God Loves The Devil, But The Devil Must Die

The white hats, apparently, have stated this:

After the Cabal was lately cut off from nuclear weapons, they began frantically developing new biological and chemical weapons. The Rothschild faction threatened to use one of these weapons (the so-called Flipper virus) and decimate the Earth’s population if the mass arrests would take place on July 4th. All those exotic biochemical weapons are currently being dealt with.

Please correct if I’m wrong…but…wasn’t there a report earlier that claimed the galactics had a nanotech  device that would render these people immobile…..there was also something about putting them in containment fields that would cause them to experience bounce back of any and all negative intents and will to harm….right?

[and someone, somewhere, stated that the Flipper Virus is actually a computer virus…I don’t know.  I never heard of it.  Guess I’ll look it up to see for myself………yep…

http://www.computing.net/answers/security/screen-flipper-virus/5710.html  ]


What happened to all that?

Just asking….because that was really confusing…….

As far as this is concerned:

Attacking and criticizing messengers such as Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, David Wilcock or Drake is not a wise strategy to help the Light forces. What the messengers do is they only relay info. They are NOT responsible for delays or missed deadlines…

Forgive me for stating that…while I really don’t want to attack anybody….well…maybe the people responsible for this bullshit…however this blog and word of mouth is the only weapon I have right now…

I feel that critical thinking often demands criticizing, from time to time…it’s the only way to hash stuff out and determine the truth…or discern it…or pick it out…or discover it…or explore it….

I’m okay with it….they should be, as well….how else are we going to learn what we really agree and disagree on?

And yes

We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do and all of it is the sum of all of the separate parts of that whole and this is it and this is what you get and yes…we do have to work our way through it.  The Forces of Light do it all the time…because it helps….

Heaven knows that I’m not in favor of shooting the messenger…however I AM in favor of holding the message up to the light to see if there’s anything unseen on the paper…fire test…water test…you know the drill.

I don’t know who is responsible for all the delays and feel it’s a group responsibility to be sure, so we all would benefit from being on the same page….aaahhhh…but whose page?  There’s the rub!

Can’t we all just get along with God and do what He wants?

Guess we argue about that, too………

And yes…LOVE is key in all of this

One can love one’s enemy…even as one beats them down into submission…

If they had any love, this whole thing would have been unnecessary….

 There was war in the galaxy because the Forces of Light didn’t just sit idly by and meditate on love and light and not think of anything bad or upsetting, so as not to give attention to it.  They didn’t just accept Lucifer’s Rebellion.  They examined it in detail, they discussed it, criticized it, supported or opposed it for whatever well thought out reasons they had the capacity to manifest as individual aspects of Divine consciousness in experience of manifestation……and, when it became necessary…they fought about it….and beings died for their convictions and for nothing, as well…call it..tough love…neither God nor Christ are wussies…you’d do well to remember that.

God loves the devil but the devil must die…..and he did…should it be any different for those cabal members that insist on uncreation?  They did make that choice for themselves, you know….best to just grab them and take them to where they can think about it a little more while they wait…maybe they’ll change their minds there.  They’re certainly not doing it here……


Here we all are…being responsible and most of us not even knowing that or caring about that or even realizing what we’re realy being responsible for….not to mention what we’re responsible to….

Just who are you responsible to?



The Force?

Your self?


Your mama?

Just sayin’

Now would be a good time to really figure that out and get a firm grip on it and hold it tight and not let go……whatever it may be….the cost of your decision, your choice of who to serve will be handed to you when this meal is finished…..

So let us please eat this pudding that we may taste the proof of it

Sweet for some and bitter for others



Surely this desert is all that is left to experience….

Delay after delay

We’re all sick of delays

For whatever reasons…….and still we endure for whatever reasons we choose to endure for….

I want to GOD AND CHRIST to show up…but that’s me

SOURCE AND CHRIST MICHAEL ATON…that’s who and what I endure for

Who and what I serve

Who and what I am responsible to

And I’m doing my best

To figure out how to act in this production….

I read what I think is the last Cobra transcript…..impressive, I admit… I really do wish that he’s the real deal..but the paper shows inequities…when held up to the light…

So I keep on going and really do wish it were otherwise….i wish a lot of things were otherwise….

I know we’re expected to get ourselves to the point where we can proactively work with The Divine in order to secure our freedom…energetically speaking…we’re part of a huge minority of people who even want to see the truth of our reality in experience and for all of you that are really trying out there to be sincere Lightworkers…whatever our agreements and disagreements….i am really glad you’re here and trying as hard as you are…it does help…every little bit helps…there is light to be found even in the darkness…even the night shines around us….for God is everywhere…Creator is everywhere…SOURCE AND CENTER is everywhere…within us and without us…..so I raise a cup to you all in this experience and will be ecstatic when it’s over and just want to get there…like…now…and we’ll all see what it’s like when it shows up…however it shows up…and it will show up.

That much I do know….timing…not so much…i always want it right now…that’s about the best I can do for living in the moment.  As a human being, I’m designed to take things into consideration that regular animals don’t and can’t take into consideration.  That’s the glory of being made in the image of God.  I am designed to be a free will, intelligent, ascending, faith son of GOD.  Intellect is a great part of that, so use it as much as you can and let it be guided by the heart in love as GOD is love…

GOD IS MIND AND LOVE AND LIGHT…..be as GOD is….you be that.  You do that.  Be with that and do with that…within and without.

Learn all you can from these days…inquiring minds will want to know what it was like.

Please let us all agree on one thing:


Let Thy kingdom come

Let Thy Will be done in all things

On earth and in the heavens

Let our needs be fulfilled in Thee

And our desires found in Thy Will

Forgive us our debts and trespasses

As we forgive each other and ourselves

As each other and ourselves

Let us not be led into temptation and slavery

Deliver us from the evil ones

For all is creation is Yours

All things are founded by You

And found in You

And You are found in all things






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5 Responses to God Loves The Devil, But The Devil Must Die

  1. Hano says:

    I don’t think that when I agreed (or contracted) to come here that it would be this tough! I think this is the hardest endurance race that we as souls have ever run. Those of us that do finally endure and get to the end will be the most sought after advisors and teachers of creation. God is making gold here and we’re it. I believe that all this crap we endure is not for nothing and this experience is absolutely priceless and unattainable anywhere else. We are the best of the best of the best and nothing will ever be able to beat us when we’re done here.


    • Elaine says:

      Hi Hano: I couldn’t agree more. Sure hope I’m on his list. I’m doing my best to get there! Some days I think I might be on hi shitlist, but hey He’s right there experiencing it with me!!! :))))


  2. Elaine says:

    Hello Kibo: I was out for my usual early morning walk today and I had a similar conversation with our Creator about “we the people of Urantia”! I am tired as Hell too. I ranted, I raved, I begged, I pleaded, I cried, my guts turned inside out because I don’t want to play this game anymore!! I was so upset because I even said to God: “Why do you want us to continue to play this game. Have you not experienced enough of this crap through us; put our animals, innocent children that are not aware through enough? Oh I know their souls may know but consciously all they see is pain? I know I came here at this time to help in any way I can, but all it seems to have done is fallen on a lot of deaf, dumb and blind people!! They just don’t want to understand. They agree somethings wrong but they’re too busy scurrying around to pay the bills, buy the next toy, build the next monster home, etc. etc.” By this time the tears were falling. But like you; I too “would at like to be seen as having tried”….!


  3. M says:

    Hi! I did read also on AH last month there would be 3 days of darkness etc. Get Prepared!
    Have not seen any updates since last month. Zap It To Them and then Keep Them Hanging in mid-air. I find this really very cruel.
    Since 2005 it has been the same story. A big Zero. Is a Nano Second 5,000 years???????? One month?????? Then again as mentioned Timing will occure on direction based on many conditions and The Wave. Is that a fall back on statement when it is all a Big Zero again as the months pass by??????????? Clever!
    It is very difficult NOT to believe that we humans are being played with. Especially those who belive they are being contacted by Arch Angels etc. Is it the human Ego that makes them think they are the Chosen Ones for such a contact and no matter what they are told they put it out there and by doing this sooooooooo many people are hurt on so many different levels.
    Oh! I do understand HOW complex THINGS are…that is another excuse.
    I just have to sit back and question within my heart ALL THIS MADNESS. What is going on????
    It is just hard for me to believe that True Spiritual Beings would keep Playing us for soooooo many years. And being ignorant compared to Et’s etc. we keep falling for IT!
    I ask myself who is worse…the chaneller or Ones like myself reading what they have to say.
    I guess it is as we are called…You Ones (when I read that I get a twitch in my solar plexus…I don’t feel comfortable being called…You Ones). Humans are looking for True Guidance. From Whom do we receive it?????????????????
    We are told to go within ourselves…I guess that is the really only way to find it….Provinding we are not being controlled from the 4th Dim. by some devious entities…even then we can’t be sure if we are being fooled….can we?

    Well…I guess I will just have to sit back and keep pondering…and questioning. Thanks for listening to me rant on….M.


    • kibodabi says:

      Sucks, doesn’t it?
      So many things coming from so many different angles as to make your head spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist………and if we, being human and thus, imperfect in our perception, strive to listen to the voice of the Divine within us and still find ourselves feeling like just another blind man feeling an elephant and declaring it a tree….what are we to do?

      Is there GOD or not? Does He really care? Is it as we have been told….by whom we’ve been told it from…or is there more and something different to consider that we have yet to be aware of?

      I say God is here, there and everywhere and He does care….but how much good will that do if we do not care in return? Those that truly care and act like it can see the effect in their own, individual lives. I see it all the time. But how to translate all that from an individual experience to a mass experience?

      Obviously, the masses will have to want ascension in order to get it….how many do? How many care? How many want something better that includes God in that something better?

      They’ve always said that it’s up to us to get there and do what must be done to get there and we, foolishly think that that applies to our material situation and not to our spiritual situation as a group because we can find no way for all of us to get on the same page as far as that’s concerned and that is how successfully the dark have enslaved us to their own design of this matrix illusion of reality. this is why adjudication is such an individual thing. It is up to each and every individual soul to effect their own spiritual salvation and freedom for when the day comes…whenever it comes, however it comes….

      All that has been done has been done in an effort to get US to change ourselves on levels that most of us are unaware of and so…don’t deal with and it is to the detriment of all of us that it is so. They wait on us as long as they can, they push us to get there and hope that what they intend to manifest will be made possible to manifest based upon who and what we are…we are growing, evolving, changing, but it is all soooooooo slow and individual that the dark just laughs and redoubles its efforts in the face of sure failure in the end….just because they see that they can…..and it’s on us to change that and allow the Divine to do what only IT can do…..but we are still in our own way and know not how to move…like a deer in the headlights……….i dearly hope and pray that we do what it takes to open ourselves up enough that The Divine may act in us and through and around us to get this thing done sooner….at this rate…..we’ll just plod along with little if any change until adjudication can be held back no longer and then……well, it will be a real mess for most of us….but what can you do? I AM doing all i can to help but opposition is fierce and i am tired as hell……..God help us all to get there within ourselves before it gets to the point where we must be saved from destruction in spite of ourselves….because then we’ll all have a lot to answer for, more than we do now anyway….and I, for one, would at least like to be seen as having tried…


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