This is where I go off on everybody……

I just found this:

 [Lady Dragon/Cobra]:

“P.S. Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

“First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken.”


Now we have yet another benchmark goal that affords further explanation for delay….

It’s not that I don’t believe such a thing can be, far from it.

But apparently, only a very few of us seem to know the solution to all of this…and there is a solution and the few of us that were told that this solution was forthcoming are still waiting and would like to know what the fuck is going on……..

I Am not one to tell God what to do….well…maybe I Am…but I consider it more as a…seeking advice to get advice, kind of thing…..sort of…..ok…i just lose it…okay?

Don’t get me wrong…i know full well that it doesn’t matter what I say….i rant, I rave, I jump up and down like a child having a temper tantrum and that’s pretty much what I’m reduced to from time to time….

I want the Divine to show up when it says it’s going to show and see no reason why it should be otherwise.  Who’s running this show, anyway?

 Isn’t the answer to that question what this war is all about?

I AM convinced that PAPA and CM ATON are large and in charge…but what proof do I have of anything outside of my own personal experience?  The effect of the Divine on my own life is overwhelming, but how can that be shared and used to effect the ascension of this world?  I tried with the prayer project….apparently praying for ascension is not high on the list of things to do for most people……..go figure….


Some us believe that we were promised a worldwide power shutdown along with three days of darkness from the sun being blocked by a space object…or craft….I don’t care if God uses it for a hand puppet show….Let’s just get to it already, shall we?

If…IF…every time we, as human beings trying to effect our own change and achieve our ascension through the will and intent and actions of our own selves, which is at it should be in our experience of manifestation of being in experience………we are constantly pushed back with some method or mechanism that proves all of our ongoing efforts to be futile and further places us in thrall and enslavement to evil fucks that are willing to sacrifice the whole just to satisfy themselves if they go down….


It has been said that that the GF, under the leadership of Christ Michael, has the means to effect immediate and rapid change for the sake of all involved.  With global power shut off, the mechanisms of our destruction would be shut off as well.  During the three days of darkness, the planet would be put into stasis and the dark could be easily and expediently removed along with all of their mechanisms.  When EVERYTHING has been cleaned up, stasis would be lifted, the light of the sun could then return, global power would then be restored and announcements, aid and restructuring efforts could begin in earnest.

Mind you, the process of sorting in the adjudication of souls would still be in effect, but that is actually a win=win for everybody as all would be going to the best place possible for them to continue and evolve.  Even those who have acted badly would be given a huge break….so what’s the problem?

The problem is that you people don’t even want to consider the fact that this is your only and real solution to your problem.  You don’t want the Divine to be large and in charge.  You don’t want to think that you couldn’t solve a problem that was created by those that were beyond you in the first place and perpetuated by minions so devious that, even in their stupidity, their methods and mechanisms were always a step or two ahead of your own moves.

Face it…most of us just got into this game in the past fifty to a hundred years or less…they’ve been at this for thousands of years…you want to play catch up?

Let God make the move necessary to end this bullshit.  PAPA and CHRIST MICHAEL ATON…by whatever names you choose to call either one or both, whatever your concept of the Divine or your belief system may be….THEY/IT….are/is…the only thing that can take care of this.

The GFL fully understand this.  They’ve been through it and are waiting for the one thing that we, as a planet of people haven’t done.  Submit to the glory and the power and the sovereignty of God in the creation of His own creating and accepting His Will as our own.

You will not see your salvation until you can do that.  When your hundredth monkey can do that, you will see everything change as if in the blink of an eye.  GOD will not leave unanswered a people that call out to Him with a sincere and contrite heart.

All of you should be getting on your knees everyday and asking, begging, demanding the aid and salvation, help and  mutual embrace of your creator and the creator of all things as one.

 Which means that we will have to embrace IT as a conscious act…

as IT has always held out both hands to us, WE have to, at least, reach back with, at least one hand and both hands would be preferable, right now……..

As GOD told the devil long ago when the devil asked why we were so important:

Because I created them with two hands.  I created you with one.

Check your koran………what?  you don’t have one?  Why not?  You think one book of man can hold all the wisdom of GOD?  All the best of man’s genius altogether is but folly to GOD…..but you don’t believe that either, do you?    Silly you………

But the dark have you so fractured and enslaved, that you think that your plans made by your will is all you need, right?  We fight about who is right and who is wrong on a relative field of endeavor when the Absolute Right of Things belongs to GOD.

You can’t come out like the who’s in Whoville on Christmas day and celebrate what’s really important in the face of all material abundance being stolen from under your very noses and sing the Body Divine.  You can’t come out and join hearts and hands in love and light and let God know that you finally realize what’s important…the maintenance of your souls.  You don’t want to join with all the people that you hate, or don’t like or don’t agree with and join together in giving yourselves as one, to a Being so far beyond your petty imaginings and religions and teachings that all that we can hope to perceive or conceive is but the perception of a teardrop in the ocean.

But let that teardrop cry out

Let that small pulse, that cry, ripple outwards from within and through from the consciousness of this world and its people and I promise you with All That I Am, that the ocean will pulse back and answer your cry to be heard and reconnected with the vast ocean…no longer perceived in separation, but being in one again in the current and wave of the vastness of being……….

You are too weak for that?  Too resistant, Too stubborn?  Too unbelieving?  Too proud?

Maybe you like things as they are…apparently many do…too many for my taste…but that’s me.  If you want this bullshit to continue, that’s on you.  Count on your bank accounts to save and console you.

Melt into your televisions and computers…have sex all the time just to forget the pain for just a little while…while you try to reach a state of love that is only possible elsewhere from within you….maybe you like things the way they are…it’s okay….people die all the time and one day, you will, as well…you think it is nothing…just the way things are…There is all and there is nothing….maybe you believe in nothing…..what if they were the same thing?  Is that too much for you? Yes?  No?

But I see the problem and the solution to it and I have no idea how to get it done.

I am a teardrop in the ocean

Gold dust in the desert

A whisper in the wind

A thought among voices

Who would possibly join with me

To join our common Creator

To do such a thing?

But I know it is the only way

And I cry

Because I know that they know not what they do

And all I want to do

Is live by the will of The Divine

And be in The Divine as IT is in What I Am

And have no expectations

And just give myself to IT

Whole and wholeheartedly

And let IT be what IT is

And do what IT does

And if we could all do that


You would see change you can believe in

And truly

It is the only thing we haven’t done

And I don’t know if we will ever do it


The Divine will sweep through on Its own

It has It’s own plan and waited to see how many and how much we agree with it

It is with all of us

And wants to know who among us is with It

And eventually

Adjudication will come

Ready or not

Aware or unaware

However or whatever we may be

Or wherever

And whenever that happens it will be too late

To say yeah but, but, and, if, still, I, You…..


You didn’t know?

You didn’t want to know!

You didn’t even listen to me and I’m poor, needy and stupid

If I, being what I Am, knew

How could you not know?

Were you not told that the world must be as one?

There will be no excuses for any of us


If you’re tired of all this bullshit

And really want it to end

Really want to get on with the next thing

Really want this planet to ascend

Witness the end of the evil ones

See their system destroyed

And the new world begin

Where all is as The Divine Wills

For that is what it will be…

Then we’d damn well better give ourselves up to that Will

Let your heart and soul be ripped from dark possession

And give yourself to The Divine in worship, loyalty, service and friendship

And as a son and daughter of The Divine

For that is what you truly are

If ever there was a time

To tell the local bully

In all truth

That Our Father

Can beat the crap out of them and put them away for good….

Just like He did to their father

For being evil

 they adopted Lucifer as their father

But now he is gone

And they are fatherless

Refusing to recognize the infinite Fatherhood of Source and Center

and of Christ Michael Aton

In the universe of His own making

And they would burn our house down

Out of evil spite

And there is no talking to them

Why will you not turn to your Father who loves you

To do for you what you cannot do for yourself?

You are still of the mind

That you can do it without Him?

How silly!

Stand with me

Stand with God

No religion

No belief system

Just tell your Creator that you recognize IT

And want to be with IT

And work with IT

And do IT’s Will

And be a faith child, friend and servant to IT

As IT is your Father/Mother, Friend and Master

Is God not master of all?


Choose your side

Act like you are with God

Or not with God

But hurry up and choose

Because I, for one

Am sick of this shit

And want it to end

As do some of you, I’m sure……

So let us all agree on just this one thing…

GOD, I give my self to you

I give my will to you

That Your Will be done

To end this nightmare

We rely on You

As our Creator and Salvation

For only in Your Light

Will the darkness disappear for good

Only in your love

Will all fear fade and melt away

Only in you

Can we ascend

Even onto perfection

As you have promised

To all who have the strength to endure the journey

And we have endured

And can do no more without YOU

And together

One with another

Ask for Your Will

To be plain in the matter

Once and for all

And for You, Yourself to act

As only You can

On Your behalf

And on behalf of us all

For the sake of all

We rely on You

And hope in You

In good faith and trust

We are with You

and know that You are with us

Always and Forever

So it is

So shall it be

……in so many words….but let it come from your own heart and soul and find the words of your own heart and soul and give to the One who loves you with and in and as a part of all things in IT as One

Do for your self

And for us all

What you cannot do

Nor we can do alone.


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53 Responses to THE FINAL SOLUTION

  1. Brian says:

    Well, driving w/no brakes is not very inspiring…or is it? If that is your thing and you don’t mind then hop on and we will see just how much fun we can have and just how much you trust… Like I said, I have all your backs.

    Now, that is a great thought…get us a big bus…paint it….decorate it….pimp it out…whatever…and set sail across this fair land…searching…looking..traversing…further…wow now I am the one inspired…by you…and you…and me….

    Is that how this works? [scratches head and thinks, now where did I put the keys]


  2. Brian says:

    I did it right…yay!!


    • kibodabi says:

      yes…yes you did…….thank you for the lesson and inspiration!


      • Brian says:

        Sure thing friend…..inspiration from me? Thanks but I am not one you should be looking to for inspiring thoughts … I am delighted that I can be that way but really just trying to get control of this bus, which seems to have no brakes….dammitt…

        Which reminds me of one called Neal Cassady who was the inspiration for Jack Kerouac’s infamous book, On the Road….Neal was one of The Merry Pranksters back in the day who apparently did drive their bus down mountains and such w/no brakes….for real. And, it is said, that he could also perform amazing feats like telling you the serial number on random dollar bills….

        How cool is that?!


  3. theo says:

    “Thanks be to YOU for YOUR eternal gifts
    and thanks to YOU for my Identity!”
    (A Course in Miracles)

    I AM new today.
    And I like me.

    My Father saw it necessary
    to blow up HIS Suns all the way down from the Isle of Paradise
    to finally blow up my mind.

    Sheeple me.

    So I must rectify
    my statement ‘pain is the way’.
    For your new rants suggested me again
    how fake pain is.

    Pain has no substance.
    Pain is a 3d construct.
    Pain is the most blatant witness of illusion.
    In the 5d our highly praised pain

    In 3d we can choose between two extremes: LOVE — fear.

    So feeling pain should be the surest signal we’ve chosen fear.

    “You dear souls walk so cautiously
    as you enter the Garden of Eden.
    Don’t you know
    that it’s your rightful home?”

    “Celebrate your life-
    Bring pleasure into it wherever you can.
    And see that pleasure as truth
    not as some secret sin.
    For if you judge pleasure
    in the context of the illusion
    …you lose the pleasure.
    And it keeps you in the schoolroom longer.
    …For you see,
    suffering is not the way to Heaven.
    Joy is.

    When you begin to blossom and to glow
    and dance down the street
    just because you are happy
    and you know the illusion
    is your creation…..
    then you are free.

    Stop at the very moment the pleasure leaves you
    and say, “What have I forgotten?”
    And if you are centered and in truth
    the answer will be,
    “Oh, I have forgotten that I am God.”
    “Life is only ponderous
    when you are not connected to Everlasting Joy.
    A great deal of solemnity serves no function.
    You need to laugh.
    You need to play, each in his own way.

    Childlike qualities are Godlike qualities.
    in their spontaneity and Joy….

    God did not design pain and suffering.
    Resistance designed pain and suffering.
    God’s Will is to light the world
    with Peace, Joy, Health and Abundance.
    And with the awareness
    that this is a temporary stopover.”
    “Joy is learning.
    Joy is experiencing without pain”

    “Because you see pain and joy
    through of past human teachings,
    you find it difficult that you can exist
    in a state of joy where pain can be dissolved
    into the reality of joy without denial.
    Joy simply alters pain’s existence.”
    “Joy is the God within you
    standing up.
    Shaking Himself off
    And beginning to smile.

    In your joy
    You are celebrating God.
    You are celebrating the feast of life.

    If you cannot tolerate human bliss
    how will you withstand the bliss
    of eternal Oneness?

    If you cannot trust beauty where you find it
    how can you open your heart
    to Oneness with God
    which is eternal Beauty?”
    “You have designed your life yourself.
    You have created nothing in your outer reality
    that is stranger to you.

    Your life is not your master.
    It is your child.”
    “The purpose of the entire journey
    is to find Truth
    and to return to Truth wiser
    and better equipped to serve It
    and ultimately Be It.”
    “The ultimate challenge to the illusion is LOVE.”
    (Emmanuel’s Book, Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton, NY, 1985)

    See, sheeple me.
    God’s Suns & Planets needed first pop up my mind
    to realize
    my treasured eternal beloved constant companion Emmanuel
    —- never left.


    • Crystali says:

      Yes, yes, absolutely, I agree with you with just a slight disagreement!
      Pain is real, all so real and all so cumbersome and energetically dragging and tormenting, but it like anything else is there to master, to not necessarily overcome, but to settle it within you. Pain is a lesson in teaching you how to neutralise it, distil it so it does not determine your actions for the rest of your continued experience.
      How many people carry with them, everywhere they go, in everything they do the pain of new and old. How many decisions are made in error because they are made through the carrying of pain? And if we are honest with ourselves we all do it, have done it, most of our decisions are made from pain and some distant memory of sadness.
      But, thankfully we are learned and waking and can now see through our own limitations and can make decisions from the heart with love, with the help of the mind and not from the focus of pain.
      The more we learn to master that which anchors us in error, helps us to see more clearly and to rise above the situation with an understanding, allowing us to move on as we get ever closer to our Father, closer as in understanding.
      Pain only ever needs to be in the moment, it should never follow you across your journey, or rather it does not follow, we drag it with us, and we either let it be our own self destruction, or we see it, confront it, distil it, neutralise it and move on into the next experience anew, with love and not with pain.
      We do not want to experience pain, but we do because we have not learned to live correctly and not cause the actions and reactions that lead to pain or lead to happiness. The powers that be on this planet know all to well how this works and they make darn well sure that everything is going to cause pain, and it will cause pain until we all see it for what it is and make the choice from our own selves to not give it our energy and attention and to love ourselves and walk ourselves into non painful situations.
      It is a hard lesson, very hard, but when you can see it, it can no longer have a hold over you and you can become free of pain outside the moment and laugh it off even, and the moments of pain need never be a reality, the creation of our minds, the manifestations of our wrong thinking. To be the god within and act and react in love.
      Although I do confess that I feel the pain of others, and it is that pain that is the most acute, and I so wish I could help them understand as I do.

      I feel like a top rate hippie, no, that is 60’s brainwash techniques to mock what is true….
      Flower anyone… Tehe

      Oh the people on earth are so slow, but they will get it, if I can see so can everyone, and it will be so glorious expanding heaven into earth, then you will know that joy, you will always create it to be two steps ahead of you so that you ensure you always walk into joy.
      And most importantly, share it, spread it, be the joy disease.

      Ok, I better stop here before I overdo it… lol


  4. Crystali says:

    What is right? maybe it can only be defined by what is wrong, hmm, or vice versa.
    We are right by default, but when we wander off to explore, to examine all that is, we get caught up in the experience, the temptations and seductions of our inquisitive minds.
    We are as we are, and it is our choice how far we are willing to travel away from what is our natural state by default. When we have travelled far and wide and forgotten what is our natural state, which is righteousness in all things, we before we know it are immersed in what seems wrong, is no longer in it’s natural state, it is then that we become uncomfortable and recognise that we are playing out of tune.
    There is nothing wrong with being right, or wanting to be right, it just means that what is wrong is uncomfortable and that you so want to be in tune, not just because your heart is true, but because you know in your depth that you are of the Father who gave you your life, and it is your Father that you want with all your might to please and be in tune with.
    I think there is a natural state of righteousness, not the need to be right to please self, to please the ego, but to keep us in tune with the will of truth that we know is our source, we have matured.

    I know exactly what you put yourself through to not be wrong, to examine and scrutinise your every word for flaws and inaccuracies, to smack yourself around the face if a small unthinking lie, should formulate in your mind, and if you’re lucky and diligent you stop yourself in time. I do that, I scrutinise myself so that I try not to partake in what is wrong. I think we are all right, we will discover that wrong is just as Kibo says, if you are of that polarity then it is your right, it all depends on your perspective, what your heart resonates with. Maybe it is just about choosing sides, God is in all sides which makes no side wrong, but in individual pieces of god such as all of us, we have a natural state of resonance and it is that which we pursue physically, intellectually, psychologically and emotionally, it is what defines us spiritually and determines the experiences our Father chooses to share with us.
    Here on earth, the manifestation of the dominant resonance of what appears to us a wrong, is out of balance and causing too much destruction, so we of the opposing resonance are feeling it big time, now the challenge is to remain in your righteousness throughout, and if you can show and teach it to others, then the balance swings and the University of earth can close for summer with hopefully more graduations than the previous term for those that stood their ground.

    Ok, I am just rambling now, it is amazing how much rambling there is inside when given a channel to express it.
    I suppose when it comes down to it, we want to be right because we can see, can feel the effects of all around us of what is clearly so wrong to us in our atunement. As Kibo pointed out so eloquently, the causes are effecting us in such a way, that it has become painful, and we no longer wish to have the oppositions causes effecting us so negatively making our environment so uncomfortable and degrading.

    Brian, yes, you can have victory without pain, it is just the here and now has given us pain to learn from, we need to learn it. Many years past this time around I was thrashing my mind of why do we need to have all this pain, all this negativity, all this unsettled emotion, it is because we cannot walk around it and ignore it, it exists, and we need to know it, to know every facet of creation and it’s possibilities.
    We can enjoy and love what is good, but we are not complete unless we know there is also bad, and you cannot know bad unless you are immersed in it, it is our learning, it sure is thorough. But I do know that now I have experienced the bad, I will never allow it again, I will spot it in it’s infancy and put a stop to it one way or the other. Well I will certainly try.

    My natural state of resonance, my atunement is of righteousness, of goodness, it has now had the experience of having been compromised, I now have the experience to recognise that which is not of me, that which we call wrong, I am now armed, and ready to defend what is right beyond it as a concept, it’s manifestation is goodness, and what is not good is not right, is not me.
    And, here I am, conversing with you guys, this is right and good, I am blessed indeed, and among all the pain and wrongness, I find myself where it is always perfect and good and right. 😀


    • kibodabi says:

      Oh! I Am in love……with your words……

      and i agree wholeheartedly…….

      i want to be completely tuned
      to the pure vibration of The Father/Mother of all things…

      simply because i recognize it
      not just as a most desired state of deing
      but because it is my natural state of being
      our natural state of being

      but we have come here to learn
      the differences of things

      how can one truly appreciate light
      without knowing darkness?

      selflessness and selfishness…

      love and fear…..

      and all that comes with it

      and why is there pain?
      pain of loss
      a desire to avoid……

      no wonder the Gnostics had a thing for detachment…..

      not the thing of not being attached
      or not having attachments
      but detachment as an ability and perception
      of observing from a different place
      an other place
      that appreciates the finite things
      that change and pass away
      in the presence of an ineffable
      eternal and infinite……thing
      a state of being
      a being unto itself
      that is all of that change
      and yet
      never changes from being itself…….

      and so we strive to be perfect
      as our Father in the heavens is perfect
      not truly and fully realizing
      just what that perfection entails
      what it is to be perfect
      knowing only that we want it
      because it is there for us to have
      to obtain
      to earn
      to acheive………..and so we walk this path and endure it
      learning our lessons along the way
      caring not
      whether we are swift or strong
      caring only
      that we endure unto the goal is reached……


      such a long and winding road this Great Spiral Path is!
      keep moving forward…….one step at a time….


      • Crystali says:

        Now you got me smiling, I can’t stop smiling.
        When I read your first post Talkin’ about Freedom…can you dig it?
        I said those exact same words to myself, I am in love with your words.

        You know you have given yourself a task to the end, because you must always keep your words flowing, I insist… 🙂


      • Brian says:

        I obviously love this one’s words and wisdom….and simplicity…(smile–it’s anything but
        simple, but then really it is that simple. so why then is it so hard to understand?) –good question…


        God is Love. And Love must love. And to love there must be a Beloved. But since God is Existence infinite and eternal there is no one for Him to love but Himself. And in order to love Himself He must imagine Himself as the Beloved whom He as the Lover imagines He loves.
        Beloved and Lover implies separation. And separation creates longing; and longing causes search. And the wider and the more intense the search the greater the separation and the more terrible the longing.

        When longing is most intense separation is complete, and the purpose of separation, which was that Love might experience itself as Lover and Beloved, is fulfilled; and union follows. And when union is attained, the lover knows that he himself was all along the Beloved whom he loved and desired union with; and that all the impossible situations that he overcame were obstacles which he himself had placed in the path to himself.

        To attain union is so impossibly difficult because it is impossible to become what you already are! Union is nothing other than knowledge of oneself as the Only One.

        Excerpted from The Everything and The Nothing by Meher Baba, p. 1. Copyright 1989 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.


      • Brian says:

        Accepting that a thing is..what does that mean? I think I know but do I? I mean really…what does that mean?! Accepting implies understanding or is it the other way around? You say it matters. Does it? I accept that the sky is blue because I can look to it and see the proof. Same for the grass. Are you talking about faith? Once you can accept it as being truth..hmm…then understanding of what your accepting will be understood in terms of being able to explain it to another? Or is it something that only you can understand? Guess it depends on what you’re trying to understand. We accept that God exists but what proof do we have? I know He does but how do I explain that…how does my acceptance become understandable. And should I just be concerned that only I accept and understand and then act upon that understanding but to what end? Do I/we owe it to others to help them understand? What are we doing here on this blog of your’s? My understanding and acceptance may/does differ from your’s and vice versa. All of us have different understandings and accept those accordingly. So, if we intend on others en masse waking up how can we affect and effect this? Can we? Should we? If we don’t then who will? Is it our task or is it their’s and we need only be concerned w/ourselves. Still though we come together trying to accept (or not) others beliefs so that we can better understand ourselves. Why? Will it gain us a better chance of entering those pearly gates or something similar. We are searching for God–bottom line. We are searching, some desperately, most blindly, few w/just a little light. I apologize because I am not meaning to hijack anything; just trying to understand more as much as it drives me nuts. If you can’t beat em join em….


        • kibodabi says:

          lal….laughing a little…..

          and if you can accept all that…
          that you HAVE to have the answer to all those questions…
          you will find that you come into understanding…

          for it is, indeed, in asking that we receive
          see how i put that in?

          The Kingdom of God is wihtin you for a reason
          There’s a reason that you have to go within
          and search your consciousness for that connection
          search your heart and soul
          search yourself
          search for yourself
          is that not what God truly is?
          your real self?
          you are God being you………
          if you can accept that…..

          ask for truth
          the truth of God in you
          for you
          because some is just for you
          some just for others
          and some for everyone at once
          but not everyone can accept that……

          and do the work
          of evolving yourself
          to reach that point
          where you can hear the answer
          understand it

          not everyone accepts that part, either
          you have to be ready for a thing……


          when you can handle it
          you’ll get it

          take in the truth that you can handle
          because the truth is huge
          and hard to see all at once
          unless you can expand your perception of things
          your view
          to take in the whole picture
          and not just the parts

          you have to be
          set in a large place
          Psalm 118

          and you can’t do that alone
          but you can intend to be worthy of receiving it
          and that’s doing the work
          the work that it takes to get there
          and that work is within
          as well
          it’s up to you to decide who is the boss of you……

          and you just have to put yourself out there
          and step off that cliff
          like a fool
          wink and nod

          and your faith and trust
          will determine
          whether you
          fly or fall……………….

          it’s up to you to figure out if you have enough of that within you
          and who and what
          you have it in…………………………………………….


        • kibodabi says:

          query…just to mess with you….
          you accept that the sky is blue

          why is the sky blue?
          is the sky blue or does it appear to be blue?
          is it ever another color?
          what is the sky?
          why does it have any color?
          shouldn’t it be clear?
          then why is it black at night?

          can you accept that the sky is not blue?

          i had to do that………..

          love ya, dude!
          blessings and all that good stuff to ya!


      • Brian says:

        Well, technically the sky is everything but…blue…that’s why it is blue. So, yes, I can and do accept that it isn’t…blue. Same for at night when it appears black…it’s everything but that color….appearances can be and are deceiving depending on one’s perception.


        • kibodabi says:

          see? now just for fun………define ‘sky’………really i mean…like…we have concepts of things, but do we really know what those concepts are and where they came from? how does sky differ from ‘the heavens’, atmosphere, air,………i’m sure there are terms i missed…….what makes the sky, the sky…and why? and this is how we totally fuk with peoples minds to get them to explore and rearrange themselves to do more and be more and deeper and higher……….forgive me if i say that, if you really get into it, it gets to be really fun and exciting dismantling everything and then putting it back together in ways that you can clearly understand and, thus, exhibit better control of, within self..and that lets GOD SELF have better control of all of that through you….know ye not, ye are gods? muhahaha…….


      • Brian says:

        Where do I reply to the sky conversation? I’m having a time these days as you can probably tell. Tonguetiedntwisted just an Earth bound misfit, I…

        At any rate, sky is anything above….all inclusive really. But above is more than that because well, so below, right? So, sky is celestial or heavenly. And that extends even to the ground or terrestrial surface. Hmmm….what does that really mean or say then? If you want to know the details of what makes an ArchAngel then study….[dam…I forget the smallest atom or whatever…oh what’s it called?] Once all the so called differences in pretty much whatever you explore have been explored, you arrive back at its’ source and discover that the apparent vastness of what you thought was there in terms of distance are not distant at all;were really nothing more than what you perceived.


        • kibodabi says:

          that was great! i really love it!
          this is what makes walking the path so much of a joy in the face of all adversity and opposition…just…ease on down the road……….with a smile on your face and a song in your heart and a big stick in your hands…..for the snakes…


        • kibodabi says:

          oh…and that also includes the distance between ourselves…..just sayin’…..


  5. Crystali says:

    It is difficult to work within duality, not because I want to live and express only goodness with mindful due care and self responsibility to all that I interact with every single day. I do, but it is because I see both sides within duality and cannot take sides, being piggy in the middle and trying not offend one or the other over beliefs of who is right. You cannot explain to people that right or wrong is not an issue, it is not something that is in actuality anything real, there is personality which governs belief and that determines your own idea of right and wrong, but all it is, is difference of belief and opinion, but most people won’t have that, they want to be right, they want their belief to be the belief that is correct based on what? pride.
    It is painful, yes, very painful living within the sphere of earth attempting to intermingle your portion of light among the hopelessness, wanting to be surrounded by Heaven as a manifestation of love surrounding your every experience. But, I feel when I look around that we are surrounded by the close resemblance of man made hell, man tried to mask creation with his own version, painting over God’s truth with flawed understanding, and yes it is painful, all so painful.
    If I could cry a river it would swell and burst it’s banks, but I hold dear our Fathers love and it keeps the banks watered, but never any more burst and muddy.
    I override the feeling of being in hell with the feeling and knowing that the world, the immediate world that we interact with each and every day needs us, we endure the pain in hope that we can offer some sanity and assistance to those that are in need. If there are just a tiny handful of people that we can help to make a difference to in this world of the lost, but not indefinitely, then the pain is worth enduring, because we do it in service, and without service there is no purpose beyond pleasing self.
    I take it as an opportunity to overcome, to learn to become the god within, to master the lower emotions, the pulling of the gravity toward despair, to know that it is a tiny experience in the whole that will arm me with understanding. The gravity that pulls us down is the prompt for us to look up within, but it seems the majority of people have a very deep threshold to despair and the urge to look up and within has not yet called. Maybe they have wondered too far from the path and you have been called in to point out where it is!

    You, me, us, we endure, I don’t know about you, but I often feel I am in a wilderness so far removed from my own direction and thinking and understanding. We come to lay the seeds, we may not see the direct results of those seeds because we move on before they sprout and bare fruits, but we know that they are seeding well all the same.

    I would bare all of the pain of all of you, if I could, I would, because I know that I can overcome it, transmute it into something good and add to my wealth of experiences, a grand curriculum vitae, a reference in practice to our Father.

    I look at this experience of my life and the overwhelming pain I have endured, but I no longer focus on any self pain because the pain of the earth and all of it’s peoples overrides it without comparison.
    What good am I unless I know their pain, I know their pain so I can walk in their shoes, not judge them wrongly and assist them where I can.
    There is a purpose for your pain, it comes with having the sight and sense to know that all around is inherently just plain wrong, and you feel it deeply, very deeply, it is because it is you that has been called to show others the truth, the more painful it is because the more clearly you see it.

    It is clear to me here that you beautiful, dancing, rays of light are already ascended in your minds and your hearts, it is not something you need to wait on, to work on, you are already there, it is just you are here in this frequency, in this density because it is here where you are needed most.
    It is a shame that there are not hundreds of you teaching in all the schools across the land, the world and her peoples will ascend up out of here not soon or now or imminently, but instantly.

    Yes you may insert several very happy smilies here, and I am sure God will agree that the ego this time round deserves it! 😉


    • kibodabi says:

      ah….such a wonderful, expansive heart and soul you are in consciousness! YOU don’t have to ask for permission!
      Creator and Christ Bless you always in all good things!

      but you shame me

      I Am a voice in the wilderness…as are you…yourself

      is it my pride
      that makes me want to be right?
      i dearly want to be right
      i set a goal of perfection
      and want only to be on the right path….
      more that that
      i want to know when and where and how and why
      I am wrong
      and that
      to me
      is more important than my being right

      even you see wrong
      and know it’s wrong
      and within yourself
      strive to be right
      and do what’s right
      in the face of that

      not to deride others
      heaven knows you want to help them
      even if they don’t think they need help
      and who are we to say they do, anyway?
      they think we need help and saving….and so it goes

      right and wrong matter in cause and effect
      and that cause and effect is mostly within ourselves
      if we
      being right in a thing
      striving to be right
      as a thing
      walk fully
      in our
      not to compare ourselves with others
      and separate ourselves from them
      but to be with them in sharing
      that we may help raise ourselves and each other up
      out of this dark pit
      of selfishness and fear……..

      i want to be right
      I NEED to be right
      about how to raise myself up
      in order to support anyone to
      raise themselves up
      in their own way
      in the right that is right for them
      in their experience
      because i can’t judge that
      i have to be able to understand it
      and deal with it accordingly

      for some
      that selfishness and greed is their right
      and that is who and what they are
      and they fight to be that to the death
      i fight to be free from their causes and effects
      as they fight to curtail and cut-off and control
      my own causes and effects…..
      and this is the war we fight
      and ultimately
      it will end
      in a clear right
      and a clear wrong
      and we’ll all tally up our scores
      and go on from there
      to the next game that awaits……..


      • Brian says:

        You want to know the wrongness of your being so that you can make it right? What if you/we were told that we were wrong–point blank. But, as i’ve said previously, in the same Almighty Breath it was made known that our attempts; our intent and subsequent actions, were what mattered. We acknowledged His Name and remembered Him and this is pleasing to our Lord. In the face and in the midst of all this shit, we found a way to reach out from our cesspools to Heaven in hopes of a better way for all. This matters so much to me. Please I am in no way saying I know JackShit because I really do not; just wishing to help us all understand ourselves better as we all are doing. The conversations that we all have w/ourselves are now coming out in to the open. It is happening and it is a great thing.

        You are more right than you can possibly imagine,


    • theo says:

      Pain is the way
      just because victory
      is the concept.


    • Brian says:

      Very nice reply, friend. Much in line w/my thoughts and feelings. I always knew that others like ourselves were out there–it’s does my heart good to see them coming in more and more.

      See, this a conversation w/ourselves basically. Within The One there are many that make It up. So as we come to know ourselves better then we can understand IT more fully and wholey. Our paths our journeys are/were designed by us…not soley by us but for all intents and purposes they were. Sometimes i get so mad at me that it makes me long to give up whatever control i think i have….how does one accomplish this? Is this the limited ego fighting to hold on to our pathetic little lives…..I’d rather it become realized
      w/in The Big One.


  6. Brian says:

    Not from me. This is from Baba, Discourses #2

    “There is a beautiful story of a Kasturi-mriga* which brings out the nature of all spiritual Sadhana. Once, while roaming about and frolicking among hills and dales, the Kasturi-mriga was suddenly aware of an exquisitely beautiful scent, the like of which it had never known. The scent stirred the inner depths of its soul so profoundly that it determined to find its source. Story of Kasturi-mriga So keen was its longing that notwithstanding the severity of cold or the intensity of scorching heat, by day as well as by night, it carried on its desperate search for the source of the sweet scent. It knew no fear or hesitation but undaunted went on its elusive search until, at last, happening to lose its foothold on a cliff, it had a precipitous fall resulting in a fatal injury. While breathing its last the deer found that the scent which had ravished its heart and inspired all these efforts came from its own navel. This last moment of the deer’s life was its happiest, and there was on its face inexpressible peace.

    All spiritual Sadhana of the aspirant is like the efforts of the Kasturi-mriga. The final fructification of Sadhana involves the termination of the ego-life of the aspirant. Goal of Sadhana is Self-knowledge At that moment there is the realisation that he himself has, in a sense, been the object of all his search and endeavour, that all that he suffered and enjoyed—all his risks and adventures, all his sacrifices and desperate strivings—were intended for having true Self-knowledge in which he loses his limited individuality, only to discover that he is really identical with God Who is in everything.”
    * The deer whose navel yields musk.


    • kibodabi says:

      Excellent……find your self, talk to your self, get to know your self, love your self, trust your self, be your self…………everything you’re looking for is already within you………stuff like that….

      stilll, heck of a journey to take to figure out that you didn’t have to go anywhere….until the very end…quite an experience, though…….so i have to ask my self….if i realize all of this much sooner…can i have a better experience for it?…….and that’s an affirmative…says my self…


      • theo says:


        You made your script.

        The beauty lies alone in the surprise.

        All you need bring is humour.

        Your victory
        is wisdom.


        • kibodabi says:

          personally, i didn’t make this script…i’m trying to follow what i perceive to be a higher script…and even though it is what is is and will be what it will be, we still must have the experience of the thing….so anyone that is ….scripted to start considering their postion now, instead of later, or when it’s too late….i get to be part of that whole scenario…

          and yes…good humour is invaluable and wisdom is correct use of i cannot as of yet…say that I am wise….long way to go for that victory………must…keep…moving…forward….lol


  7. theo says:

    And isn’t that
    THE AIM?

    For here comes the ART into the game, and this is how it sounds:

    “The Number 666


    I will give you a measure
    in which you and any other will know
    how to consider the self-love
    how the love for your next one
    and finally how the love for your GOD.

    Take the number 666
    that in the good or in the bad relation
    either the perfectly accomplished man
    or the perfectly accomplished devil

    Divide now the LOVE in a man’s heart
    into 666 equal parts.
    From them give GOD 600
    give to your next just 60
    and to you only 6.

    Here you have your perfectly accomplished man.

    And should you want to be the one perfect devil
    then give GOD only 6
    to your next one give 60
    and to yourself 600!”

    (Christ Michael ATON , “The WORD”
    1840 to 1864
    through Jakob Lorber,

    See, here you have your dance.


    • kibodabi says:

      wow…that’s deep….i have to think of that in terms of 888
      considered by some to the number of Christ as opposed to the anti-christ….
      either way, the concept is the same……lol
      but i will give 800 to God and 80 to you
      and keep 8 for myself…….and see where that gets me……lol
      now if only i had a good downbeat for all of this
      we’d have a really great act…..
      hit it, Frankie!
      …..wink and nod…..wink and nod


  8. blake says:

    Hey Kibo,
    its quite fun to read the rant, try to follow the bouncing ball, you DO loose me here and there. Doesn’t it seem like the wave kind of accentuates our little agonies? Mightn’t that be the real cause of our impatience? Which leads me to my question. You seem to say that we (all) should turn to the Divine and beg it to Ascend us? but that is already under way, the ignorant will soon get an education, the proud shall fall… mightn’t we just as well say “Thanks (Divinities). Nice catch.” I suppose you mean that if we joined with God’s will in this we’d be more likely to find ourselves well placed in the sorting???… They really are entertaining reads, and make me think, esp the idea of Gods will taking precedence over my petty desires. That’s the tricky bit, aint it? Hang in there Kibo my brother. I have the feeling that you more than most, stand in the dark before a door bulging with rich rewards.


    • kibodabi says:

      lol….follow the bouncing ball is good for the song…but what do i do for the dance? I do try to be entertaining….i always thought that, at least, I should be good entertainment for God…..

      i sincerely apologize for losing you…here and there…however close or far away in consciousness our own individual paths might be…there will always be times when we will not be able to see each other…but that’s what makes comparing notes so much fun….we can alwys share our experiences and gain from that what we need to go further…..another reason why i crave dialogue so thanks very much for your welcome reply……

      and the wave accentuates what was already there……..thus my increased insanity [insert insane smile and laugh here]

      I do not think that The Divine will ascend us, no matter how hard we beg, we have to be able to do it for ourselves, earn it and own it…but I think that if we try to do it without IT’s inner guidance and help, it’s a failed project for this round. In my eyes, too many people are dealing with all this without firmly stating that this is all about The Ineffable, Adorable ONE.

      Sure, it’s fine to talk about extraterrestrials and extradimensionals and light chambers that will ascend us all and how we’ll live in peace and abundance with free energy….but to ask people to give GOD the Glory and realize that this is His world and universe and creation….that to admit that nothing is going to get done without Him and to seek to serve Him in all things….doesn’t seem to get the same welcome acceptance.

      I get that religions have screwed up the perception of all of that and everyone has a different approach to The Divine and that is as it should be. We all come to God in our own way…but if we, as a planetary people were willing to turn out hearts, minds and souls to God and live in and share that great Love and Light…if we could insist upon His Will being first and foremost and live by the commandmanet of Holy Love….all of this would get taken care of that much more efficiently.

      yes, i realize that there plenty of people doing their divine thing…crystal meditations and work with rays and energetics and visualization and astral projection and working on will and intent…and i’m glad to see it whether what is given is valid or not..some is…some isn’t. But it’s all part of it nad everything counts one way or another. But my thing is that if the whole of the planet just took a moment to realize that they and all and everything are part and parcel of Creator Source and Center and see that they can work with that to effect freedom……ah, but it’s an impossible dream, isn’t it?

      Hey, maybe it’s just me……….probably…still….This is not something to be done for the sake of placement in sorting…all of that takes care of itself and we all get what we truly deserve out of that…if you can actually make enough progress on higher and more sincere levels in consciousness, then more power to you and i’m sure your acts will reflect that. But begging the Divine to do it for you isn’t asking for the knowledge and will to cause and effect such change within yourself. We can do it…we just can’t do it alone.
      It’s all well and good to say ‘THANKS’ and know you played your part in all of this…i would think that more people would rather consciously play their parts as actors and not just sleepwalking characters…..but it could just be me and i could be wrong…but i am trying to learn…..

      Perhaps all of this is just a way to help get people to take such things into consideration if they haven’t been doing so…..couldn’t hurt to try….however vain it is of me to think that i could effect such a thing, i deeply apologize for it….perhaps, after all, i should just let it be and watch it sort itself all out and see what’s what…’s not that i really think i have any or all of the answers…this is all just me pissing into the pot…joining the great conversation and trying to act….maybe it’s just acting out…but i do so want to evolve in all of this and, at least, get a personal light going bright enough so that i’m not standing in the dark…at least a flashlight….so when that door opens, maybe i can actually get a pat on the head and a good hug and ‘Good boy’ like any good sheepdog and retire to my doghouse with a good pillow, pure water, meat and a bone….lol

      Really, i just want to try to be helpful and as far as i can tell, there is not enough of a desire to reach out to The Divne as a guide and helping hand towards effecting our freedom in a way that will insure us the best results for progress in the future. Perhaps, after all, as delay after delay happens on whatever fron, for whatever reasons people agree or disagree on… there is a clear celestial effort to get us to a certain point of awareness in order to get this done and i think that recognition of the Divine is a huge part of that.

      so i have effected my stance here for this purpose and prefer to approach things from this direction. But that’s me….in the end, it will all come together and all of our efforts will not have been in vain and we will better see how we complemented each other to get this thing done.

      Won’t that be nice?


      • blake says:

        Ok Kibo thank you for your thoughts,
        I too believe in dialogue. So, I can understand the idea that IF people could recognize and somehow put to to use the ultimacy of Divinity in their lives that they and we (as a planetary group) would surely benefit, but…. I mean my brother is a materialist and doesn’t believe in God. Or take a christian idiot i know, she certainly believes that she is recognizing God in her life but truthfully she is a tool of the anti-christ. And this is their path and that IS god’s will and Her plan.
        Now i DO like your explanation.. You’re right, the less religious do not recognize the ultimacy of the Divine in their personal and practical lives. (That is how i was raised) The overly religious are so full of spiritual lies that regardless of what they think they are recognizing, they are not. And here is where your thrust loses me. There is really nothing to do with these religious idiots and they are most of us.
        So really i think you are talking to a smaller group; those of weak,but TRUE Divinity consciousness. There are some of us who begin to understand the principles of spirit (dharma) and it DOES behoove us to put God front and center in our consciousness, and you help us by reminding us. (and thankyou, and you have made us think, and you have revealed to us the voice and desires of the Divine it has been quite wonderful…) Well i think i see what you are driving at now. Its just that I think we both know that all will be well and the sheeple need a lot more learning before they get jumped up to the next level.
        Thanks for showing me your thinking Kibo. You and the others illuminate a dark and winding path for us.


        • kibodabi says:

          Of course all will be well! Considering the Producer and Director of this production…it’s a given. We’re all just trying to play our parts and figure out and experience HOW its going to all be well….lol

          from what you have said
          you see the need to, at least, try to help certain people get their own concepts and perceptions out of the way and open themselves up to experiencing Divine Will in this matter without creating blockage from long held beliefs and prejudices.
          This is hard for any and all of us, as far as i can tell, and i surely do include myself in that.
          It is hard to let God rise up From within you and come in from around you and move you and your reality as He sees fit to do and just let that happen knowing that the results will be as perfect as possible but not knowing exactly what the details of such results will include.

          Oh, we have an idea, an image of ascension and what we believe it is and what WE think we have to do to get there. We’re all doing what we came here to do…..and that seems to be a major point o all of this. Everything that is being done and said is being done and said for reasons that are beyond us. Yet it all needs to be done and said. Every aspect of this seems to be necessary and each of has out slant on things and it all crashes and then melds togethyer to create something tha we thought we knew would be like yet, in the experience of it….we were all a bit right and wrong when it manifested…….but the question as to how well we played our parts and who we served in all of this will be made clear and that’s when people start wondering about the things they caused and effected.

          so my thing is…why wait to think about all that? Think about it now and get a head start on the game!

          if that makes any sense to anyone……to constantly question everything and constantly revise our internal answers based on ever changing, fluid data and state of existence…….can we really afford to take a breath away from doing that?…and yet, we have to, it seems, in order to handle the demands made by a material reality that slaps us in the face to get our attention away from our spiritual reality…’s a constant war that few really want to fight…..even i have to figure out ways to come up with enough to pay the bills…and i hate having to do that…i don’t hate doing it…i just hate having to do it…it shouldn’t be necessary. It’s not supposed to be this way and yet, here we are….but that’s probably just me……

          so this blog is a way to connect and share and teach/learn and pool experiences. I’m doing this from MY perspective of perception because i’m the one striving to learn the most…where i am…so to consciousness…and in a shared reality…well…i have to share…..and hope others are willing to share with me in return.
          So thanks for this…you and all of you…. and please don’t stop….more….i want more…….muahahaha……


  9. theo says:


    ’twas none of the pain
    not deep nor profound…

    it was a hint
    a riddle in the play…

    to pop us forth

    for life is fun
    & gorgeously amazing
    each day anew…

    be it you are the waterdrop
    in the bucket
    or in the ocean –

    we are but ONE…

    the ocean
    will give the tone and the music
    in joy…


  10. Brian says:

    Awesome!! It’s all relative…

    And just when you think it’s safe or that you can finally take a deep breath…..(cue the theme from Jaws)….maybe this time the shark, instead of biting, will let you ride…..


    • kibodabi says:

      the lessons…the tests
      are relative based upon your ability
      to process and handle them
      you aren’t given something that
      they know you don’t know
      or know you can’t do

      the question is
      do YOU know that?

      do YOU know that you can do it
      having never done it before?

      can you be what you already are
      but don’t know you are?

      but your progress
      your evolution
      acquired and earned
      of the distance
      between you
      your Source and Center
      gained by your own effort

      is absolute…..

      if you walk backwards
      it’s because you wanted to

      you knew that sticking your hand in the fire
      would result in a severe burn

      so why do that, now?

      and some of us do that
      for reasons that are beyond us

      and still

      we get there
      we arrive at some point
      at that Center goal
      and rejoice because we finally made it

      and then wait to see what’s next………

      always something………never a boring moment, eh?

      God hates to be bored
      i’m sure of it

      and yet
      even our moments of personal boredom
      are something to do
      for God

      funny how that all works out…..

      and that’s just what i think/feel i far

      just a drop in the bucket in the ocean…….
      this is why i always tell people
      don’t take my word for anything
      i know nothing
      find out for yourself!


      • Brian says:

        What are you saying exactly…..? I mean in like 3 sentences…go!


        • kibodabi says:



  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the inspiring words. I too am waiting. But in the meantime, I can’t figure out how to balance the “turning it over to God” piece, with action in my day-to-day life. I mean, I have to do something everyday that helps to pay the bills. Any thoughts on the balance of the 2?


    • kibodabi says:

      not sure i’m the right person to ask….my financial situation is a mess…two mortgages, 8 credit cards, utilities, hospital bill, student loans……and i’ve been unemployed for three years…….PAPA has allowed me to sit here in this home i call my cave for three years. I know it is PAPA because we are still here and there are things that have happened that hold no other explanation than the ineffable…..we get what we need…either through our own efforts or the help of others…it’s been a real learning experience for me.

      i have learned to trust in The Divine and realize that IT does, indeed control everything and does what IT will in IT’s own way. I have found that i need to be with that and go by the way IT’s given me, rather than my own way and i do the best i can to stay out of my own way. It ain’t easy. i make plans, i want to do stuff. i want stuff. But i don’t want all of that to divide me. i have to have money in this system of things in order to survive. Clearly that is understood by Source and all involved. The stress and pressure of being controlled by such a system that makes that necessary can be overwhelming. One wants to make a living, but one wants to be able to do it in a way that one is feeling that one is helping, rather than hurting. One needs money but doesn’t want to be owned by money or love it to the point that one submits to the demands that it makes in order to have more of it.

      i have never liked money and thus…i am not very good with it. i want a quadrillion dollars just so i could buy everything away from the cabal and turn it all against them and free the world….silly me….in the end that would be a war i’d be unprepared to fight. what can i do?

      i have a master’s in teaching, but cannot handle the insanity of the job and all that comes with it. I have a nice ivy league degree in philosophy…but didn’t want to be a lawyer or politician or work for a corporation….i’m no good at this…..i really enjoyed being a janitor, it gave me time to think, which i really loved. It’s all privatized now and the pay is way less….but i’m willing to take it because it helps me stay under the radar and out of the way. I prefer that. I wouldn’t mind a job as a teaching assisant because maybe then, i could figure how to do the teaching job better and be able to do it well enough to make it a valuable experience for all involved….maybe not…i dunno….but i now need a job again and i have to figure out money on several levels….God help me…..

      I taught the students i came into contact with to do what they love. Find something they love to do and figure out a way to go for it. Everything’s a job….clothes, furniture, appliances, all the stuff we see and use everyday….people get paid for it in some way, shape, fashion or form………but how many people are happy with what they do? You hold onto a job, any job, because it’s a job and that’s that and there’s something inherently wrong with that to me and so i have a hard time dealing with all of this in the system of things as they fail………….

      here’s the thing….
      Ultimately, nothing can get in the way of your progress and evolution as a spiritual being if you really want to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. Your thoughts and meditations are your own and you can think about your spirit all day long while you do whatever it is that you do. You can quietly live or proactively or loudly live as a spiritual being and there’s nothing anyone can do about that no matter how hard they try.

      you can be nice to people and understand them and love them even if you don’t like them as individuals. you can let your own wave and vibration and frequency speak for you and act for you and let The Divine Act With and Within You in all things and understand yourself as a partner and co-worker with The Divine in your evolution towards perfection. The Divine works through you and that is the miracle. It works through you, me, them, they, it and itself and it all does what it’s designed to do which is to share with us the experience of being, as parts and as a whole. IT is sharing with us in the experience of being and, in spite of appearances for the sake of our perception, it is all under complete conrol and all you have to do is choose who you’re going to consciously be controlled by….because you’re going to be controlled by something until you learn how to completely and perfectly control yourself…your self….and this is all how we learn how to do just that.

      so if you’re working, there’s reason for that and you can take it as a blessing or a curse. that’s up to you. We all do what we do the way we do it. If you’re going to be centered in the light and love and life of the ONE, then act like it and let that be your balance. a job is a job and you can afford to smile on the job because you’re alive to smile. You can still laugh and enjoy life in your unemployment if you let yourself.

      You can do the best that you can do, to do what’s right as you see it, for the reason that you see it that way and pick your battles carefully. At the end of the day, you go home and look at your family and be with your loved ones and share life with each other in God, and if you can do that…you’re doing really good in my book.

      your love has nothing to do with how much money you make and how much money you make has nothing to do with your relationship with your Creator. It is simply a circumstance that you have to deal with and you don’t have to deal with it alone. Not if you know better.

      Mind you…I have never….ever..been a balanced person…i’m crazy and silly and smart and stupid and know better than to think that i actually know anything outside of the fact that there is GOD and there is CHRIST….PAPA and CM ATON and my relationship to that is all that matters and everything is based upon that realtionship and i do what i, in my peculiar perception, think/feel they tell me to do and want me to do and not always without resistance or debate or a discussion as means to understand WHY I AM as I Am and why this and why that and how and where and a host of other questions that I AM grateful they have the enduring patience to treat me as well as they do in response…it don’t have to be THIS good…….

      all of this is just to say that you may be more balanced than you give yourself credit for…you are trying, after all, and not everyone cares about doing that and it does count for more than most realize……….

      i’ll be starting a T-shirt business online soon…trying to raise money and wanting to give something of real value for it….and maybe i can find another job as a janitor or teaching assistant…God help me…and just keep things going and hope to still be here in this home i love so much [ maybe too much] until the day comes that has been promised for sooo long and so many times………

      i gave up on being balanced long ago…right now, i’d just like to pay bills and serve as best i can… is what it is ……and that’s okay.


      • Elizabeth says:

        Interesting reply…I had to read it, wait, then read it again.

        There is a part of me that wonders, “when I cross over from believing I AM to knowing I AM, will this whole thing will be easier.” I had always assumed yes, but now I wonder if the answer is no.

        And, you are teaching again…to those of us who are reading. Perhaps you could figure out how to do more of that?


        • kibodabi says:

          technically…my job is to answer questions to the best of my ability………

          as far as the rest….is it ever easy?

          2+2 was hard when you didn’t know it
          once you learned that
          they gave you 2X2 and then 2/2
          and now…here you are at a^2 + b^2 = c^2
          and you want to know if
          when you get to
          I^2 = 1 = infinity = square root of I
          will the tests get easier…………….is it ever easy?

          easy is for in-between tests
          and you hardly ever notice that
          because you’re not being tested at the time
          and how many people really study between tests?
          and so
          when a test does pop up
          you say….again?
          does it have to be so hard all the time?
          but did you really notice when it was easy
          did you take note?
          did you take notes?
          or did you just pay attention when you were being tested?
          doesn’t that make it seem like EVERYTHING is hard?

          like my cousin taught me
          it ain’t gotta be THIS good………

          and so we learn
          more and more
          harder gets easier and then harder again
          unto perfection

          and if perfect was easy
          would everyone be lining up to reach up and over?
          take the journey
          run the course
          leap the hurdles
          pass the obstacles
          solve the puzzles
          avoid the traps?

          do you want a real amusement park
          or do you want kiddieland?

          say what we will
          while we bitch and moan
          but would we really want it any other way
          in the end?

          tried, tested and true
          and found worthy and accepted
          that’s what we want
          we want to know that we earned that pat on the back from The Divine
          not to mention the diploma……
          job training for godhood
          trust me
          you want to know it all through experience
          and this is it……….
          remember i said all of this
          while i’m bitching and moaning……….insert smile here…….


  12. I totally feel and understand your pain just as the others. Please don’t loose heart, we really are close. How close? I can’t tell you in “human created time”, but like many others the sense of feeling the “calm before the storm”, the feeling of knowing something lies just literally around the bend is so here I can feel it in every cell of my body. Patience is part of the lessons that come. Yes, we have been waiting for what seems a lifetime. Here is were we join together as lightworkers, and soul warriors, and children of our maker ( all names, all beliefs correctly fit) to support one another in this time. Stay in balance and KNOW that each word, each action, each prayer, meditation, each kind jesture, and each loving bit we share are just the things we need to “get to” the next “level”. Please know that the wonders we’ve been hearing of IS coming. Thanks for your post. Hang in there ( i gotta tell myslef this sometimes too. 🙂 Many blessings to you and each and every person who reads your post. ❤ With highest energy vibrations shinig through to all HUE-manity! 🙂


  13. Jamesbo says:

    Kibo, I will post this also on AH for I am priviliged to be of like minds. I probably speak for others who read but don’t comment… that when reading your posts, what runs through the mind are inner those voice echos — yes, yes, yes… and yes….your words reflect the hearts and minds of many of the minority-consciousness, that tiny percent of those who are nodding as they read but not quite the speak-your-mind, tell-it-straight, and wind-em-up type…as you are. It takes one to know two, make three. I echo to exponentiate your voice to the all with an infinite thundering YES, NOW.

    It’s only been a little over a month since stepping into AH. For years I swam alone blind in spirit but rich in mind, seeing the difference, making the difference, walking the path and knowing with a smile, the many breadcrumbs of truth, and always pondering the blank stares and dumb-founded-ness from those that don’t see. Finally reaching the point, I looked directly into the face of truth and assembled my thoughts with spirit and opened further to make of the next step. I now cast the careful pearl, the pen with sword in hand, and breath only the air of truth.

    To the voices of AH that ring that bell of truth – yourself, Candace, Eve, Johan, Rubens, Rosie, Hazel, and the many others that express such the wonderful new earth consciousness in its embryonic state, I salute you.



  14. Elaine says:

    Kibo: I too feel the pain very deeply. No one could put it plainer than you did. Thank you. I pray every day for the bullshit to end. No more “soons” it’s time NOW! . SO BE IT!


  15. Brian says:

    i feel your pain deeply! I sincerely hope others do too!! It’s the only sure way to end this BULLSHIT!! What’s it going to take? Wish Papa and CM would come down together at once and stop all in their tracks. You know can’t move…frozen…but very aware and alert. Suspended animation…..state of bliss for some but another state for others.

    And then in ONE VOICE unleash……how it’s going to be!


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