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God Loves The Devil, But The Devil Must Die

The white hats, apparently, have stated this: After the Cabal was lately cut off from nuclear weapons, they began frantically developing new biological and chemical weapons. The Rothschild faction threatened to use one of these weapons (the so-called Flipper virus) … Continue reading

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Well…..back to it then…………. Where are we? Oh! Here….now….doing this…….. I read around……I do I like to see who’s saying what about what and who and when and where and why and how… I do my best to puzzle out … Continue reading

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You don’t get a post today This is not a post I could go on for pages and pages about all the shit that is flying everywhere But I’ll let you decide for yourself what shit to swallow And how … Continue reading

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Found this on vimeo, through …They said that Les Visible sent it to them….. IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS VIDEO, KEEP WATCHING IT UNTIL YOU DO…IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GET THIS…NOT FOR ME OR BECAUSE OF … Continue reading

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