Thought you might like a bedtime story….it’s been awhile since i’ve written one of these.  I actually have a whole book of them that I wrote years ago……




Not as long ago or as far away in time and space as you would like to think, there are two immortals.  These immortals would argue constantly about many things.  They were the best of friends and it gave them something to do, you see.  This wasn’t a problem until they decided to argue about where they were.


With neither one being exactly sure of the correct answer, they both went to God and asked Him to tell them exactly where they were.

“You are here.”  God replied.

“But where is here?”  They asked in unison.

“Here is where you are.”



This just caused them to argue even more and more loudly, at that.  The angels and the other immortals got to the point where they were sick of hearing about it and asked God to do something.

God wanted them to figure it out for themselves and decided to let them make a game out of it.  He told them:

“I am the source and center of all things and you are where I am and there is nowhere that I am not.  But I will create a physical representation of myself and center it in a vast and endless creation of physical being that you may experience finding me.  I am here and will wait for you to find me in any way that you choose to do so.  You may use whatever means you think best to return again onto where I am and then you will know where here is.”

With that, the two immortals were transported to a lovely little planet, full of life, which existed near the outer edge of the outer fringes of the vast creation of time and space.


“Now, you are here.”  God said…and that was that.


The two immortals looked at each other and immediately began arguing about how best to get back to where they were.  Oh they talked endlessly about it, all the while, the life on the planet evolved.  At some point, they stopped to take a breath and noticed that the planet was populated with intelligent lifeforms.  They were fascinated by these lifeforms and watched in awe the circumstances of the cycles of their lives and generation.  They watched them grow and evolve in expression and marveled at their experiences.  For once, they looked at each other and agreed on something.  They desired to take on physical form as a means to understand this new experience in hope that it would provide the answer to their question.  They will themselves to be as those around them, taking form and shape, and mingled with the life forms.  They decided to go their separate ways and meet up, from time to time, to compare notes and see if the answer had been found by either one of them, or both.  Having taken on the cloth of time and space, they decided to do so every one thousand years……and so it went.


They saw civilizations rise and fall.  They loved and laughed and cried with the people, who never knew who and what they truly were.  They marveled at all of it, the art, the sciences, invention and war.  They were in awe of the different languages and lifestyles and economies and religions and beliefs and how these people helped and hurt each other constantly.  They watched as Divine messengers and teachers were sent by Source to teach the people the Spiral Path.  They stood in wonder as their technology gained for them a foothold among the stars……..and then the argument started up all over again.


One immortal thought that the best way to get back to where they were was to build a ship that would take them across the very face of creation.  The other wasn’t so sure. 

“I think we should just think about it.” He said

“What’s there to think about?  It’s out there, somewhere!  Now, we can find it!  This is the edge of creation.    There’s only one way to go, within.  That’s where we’ll find it!”

“Precisely!” Exclaimed the other.  “That’s where we’ll find it.”


Well, there was nothing to do about it.  Once they perceived that they were talking about two different things the game was on.  One decided to travel back to where they were and the other decided to think about it…..and so it was….


One went to a high mountain with a level plateau of grass and flowers and trees, all with a cave on the mountainside….and moved in…away from the people he had come to love so much in sharing their experiences.  He sat himself down beneath a tree and began to think about it………


The other….he started a business venture that was highly successful in order to fund the building of a great ship that would take him to the other end of creation.  But making so much money made him a mover and a shaker….and enemies….and friends….and influences….and so while he was trying to get that accomplished, he felt a need to help those less fortunate in their circumstances.  He created technologies that made life easier and more luxurious.  He was forced by circumstances to negotiate and deal with opponents and partners and social impacts and philosophies and social structures and the like.  He helped them peacefully colonize space and live in abundance and he felt good about that. 


Finally, his ship was finished.  He went back to his friend and ask him if he had thought enough about it yet…and his friend said ‘no’ and wished him well on his journey….and so he left his friend meditating under the tree.


He took his ship and visited galaxies unknown and gained more technology.  That allowed him, over time…a lot of time…for always he mingled and taught and learned as best he could the peoples he came into contact with…..always the same things happening over and over in different ways with different peoples…….


He was eventually able to take his ship to unknown universes…where more of the same occurred….and then throughout the superuniverse to other superuniverses…all the while growing and evolving himself as he helped others that he came into contact with…and so it went…..millions of years turned into billions of years which turned into…well, you get the picture……


Eventually, having somehow explored the greater part of the known creation by having gone round and round about…always getting closer, winding his way back to the place where he was before…searching and solving the legends and mysteries of the fabled center of creation, Paradise… He found himself with a ship of high enough technology that he was actually able to make it past the barriers and boundaries and the partition of the void ring and through the Havona worlds….to land, safe and whole, in triumphant return.


He was ecstatic!  He opened the portal and leaped out joyfully in the fact that he had made it!  He knew where he was and would forever know where he was as compared to all other things!  He had answered the question!  If only his friend was here with him.  If only they had taken the journey together.  That was the only thing missing and he found that, in spite of his great triumph, that he dearly missed his beloved friend.

“If only he were here to share this with me.”  He sighed to himself.

“What are you talking about?  I’m right here.”


He heard the voice behind him and for a single moment that floated like an eternity in the air, he was totally stunned.  No one…No one had the technology that he had, not even the time lords.  There was no way he could have beaten him here.  It just wasn’t possible.


He turned around slowly…and there was his friend, smiling


“How…How long have you been here?”


“ Oh, I decided to show up when you got here.  I didn’t want to miss it.  Did you have fun?”




“Well, I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that when God said that we were here, He meant it.  He said that we were with Him and He meant that, as well.  When He dropped us off, He said we were now here.  I figured, eventually, that the only difference was the matter of now and the only difference in my perception of environment was the sense of time.  So, after awhile, I figured out there was actually only ‘here’ and there really wasn’t anywhere else.  Then I got to thinking about that and why and how and that if, God is always here, now, and every moment is now in perception and everywhere is here in perception and all of that would seem to be God in effect.  After that, I figured out that it was all just one, big thing anyway and none of it really mattered except for the experience of it all and that’s when I realized that He was watching all of us the whole time.  Then I figured that He couldn’t just be doing that from all around if He was going to get the full experience out of it, so He had to be doing things internally, as well.


After that, It was just a matter of realizing the nature of the thing and applying that to myself and realizing that I wasn’t what I thought I was and yet, am more than I was in the fact that I’m actually Him doing and being all of this for His own sake and we’re just co=creators of a shared experience for the sake of all involved.


After that, it was just a matter of making the necessary connections so that we could talk about it…and we did.  He taught me that I could use His consciousness in alignment with my own as a particular perspective in perception and be in that and create.  One can move without moving since there’s really nowhere to move from or to…it’s all perception…consciousness in Being.  It took awhile, but I got it done and now, here I am.”


The other immortal thought about it for a moment and then smiled and then laughed out loud.

“Excellent!!!  Come!  You can tell me all you learned and I can tell you all of my experiences!”

And so they walked off together, arms over shoulders, to fascinate all who felt like listening with their tales of awe and wonder in the realms of time and space in physicality…….and you’ll be pleased to know that there hasn’t been another argument since and all is peaceful in Paradise…all is perfect, here.


Okay, kiddies…..enough of the bedtime story……go to bed and dream perfect dreams and when you wake up in the morning, may you see a whole new world!


Hugs and kisses

I’ll leave the nightlight on………that you may never be completely in the dark.


God love you

God loves you

As do i










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  1. Crystali says:

    There is very profound wisdom in this piece, so much so that I would like your permission to use it if I may. I will of course credit it to you with a link here to your blog.


  2. Hano says:

    Wonderful story ,Kibo. Here really is all there is. No time, no space, no separation. Always in the Father and with the Father, no matter how far or long we journey, we will always just be here and never anywhere else. Each with their own stories but still just here. This is another great reminder of that. t .


  3. Elaine says:

    What a beautiful bedtime story. I shall keep it to read to myself every night and to my grandbabies because they’re probably the only ones who’d get it???!!!! Everyone else in my family thinks I’m nuts!!! Oh well — me thinks I’ll have the last laugh!! :))))


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