Of course………

Hey, I made it………….alright…….



I’m going to dispense with all the stuff that I was going to say

Or thought I was going to say

Or thought I should say


I’m wearing the t-shirt

And put the hat back on my head

Ought to fill it with something, I reckon………


And the sandwich board is up against the wall………


And I’m just watching the sun and hoping for the best possible outcome

And knowing that the definition of that isn’t up to me

And neither is the timing……so………..


Everything is everything and it is what it is and I am what I am

So that is that and let that be that

And so it is…………..



Dunno……and that’s okay….it will come

And it will come when it comes

And whatever comes will be obvious

Unless your head’s in the sand

In which case you’re not reading these words anyway……….





You are in God and God is in you

You walk in God and God walks in you

You be in God and God be in you

You act in God and God acts in you



And all we know is a drop in the bucket in the ocean

And those that know that are blessed


It is a powerful thing to know you know nothing

Because then you are willing to learn and be instructed

You learn in God

And God

God learns what it is to learn in you

You experience God

And God experiences you


And I will tell you over and over

Do the work

The work is all that matters

And the work is within you

And the work is within God

And all is God

And the shapes and geometrics and lines

And energies

And placements

And movement and rest

And vibrations and frequencies

And tones

And curves and angles

And cause and effects

Are all there

Where they are

For one reason

And that one reason caused all things

And the whole is much grander

Than anything we can imagine


Grasping our nanopart

Our section

Our bit of it

Is a great task in and of itself

To widen your vision beyond this box of illusion and distraction

Is to know the freedom of expansiveness

And being set on a high place

On other ground


What is your vision

Of God

Of you

Do you know what you’re dealing with?

Are you sure?

How do you know?

How do you ascertain such a thing?



Is that enough?

What do you know?

What do you accept that you know?

Do you know what you accept?

The vision you hold within you of all things

Is the power of all things within you

And if you are small and shortsighted

That is what you get


How deep and how high and how wide

Are you willing to go

Willing to be

Willing to do?


Are you willing to act upon it?

Are you willing to act?



Ask The Director

‘What is my motivation?’


And what is your motivation?

What do you want out of all of this?


I could give you the keys to the kingdom

Do you know where the keyhole is?

The door?

The gate?

Curtain number one, Johnny………..


A NEW CAR!!!!!!!


Does that make you happy?

Will that get you where you want to go?




You want to be saved

Are you willing to participate in your own salvation?


I see people searching

Looking for answers

Everywhere but within themselves

The kingdom of God


Knowing not that they are gods………..


How elated are they in discovering the truth?

It varies



Acceptance is greater than understanding

You cannot understand a thing until you accept that it is…it exists



You figure out what you want to do about it

De nile ain’t just a river in Egypt…………

It is the river that flows through the consciousness of the unaccepting

And that river divides them

Separates them from the farther shore of a greater reality……..


It’s up to you to find I in you

I never lost you

You got yourself lost

And if you can accept that

You will make an effort to be found

But where are you lost?

In the world?

You may feel that way

But you are lost within yourself

And that is where you will have to be found

You are lost in the kingdom

But if you do not live there

Experience there

If you do not have that inner life

You will never know how lost you are

Or that you are even lost at all

And then

Who will find you?


God can find you within

For as you search

You find that you also

Are searching for yourself

You are searching for you

And when you find yourself

Your self

You will see

That your self

Was standing next to God the whole time


God was with you the whole time


That the day would come

When you would hear His slightest breath

As a loud voice calling you

Directing you

Guiding you

Taking you

To where you needs must be

Back to your self

Back to Him

Within Him

As He is within you


And you will act

He and Thee

As one

Being one in all things…………


But that takes work


Even a game of hide and seek takes work

But who is hiding

And who is seeking?

HE knows where you are

Always did


Do the work

Seek and find

Find your self

Get to know your self

Trust your self

Be yourself

Your self is you in God

God is your self in you


Be that

Do the work

It is yours to do

Your way

It is within you

Your way in God

God’s way in you

Do the work

Know the way

Walk the path to your Source and Center

See it

Know it

Within you

Imagine it

Visualize it

Relate to it

Be with it

Experience it

Know it

It is God

It is you

It is one

It is all

Do the work

The work is within

The work is within you



Repeat a thousand times

Over and over

And over



And next week

I will tell you the same thing over again…………….


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13 Responses to Of course………

  1. Thankyou Kibo, Yes the work is all there is.
    The door? the key? Yes I am interested. of course.
    Bless you dear brother.



  2. Brian says:

    Chicken and the egg. So, it is the egg that makes the chicken?!


    • Crystali says:

      This one never dies, it again is a perception.
      My take on this is, the creator did not fill the world with eggs and unformed embryos, so therefore the first of each kind was created fully formed. They were given the ability to reproduce and create more of themselves as in the laying of eggs, hence the chicken came before the egg.

      I know this knocks the fun out of the question, but to me it is the truth. : P


  3. Brian says:


    Why do we spend so much of our energy (and time) trying to find that which is not lost?! Years go by and by until realization occurs and then we can’t get there fast enough…

    That path is our path….it always has been…and will be.

    So long as I can see The One that made it…up ahead….as long as I don’t lose sight of that…

    I will run and sometimes I will walk but, now, I am very aware of what’s not obvious or at least that is my focus.

    To follow His lead is what I am striving for…now! Let me see where You are up ahead and I will try my level best to follow…

    But then again that path is not even really there….

    …The Lover and The Beloved


    • Brian says:

      “There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger,
      richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”
      ― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings


      • Brian says:

        Btw, here is where you can read this book….pdf of it, and this site is also a great place for lots of other writings and music stuff too.



      • crystali says:

        Hmmm, sometimes I find many wonderful things outside myself that inspires me to look deeper within, to discover another part of that which is everything within.
        The manifested expressions of everyone is revealing what which is within them, and is an expression of the whole, so there really is nothing outside that is not from within.
        I can be inspired by that which is without, it encourages me to understand that which is within and accept it, and slowly perfect it.


      • Brian says:

        So, are you agreeing w/what Musashi said, Crystali? I really like what you said, btw. I am inspired by many many things ‘outside’ but what about what he said and Kibo for that matter…or am I over thinking this? Smile….

        Inspiration from without is nice but not necessary. All is contained within. This is not to say that manifestations of what’s inside aren’t necessary….well, are they? Hmm…guess it is cause and effect type things. Can you have one without the other? I think of Psalm 46….Be still and know that I am God. That is really all there is. To be still…

        To the Universe—
        the Illusion that sustains Reality


      • Crystali says:

        I do not disagree… it is a matter of perception. But, I do think that was is meant by the proverb is that you have you’re own perception that rests as truth within you, and to attempt to find confirmation through another is looking for truth outside your self. Outside as if you are not certain, so you need to verify outside of yourself, which is truth in belief, but not truth in knowing.
        Also, not everything outside yourself is truth, so the only confirmation is within where truth is absolute if you connect with it in perfect clarity and discernment, we all need to improve on that.

        All is contained within, yes, but sometimes it needs a spark ignited in the thought from outside yourself to cause you to look within, to stir the thinking.
        That is how we help each other when we operate in sincerity to each other. If we were absolutely crystal clear in communication with our higher self, or with our Father creator, then we would only ever need to go within, and that is our goal, but for now we share and help each other.


      • Brian says:

        Lovely…..just lovely! You make me smile.


  4. blake says:

    Thanks Kibo. Do my homework, it all circles back. Of course, if its not due until next week…


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