You don’t get a post today
This is not a post
I could go on for pages and pages about all the shit that is flying everywhere
But I’ll let you decide for yourself what shit to swallow
And how much

I’m going off the deep end
Where the candy bars look like shit
But taste oh so much…better….to me, anyway
You may feel differently……

I’m looking at the high diving board on the shallow end of this pool
And watching them jump from way up there
With a double-back-twist of a jackknife
Before hitting hard bottom
Heads or tails?
Either way there’s blood in the water
You would think that there were no sharks in these things
Think again…or are those crocs?

But I’m more interested in the locker room
To see who’s changing
And into what
From what

One, two!
One, two!
And through and through
The vorpal blade
Went snicker-snack
He left it dead
And with its head
He went galumphing back………..

Think that’s nonsense?
THEY know what it means

Never again will this be allowed to happen anywhere
Never again….
So no post today
If you’re not fighting
Get out of the way……


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