Yeah, yeah…i know…i was supposed to be here yesterday……..


I was at a beach bash company birthday party for The Boss and Section Chief………


Yes….it was….fun………i danced……..other stuff………..a lot of discussion….

Spent some time with some real Semites from the House of Nicodemus

Great people….lovely to dance with……they left me…..hopeful…….


There are those that have rejected the tribe…the people of the lie……

They go way back in truth and know what’s coming and are glad to see it

Seems they’re sick of this shit, too…………..the truth always kept them free

And now they want to put the lie to the sword and the fire…….God Bless Them.




Here I am again

Back on the corner

Wearing my sandwich board

With whatever is written for the week……or the day………

While I walk back and forth

T-shirt in one hand and hat in the other………….


Hey, it’s my lunch hour….gotta eat…………..





I always thought that a good televangelist…

Is there such a thing?

Anyway…….i figured that I’d just make a recording

One message

That told you everything you needed to know

To get to where you really need to be

Even if you don’t think you need to be there

And would rather be somewhere else…….that’s on you……


And then….at the end…I’d ask people to send me a dollar

Not two….just one

And only do it once

After you’ve seen the message

No need to keep paying

God doesn’t need your money

I need your money



That was the spiel……anyway…….

Ah well

The things I talk about

Most people don’t want to know or hear……..

I keep finding that out…………..

Everyone’s got their own thing

And I try not to step on them

But sometimes it’s hard not to

They just lay there in front of you

And keep moving if you step over them…….


I’m training for a 3D job, right now

And to get there

I go from one end of the city to the other

And there are lots of people out there

That want to throw the bible at you

And then get upset if you catch it and throw it back……..

And there’s that whole game of catch

Back and forth, back and forth

Curves, underhanded, fast, slow…knuckle……..

And dirty…………..it’s amazing how people cheat………


Well, neither is what you said………….


Sigh…………………..people are trying to uplift their race

Help other people

To see it their way……………i don’t know what to do with that…….


I see a thing

 I let you know about it

And prefer that you use it as you see fit

If you use it at all

No movement

No organization

I’m not a leader

There are no followers


All I have tried to do is share what I’ve found

And hope and pray

That my experiences

Will help you with your own


That’s one of the great things about being human

Is that you can learn from the experiences of others


[notice that more animals are doing this….exponentially…]


“I did all that shit so you don’t have to!”

Or so I have told my son

And I got that one from someone else….heheh

Some cgi/anime, primetime show about lions….

Leader…or Head of the pride…or something……


Inspiration is everywhere!

You just have to pick it out of the crap

Even if you use tweezers to do it

Or just dig on in…….you gotta go through the trash to find the treasure



Here we are



I stand still so you can read

You read so you can ignore the hat……….[insert smile here]


And there’s really nothing left to say


It’s all up to you

You and God walk in each other

Stand in each other

Sit in each other

Eat and sleep and dream in each other

You sit and shit in each other

You do everything together

You are each other


And as far as I’m concerned

More people need to realize that


In the end

It’s not the books

Or the blogs

Or the programs

Or the preachers

Or the rabbis

Or the imans

Or the teachers

Or the systems

Or the seminars

Or the lectures

Or the channels

Or the transmissions

Or the reports

Or the whatever it is around you that you crave that keeps you from going within

And a lot of people are afraid of themselves

They don’t want to go within

They can’t

They don’t know what’s there

Beneath the surface

It’s unknown territory

And that scares them

They want what they’re used to

They want shit they can recognize

And they won’t take chocolate for shit

It has to be the real deal

They want real shit

Good shit

And in a crisis

Any shit will do…………..


But this ain’t shit…..in so many words……


I’m here to remind you

That you are godlings

You are gods in training

So you have to go to God

To learn your job


You want to be like God

{I wanna be like Mike…..wink wink nod nod}


We wanna be like PAPA

Because HE told us that was the goal

And HE will get us there

If only we follow instruction




My stuff is what I’ve learned



If you will

And you will

Or you won’t

It’s up to you



Consider that everyone and everything around you

Including you

Is all a part of one thought

And this is it



In fact

All that HE thinks about

HE is thinking about HIMSELF

And knowing HIMSELF

In all that HE thinks about


All those exercises and tidbits I’ve given

Are to help you think about that

And start doing what GOD does

What CM ATON does

What you can do


Create from within


Right now

It’s just a thing

And we still have to be able to manifest

What is perceived as reality

To be around us

But when you realize

That it’s already done

In the mind of THE ONE

That upholds all of this

You should start to realize

That it’s in your best interest

To just be what you are

And flow with the thought

As it applies to you

And that will take some thought on your part

And therein is your job

To think

Because GOD thinks

And we should too




Enough of that

Start building your practice creation

And make it good enough to last

For a final exam

That is waaaaaaaaaaay away in experience

Make a world

A universe

And populate it with you

And know how everything works and comes together

And ties together

And causes and effects itself

And who and what and where and how and why


After all

Isn’t that what we’re in, right now?


Don’t you want your own?




Run away screaming?



Keep practicing

You can do it

You’re doing it already


Keep practicing

Because practice makes perfect

And you will be perfect

The experience will be upon you before you know it

And the trillions of years will be as nothing

Just a fun time learning…………


Know ye not ye are gods?

Be ye perfect, even as your Father in the heavens is perfect




The 3DD will kick in before there is a need for me to think up another post

If not….well….gee DAD…i’m really tired of this shit……..but YOUR WILL BE DONE IN ALL THINGS

Just let me be with YOU

And YOU be with me

And I with I in I in I

And all that

And we’ll get there………………sigh….fun times….fun times…………yaaaaaay……..





Are we there yet?


Keep on going until we get there

And then we go further……………………………………………………….yaaaaaay……cya!








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10 Responses to Well………….shit

  1. blake says:

    This reminds me of something i taught myself in college. I really hated writing long papers on stuff i hadn’t completely read up on (like doing all the homework) So I’d have writers block. So I’d tell myself well just write anything, terrible nonsense, stupid.. stuff. Well off we’d go (me and my stupid muse) People are so convinced they cant “go within” that they won’t even knock on that door. So all we have to do is say, “so let’s pretend I could”, and shut our eyes and see what happens, take notes, and try to improve on that the next time.
    Of course as kids we were told “Stop daydreaming.” ??? Yeah that was one of those mysteries of adult madness for me. That was like ordering me to stop my full time job… how to fill the hours? Thanks Kibo and all of you.
    Ok, see, I love to ask the questions that always used to get me in trouble. Ok so I see the value of the playful exercise; it takes the fear out of knocking on that door. Maybe you shoulda said build a miniverse (i did a tiny island). But see as long as your talking about practical (verrry long term) seriouser stuff, shouldn’t we practice going thru tomorrow better than yesterday, or, what if I’d said something nicer to that annoying person, or if there was a solution to this problem that i pretend to myself that i can’t fix, what would it be?
    Well don’t get me wrong I love all these ideas. I need more, loooots more practice.
    Namaste Blake


  2. Elaine says:

    Well…..Shit Kibo. That’s was just the most honest article I’ve read in a long time. Glad you had fun at the party. I did too, though I don’t remember a lot. Too much diamond water I guess. Anyway, I like Mike or Uncle Mike as I like to call him. “Make it Right Mike” just like Holmes! Well best go think some more. cya!! :))))


  3. Mariza says:

    Oi Kibo!…
    Agradeço por continuar a nos orientar.
    Este mergulho dentro de nós realmente assusta, mas, pouco a pouco, vamos quebrando a “casca”.
    Fique bem!


    • kibodabi says:

      Ahoye! God comes with you!

      as long as anyone finds it helpful, i am grateful………


      ever had maple syrup?
      good stuff!

      you have to tap the tree…waaaay past the bark….get to the middle where the juices flow…..

      gotta get them juices flowin’……….

      get ’em to come on out!
      fill tha cup!
      and drink all that sweet stuff!

      and then have pancakes………..yum!
      don’t mind me
      just goin’ off on that bark thing…..

      Thank God for internet translators!

      Oyahe! God goes with you!


      • Mariza says:

        Bom dia Kibo!
        Viva aos tradutores!
        Hummm, deu água na boca.
        Estive observando as árvores! Todas estavam com suas “cascas”… Então…Não deve ser possível nos livrarmos delas…
        Notei que há uma harmonia entre a casca e a vida dentro dela. Talvez a casca seja sua proteção…
        Observei dois pés de canela (condimento). A casca é útil para dar sabor a muitos doces,
        e, em pó, posso polvilhar as panquecas…
        Acordei hoje pensando: Como as árvores se tornam tão belas? – suas raízes e suas folhas…
        Energia do seio da Terra e do Ar…
        Tenho muito em que pensar…


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oy. Too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Ha! You are asking me to loose control. I’ve never been good at that. It is my hurdle! That said, of course I would believe you if you told me I was there! Did I have a wonderful time? I hope so. It, rather than some celebrity wedding, was probably the “Event of the Century” or some such thing! And, I got to go! I really must go back. Maybe tonight…as long as I get inspired to finish this project that is due at 9am. Help!


  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks, Kibo. How was the party? I sent light, love, and reiki, but haven’t been able to make it to the next level yet. Truthfully, it looked so beautiful, I hoped yesterday would be the day -but, alas,it was not to be. Still, I imagined it and sang Stolat – the Polish Happy Birthday song that roughly translates to “May you live 100 years.” It didn’t seem quite long enough – 100 years – but I sang it anyway in honor of the “Section Chief” and my grandmother. (On the flip side, it does seem too long. 100 years? I don’t even want to wait 100 hours! Maybe I won’t have to.)

    I feel the same frustration with others that I sense in your message. I am letting it go. I was reminded over the weekend that my job is to travel my path. I’d like to bring a couple of people along on the trip, but they don’t seem interested. Even the ones who are on the cusp don’t want to be pushed over the edge. Ah well. I eagerly await the opportunity to bring them up to speed. I am a teacher (maybe a nursery school teacher in this case) waiting for my students to appear. When they are ready, I (we) will be ready…I hope. 🙂

    Namaste – the God in me recognizes the God in you!


    • kibodabi says:

      you should have more faith in your imagination………for me, it’s like a running daydream…..
      i think, therefore i am…..i think/feel i am there….therefore i am………if i tell you you were there…would you believe me? if i tell you that you are still there……

      the lovely thing is, with such things…they hang there…..floating….with no attachment to time or space………consicousness is a thing you can be in all the time, anywhere, anytime, with no consideration of time and the only sense of space and place that matters is the one you’re energetically dealing with in your perception of time/space……..
      so i’ve learned to deal with some things in the kinda…back or side or something of my mind and it’s there whenever i concentrate on it
      and it’s there for you as you visualize it……..but you really should have more faith and belief in your imagination…it does come from you, after all,,,and you do come from GOD, after all, and you’re doing this together….but if you tell yourself no………….what is there to do about it?
      daydream about it and let yourself go and let it take on a life of it’s own and just let go and enjoy it….you’ll see what i mean………..it’s still there….you can visit anytime or place……..you’ll see…………[big smile here]


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