly kiss
    in deep gratefulness
    for your aeons blessing me with such JOY, JOY, JOY
    and enhancing my flight
    with your brilliance.


  4. Crystali says:

    That is what makes each of us as one, but each individual part of the whole unique. Each part stands at its own unique angle of perception and resonates with it’s own unique field of experience. That is why, although our creator through to our Universal Father knows all, but needs to experience all, and does so through us, at the same time we experience as us, as beings of creation, each unique but as the same from one!
    Father knows that the potential for uniqueness is so vast, that he needs to create an unfathomable creation to give it the palette for the vast potential of expression.
    It is so mazing in fact, that even though each of us stand at the same place, on the same path, we still experience a varied perspective of that which we are in.
    The resonant fields of waves that we are made of as individuals incorporate our own unique personality with our own unique tastes, likes and dislikes. That is how we aught know we are of God, are co-creator Gods, because we have been given the gift of experiencing as does God himself, and I have come to know this.
    It is a shame when youngsters try so hard to be like a celebrity, because they deny their own uniqueness in pursuit of the false. Kibo, you are unique, profanity and all… hahaha, but you express yourself uniquely with the will of our Father and to share his truth and his love, and that is all important, the best you can be. Externalising the internal, bringing our Father through you to share with us.
    Maybe some time on our journey, we will be in the same place, on the same path, but next time the perspective will be identical, it will have unified us so that we truly walk as one with our Father… Even if it all seems too serious. 😉 😀


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