GOD is always hiring

note:  I am writing this because, from now on, this is going to be my main focus in this blog…..to help anyone willing to do the work to do the work as GOD has given it to them to do.

There will be more posts concerning energtic exercise to hone your spiritual consciousness so that you can create an inner workspace for you and your BOSS…THE BOSS, to work with and in…TOGETHER.

You do not need me to do this.  You are quite capable of doing this without me and I fully expect you to leap and run and fly waaaaaaay ahead of anything that I offer you here and add your own lessons learned to the mix for the sake of all involved.

You can do all this.  You can do all this and more.  If you couldn’t do all this…….you wouldn’t be here.  Even a robotoid could do this, if they really wanted to….so there.

but it takes faith, belief, trust and practice.  What you exercise gets stronger.  It’s as simple as that.  Some of you will find that there are some things that come very easy…some hard and  it will be this way for all.  you’ll get through it.  You will learn how what is outside is used to practice upon by what is inside and you will learn to do as GOD would have you do.

There is a price to all of this, so if you don’t want it, stay away and live with it.  If you do want it, you will experience an ongoing and neverending series of tests of every sort and kind on every level and place that will help you to further hone your skills.  At first you may not recognize what is happening…but you will, eventually.  There is no pass or fail in all of this.  You have to know that.  There is only steady progress at your own pace.

Remember that this is not about getting what you want.  It’s about getting what HE wants.  You will get what you need…but you will have to work for it, in some way.  Nothing will be gained without effort on any and every level of giving and receiving.

You will feel prompted and told and ordered to do a thing or be a thing or see a thing or experience a thing or say a thing or be in position or whatever needs must be done.  This is nothing to worry about.  You will never get more than you can handle and soon will feel like an advanced student of yourself and soon after that you will realize that the word advanced has no meaning…won’t that be fun!


what follows is the original post and the above note was thrown in for good measure…..because that’s what i’m being told to do…..wink nod….more posts on this subject will come as…..well…they’ll come as they come……….in the meantime…try to work on creating your workspace and getting a real comfortable image of your Boss and  take it from there……….


and now, without further ado…….the post:

There’s a lot of talk of ET’s

ET’s this

ET’s that……..


Are they

Will they

Won’t they

Why they

Could they

Should they

Would they

Where they……………


And what tickles me the most about all of this is…….



All the talk about…POSITIVE ET’s…….

Saviors or facilitators or co-workers?

[I’ve even read posts where they say they’re looking for people to energetically apply for jobs…]

And then there are the negative ones………

How long have they been here, again?

Who’s gone, again?

Who’s left?

Astral ankle-biters?

Sigh……[they’re hiring, too…if you can call that hiring…]


Back to it….


It is considered by…some….in all of this

That these positive galactics

Our beloved space family

As it were


While having such wonderful technology

That is sure to knock our socks off

While we’re standing in them and our shoes…….

[quite a trick, by the way…]


These wonderful, lovely people

Are considered to be highly spiritual beings…

I’ve heard it said………by some


And they don’t want to rule over us

Or interfere with our free will

Or make us do anything

Unlike their/our negative space…..cousins

Who have done all of these things

And their erstwhile minions

Who try to keep it all going…………



All these people on this planet

Begging for space news…….

Wanting to know what the GFL or GF or FL or CL or GCL

Or whatever is the label of choice

Among all the channels

Real and fake

And well meaning…………..and not………


And the statement or question arises

Of our sovereignty

And not giving it to anyone or anybody


They are not to be worshipped

Or treated like gods…..


And I have to ask


Do they not worship GOD?


Do they not recognize that there is

A Creator Son

A Michael Son

At the helm of every local universe?


A Master Superuniverse Spirit

At the helm of every superuniverse?


At the center of Paradise?

And Paradise at the center of the Grand Creation?



At the helm of all things?


Should we not be worshipping GOD?

Should we not realize and recognize

The sovereignty of SOURCE AND CENTER

Over All Things?

Should we not be devoted


As it is found in ATON

The Christ Michael Son

And Creator of THIS universe

Our universe


HIS universe

HE did create it….

It is the universe of His own making

After all

We should be giving due reverence and service

Recognizing that it is not our power

But His/HIS

It is not our will that needs must be done


We should be serving HIM

And doing our job

That HE gave us to do

And doing the work

Our work

Your work

My work

All working for HIM

However you may realize HIM to be………….within you

[GOD is always hiring, but HE only takes volunteers.  If you want to file an application, you have to find the  head office yourself…you notice that they don’t advertize and people pass the office everyday without ever noticing it’s there….go figure]


And this is what you hardly ever hear

It’s too misunderstood

Too touchy

Too religious

To spiritual

Too hard

Too fuzzy


People want to hear about how wonderful they are

What a great job the rest of the universe thinks we’re doing

We want to be petted and hugged

And told that the ET’s will take care of it

The religions will tell you that God will take care of it

If you just have enough faith……..particularly in their version of it

But that’s neither here nor there……it’s the same all over in that regard…..


But few tell you to take what you think is your power

Your will

Your allegiance

Your devotion

Your worship

To take that in hand

And offer it to the only one that it really belongs to

The One who created it in the first place


Why and why not?

Why is this so seldom mentioned?


Because it takes all other considerations out of the mix…..


Because when you do that

And aim for that

And work for that

It is within

And they can’t touch you there

When you do the work

You work within

And you do it with and for the object of your desire….directly

You are sharing the same office

You are working together

And you are getting it all straight from the unicorn’s horn

So to speak…..

And all the other stuff ceases to matter

Because now

All that is taken care of….

It’s just business

And if it’s not on your desk

You don’t have to concern your self with it

Because all of that will come together

According to the plan

Of The One that created The Plan

The business

The building

The rules and regulations

The employees

Their jobs

Your job

My job

And the office and buidling where you work within


All else is distraction

And you just have to deal with it as best you can

While you concentrate on the only thing that matters

Doing what God made you to do

Becoming perfect




I is perfect.  He is.  He really is.  He is perfect and designed you to be the same as He is and your job is to do the work that will get you there.  That work is within and manifests itself in all things…within and without.  It changes you on every level and way and plane of being.  It is a long and winding road and it is uphill and down steep grades yet it always leads up and forward………

The best part of all this and that, is that this BOSS is more than happy to work with you and show you how it’s done and be there with you in, with and throughout all of it, every moment, every where…within and without…….

But the work is done within

The office is within

However you realize it to be

The office

The blacksmith shop

The lab

The studio

That’s between you and Him

You can have a whole house and estate

If that’s what it takes

But you realize it all first

You have to create that space within yourself

And invite Him in

And actually see Him as you see Him

And that sight will change over time and practice

And the relationship will only grow

And you will find you being more and more

Each other

Moment by moment


And all else is distraction….

And that’s the challenge of it

The stars and sky

The ships in the cosmos

The clouds and the chemtrails

The TV and the movies

Your family and friends and neighbors

Your pets

Your material co-workers

The cops and military

The social workers

The governments

The media

The schools

The traffic

The money

The sex

The drugs

The music

The house and car

And all that comes with that

The choices you have to make…….

In THIS world

THIS system of things

It’s all to keep you from going to work

And doing your real job


Because you can’t just stay within

And not effect what is without

All that is around you is the testing ground

The proving ground

For what you and your Boss have created and manifested


And it all fits into The Plan

And all you have to do

Is your job

Your part of it

In your work space

Your office

Your warehouse

Your backroom……….your thing……..



While everyone is waiting to see

What news of the galactics

And the masters

And the archangels

And high spirits

And helpful spirits

And masters ascended

And masters still here

And the illuminatti cabals

And the Zionists

And the Jesuits

And the nazis

And the [choose your government system here]

And the latest false flag

Or real flag

Or prediction

Or prophecy

Or opinion

Or suggestion


Or while you’re deciding if the food you’re about to eat is real or not

Or what movie to see

Or show to watch

Or sex to have

Or love to make

Or game to play

or war to fight

Or kite to fly

Or book to read

Or T-shirt to buy [smile wink nod]

Or bill to pay

Or job to go to……..

Remember that you have a higher job to do

And do the work within that is yours to do

And if you need more motivation

Put this plaque up in your energetic workspace







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19 Responses to GOD is always hiring

  1. Brian says:

    That’s funny…as I was lying in bed last night….was thinking about what you said about breathing and I was like that’s what Kibo meant….I am experiencing and feeling the Holy Breath…The Breathing of Creation and The One who made it…

    So yeah sometimes I can be daft….thanks for that though….and the use of your outhouse. I wasn’t really going to do that to your sacred place. Jk….


  2. Brian says:

    Please explain this to me. I’ve noticed a pattern here lately. There are times, which turn into days…a few at a time, where I am in tune. There is a definite flow that I feel a part of. Full of good vibes, etc. Now, I realize life has its ups & downs–got it, but this feels different.

    And then it….disappears…it feels that way, at any rate. Like the bottom drops out for a bit. It’ll be back in a short time, I have no doubt. It’s odd. Perhaps the in tune times raise the tuner a bit on each occurrence.

    There might be a direct correlation between the wave…laps of it…and these patterns?! Wish I had some quasi scientific/spiritual equipment to measure it…..the wave…and then the changes in us during these times to make a comparison and study of these observations.


    • kibodabi says:

      breathe in……….breathe out………


      • Brian says:

        I am…breathing…rather deeply…I’m just wondering if any one else has noticed any thing similar? I’m good just looking for others in here and out there.

        It gets lonely sometimes I suppose out here and in there but…wait, I think I see your TreeHouse up ahead…been a while but I remember it distinctly.

        Definitely gonna make a pit stop for I spy w/my watering eye…..a large tree….a ha! W/your esteemed permission….naturally. Chuckle chuckle…;)


        • kibodabi says:

          there’s a built-in outhouse in the back, ground level, between the tree and the mountain……..please use that…….

          but as to the comment about breathing…….what you’re experiencing is the breathing of spirit force in and upon your life……….your breathing can help you be in synchronicity with that…….but you have to relax and let it all flow through you and let yourself flow with it…the wave is an ……aspect of that which is more…directed….the holy breath [if you will] is everywhere…but few people feel it or experience it for what it is…..

          we are dealing with cycles within cycles within cycles……some are creational, some universal……galactic, solar system, planetary, regional, personal……….just remember that you are an integral part of all of this, from the whole through all of its parts……..this is why working within is so helpful and important, once you really settel into it, you get higher, better explanations and advice and help in dealing with all this stuff……and creation has a lot of stuff……all over the place……..breathe……….i tell myself………..breathe…………


  3. Brian says:

    Why do I feel sad….that I’ve let Him and myself down after reading this? I shouldn’t feel that way.

    You are right..very right. Maybe it is guilt I feel. Maybe I worry too much…but i should worry about these things because it’s the right thing to do…what you said. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done enough because I have not. Not enough by my standards anyway.

    It will come…it has to…it’s what was and is planned….twas foretold.

    I have a lot of work to do…..better late than never I suppose. All the work done thus far was to get me to this point though. When you look back at where you’ve been; where you were (or were not) and then look at the present..where you are in that…I guess it’s not as disappointing as perhaps I thought.

    But still…

    …steady as she goes.


    • kibodabi says:

      i know the feeling
      you haven’t let anyone downand no one can do it all…except PAPA, all you have to do is your part…..
      each and everything in it’s own, divine time…….and it’s not too late until it’s over and even then there is just the journey continued…………steady as she goes…..for sure…….


      • theo says:

        yes, yes,
        and I realized
        it is alone our language that leads us astray.
        We say I – worship God
        – that would imply TWO persons.
        A big trick of the ego.
        In Truth is a melting of I into Him
        for out of the ONE there is none
        so in Truth
        I just LOVE ME


  4. oneness61 says:

    Kibo this one really gave me the goosebumps. I appreciate it so much. I think you must have heard my conversations with PapaCM. I believe he wants me to come to the realization into who I am or remembering. I am working on a relationship with Papa, learning to really go within, spend less time online and more time conversing with him. So if I may would it be ok to email you or do you have a place where we could share some idea’s? I told him it might have been all the flouride tablets when I was a kid growing up as a military brat lolol…..I certainly appreciate your latest effort in helping us slow one’s…..Thanks for all you do…. Monika


    • kibodabi says:


      since this is meant to be a group teach/learn experience, it would be best if all ideas were shared through the comments section of the blog. you should already have my email address if you want to be social…but consider this place to be a worker’s lounge where individuals walking their own path can get ideas and insights through sharing their own concepts and the concepts of others. In this way, it is hoped that we can all explore together the simplistics and intricacies of our own, unique divine paths and better realize how each of us are pieces of an infinite puzzle. Alone, we will only be able to perceive so much of the greater picture and it is in sharing that we can see more as we look beyond our own borders of consciousness and seek to expand ourselves and each other in a shared experience.

      hope that helps

      PAPA and CM ATON Bless you always in all good things


  5. blake says:

    Yeah, its a foreign idea to us; an amorphous assignment, and what’s worse, as my dad would say, its “WORK???!!!!” And what if God wanted us to do something difficult? What if we were asked to sacrifice something?
    There was a guy in my hostel in Tokyo (most of the guys were Iranians getting factory work in a strong currency) who knew the old school rules of this game. Late at night he would kneel on his rug facing the wall in the back of the hall and he would talk all night long to God way down on all fours…
    You’re right to hammer at this. The earthling mind does not take to advice given only once (certainly not such a foreign idea). Even if we listen we soon forget. We want rules and precise targets. The whole idea of work and leisure and responsibility is mistaught and misunderstood. You must work to progress, internally and externally. You ARE RESPONSIBLE to ALL (God) family, friends, strangers, the weak, the sad, Mother Earth, yourself (oh yes most of all), and even your enemy. And its work, and well… we fear that.


  6. firmament says:

    ….to worship GOD…..I always said I would worship GOD only but not man…..so silly…..since everything that is IS GOD how could I ever say something so foolish?……Now I know to worship GOD means to worship ALL of Creation, can’t leave nothing and nobody out, if I did it would mean distraction wouldn’t it?
    By saying this, I do not mean to worship man’s wrong doings or what ever goes along with it.
    ……I have to leave it at that….hoping that even while lacking of words trying to explain, the meaning behind will be understood.
    with Love, firmament


  7. Crystali says:

    I had a bizarre dream/ vision Thursday morning before I woke.
    I was suddenly in a room facing the windows, could not see the rest of the room, just the windows.
    One of the windows was open, I felt that there was an intruder, but not physically.
    There was a large Union Jack flag and several smaller, bunting like flags also hanging randomly in front of the windows on the inside.
    There were cables under the windows plugged in, I had the urge to unplug them and pull the wires out.
    But, the oddest thing in this dream was what was written across the middle of the large flag…
    It was Kibodabi, I kid you not, I am still perplexed at that dream because I do not understand it.

    Just thought I would share my dream with you seen as it mentioned you Kibo!


    • kibodabi says:

      wow…really? that’s scary……lol

      you’ve been reading all this while watching the olympics…………right?




      • Crystali says:

        No, I am not interested in the Olympics, I do not watch it. Not that I can, I do not have a TV, ousted that around eight years ago.
        I am usually good at understanding dreams, but I cannot work this one out, very bizarre.

        If there is a sequel I will let you know… ; )


        • kibodabi says:

          thanks…i’d appreciate an update…that union jack thing….i dunno….not really my first choice of a flag to put my name on……..ah well………the stuff that dreams are made of……


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