Now then……..

Here we are
We are here…………

Just enough room………for……us…..

There is nothing
And everything is here

Consider an infinite space
Of light

Consider your self
In this light
Be one and the same and all…………

Pick an image
Any image
And there you are

Know yourself there
And know
There is here



Pick a…..
There in here

And you are there
See yourself there
And realize that it is now
And here you are
And there is gone……….

Away in the distance
You are there
And nopw that there is here
And here you are
You were there
You are there
And now
You are here
And there is gone…………

You are somewhere……….horizontal
You are there
Yet you are here
And now
You are here
And the here that was there is gone……..

An infinite light
A placement of self
That has no reference
Other than your own perception
But you are not there
You are here
And now
The here that was here
Is now there
And you are here
You are now here
But you are there
And now you are here
And the there that was here is gone
And you are…………..

And you are everywhere you see
And as you see yourself
Being you
Here I am
I am here
And without movement
You are here….now
And now
You are now here…………….

What is your reality?
What do you perceive?
You perceive movement
That make a sequence of events
And you move from one to an other
Doing this, being that
Doing that, being this
You exist in an infinite light
And you are here
And you look in what you perceive as a distance
And see you
And you are there
And now
There is here
And yet
You have not moved…… have never moved
You experience movement
You experience
You experience being
But you are the experience of being
That is being experienced
You are being experienced
As an experience
You perceive experience
And movement
And time and space
And here and there
And the journey in=between
And you perceive this as reality

You are light
A thought
A perception
Of unique experience
You say is you in I

I is you
You being infinite light
Being you here
You be there
And now you be here
And there is gone
And I
I is all there is here now……..


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2 Responses to Now then……..

  1. Crystali says:

    Here, there and everywhere.
    I am here in the now, I am always here in the now, my perceptions can only ever be here in the now.
    There is yesterday and can also be tomorrow, but that type of duality is either memory or forethought or planning of the what is to come.
    Only movement exists, yes, it is the experience that forms our consciousness and builds it’s memories.
    I am for ever now in the here which is in reality everywhere if only I can expand my consciousness to know all of the here and now in everywhere, in everything, just like the Universal Father.
    The journey in movement is long, thorough, and eternal.
    Now is a very long thought to hold, but hold it will, and expand is it’s purpose.

    Amazing really!


  2. blake says:

    I be you. who be who? Sittin’ on a loo, doot do be doo. Don’t know what to do,
    singin a song, waitin, but not too long. There be other others to finish this song, doin’ what they do, been at it all along. Its not my place, cause I’m over here doin’ what I do. It’s naught to do with you. I jes be sittin here singing as I do. Cause thats how it goes, and this is what I do. I hope you see me, see it like I do, cause its awful nice to just be singing in the loo. 🙂
    (no disrespect) jes sittin here with naught to do… Blake


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