Make a choice……..



Go ahead



Left or right?

Dark or light?

Love or money?

Love or fear?

Money or abundance?


Keep reading or stop right here?

In fact…stop reading here

You don’t want to read this

It will only hurt your feelings

And insult your thought of

The sacredness of your free will…



 i mean it…make the choice to leave this place now and never look back……





You’re still here?




You made a choice!

Hooray!  Good for you!

[well…they did, too…but they’re no longer here to congratulate…so i guess it’s just us, here…lucky you!…or not…sure you made the right choice?]


What did it get you?

Do you know?

When will you know?

Will you ever know?

Do you want to know?

Are you sure?


God is a choice

God is choice

God chose

God chose to create

God chose to cause…..and effect….

That effect is an infinite number of causes and effects

All set forth from the original cause of all causes

Every effect causes a number of causes

And more effects

That are more causes……ad infinitum

You could even go so far as to say

That there are an infinite number of choices

To actually be found in every choice that you make

An infinite number of alternatives to the choice you chose to choose….

Each one of those choices

Whether chosen or unchosen

All hold an actual or potential

For an infinite number of effects

In fact

The choice you actually made

With all of it’s actual potential

For an infinite number of effects

That branch out as more choices and effects

All of that

All you did

Was actually an effect

Of other choices that were made

With or without you



Why do you do the things you do?

Why did you do the things that you did?


What and how and why and when and where

Did all that energy and vibration and frequency

Come together in your perspective of perception in experience of manifestation

 To cause you to choose to cause what you caused?


What are all the nuances?


Your issues with your mother?

Your addictions?

Your abusive father?

 Your lack of parents?

Your sexual issues?

Your racial issues?

You class issues?

Your religious issues?


Where does all that come from in the first place?

How did all those influences become influences

And what influenced them?

 How does something that happened

Thousands or millions of years ago

Or thousands or millions of light years away

Cause you to cause what you cause?


You effect all things

And all things effect you


But that’s a helluvalot to consider

When all you’re trying to do

Is find a place to pull over so you can take a piss……


The implications of choices in that alone is staggering…….


What’s for breakfast?

Him, her, or them?

Now or later?


Late or early?

Just how did you get hit by that bus?

Or dodge that bullet?

How did you end up where you ended up?


You think that you are choosing what you want to choose

Without realizing that all of your choices are already known by the being that set out the first, original cause of every subsequent cause and effect…that all of it is known gives you the joy and pleasure of experiencing and learning from your choices…but you are not the originator of your experience….all that was decided long ago in a nontime before time…..

You are your part of a thought of all things at once….there is no choice…you have no choice…you must be as you are, what you are, how you are….you cannot help it……

Oh, you change…you grow, you evolve…you say….and you do….you perceive growth and evolution…you witness yourself learning and growing… you live and you are the captain of your ship, the director of your fate!  Right?

If it is already known….how can you say it was you?

Who are you anyway?

Why do you have the name you have?

Did you give yourself that, as well?

The belief system you grew up with and rebelled against or embraced wholeheartly…or the infinite number of places in-between…………the lives you have saved or destroyed, the love you shared, used or abused….all that was you, right?  All the stupid shit you’ve done…crap that, even now, years later, you ask yourself…”Why did I do that?”

You don’t know all the reasons for anything.

There are an infinite number of numbers between 0 and 1.  Like an infinite, eternal program, you are journeying between off and on….0 to 1…choose a direction….oh…you can’t…


You are compelled

You cannot be anything other than who and what you are…whatever that is…

Even the motivations that you  consider in your quest to change and evolve are measured by the causes and effects that surround you….known and unknown….all going back to that one, original cause of all causes that caused the effect you know as Life……

You cannot do anything other than what you think and feel that you must do

no matter what you think and feel about it

You are compelled

Even if you aren’t thinking about it


And shit happens

Because cause and effect is all around you and within you

And deep down inside

You know this

And you deal with it as you are compelled to do

You resist or accept

You flow with it

Or swim against it

Or drown




Out of the infinite possibilities of infinite realities and timelines

You are experiencing this one


What is the purpose?


Consider that GOD

Being everything in everything as everything

Is sharing IT’S Life with you

Letting you experience everything

As IT experiences IT with you and in you and around you

And you are all of this


Oh…you may not truly realize it now

Recognize it for what it is

But at some point

As the perception of you

The perspective of you

Makes it’s way around

Through the rounds

Of eternal infinity

Of perfection becoming perfect in perception of experience…


You were


Will be

All of this

At once

And you knew


Will know

All at once

In perfection being perfect


So yes

You will be and are

The asshole down the street

That thinks that you’re an asshole

As well


And all the soldiers and little children

The winners and losers

The good

The bad

The ugly

The beautiful

The dark

The light

Earth, air, fire, water

Insect and elephant…….

And THE ONE……..


Believe what you will about anything

It is what it is

And all will make it

From 0 to 1

At some point

And at that point

Time and space won’t matter

As won’t many things that matter to us now…….



This is just a reminder

Of the reality of the reality that is being questioned

In our perspectives of perception…….



I will go back to doing what I do

And so will you

I will rant against whatever I am compelled to rant against

And some of you will rant against me

Or be with me

Or not care at all……….


And we will continue to cause effects

And be effected by all the causes

Known and unknown….

And it’s all good

It is what it is

And will be what it will be


I love you all and everything

And thanks for all and everything

And let that be what it is


Tomorrow we will continue as we were

As we are

As we will be………………………….

All Glory To The One

In the Life Of The One!

And To The One All Glory

In The One Life Of All!



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  1. Elaine says:

    Well said my friend — well said!! :)))


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