Well…back to it…….


All activities are centered around the imploding central banking scam that has been responsible for all the crap we’ve endured.  It is no matter…it will continue to fail until it is no more.  All attempts to distract from that will be to no avail.  While the dark ones try to figure out how to implement their globally scorched earth policy before they go down, it helps if people keep their eyes on the money.

War in the Mideast, is not so much about oil as it is oil propping up the dollar and it is not so much about that as it is about the planned expansion of Israel to biblical borders in open defiance of God and humanity……oh yeah…..something about a rumor of building new Zion over the ruins of London….got Olympic tickets?

 …and i still say that you might as well move aside and experience the 3 days of darkness and global power shut down…it’s still on the table, being already signed off on and waiting doesn’t change that……just sayin’ don’t mind me…..

How is a false flag different from a fake flag?  Check the gold fringe!

yeah…okay…that was weak…but true…..

 and now…back to their progrom….

It is silly to say that the Jesuits are the ones running the show when the Catholic Church was founded  by Pharisees and Sadducees that had infiltrated the early Christian ranks and used Peter to their own ends in compromising the word of The Master in order to substitute their own.  The fact that the Vatican is built upon the ruined foundations of, not just the cult of Mithras, but the cult of Isis as the mother goddess, should tell you something.  The Marrano, in essence, existed long before the Spanish Inquisition which was a tool to help swell the ranks, bring in new blood, as it were.  Much like WWII was used to expedite the movement of Khazars to Palestine.  That most people will reject this mode of thought is understandable.  But history will bear out in this, as well as Helen Thomas, God bless her…….

 Apparently 6 million jews died in both WWI AND WWII…go figure…

no, really…check the figures…you’ll see why when you do…..

The Zionist Conspiracy of The Elders of Zion is somewhere around 6000 years old.  That kind of pre-dates the Jesuits and as powerful as they may be, that power is due largely to their extreme infiltration, especially among the leadership, and this includes the Vatican, as well.  But you have to agree that they make a good front for the bigger problem.


Look at this hand.  Do not look at my other hand and certainly do not look behind the curtain……


But that’s me and you don’t have to agree with anything that I say.  Why should you?  Because I say it?  Do you believe cobra commander because he says it?  Why?  Because it’s what you want to hear?  I understand.  Believe me, I do.  I was starting to hope that maybe….but the paper holds no watermark when held up to the light.  Mind you, I know full well that I am not telling you what you want to hear…i just want to hear the truth……….the absolute truth…the whole absolute truth and nothing but the whole absolute truth…so help me, GOD AND CHRIST!


The Anunnaki were the ones that had the 26,000 thousand year contract, and that ended with the treaty of Ancharra back in…what? 1994? 1996?  Forgive me, I’m tired tonight…..


The fallen angelics came here because it was behind the lines of the Lucifer rebellion.  They stayed here because The Creator of this universe made this place into a prison planet for them and all like them.  To say that a resistance movement, for that’s what it is…a movement to resist God…set up shop and quarantined itself from all influence of Holy Light from without, is ludicrous.  A quarantine is set up from without to keep an infection from spreading from within, and that’s what happened.  Christ Michael, Universal Sovereign and Creator of this universe called Nebadon, quarantined the whole rebel sector and effectively cut them off from the higher circuits.  This gave Lucifer and his followers time to set up shop, do their thing….and fail…epically.  They simply could not build and sustain a valid and enduring creation based upon the energies that they had available.  The best they could do was to corrupt what was already there, which was created by Christ Michael.


To say that the resistance was effectively able to block out….barricade themselves against entry by The Spiritual Hierarchy, is an outright lie.  If such a thing were true, then the material Adam and Eve would not have been able to come here at all to be screwed over by Satan and manipulated into default.  Mind you, even they were cut off from the circuits as well, but it is obvious to see that the force of light, under Christ Michael, could actually come and go as they pleased.  That does not sound like a self imposed quarantine.


If such a quarantine had actually existed, the there would be no mention or experience or event or person or personality that would have been able to come here and manifest as God and man as one as Christ Michael in Esu Immanuel Sanat Kumara, also called Sananda = whom men call JESUS CHRIST.  Do you think that, if these…..archons…were as powerful as some would have you to believe, that they would have allowed such a thing to happen, knowing that it would destroy them in the end?


1 ruling three

3 ruling 3 X 3






The dark council of 13 is powerful, indeed.  But the fallen angelics that supported them have been gone for some time and the head had been broken a while ago.



Things continue to deteriorate for them

And that is a good thing to agree on…….


What I do not understand is some of the labeling…. but that’s just semantics and means nothing.  If you want to name yourself after a snake and call it something else, that’s on you.  If you want to call it a resistance…okay…i prefer Liberation movement….but that’s me and it’s a petty argument……….


What is not a petty argument is your inability to bend the knee to God and Christ as having Sovereign Will in all of this.  You support the return of the goddess yet you fail to mention the true Goddess of this universe, The Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.  She has always been here, in spite of oppressive and suppressive male domination.  But Isis was just another manifestion of the Babylonian Ianna and Ninnurta…and all of them were Anunnaki…why do you support such concepts in the face of a Creator God that offers balance and full expression of the male/female energies and principles in the age to come?


Why can you not accept the Supreme, Unconditional, Universal Sovereignty of GOD in Christ Michael [or just God, if that’s the best you can do…] in the universe of His own making?


Why can you not accept the Sovereignty of Christ in each and all of us, not just as a Divine incarnation, but as a spiritual consciousness of being that is available to us all as we serve the Will of First Source and Center, The CREATOR of Creators and GOD of Gods? This is a spiritual matter and event, after all.  In spite of the money, it is and always has been about the issue of whom is one going to serve in order to live and survive….The God of Light, the devil of darkness, or one’s own self interest, God and the devil be damned?


Apparently you have chosen something…it seems to be your own self interest, but I suspect there’s more.  I suspect you are a Zionist shill, but only time will tell….i wouldn’t mind being wrong…..


Perhaps it just bothers me that I feel that there is more that you’re not saying than what you are saying…….and what you are saying bears little resemblance to the truth…..but who believes me, right?


Anyway…….enough of you…..as you were….or not……..dismissed….


Anything else I can yammer about while I’m here?



Forgive me, but ever since I stated that I noticed when I got more hits from Israel….now I’m apparently not allowed to check what countries my readers are from…the whole section is blank on the dashboard and nothing clicks at all!



So if that one person in Aruba is reading this………HI!  Thanks!  Bless you!

Because I always wanted to go to Aruba and this may just be a close as I will ever get until things switch over……..


It’s amazing, really…how did I end up being read by people in Slovenia and Russia?

Russia?  YO!  Glad to have you!  I found out years ago that YO is a Russian letter…and that the CIA was really freaked out when the brothers in the ‘hood started greeting each other with that!

Way to go!


There are lots of other places that fascinate me and I dream about being there and about you reading these posts with whatever looks you have on your faces that range from ‘what kind of weird crap is this?’  to ‘really? Wow’….. among a host of others…..


God Bless you all for your time and consideration.  It is greatly appreciated with sincere gratitude and I would love to hear from any and all of you and learn from you and hope that I’ve done, at least something that has been helpful to you.


 To all the alphabet people that read here….love and light be with and upon you and give you peace, comfort and joy in unity with the God of all things.

I’m open to dialogue….post a comment…or call…you have my number right? Sure you do!

I wish you the best possible outcome according to God’s Will that allows you to survive, live, evolve and finally gain the perfection that has been promised to all of us….yes…you, too.


Thanks for all the comments…the comments have been very enlightening for me…..


I’ll probably be more back in the groove next time……..

Until then….






















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20 Responses to yammering……..

  1. blake says:

    Hey Kibo I don’t think that 4winds link you know links right. Uhhh I never set out to be the troublemaker in class… at work… hmmmm


  2. blake says:

    Sorry Kibo, I never have been able to find a way to get old data on abundant hope. even search gives new stuff. there’s old pj’s at tweeofmeer but … I’d like some archives with leather bindings, cool pictures…


    • kibodabi says:

      sniff…ahhhh leather bindings……..

      what is the use of a book without pictures? = Alice

      but….in order to find the ld stuff, you’d have to go to that section from the list on the left and then search back through the history of it to find something you’d like…but it’s there….it just takes time….


  3. blake says:

    Thanks for the sites Kibo. I DO love a good read. That’s why I keep coming back 🙂 I am couch bound for now. I heard that the Anunnaki mostly failed to keep their word. oops That’ll be a lot more than 10 pushups.


    • kibodabi says:

      put yourself in their situation
      you’ve just signed a treaty whether you’re completely happy about it or not…you realize the long term benefits

      you don’t really want to just cut your people off cold trukey
      they may be evil minions but they’re your evil minions

      so yeh
      there were….hiccups……and Anu did spend some time tying up loose ends…so to speak
      but i am told that all of that has been handled and it’s no problem……there is a move on by the dark to blame it all on archons
      what a hoot!

      lower astral realm is clear of all that stuff and the higher 4th density and lower 5th has been handled and is under control as well
      very few of the fallen want to stay fallen
      most are working on redemption…really hard

      it is the evil that MEN do, right now, that must be addressed
      don’t let them fool you
      this is all on us and what we have wrought and allowed to be wrought….
      and now is the time to take care of all of that
      once and for all

      it’s on them whether or not they want to see the light of a new day
      or the darkness of the void
      or a worse prison realm than this one has been
      or be uncreated

      Those of us that have higher aspirations are concentrating on raising ourselves and accepting the help that is offered from God and Christ and The spiritual hierarchy and elohim and angelic and archangelic hosts and GFL and SOURCE….we don’t have to do it all alone!

      but notice that, while they’re still trying to convince people of how powerful the cabal is, on one hand
      the other hand is trying to blame malevolent entities….robotoids aside…and clones…the real human beings do not have to worry about any of that. All they have to do is be with and support the Will of God which is absolute and supreme and let that work through them, with them, in them and all around them and be in tune with that….and that is a matter of choice…so be it.

      but try telling that to most people…..i dunno…maybe they’d listen…now…worth a shot….


  4. Crystali says:

    … … No, I have nothing to yammer about!
    You are all so much more informed than I, While I am humbled to share from your table, I sit quietly at the back of the class, but I hear you loud and clear. I feel your words as they dance within my soul as a lighted candle bouncing into every dark corner, lighting the way to truth and knowledge.
    Thank you…. I would like you to feel my appreciation with warmth.


    • kibodabi says:

      say what you will about it
      having felt your words
      from all the way in the back
      i daresay
      you could teach a class
      or two
      or three…….

      good artwork
      by the way

      i love your tatto designs!

      you are a gifted soul in many ways…….


    • Brian says:

      yes, very nice artwork….love your drawings.


  5. Mariza says:

    Estou em Pato Branco (Cidade), Paraná (estado) – Brasil!!!


    • kibodabi says:

      may i also say Obrigada!

      Ah! Brazil!!! It just sounds romantic and exciting just to say it……Brazil….

      i took a look at Pato Branco on Google Earth… right next to BR 158 and BR 280! right?
      Lots of wonderful pictures, it looks like a lovely place to be!!
      Thanks for showing me another place to explore, even if i can’t be there physically…it’s nice to connect with people in any way possible….

      I am grateful that you have taken the time to read this blog. You are greatly appreciated.

      God Bless you always in all good things



      • Mariza says:

        Que felicidade!
        Sim, aqui é um lugar muito lindo! É montanhoso e ainda conserva muita mata original.
        as paisagens são lindas, o nascer e o por do sol revelam cores maravilhosas. É uma região de pequenos agricultores (soja, milho e feijão). A cidade tem um pouco mais de 70.000 habitantes. Muito bom para se viver. Obrigada por nos ajudar tanto consolando nossos corações e nos transmitindo ensinamentos preciosos.
        Deus lhe abençoe também, e quando vier ao Brasil, é bem vindo a Pato Branco.
        até mais…


        • kibodabi says:

          The pictures i saw show that

          i also see that you have some really warm and heartfelt churches
          from the feel of the pictures anyway……..
          such a diverse place!
          tall buildings
          but not too tall
          as to get in the way of the view
          and lovely homes scattered everywhere…..

          it does look like a really nice place to live!

          I deeply appreciate the heart connection and thanks for raising your hand and letting me know where you are.
          Please feel free to raise your voice and join our conversations in these comment sections that we may share our thoughts about things and teach and learn from each other.

          God and Christ Bless you always in all good things


  6. Elaine says:

    I love your yammering. Yammering is good. I get your yammering. Don’t ever stop. Ditto to what Blake says, No Apologies!!! :))))


  7. blake says:

    Great piece Kibo! This is my favorite. I love the metaphors, but hard data is priceless. (and less confusing) This raises the question of where to get more. This was concise and true; as rare as an unicorn in these parts. Any source you would recommend? (Anu’s naughties, the council, ancient protocols, etc)
    One protocol to rule them all
    And in the darkness bind them.
    Thanks Kibo. Keep hammering them out, and no apologies. These rock.
    Namaste Blake


    • kibodabi says:

      funny you should mention unicorns…thanks…..

      sources? hmmmmmmmmm

      you’d have to go throught the archives if you’ve never been there

      has a list of the Phoenix Journals which hold a wealth of information…


      this has very good info on galactic races, history, etc…..

      you should be able to find the Protocols of the Elders of Zion at abundanthope or 4winds or by just doing a basic search….

      same with info on the Anunnaki
      but please remember that the Anunnaki switched sides when they signed the treaty and are now aligned with the Light….and i think most of the hold-outs, if not all of them, have given up their resistance and have resigned themselves to Christ Michael’s victory.

      you will find nothing on the dark council of 13…you will have to get your info from Source or higher self for that…and they’re really not worth the time or effort…better to concentrate on your own upliftment rather than their downfall, at this point…just sayin’

      hope that helps
      there are plenty of places on the net which can be used to progress…www.wingmakers .com is always a good read… and www. lyricus.org is, as well…..

      love and light and blessings to you


  8. theo says:

    Indeed, back to earth.
    Blessings for the wonderful break…so refreshing.
    Yet any such gem, enlightening history in TRUTH
    before the Big-Light-Mass-Teaching
    …would be quite needed – and make a good start.
    How about that?
    Be blessed.


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