Well…..back to it then………….

Where are we?


Here….now….doing this……..

I read around……I do

I like to see who’s saying what about what and who and when and where and why and how…

I do my best to puzzle out the truth that I can find and then discern the lies that have been bundled into it, like that commercial with the weird neighbors who try to give you a messed up bundle when all you really want is the cute puppy……….to train as a watchdog………and warn you when the neighbors are coming back…among other things…..

So there I was, pondering the latest post from Matthew…when he shows up to say hello…and would I do him a favor……and I was saying to myself “Oh God, no.”  But he’s such a nice kid…persistent too…really persistent….I remembered what Eve had to go through and I told him that I thought it was a bad idea and there was nothing to be gained from it.  He really wants to have a long talk with his mother but says that there’s too much interference and he wishes that she would just take a step back from it all, ask God to allow her to be open and clear in truth and listen to him and not let ‘those people’ get in the way.

Then he said for her to remember when she slipped on the ice [cubes?] and he had tried to warn her but she wasn’t listening or paying attention to him…

Then we talked about the post….but we’ll get back to that…..


Before you over emotional people start jumping all over me about how dare I jump on a poor woman that is just trying to connect with her son…let’s get something straight….

If that is your reason for your loyalty and support of anything and everything Matthew, you’re refusing to see the importance of everything that is going on, here…

I understand if what you are reading in the messages is everything that you want to hear.  I get that.  We all gravitate to  what pulls us in, but if you’re not doing your best to discern and pick everything apart and question it…from any source, you are doing the Source of sources a huge disservice.

If you didn’t know that The Treaty of Ancharra [my spelling of it] was signed way back in 1996, you would readily accept that reptilians are still running around rampant.  Outside of the twisted bloodlines of the failing cabal, there are no more reptilians…I know that many of you think differently on this matter and I am more than happy to go over any of it and learn from you the truth of the matter and proof of it…just open a dialogue in the comments section and we can joyfully teach/learn each other to our hearts content.  But if the only argument you have against me is about my affiliation with a group you don’t like or…again…my treatment of a mother that yearns to connect with her son and help us all at the same time…then you’re completely ignoring the matter at hand.  Whatever you may think of me, think that because of what I write and dissect that.  If you insist on attacking me and tearing me up, do it because of the words and thought behind it and offer thoughts of your own and back it up with your convictions and experience…show me where you stand and why, that I may appreciate it better and see where we agree and let our disagreements not get in the way of our service to the Creator of All things and the Creator of This Universe. 

But for all those people that think that I’m a big meanie and shouldn’t criticize anybody because that’s not what Lightworkers do…bite me…on second thought, just continue to eat the crap you’re eating, ‘cause some of you really do like to bite…hard…like bulldogs…I’ve seen you…like Christian Zionists that defend Israel to the death at the expense of their own countries, killing for God, Christ and Abraham anyone that questions your convictions and resolve….and you fanatical Muslims are no better, so stop snickering.  None of the entities and powers or people, in whose name you are so willing to kill for, asked you to do any of this…this is your idea and there’s a price for that.

As far as I’m concerned…I’m trying to help the kid and he’s trying to help her.  I’ve explained to him that it’s a waste of time.  What started out as a blessing has become a job, a living and a way of life that must be maintained at all costs.  It will be maintained and defended by those involved because it serves its purpose.  I never cared enough about it to get into it…and yet…now…here I am…just trying to deliver a message, knowing that, where this message is going…they always shoot the messenger…so let’s not go there, okay?  You will never hear anything about  it from me again and, if after this, he’s still desperate to get his message across…. it won’t be me…..he’s a really nice guy…like I said…persistent to the point of being tenacious…he has stayed with me for most of the past day and we have talked…hung out….which has been nice and he can visit whenever he likes….just no more messages to his mother…and he agreed, so I agreed and now here we are and she may never even see or hear of this and I won’t have to deal with the ruthless, lightworker hate mail.  I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but this is nothing personal…just business.

Now…back to that post that started all this……..this is all my take on this, got it?

The cabals do not have the power that they want you to think that they have but they really need you to think that they have it because the moment all of you realize that they don’t have it………

the Anunnaki left after the treaty was signed and their minions never were able to do as well as their former masters…hey, they’re only shape-shifting, reptilian humans, right?

All of the sudden, the Norway Spiral incident was a life threat to Obama.  This wasn’t known until now?  Really?  The great, high, evolved soul with Galactic protection didn’t have it then?  Really?

Am I the only one in the room who thinks that maybe, MAYBE, Obama’s people are so worried about what’s happening…so worried about losing the election…if there is an election.  Do you think it’s really going to last that long…at this rate?  Can this world last until then?  I’m not so sure…maybe it will.  A lot of people are counting on 12-21-12.  Some are counting on beyond that.

I’m not even counting on tomorrow, but the show must go on…right? 

Somehow, Obama has to rally all those people that swear he’s the next best thing to Jesus, or Gandhi, or Malcolm X…and get them all galvanized to do it again.  If you want to save the world, save Obama!!!!  Really?

Am I the only one in the room that sees something wrong with this…especially at this time?

What if he really is a clone…already handled by his handlers…has he done anything, ANYTHING for you since he took office?  Killing an already dead CIA employee doesn’t count. 

NOBODY playing a role to please the dark would go as far as he has.  He could, for what it’s worth, at least, salute the flag of the country that pays him to ram it up the rear with that great smile of his…gotta love that.  But he needs more than that to win an election.  Holding your hands in front of your crotch while others are embracing their hearts sends a real clear message to the military…and the voters….you may want to check that pose in the future.

Maybe if he hadn’t allowed the banks to rape us in their version of love train.  People all over the world………..frackin’ good times, ain’t they?  Maybe if he had spoken up, at least once, about any of the things that we know to be truth, yet he continues to deny and ignore.  There’s plenty more to get into…but who has time and all that space?

I disagree with Casper.  Obama is not the powerful head of anything…ask Barbara…ask Bibi…ask Evelyn…hell, ask Valerie…

He’s a puppet figurehead that expires as soon as he loses an election.  That’s why the need for all those executive orders and announcements of national emergencies….It’s hard to cover all the bases with just one skinny butt.  If they can declare martial law, no need for an election.  If they can goad Iran into striking first…they just might be able to win…if that doesn’t work, there’s always the Russians and Chinese in Syria…and if not that, maybe Yemen….

  If they can get back all those rainbow brite, love and kindness, new agers to vote for him again…well…they’ll probably need a lot of immigrant votes to tip that over…anybody notice a move towards that, lately?

Other than that……Republicans are no better than Democrats, that’s a no brainer.  Why he bothers to keep harping on them and not all of them, I don’t know.  The GOP hold against in unison because it is in their best interest to oppose.  They don’t give a crap either….and while we’re at it…why bother to keep calling it liberal, communist, Bolshevik…all of those were formed and started and maintained by Jewish/Zionist interests….just like Central Banking….why don’t you ever just say that?  But hey…you’re okay with me.

[I’ve noticed that I get about 4 to 6 readers from Israel every time I mention them in any way….hey…guys….while you’re reading this, please leave a comment in the comment section stating your point of view.  I would love to dialogue with you guys.  There’s just so much that I just can’t figure out about how you got yourselves into this mess and why you don’t do the logical thing and actually be the magnanimous chosen ones and set an example and lead humanity into a golden age of freedom, knowledge, spiritual equality, free energy, peace, prosperity for all, and colonization of space in peace and cooperation with the many races out there that are way far more advanced than you are….and get along……..i just don’t get that…you actually could have been like gods of shining light, if you had just done the right thing…who did this to you?  The Nephilim?  Lucifer?  The Anunnaki?  Nobody?  What happened?

so please….teach me why you feel you are so right to do what you do and why the rest of us should just go along with it……I’m actually pretty easy to talk to and I love to debate……..Thank you]

what else?  Drake, Fulford, Wilcox….did anybody see G.I Joe:  The Rise of Cobra! on cable?  It’s been playing a lot, lately……….maybe because of the 4th……..I always watch Band Of Brothers.  I know…WWII was a bankster scam…but the guys that fought it had to count on each other to live and care about who died…which is more than I can say for the people responsible for it all….and yes….I want our Constitution back, too.  Will the REAL Earth Allies please stand up before GOD?

well, I guess that’s it…thanks for being here….and remember…This whole thing is about GOD.  It’s about GOD’S Will and Loving Him and Serving Him and Obedience to Him and a huge part of that is loving each other as ourselves and doing for each other as God does for us.  So be truthful and forgive and if you don’t know the truth, find out what it is…and if you find out that your truth wasn’t the truth, find out why, deal with it and make the necessary adjustments.  We all have to do it, no matter who, no matter what…keep moving towards Source and Center and let that guide you from within and let your experience in that be your guide from without.


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3 Responses to I LOVE MATTHEW

  1. Elizabeth says:

    For the record, you’re not the only one to think that the Obama angle is out of whack. Every time I read those channelings, I think, “Really?” I decided that I would keep my skeptic hat on, and, in the meantime, send Him Light and Love – ’cause we can all use that!

    Thanks for your efforts. Bless you.


  2. theo says:

    Congratulation for containing Matthew in your love.
    VERY happy you did it.


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