London Calling Jerusalem…..collect….will you accept the charges?

for those of you that will do their best to catch every moment of the olmpics in hopes of seeing something extraordinary happen…one way or another……….


there are two songs that you will have to know the words to…

so i am providing them for you here………..with a couple of links to make it all interesting………more or less…….

this will help, especially if the rumours of London being cleared to make way for the new and improved zion, bear fruit…and just happen to fall off the tree of the doing of evil bullshit……we’ll see if it’s allowed to hit the ground……………


either way



Jerusalem Hymn

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountain green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!
I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.




London Calling Lyrics

The Clash



London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared, and battle come down
London calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls
London calling, now don’t look to us
Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust
London calling, see we ain’t got no swing
‘Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing

[Chorus 1:]
The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in
Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin
Engines stop running, but I have no fear
‘Cause London is drowning, and I live by the river

London calling to the imitation zone
Forget it, brother, you can go it alone
London calling to the zombies of death
Quit holding out, and draw another breath
London calling, and I don’t wanna shout
But while we were talking, I saw you nodding out
London calling, see we ain’t got no high
Except for that one with the yellowy eyes

[Chorus 2: x2]
The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in
Engines stop running, the wheat is growing thin
A nuclear error, but I have no fear
‘Cause London is drowning, and I live by the river

Now get this

London calling, yes, I was there, too
An’ you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!
London calling at the top of the dial
After all this, won’t you give me a smile?
London calling


*Just couldn’t get this thing to post with all of the lyrics centered…hmmmmm…………


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16 Responses to London Calling Jerusalem…..collect….will you accept the charges?

  1. blake says:

    Yes Kibo it all helps. Very well put. animals trying to escape an enclosure may not be so smart, but I notice that they try, and try and… Perhaps more effort, and trust… and technique. As “Conversations With God” (Neale Donald Walsch) would say. (and a caterpillar) Who are You? Who am I being, Who am I trying to be. What would love do? What would God (in me) Do?
    Many thanks Blake


    • kibodabi says:

      i read an article about elephants that kept escaping their enclosure….even to the point of recognizing the generaor of the electric fence and destroying that and then getting together to fell a tree on the fence which allowed them to pass through………..

      and then there’s the one about the gorillas that were busy springing the traps that killed their friend……recognizing the ropes and hoops and knots and spikes and levers and pulleys and disabling them, one by one………

      and we are much like that….just more complicated traps and enclosures…..getting there..somehow…by God’s good grace within us……………we ask the questions within that will aid in our freedom within and without…..


  2. blake says:

    Hey Kibo thanks for all the great thoughts. I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I think a lot of us feel a little lost when told to go within. To be fair I often feel a little more oriented in myself and in joy with life with a little quiet time so to speak. Still I sort of feel like I’ve been told to go into a dark room and find something, without being told how to do it or what it is. I think there needs to be more teaching on this going within…. Well i said it 🙂


    • kibodabi says:

      actually…that needs to be said…..and addressed as much as possible……

      people seldom know what to think about when they go within………they are told to do this and do that and
      empty their minds

      and let’s face it
      it is damn near impossible to think of nothing………i can’t do it…there’s always something there…

      [edit note: kaballistic mental/soul/consciousness exercises invole a form of vizualization…create a simple object, turn it over in your mind, dissect it, analyze it… a sphere…..add color, change color…..change objects…..a cube…take it apart….keep going…make it harder……etc……then….take an object, create a mental field…an environment…..move you object through the environment……always make chnages as you progress… is very fun and really gets great results! If you keep doing it, you can creat whole worlds and operate them and maintain them….but that’s on higher levels and your psychiatrist will tell you there’s a pill for that…so be careful…don’t go too fast or you’ll hurt yourself…slow and steady wins the race….]


      i think about what’s there……..

      i ask all those questions about my self
      analyze myself
      think about myself

      isn’t that what God is doing right now…thinking about Himself?
      and is not our life and existence all part of that thought?

      what do you think of yourself?

      are you as you want to be?
      are you trying to be what you think you should be?
      as you think you should be?
      are you sure?
      how do you define yourself?
      how do you define yourself in relation to God?
      how do you define yourself in relationship to God?

      how do you define God in relationship with oyu?
      in relation to you?

      not to mention the world at large……….

      why do i feel/think the way i do?

      ask youself that sometimes………
      what and who am i and why am i as i am and do what i do?
      is there anything that i can do differently?
      what am i creating here, anyway?

      talk to God in your mind
      don’t worry about receiving a verbal answer…….

      just hold your end of the conversation

      rant through it if you have to
      get it all out of your system


      and that statement can be taken on several levels………

      as far as i’m concerned
      this is all you have to do
      and keep doing

      and you will see….results
      subtle changes in you
      and you relationship with what is within you and around you

      it will take time
      you have to keep it up
      and just let it be what it is……an effort to communicate within with your self

      lots of times
      people are afraid to talk to themselves
      because others will think that they’re crazy
      so what
      fuk ’em
      do what you have to do
      to get to where you have to be

      and first you have to decide what that is?

      why do you want to be rich?
      will that make you happy?
      why A
      why B
      why not C………..see?

      that conversation that you always have with yourself in your head, anyway…..
      your thoughts about yourself that you answer within yourself
      that you think you’re doing by yourself
      that is not you by yourself…………and that’s the glorious part……

      you are a multileveled creature
      explore your levels
      and make the decisions within
      that you feel/think you need to make
      to progress
      for better or for worse
      what you want and do is on you

      you will find your……..level boss……heheh

      for you who play video games…that’s a valid analogy as well……..

      so who’s your boss?
      only one way to find out
      take the journey within
      and see for yourself
      how it affects you
      in your actions, cause and effects………
      you effect real change you can believe in……….does that help……..?


    • Brian says:

      Bravo! Come work with me…Who told you not to say that? Run far away from them and fast!


  3. Brian says:

    Well you know that a man is just a man. Made in his Creator’s image. What does that mean?

    This may or may not be related but earlier today I was outside in this blazing hot atmosphere w/thunder and storm clouds above me. Rolling thunder and a scant amount of precipitation that was given forth. So, I am thinking for Heaven’s sake these plants and vegetation that depend on such are not being rewarded or supplied w/what it is that they need in order to thrive and not die.

    We as a species find ourselves in a similar situation. Do we not? My roots are all but gone. My life sustaining force is…where? I know where IT is….BUT, I’m having to borrow and intrude upon others who are experiencing the same and I am grateful for this! Thank God that they are ever so willing to oblige my dire and fearful cries….for they are His cries as well. Is anyone listening?

    How can this be? That we the same as our Creator who has been in this game for 2 trillion years find ourselves in such a predicament? Are we really the last of our kind? Or are we the first? I rack my brain daily in hopes of coming to a better understanding of Him… And still as i Iook around me I find that no one really gives a shit. If this really is so then why or what for do we continue? What is it that keeps the dream alive? I do….we do.

    What is the determining factor? A giant puzzle that is missing…what? So close but yet and unfortunately so far…..or is it? Wake the fuck up!!


    • kibodabi says:

      NASA has declared a global emergency over the ice melting in Greenland at such a fantastic rate……….the water in the Gulf of Mexico is still dead…the currents are still dead….the change in those currents have effected the whole world…all patterns have changed……now America, mostly responible for this, is feeling the effects of that fruit….Beijing….thousands dead from flooding….didn’t Russia just have a huge weather related problem that also resulted in death and damage?

      my grass was dying in the heat…it rained..hard…trees were uprooted and fallen and damaged property all over the city….my grass looks much better…………..

      i don’t hear anyone saying to God
      we fucked up
      what do we do?

      you look all around to find the image of you that you think exemplifies the image you were created in
      but that image is within you
      God is mind
      God is consciousness
      and that mindful consciousness exists within you and as you and as all and everything around you
      but the work is within
      what you need to work with
      is within
      who you need to work with
      is within
      where you need to work
      is within

      practice, practice, practice………..that’s how you get there
      what you use gets stronger……what are you using?
      your eyes?

      what are you looking at?
      are you sure?

      what are you perceiving?
      and how do you perceive it?

      God gave you everything you need
      to exercise everything you have…….

      get a workout
      get the work out
      do the work
      and the work must be done within

      if you stick your hand in fire and get burned
      does blaming God make you feel better about it?

      men suffer from the eating of their own bad fruit
      rotten to the core

      God taught you how to grow good fruit
      you piss on a tree instead of watering it
      who do you have to blame?

      are you as angry at yourself
      as you are at the world?

      you cannot change the world
      but you want to
      and that is what drives you crazy

      and still
      you decide that trying to change what you cannot change
      is easier than changing yourself
      even though
      if you changed yourself
      you would be helping to change the world……..go figure

      why do you not see that that is the determining factor?
      you are the determining factor
      but you must work within yourself
      to effect change
      that can then effect without you
      that is within the greater body of God……..which is all around you

      you think that’s air you’re breathing?

      yet the mind of God is within you
      and that is what you must work with

      like one who has forgotten that he can breathe water
      you struggle not to drown in the ocean…………

      and your mind will kill you
      unless you wake up
      to the fact that you are an infinite and eternal being
      having a finite, temporary experience………..

      Life flows on within you and without you
      God flows throughout all
      as all
      in all
      and everything
      as one

      you work with what is around you from without
      without understanding
      what is within you to work with

      you are divine consciousness having an energetic experience of manifest expression……
      you are not your body
      there are no objects around you
      you are a perspective of perception in consciousness
      all things that you consider other are the same

      there is only one thing
      and it is a singular consciousness perceiving itself as all things………and experiencing that as a means of expression of self…

      you can either work with it in cooperation and partnership and follow it’s lead and it’s plan
      and be aware of that….
      or you can end up playing your part in all of this
      in ignorance
      without understanding or awareness…like a tool that just does what it’s designed to do……

      there is no other outcome in creation than the Creator’s Will… could there be?

      either way
      The Creator’s Will is done
      whether you play your part as an unknowing character….or as a working actor
      and there is a difference…..

      is your body a mere vessel
      or an operational device?

      are you actively engaged in the awareness of your being
      or just aware that you exist?

      do you think that you are at God’s mercy
      or that God has mercy upon you?

      these are just a few of the energetic perceptions
      that you have to sort through within yourself
      to determine who and what you are
      according to yourself

      like software in hardware
      you perceptions activate switches inside of you
      0 or 1
      on or off
      energetic programming for your mind, heart, body and soul
      your DNA and chromosomes
      your blood and your neurons
      your human and divine condition

      you cannot operate the world
      you can only operate yourself
      how many even try to do that
      on levels beyond physicality?

      think about it

      and then come back and tell me you have the same complaints…….


      • Brian says:

        Just not there yet….there being relative. And that is what bugs the shit out of me. Where is there though? Or is there only one, there. My there is different than your’s or your’s and their’s , for that matter. Getting there for you, because you are at a different level, is not the same for me, obviously. So, although I hear what you’re saying until I experience it, it means naught. But you’re trying to explain, to the point of exhaustion, and I do appreciate the countless times you’ve done this.

        Well, believe it or not, I am trying (I guess) to get there. Understanding that there will always be a some where for there…to be.

        You know what, fuck this world! Fuck the bullshit that I see w/my eyes. You are right….I know this (wink)….and I am wrong so far….does that make you feel better?!

        I feel like a perpetual nail being hammered again and again. I am in so many structures that keep it together and want to withdraw so desperately but, think about this, if I do then the whole fucking thing will collapse. Your grip will suffer. You need people like me…to measure yourself against. Lord help you when I finally do get it and get there because the whole place is going down. Careful for what you wish for…


        • kibodabi says:

          i have learned that it does no good
          there is no sense in it
          to measure one’s self against another’s self
          especially as we are all unique perspectives of perception in the Divine
          well…that’s what i believe, anyway….

          i am always in the middle of this thing
          there are always those that are….higher in a thing, or greater or more or somethng
          and always those that are lower…..or lesser or something
          and depending on a particular thing
          there’s no set place on the ladder for anyone
          all have something the rest don’t do
          or have
          or see
          or be…..
          yet it is all one in the ONE………

          the thing that gets me is
          when you do figure it all out
          not if…when

          do you really think you will be the same as you are now?


      • Brian says:


        As a matter of fact, I am as angry at me as I am at this pathetic world we live in! I am angry that I thought and planned, w/Divine help I might add, to come here for the purpose of seeing how mad I could get. To experience deception and depravity at the depths that seem to have no limit. Yeah I’m mad. Aren’t you?

        Oh wait…you’re beyond that, right….I am mad that you have it figured out to the point of being able to explain it so articulately. You wanna talk about mad….are you kidding me. Seems to me that enough are not mad…enough. You seem pretty mad that I don’t get it or haven’t gotten it thus far, but you’re a master wordsmith who takes out your anger of what you’re saying. Something to think about….there is plenty of anger in what you say but you cleverly make it seem otherwise. So, don’t put yourself on such a high place that you think is safe. It is not….safe.

        I’m mad that I am even addressing you in this manner but you asked for it.

        I’m glad you have progressed enough to be able to do and say what you do and say….I’m grateful for that.

        But don’t pretend to know or understand another’s plight and to be so condescending in your approach. If it weren’t for people like me who keep it all together then….what? You’d all be scrambling looking for that which kept your togetherness together. Hmmm…so I ask you, who’s the vessel and and the operational device in all this? I am both. Are you?

        I am most definitely actively engaged in my awareness! I am very aware of my character and role and I am saying NO…no more! They both suck. I suck….you suck…we all suck. Go tell that on the Mountain.

        And yes, yes I do piss frequently at the base of a tree. My piss, though, is much sweeter than your words.


        • kibodabi says:

          GOD! i love you!!!

          okay….let’s see…….oh…okay………


          i am mad……on several levels………thus the ‘mad hermit’ thing……

          but who am i mad at?

          or what?

          definitely, i am mad at myself…for not having done better and for not doing better….
          but i think that i’m doing the best that i can under the circumstances, with what i have to work with and any meaninful changes have and will take time to effect…so…….what the fuck am i supposed to do about it but keep moving forward? That i have learned to do that in an ongoing relationship with The Divine is a blessing, i think/feel and i am grateful for any perceived progress at all……….

          i used to be more mad at the world…now i am just incredulous at the things that i am witnessing around me….really? i mean, like really…REALLY? this is the best we can do? But then i have to consider how i have and still do contribute to all of in the end…not being able to change anyone but myself…all i can do is try to maintain and control myself and if i can help anything or anyone do anything that actually helps the situation progress in any way…i am grateful…but how am i to judge such a thing? People want what they want and just because i see or say or think or feel a thing doesn’t mean anyone else has to feel the same way about it or even care…their idea of a better world and of reality and what they want to see happen is just as valid as my vision…who am i to say that peace, love and understanding is better with God leading the way…or that any of that is desirable at all? A lot of people like doing whatever it is that they want to do and feel that consequences are over-rated and shouldn’t matter…if they want to fuck a 6 year old and knock out old people on the street for fun and do the sex and drugs and rock and roll thing all night and all day….who am i to say that they can’t do that? That’s what they want!
’re angry about that…so what? things will change because you’re angry?

          All that matters in the end is what God thinks about it and whether or not He is willing to stick His nose into it to say what is what and/or enough is enough….and how would that happen, anyway? and even then..that’s MY opinion and many disagree with it…….they feel i should shut the fuck up, get a job and fit in….go with the flow…believe what i’m told…..and i can only ask…told by whom?

          it’s okay if you want to be angry about it all…if you just left it at that…what could i say? But YOU are angry about being angry…’re upset about choosing to be i offered and alternative……so i thought…..maybe, in the end…you like being angry…especially over things that you can’t change…especially things you can’t change around you…especially things you can’t change around you, by yourself…….

          it’s not that you can’t affect change, effect change…but you want to do it from a postion of anger…which is okay if you like that sort of stuff….but the vibes on that make it all a harder experience than it needs to be…..

          you are vessel and operative device….but it’s a choice, as well….you don’t just want to sit there, like a vessel…but to work the have to learn how to operate it…and that will take practice…work…and that work is done within………… drive your car from inside, you don’t push it from behind…unless there is something wrong and there is a problem with the vehicle…..

          are you pushing your vehicle…cussing the whole time…blaming the weather or the pothole or the traffic…or is the vehicle in need of repair…..?
          nah [mind you…mine’s in bad shape and i’m working on repairs…with enhancements…]
          are you driving yourself…complaining about the other drivers…damn assholes! who taught them how to drive!?
          remember…they’re doing the same thing you’re doing….they’re complaining about you and calling you an asshole, as well….

          maybe we should all get out of our vehicles…and walk……that’s scary…..
          flying vehicles? same people, same traffic, same problem…but now they can fall down and go BOOM…..

          know your vehicle… the operator….consciousness drives the mind, spirit drives the soul
          mind drives the vehicle, soul drives the vehicle….and your heart is your gps, you heart has to lead…

          if love is so important…while we’re all getting angry and cleaning our guns and making molotov cocktails and anticipating mass arrests and seeing the cabal get theirs, and the banksters get theirs and the governemet get theirs and the… far do we want to go with that?


          if all you care about is seeing this bullshit end and whatever happens to you, happens to you…then okay… can go running down the street, gun in hand with bible and koran, and join the revolution and make those evil fucks surrender……..
          how’s that working out, by the way?

          if you want the world to rise
          you have to rise first
          you want peace, love and understanding
          you have to be that first
          that’s how it works
          and i have learned to live with it
          i’d rather it just get there and let me catch up
          but no
          but know
          we’re all in this together
          and we are the it that has to get there……
          so what am i mad at
          i am the only thing i have a right to get mad at
          i have to figure out how to act
          i am the only thing i have any control over
          and even that is debatable
          but i’m willing to go with it

          and learn that there is no there
          there is an illusion of perception
          in time and space
          there is no there and later
          there is here and now
          and i have to keep up with that
          and change in that circumstance
          and evolve in this
          to be in a better here and now of perception…….wtf?
          this is why there has been change
          but nothing has changed
          our energy is plodding along…..
          we all want different things and call them the same thing
          and we get angry because things are not the way that WE want them to be
          but they are as they are
          because that’s the way we like it
          we let this happen…together
          and we have to change it together
          and that will take all of us changing together, one by one……
          which means that we have to change ourselves first
          and hope the group finds some cohesive agreement
          that will be enough to effect change….but according to whom
          isn’t the NWO, change? after all?

          this is why i say give it to God’s Will and support that and change to align and attune with that

          because we all want what we want and have no idea what’s best

          FATHER Knows Best

          so get angry if that makes you feel better
          but you still have to change within and there’s no escape from that
          do the work
          work for PAPA
          work with PAPA
          do the work
          the work is within…….

          doing the work is subtle….quiet…God is found in silence….
          you are working on your self
          exercising it…..growing the power of it
          which is God in you
          it is that power of God in you
          growing in us
          we who do the work
          all of us
          letting God do His thing theough us
          letting that Power flow through us

          tha is the work
          that work is what changes the world according to God’s Will
          that is why only those that can do that
          allow for that
          ascend with this planet
          and go forward and beyond………

          it’s all up to you
          you and each of you
          that is what makes for us and we
          like dye in water
          affecting molecule after molecule
          until the whole is changed……

          then again…..

          if you want to stir things up…….
          hmmmmmmmm….even scarier…….
          can we even stir from within
          to reach such a desired level?

          when in doubt
          let God stir……….but that’s me… do what you want….


      • Brian says:

        Well, I hope not. Really it’s yes and no. I will always be who I am at my core. The trick is to let that One become what it’s supposed to be; large and in charge. I’m living in reverse right now.


  4. theo says:

    Hi, uncle Kibo,
    please do allow me insert this information & meditation here.
    Those hidden plans brought me in RAGE.
    I CANNOT AGREE to still let them destroy us,
    if our few powerful minds UNITED AS ONE can move mountains.
    Thank you, dear friend.
    “I asked if it was a polar clock and if so what it signifies. This is what Quetzalcoatl said – and I am all too conscious that the 4 August is a Saturday right in the middle of the Olympic Games in London:


    ‘Oh Amuna Ra, dear one, it is called a polar clock in your world. We send it to you to alert you to the events which will take place on this date on the Earth, for we wish to forewarn you. There will be cataclysmic events on this day, caused by terrorism. People will lose their lives, and there will be much disruption of services. These events are orchestrated to cause fear amongst you, and to distract you from the cosmic events which are also unfolding.

    ‘We call on you to resist the fear, and to hold to what you know and perceive as the reality of our communications. Many will need your help and clarity in this period ahead. Do not deny your own experience in our circles. When they are fresh the energy is very strong. It will heal you and awaken you to the reality of our presence and love for you human beings upon the earth.

    ‘You human beings have an unfortunate capacity for doubt, even when your inner experience is strong and true. This doubt is used by the dark forces to unsettle and un-nerve you. It must be resisted. Trust your own experience and speak out, dear ones, for you who experience our love and grace through the formations in the corn are much needed to spread clarity and steadfastness in the human population in the coming times.’

    Quetzalcoatl, 4 June 2012, through Amuna Ra

    We will know in a couple of months time if this is a prediction that has any truth in it – and hopefully a forewarning will work against its worst fulfilment if enough of us take it on board. But to me what he is also strongly implying is that the talk which is around about hoaxes and boards, sadly even amongst crop circle followers, is an infiltration of doubt and fear, an eleventh hour attempt to prevent our waking up to a full consciousness of the messages and healing the crop circles have to offer us and the earth. I think we need to counteract this with our own experience – virtual perception is not the same as going into the circles and giving the energy time to work into us.
    Amuna, Calne, 4 June 2012.

    I’ve received some emails and comments from people I meet about the 4 August Polar Clock Crop Circle channelling and would like to share the following responses from Quetzalcoatl. First Francesca asked if he could be more specific, was it UK time and are the proposed attacks in the UK or elsewhere?

    ‘Oh dear one, the time assumed is correct, for the formation is in ‘UK time’. We cannot always be as specific as you dear humans would like, but we will say that the assumptions to do with the date of 4 August and the world events going on in the UK have some validity. There is a US connection to the date also.

    ‘We wish to forewarn you to stimulate your awareness of the dark forces, not to stimulate your fear. How you respond to our message will show the ease with which you will come into your own power to work with the forces of light. We wish to be of assistance in your conscious awakening.’

    Quetzalcoatl, 8 June 2012

    Then came a plea from Theo in Stuttgart to ask him what we could do to not let an attack manifest, and suggesting a joint visualisation.

    ‘The dear one who asks what you can do, has the right approach to this possible event. If you gather your thoughts and meditations together the power is increased very greatly. Set a time and date to meditate with us, and The Star Councils of Light will activate your prayers for an amelioration of the events we foresaw. Your holding the time we spoke of in the Light of your Love will be of great assistance.’

    Quetzalcoatl, 14 June 2012

    There are 7 Saturdays before 4 August, and I would like to invite everyone who wishes, to join in the following beautiful meditation from The Star Councils of Light each Saturday evening at 6.40 – 6.50pm UK time, so we can work together spiritually for the best possible outcome. And those who want could do it every evening in the last week… and most especially on 4 August when it arrives.

    With Love and Blessings, Amuna Ra

    MEDITATION for 4 August 2012

    “Dearest ones, centre yourselves in your hearts and feel the Love that is there for all humankind… Feel that Love radiating out, shining out… till you are shining like a bright star, far out into the cosmos… We will see your Light, dear ones, and hear the prayers of your hearts…

    Hold the world events in London and everyone connected with them in the Light of your Love… See your Love flowing out and enfolding the whole city… and call on the Star Councils of Light to send their assistance wherever it is needed… in the UK, the US, and elsewhere on your dear planet…

    And rest in the peace of your hearts, dear ones… trusting that all will be done that the Power of Love and Light can bring about in your world.

    We are with you always, and hold you in our love.”

    The Star Councils of Light, 14 June 2012


    I wish to speak of the being of Draco, an evil star being from the star Alpha Draconis, which was a satellite of the star you know as Sirius A. I use the word evil with conscious intent, for a being is evil if his aims are consistently against the light and for his own interests. This being has worked against the aims of the Star Councils of Light for many of your millennia. And while it is true that all beings are evolving and there is hope in the future for the resolution of all wrongs, it is not helpful to be blind to the actual motives of any being at a particular stage in earthly time. You are beings who live in earthly time while you are upon the earth, and therefore I will use the concepts of earthly time as I speak to you now.
    Evil is a concept to denote that the motives of a being are out of sync, you might say, with what is needed from the highest spiritual perspectives. Those beings who align themselves with the Star Councils of Light of the Galactic Federation are working selflessly to aid the right evolution of your planet, and the human beings who dwell upon her. We seek to work with those of you who are open to do so, and we await with joy and some urgency the awakening of many more of you. For the times you live in have need of the participation in consciousness of a critical number of human beings. This critical mass is fast being reached.
    That is why those beings who work for the forces of dark, whose interests are not in the evolution of the earth and all human beings, but rather for their own advancement at the expense of the earth and her beloved children, are increasing their efforts to deceive seeking human beings. The deception is on a grand scale. You are aware of many of the aspects of this deception in regard to many of the leaders in the governments of most of your countries. I wish to speak here of the deception and misinformation within the New Age movement itself, for what better place to divert the souls who are seeking the light, dear ones?
    Seeds have been planted to suggest that the crop circles which we create to send our scripts and medicines to heal human beings and the earth are not real. Those who put forward these rumours have the arrogance to imply that human beings are able to create these magnificent and intricate formations. We watch with disgust those human beings who perpetrate these fallacious stories which are an attempt to divert as many as possible from the truth which is there for all to feel and sense who enter our formations. We wish each human being who hears these untrue rumours to go into our circles and feel the loving energy which is there to heal them. If they enter our circles with an open heart and goodwill, they will be able to receive our vibrations and our healing.
    This is the first step for many towards an acknowledgement that we star beings do exist. And we need many more of you earth people to be open to our existence before we will be able to openly show ourselves to you upon the earth. For we would wish to be able to work with you openly for the salvation of your ascending planet, for the avoidance of the destruction which may otherwise have to happen, and for the pure joy that we – and you – would have in the mutual acknowledgement of our existence.
    One of the beings who does not want this to open meeting to take place is the being we shall refer to as Draco, as this star is his origin, and he is the leader of a strong faction of those who seek their own salvation at the expense of the earth and her people. They wish to use the rich metallic resources of the earth to fuel their machines which are necessary to their survival. They would use the people of the earth as slaves to gain these metals for them. To this end is the great subterfuge begun by the cuckoo in the nest, Akhenaten, in Ancient Egypt.
    This being was implanted in the royal family at the end of the 18th Dynasty in order to divert the earth in her evolution from the living connection to the stars which had ever been there through the priesthoods and rulers of all the ancient civilisations. This is not to say there was never corruption or self interest. These negative elements come in whenever human beings seek power out of greed instead of using it to serve the divine, and it is part of human development in free will to learn to handle power and use it for the good of all. But up until this point there had never been a break in the connection of the temples of Egypt with the divine and the starry realms of the gods.
    When Akhenaten usurped the throne, having had the other sons assassinated, he set about overthrowing the Amun priesthood and establishing the worship of the sun disc, the Aten. The temples were desecrated, and the centre of the new religion was moved to a place in the desert. Now the Aten had always been worshipped in Egypt as the physical body of Ra, the Sun god, but it had never before been separated from its soul and spirit. And you are aware, dear ones, that the Sun is a living being as your earth is, and you know that there is only one result for a living being with a physical body when it is separated from its spiritual aspects, and that is its death, as you call it on the earth. You can see here that this attempt to remove the life-giving sun from its spiritual aspects and its living star connection would have cut off all possibilities of normal development for your planet – and the people and all life living with her. Then the dark forces of Draco would have been free to rape the earth of the riches within her body. Their plan was to have used the people of the earth to extract the minerals for them.[1] This with no consideration of the consequences for the earth and all life upon her.
    Now while the ruthless Akhenaten attempt to divert the course of earth evolution lasted only about twenty earth years, after which the old gods were restored by the young Tutankamun, the full and unimpeded link to the stars could never be completely re-established, despite the faithfulness of that part of the Amun priesthood who survived the massacres. Thus there was a severance from the stars for humankind from that point on, and the Egyptian religion slowly declined.
    This prepared the way for the religions which worshipped only one god, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the whole development of what you in your ignorance call civilisation and the eventual growth of the world view of materialism, which thrives on competition and plundering the earth.
    Your archaeologists have put forward diverse theories trying to explain the strange physical appearance of Akhenaten with his elongated head and rounded lower body and thighs, which was truly represented in the sculpture. These bodily forms were the nearest to the human that the reptilian star being Draco could manage to assume when he was transplanted fully formed as a physical being into the family of Tiye and Amenhotep III.
    Draco-Akhenaten had the high spiritual capacities of a much more advanced star civilisation, and it was particularly his reptile eyes that had the power to mesmerise. Through his compelling gaze, very many were won over to his crazy theories and those who felt their destinies or their self-interest lay with the new way were prepared to kill and destroy all that had gone before in order to achieve what Akhenaten desired, little knowing his true agenda: the plundering of the earth to aid a far-off star to survive.
    However, dear ones, in Draco’s first incorporation as Akhenaten, he had far less success in winning people over to his aims than he is having now in your current times. His infiltration of your world-wide-web of the internet has been so extensive that most of the New Age commentators on Ancient Egypt consider Akhenaten a hero, even those who are aware of the plots of the reptilians to work against the opening to the light in humankind.[2] The clear perception of him as an evil being is there in the older writer Omm Sety who never deviates from this stance which Sety 1 in his spirit form constantly expresses to her. [3] And it is there in the every utterance of my faithful Amuna Ra, who can no other than see the one considered her son as evil in what he brought about in her beloved Land of Khem. It took the perceptions of one of her companions in her most recent Sacred Journey to Egypt to alert her to the mesmerising reptilian eyes of Akhenaten so she could fully acknowledge him as the being of Draco. Part of her mission in the Star Connecting Courses is to alert people to the true nature of this being, so they be not misled from their ascension paths.
    And it is for this reason that I speak thus in this treatise to you … so you may awaken to a deeper understanding of these mysteries, and be not deceived by the whisperings of evil beings, for Draco has many minions who infiltrate the minds of those less disciplined. Dear ones, reflect upon my words for you will find many resonances therein which will enlighten you also to various aspects of your own paths…
    It is I, Metatron, who speaks with you. Monday 21 May 2012


    • kibodabi says:

      dearest marieta
      this is not true
      was he who angered the many priests of the many Anunnaki gods
      and gave worship to ATON
      who is our dear Christ michael
      and it was this spark
      that allowed
      through all oppostion and adversity
      for a true measure of holy worship
      of the one true God
      to take root again on Urantia

      the Draco minions were the priests that plotted against anhknaton
      so that he had to leave
      and set the temple in a separate place…..

      and there is much more to this story
      than can be told here
      suffice it to say
      that i don’t understand
      why you would impose on my efforts here
      to bring such a false light as this
      surely you have better things to do than this……….

      i cannot say about the Aug. 4th thing
      crap happens everyday around this globe
      and every moment is ripe for something
      and it is hoped that Christ Michael ATON
      will see fit to reconcile the matter
      unto Himself
      and end this farce once and for all
      so whether it happens today, tomorrow or next week
      and how it happens
      is already a done deal
      and fixed
      and nothing can change it……..

      The dark will fall….hard
      and once and for all
      and God will prove Himself
      where no man can do so……..

      i will leave the comment up
      and hope that others will see through it
      and if not
      so be it
      people do have a right to choose
      after all

      is all this what you truly believe?
      ah well
      it is your choice, then
      but i feel for you
      you could do better………..


      • theo says:

        dearest kibo,
        I love you so very much
        and I love Christ Michael ATON
        so very much as He surely knows
        and I would never ever try to impose on you
        anything which is not of the pure Light
        for I cannot stand what is not of the pure Light
        and I cannot stand what is not of the pure Truth,
        one only elixir that keeps me alive

        and of course it is not what I truly believe,
        now when I know the truth
        so thank you very, very much for the correction.
        And so for being not of the Truth
        please be so kind and delete that message
        as others could also fall in the trap as I did
        – and we suffocate anyhow in the false messages everywhere.

        This lady in UK, Amuna Ra
        means to have been the high priestess of Amun Ra in ancient Egypt
        and to be one of the Star Councils of Light in the Pleiades –
        since she talks with Metatron and Quetzalcoatl
        just as easy as I talk with my cat
        I thought her message from Metatron would be true.

        I always felt that a Warrior of Light should be a Warrior of Light.
        Not just in ranting.
        Not just in miaowing.
        I felt that each and everyone of us
        should step in those special shoes
        and wear that special mantle
        and passionately in his own power
        swing that unassailable one big sword of Light
        into being.

        There are many Lightworkers on earth at the present.
        And they talk much…VERY much –
        but DO nothing.
        On the contrary the dark KEEP ON DOING.

        They prepare a WAR – we DO nothing.
        They fortify an Olympiade against any possible sane notion of an Olympiade.
        We DO nothing.
        Do you realize that we MISS THE CAPACITY TO REACT?

        Here and only here was my intention.
        To get started “two or three in His name” it means ACTION.
        Two-three Warriors of Light in ACTION
        are by all means more valuable than 1000 Lightworkers sunk in delusion.

        When Syraia so happily came to tell us
        that our UNIFIED sending of Light was working miracles
        ’twas not for us to go sleeping again,
        To realize that this method of ACTION bears good fruit
        so “DO UNITE AND APPLY it AGAIN”!

        Please do delete the message with Ankhnaton that was in fact not my focus.
        But if you find the meditation valid and worthy
        it might maybe inspire to ACTION
        any of those brothers and sisters using their free will in dignity.

        I thank you, precious brother


        • kibodabi says:

          i will leave the messages up until sometime between sunday and monday… is good for discernment
          and just because i say a thing
          doesn’t mean people shouldn’t check it out for themselves
          and research it
          and make up their own minds……

          the thing about two or more in my name
          is that people really have to be on the same page
          and in the same book as well

          the problem seems to be with people wanting a thing to be
          but not being the thing themselves
          within themselves….

          this planet is a learning and proving ground
          in self control
          God controls all things
          and overcontrol is God’s
          but He has given it to humans
          to experience fruits
          of the knowledge of good and evil
          they have to experience the consequences
          or right and wrong action
          and states of being

          that people are so willing to give up the control of themsleves
          and hand it over to others
          that they may control them
          seems to be commonplace

          those that have taken advantage of this
          whom we call the dark and the cabal
          jesuits, jews, nazis, satanists, zionists, banksters, warmongers, slavers…whatever

          they make it their business to collect such submission
          that should be given to God
          but men give to men
          even in God’s name
          they give themselves over to rule by men
          and ALLOW them
          to treat themselves as if they were no more than cattle
          and become slaves
          to the system of control
          designed to perpetuate the condition…..

          and we may fight as best we can
          we can fight with prayers and meditations
          and band together to protest
          and we can rebel and revolt
          and go to war
          and we can even say that we will withhold our money
          and take them out of the banks
          and grow our own food
          and insist upon living off their grid
          or in their system
          or promote alternative technology
          and turn off the TV
          and ignore the internet
          and home-school our children
          gather togehter
          with our churches and organizations
          and whatever groups we feel vibrate well with us
          and believe in their cause
          and take it as our own
          and we can see the lies
          and speak out against them
          and struggle to regain our sovereignty
          against a beast of a system
          and impossible odds……

          and why are the odds so impossible?

          because we have yet to see
          that if we only place ourselves back in the hands
          of our creator
          Source in Christ Michael ATON
          and effort to live and be and exist and thrive
          in the Light of His Truth
          and His Love
          and His Light…….

          what we are going through is an energetic, evolutionary, spiritual change
          we are indeed becoming the HOMO SPIRITUS
          that even Besser speaks of
          but we are not in default
          for we have not been placed in such an enslaved state as this
          through our own wills and machinations
          we were jumped and raped and robbed
          and shackled and kept in ignorance
          how can one have defaulted
          when one has never had the information
          that needed to be had
          in order to make an informed decision?

          and so we must turn to our maker
          and declare that it is HE that owns us
          lock, stock and barrel
          That God is our master and Father and friend
          and it is in Him that we trust
          and have hope of redemption
          and the machinations of our salvation….

          i am of the mind to state
          that whatever we do as an awakened human race
          will come to naught
          against machinations that we cannot match on our own…..

          and they know this
          the dark count on it….

          it is not that we are helpless
          far from it
          God is within us
          and therein lays our strength and power
          but if we do not let Him act in and through us
          what can we expect to do?

          “I do nothing in and of myself, but it is my Father in the heavens that does all things with, within and through me. And this and more shall ye do….know ye not, ye are gods?”

          and what have we done with this truth but see it thrown to the wayside
          even by the very ones we have trusted to teach us the way, the path
          in our support of our religions and beliefs?

          i am but a voice in the wilderness
          and I AM telling you that you don’t have to take anybody’s word for anything
          you can find out for yourself
          and come to the line by yourself
          to stand with and before God
          and let Him know that YOU KNOW
          that He is yours
          AND YOU ARE HIS!

          and no one can do that for you……..

          This whole thing has been a matter of collecting your allegiance
          your devotion
          your loyalty
          your love
          your fear
          your trust
          your energy

          stop giving all of that to men
          in any form
          give to the one that deserves it all
          because He made it all
          and He IS it all
          within and without

          determine and confirm within yourselves
          who and what you are

          that is all i can really tell you
          that will help to save you and save us all

          That is what everyone is waiting for
          all throughout the universe
          and beyond
          they are waiting to see if we can make it to the line
          that we think is a finish line
          [silly us]
          but is really the starting point of a new beginning
          and we have struggled to get just this far
          broken, brokenhearted, bloody and contrite…

          and how many of us are standing here?
          so few
          too few

          God works within Himself
          He has no choice
          all is within Him
          as above, so below
          and so
          man must work within himself
          to do the work that God does
          within them both

          how can i get you people to see that
          and do that?


          J ESU s saves!
          He passes the ball to you!
          it’s all in your hands!
          the goal is right there
          the goal is open
          it’s in your hands
          the crowd sits in anticipation
          WHAT DO YOU DO!!!?????

          do the work
          the work is within
          God is within
          The kingdom of God is within you
          know that kingdom within yourself
          Bow before the ruler of that kingdom
          and be blessed in love and light
          and go do your job
          do the work
          the work is within
          go within
          do the work……….that is the only thing that will save us

          when the day comes……………….
          ……………………………….two or more in His name must still know that name and what it means to invoke it…you’re calling the BOSS…..many will say Lord, Lord….well…you know the rest….


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