for your consideration…The Codex Gigaz………oops, i mean Gigas…whatever…

Oh….this was too good to pass up…………..


For all you people out there that hang on the every word of commander cobra and his erstwhile minion, gigaz…………did you ever wonder about the names?


I did…but that’s me…..


I’ll let you make up your own mind on what cobra means, or is….. as it should be….if you want to blame archons for all your troubles, you have that right….surely, it’s not our fault for not seeing the mind shackles…how could we?  Those of us that perceive those shackles, however, are in varying stages of picking the locks… by one, they fall off………


But gigaz?

If you can’t tell that something is wrong in the direction that this….stuff…is coming from and the things that they want you to concentrate on…i don’t know what to tell you…


Or maybe I do….


Considering the urban habit of substituting ‘z’ for ‘s’ on many words….boyz will be boyz, after all, that’s what they’re told to be……… might want to check out this:


It seems that the Codex Gigas, is referred to as ‘The Devils Bible’ and that the monk who wrote it…an apparently dubious sort of fellow, in order to save his own….rear end…..cut a deal with Lucifer to get this huge manuscript written in one night……’s amazing the things that go on behind the closed doors of a church, isn’t it?



You might want to have a look-see at the above article and then decide if you really want to hang on every word from this source…..why are you hanging on anyone’s word outside of the quiet voice of the Ineffable One within you, anyway?


That’s all…as you were…more to come later

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11 Responses to for your consideration…The Codex Gigaz………oops, i mean Gigas…whatever…

  1. Brian says:

    now that is very very interesting–thanks. although i am not catholic, i graduated from a benedictine college got monks?

    and speaking manuscripts….you’ve heard of this one?


    • Crystali says:

      I have seen this before, it is odd, not in itself, but that it should be with no explanation or description. I think it may be an almanac of an astral journey… possible the visions gleaned from his consciousness travels. It could also be fake and intended to promote disinformation, who knows!
      I have seen beautiful flowers on a consciousness travel to a higher plane, a beautiful garden with flowers that I have never seen before, I may have even created them there myself.
      This could be a written and illustrated example of my similar experience.
      It will always just be a guessing game unless the proof from higher realms can present itself on this.
      It just adds to all the interesting phenomena that this world produces. 🙂


      • kibodabi says:

        personally, i am of the frame of mind to propose that the book was actually written by a being from another planet and that it is not code, just a language we don’t know…..and it was left here for whatever reasons….it is possible that some of the plants that they can’t figure out aren’t from here, either…or from another time period….like some galactic botanist that travels around taking notes….these are some of those notes……

        but i could be wrong……..who knows?


      • Crystali says:

        Hmm… yes I like that, it could well be. Maybe one day we will meet the writer and all will be explained and we can all laugh it off!


    • theo says:

      Another interesting question is, if the Voynich manuscript is made on paper.
      I don’t know how many worlds in Universe are based on the Carbon molecule.
      We manufacture paper from our trees..

      Some galactic botanist might have also used a PC, or a crystal, or a crystal scull…
      to make his notes.

      Now I remember that our Sun is made up of 7 concentric spheres, on which every
      Planet of the System is represented – in its ideal form.

      And – some of the flower-pictures in the wikipedia look more like beautiful crop-circles!
      In 1500 AD Da Vinci was analyzing seeds, plants and flowers according to their
      Metatronic crystalline Creation-concept…all those drawings are marvellous.
      The flowers in Voynich are symmetrical, based on numbers (4, 12) and contained in
      perfect circles…Although the circles are actually written text, they are absolutely
      perfect circles.
      The symbol of the Universal Spiral is equally represented.
      So our galactic botanist was maybe a teacher, expanding his manual of
      ‘GAIA’s Flora’ far beyond, to the Science of Sacred Geometry in Creation.

      The characters in the writing resemble a bit those of Burma, south Pacific Islands.

      ***The gigas codex is another story all together.
      Here the huge pages are made of animal(!!!) skin.
      I was only wondering what the ink was made out of.


      • kibodabi says:

        and them there is the matter of leather…would an enlightened off-world creature use animal skin covered books?

        was it made for a human…by a human? who knows?

        so many questions…such a beautiful work!

        ah well….one day…..


  2. Crystali says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but who or what is commander Cobra?
    A slithering snake that inflates its head when it prepares to attack with deadly venom!
    Is this a disinfo agent that we should all be familiar with?


    • kibodabi says:

      Actually, it’s just ‘Cobra’.
      He is a personage in flesh that has somewhat recently appeared on the scence touting himself as an insider of the human forces that are struggling to free Earth from the matrix system of illusion and most people here think is real life.

      This group is a comglomeration of positive military, intelligence, corporate, government [yes, there are…some] and societies [mostly Dragon Society, it seems] that are considered to be Earth Allies and working very hard o take responsibility and len d a humn hand on behalf of all of us to the plan of freedom and ascension for this planet and it’s peoples.

      Mostly, he is linked to the endavors of Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcox and a person known as ‘Drake’ in giving information and updates concerning these efforts.

      the problem, as usual, is that you could be a dog on the internet and nobody would know
      [woof, woof]
      So peopl have to be very discerning in regards to what data they take in and how that data is processes and considered to makee final evaluations.

      Gigaz, it seems to me, is something of a side character that gives very exuberant statements and updates in support of Cobra. Whether or not the two are actually connected, i cannot say, but the inference is there, as well as the energy of the statements…..
      There is also one known as Lady Dragon….who i have not bothered to look inot directly….there is enough to do without making up unnecessary work…….

      here has, through these parties, been increased talk of archons and the return of the Goddess and in such, Isis has been mentioned. I am all well and good with the Goddess, but i think that most people have little, if any, understanding of exactly what all that entails when they support certain states because they sound good…..”Goddess wants peace” is a very nice statement, but to say that the Goddess has been kicked out and away by archons and that they barricaded themselves here against the influence and advances of SOURCE and Christ Michael of Nebadon, and called it a quarantine….seems ludicrous to me and i have stated that.

      The beihngs that came here and set themselves up as demi-gods, have been responsible for our messed up religions being somessed up. The Holy Ones came, only to see their words corrupted and manipulated to suit the purposes of the anunnaki and the fallen angelics.

      This situation has been corrected. Yet, some want you to believe that the humans that are left to be cause of our continued enslavement are possessed by archons, or are archons and that these archons are the real target of our energies in our quest to remove our oppressors from our presence.

      Cobra also feels that the problem lies in the Jesuits and not the zionist khazars…yet i see no evidence that Jesuits run or rule the major corporations, banking, media and entertainment of the world or are able to get NATO and the US military to do its dirty work…..but that’s me…..

      and there is talk of a green light being given and containing the dark…then how the dark have safeguards in place against arrest or harm and how that has to be dealt with….not to mention the paperwork….and then there’s the issue of betrayal within the ranks…and now, apparently, even the GFL is not immune to that…and it’s all getting to the point where it’s all too stupid for words and everyone feels that something big is about to happen…but nobody knows what and i have my own ideas about that….later…

      But nothing from anyone on any side has manifested itself as real time manifestation…the three days of darkness is still on hold and everything seems to be up in the air, at this point…when the sticks come down and fall to the ground, we’ll be able to read them then…maybe…but by then it will be too late to do anything about it…it will be a done deal and then we’ll have to deal with what to do for after the fall and the rebuilding that comes…..but we have to get there first and that could happen any moment now….or after another long series of delays and disappointments and truth given, being noticed or not… and truth being covered in lies and lies masquerading as truths…….see? this is why going within is so important…….

      People have to believe what they think and feel thay have to believe and i am always concerned that we never have enough information to go on to make really informed decisions about it all…so when i found that article…it was…actually…too good to pass up…….


      • Brian says:



      • Brian says:

        i too have felt as of late that they are at a point where there is some uncertainty as to exactly what to do; this is in regards to “something big”. No one knows for certain. And speculation only goes so far. There are things we all can look for but even that is not accurate. Very little makes sense any more. There is a uncomfortable sense I get. Even that is not the right word. Do i trust me? Do you trust you? Do you trust me? I trust you! I’ve to. I have no reason not to. What to do? I’m ok…you ok? I have all your backs!


      • Crystali says:

        I realise who you mean, I have come across postings on the GLP forum and a little of what Candace posts on Abundant Hope, (I am not a member, but I intend to join) concerning those you mention.
        I read a little of Wilcox and a little more of Fulford, I felt no gravitational pull to them so have never followed their cause.
        I have this allergy toward government, army and secret society and gangster activities and do not trust an ounce of what any of them toss out to the public. Although they may share some truth I feel they only give what they give with ulterior motives and I doubt they have turned over a new leaf of sudden and become good, I see no proof of that.
        I stick with that which I have been internally shown and sits right within me.

        Thank you for the information Kibo, more fuel for us to throw caution to the wind and not let it blow back with drool in our faces.


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